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Taft, CA – The mother of a toddler was arrested Tuesday for the murder of her 3-year-old daughter at the hands of her live-in boyfriend in January. Sheriff’s deputies say the mother demonstrated a pattern of neglect throughout the torture of the toddler.

Angela Hanna and her 3-year-old daughter Trinity Hanna were living with Angela’s boyfriend Eric Edward Foster, 26. Investigators arrested Foster the day after Trinity’s death. Foster reportedly confessed to the treatment that Trinity suffered at his hands. Investigators have been working since to establish the timeline of Trinity’s injuries and how much her mother knew.

According to documents filed in the case against Angela Hanna – also known as Angela Vickrey, “Trinity Hanna, 3 years, sustained water burns, genital trauma, intestinal tears, and a head injury over a period of several weeks which ultimately led to her death on 1/24/12.” Deputies say the toddler sustained the water burns from an intentionally scalding bath, admittedly at the hands of Foster. The cause of the genital trauma and intestinal tearing appear to be Foster’s admitted ‘slamming’ of the toddler onto her bike and into her high chair. There was a specific note of ‘vaginal injuries,’ but no independent cause beyond the high chair and bike incidents were ascribed. Foster also admitted to hitting the girl’s head on a coffee table causing significant injury.

As you might imagine, each of these injuries caused physical trauma, and distress. For Angela Hanna’s part, she did, well… not much.

Detectives say when the 3-year-old was burned, Hanna waited three days before taking her to a doctor – and only then at the reported insistence of coworkers. Investigators said Hanna never took the toddler to the doctor for the vaginal injuries. After the coffee table smack down – which reportedly caused the toddler to ‘continuously vomit’ – Hanna waited a full day before getting medical attention for the girl.

Mother Charged After Baby With Pneumonia Starves To Death

Detectives say after the girl died, Hanna told them that Foster had a ‘series of accidents’ with Trinity which ‘always occurred outside of her view.’

Hanna now faces charges of felony second degree murder, felony willful cruelty to a child, and felony great bodily injury to a child. Hanna was booked into jail on $2 million bail.

Foster is currently facing a first degree murder charge and is now eligible for the death penalty. Prosecutors have not reported if they will seek it. Despite the confessions, Foster has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

If you’d like to see some pictures of Trinity, you can see them in the video here. Sad.

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  • How could anyone let anything happen to their child and just ignore it? Glad she’s being charged as well.

  • sugarpie

    Tears for Trinity…

  • Babydoll0630

    Fuck women who choose men over their own child.  FUCK YOU.

  • DMC_Vergil


  • neenaP

    Once again for the 100th time I read about a mother ( or father a few times) that allowed their boyfriend/husband to harm or kill their child. What is it with these people? What is it about new dick or new pussy that makes a person just stop caring about their child? And where is the other parent when this is going on? Enough is enough!

  • curiousalways

    not guilty-my ass.  Guess he’s decided prison might not be a fun place after he heard how inmates treat child killers. 

  • Oh what great timing that all these things happened “just out of her view”. What is the bitch cross eyed? Cause it seems to me she was focusing on herself, and her man, and that’s about it. I just cannot imagine what that little baby thought each day here on earth, when her mommy NEVER comes to her rescue….What a waste of air. Line mommy up in front of fake stepdaddy, and use one bullet…it is cost efficient.

  • Sam

    Intestinal tears from being slammed onto a bike and high chair? Unless the entire bike and chair got jammed inside her, i find that very hard to believe. Guy is a kiddy diddler as well as a murderer and class A douchebag.
    Poor little girl must have been in agony for most of her short life. RIP Trinity – no more pain for you.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Discovery Channel announces:

    MythBusters the Movie in 3D


    Adam Savage as Adam,

    Jamie Hyneman as Jamie,

    Kari Byron as Kari,

    Grant Imahara as Grant,

    Tory Belleci, as Tory

    and introducing Eric Edward Foster as the beloved Buster

    Note there were no stunt doubles used in filming this picture.

  • I’d re-subscribe to cable just to watch

  • Zazen

    It was very difficult for her to take note of all these things happening when she had her head crammed that far up her ass.

  •  Well if her head was only a metaphoric description of up her ass back then. I think it should quite literally be shoved up her ass now….

  • LadyOfShalott

    Fuck this world. Right in the eyeball.

  • Kimberly

    Good. I hope the bitch rots in jail. 

  • Caridade37

    I’m so sick of these mothers staying with these monsters letting these monsters hurt and kill there babies because they are freaking morons. I don’t even know what to say anymore or think about it. I would die for my children…..


    Take these sadistic mutants out of the gene pool.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Worthless piece of shit oxygen stealing cuntrag!  Like HELL she didn’t see what was happening to her baby!  What a complete crock of bullshit!  If it were my boyfriend doing that to my daughter, I’d pop his fucking head like a zit on the first offense. She should be up for the death penalty, too.  She’s just as guilty as he is.  Fucking evil pieces of shit, both of them.  They should have their reproductive organs cauterized out with molten lead.

  • This sounds like bullshit to me. The couch needs to be investigated,  it wasn’t mentioned once, it seems they maybe covering up for it.

  • PlaysWithBalls

    At the risk of sounding like that crazy dog lady, I will say that I stopped seeing a guy because he mistreated my pup. He pushed him off the arm of a large love seat style chair, supposedly on accident, which led the dog to slide across an end table and fall onto the floor (which is a pretty big fall for a 6 lb dog). He laughed about it, even though my pup whimpered when he hit the ground. My pup was scared of him from that moment on. That right there was enough for me to kick his ass to the curb, over a DOG!!! I don’t understand how a mother can let her own flesh and blood be repeatedly abused by some asshat and not give a shit at all.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    It might have been the toilet seat, too.  I’ve heard that they’re creepy perverted bastards who like to impregnate underage girls.

  • 18th40

    I hope she rests in peace, all those years stolen, all the promise in those wide bright eyes. Maybe I’ve read too many stories like this, but I can’t spare any emotion or anger for these two. If they’re found guilty, kill them or lock them up forever, it doesn’t matter, just get them out and away from the world of people who care for and feed and love their kids before anything else.

    My daughter is five, just two years older than this girl and today she’s at Grandma’s because I’m working from home. It’s usually only for four or five hours so I can get at least some writing done, before the hurricane that is a five year old starts. Fuck it, I’m going to get her now, I no longer feel like working or wandering the net waiting for ideas to foster themselves. Sorry you had to write this one up Kniption, I’m a lot sorrier there’s a reason you did, good job though as usual, take care today folks, I think it’s a good day for a bike ride.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    You’re right Sam, she probably fell off the couch. I will not be looking at the photos of the little girl. I don’t think I can handle it. I just can’t understand how anyone can beat on a child like that. 

  • LoKi4778

    These are the kind of stories that make me hug my kids just a little bit tighter and help to increase my patience with them, especially the 4 year old demon boy ;o)

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I would have thrown him out of my house before the dog hit the floor. I watch to see how people treat animals, I think it’s a good indicator of their character. 
    Now I don’t expect someone to drop to their knees and worship my dog within seconds of coming into my house, but outright nastiness would not be tolerated. 

  • I can barely recall some images through mental fog when I was three; you’re not even conscious yet. You’re so young and inexperienced you can’t even relate what’s happening to you in a situation like what this girl had to deal with…its just all some kind of waking nightmare that makes no sense. Poor kid. 

  • PlaysWithBalls

    I agree with you completely. I realize not all people like dogs, especially small ones, but it doesn’t mean that treating them poorly is acceptable.

  • Snickering_Hydra

    It’s bad enough when people torture animals, but their own child? Even a dog can run away when it knows it will be hurt. This little girl looked to mother for everything, and instead she got this jackass who liked to sadistically abuse kids in his free time. Lock them up, and push for a swift end for the boyfriend.

    Not really much more to say in a story like this.

  •  By the time someone is torturing human beings, they’ve already tortured animals. The cost of standing failing to protect children has to be a lot steeper, since apparently saving a child’s life isn’t incentive enough. This obviously goes for the “mother,” but others had to have seen things too.

  • rensuchan

    I can’t even bring myself to watch the video, it’ll just make me sadder.

  • rensuchan

    I picked up a cat wrong once when I was younger and that cat was scared of me for the rest of the time I lived in that neighborhood.  Difference is I was sad about it and wished I could somehow get the cat to understand I didn’t mean to hurt it.  So if he was laughing about hurting your dog that’s not cool at all and it was probably the best choice to tell him to gtfo before it led to worse things.

  • Califboy

     How they treat there animals and their mom!!!

  • Califboy

     My first response is to bludgeon him to death, can’t believe this little angel was not protected bu her mother.
    After using blunt force trama on him I would need to turn to her for a little heavy object therapy.

  • Califboy

     I watched and your right..:(

  • That poor poor baby.  I hope they kill that sick fuck and quickly!  How can you ever hurt a child?  I just don’t understand, and I guess I don’t want to.  She deserves jail time at the least. What a piece of shit.

  • Well said!!

  • Amen sister!

  • ” For Angela Hanna’s part, she did, well… not much.” –> And when we say “not much,” we mean she did absolutely nothing. As in jack shit.  My fervent wish for Angela Hanna is she suffer a series accidents that occur outside the view of the prison guards. Accidents that look a lot like someone smashing a brick upside her temple and shoving a broomstick where broomsticks ought not to be shoved. Fvcking bitch.

  • kimbev69

    i look at that photo and think that’s like any photo i take with my daughter…what the fuck happened? how is this possible to love and hate your child so much that you don’t protect him or her…you see the love in the pic…what went wrong? where? how? but i guess i understand it…people on the outside would see our childhood and think we had it made…but when they would see the other side of my mom they ran home crying people can fake it pretty well…that poor baby and i am not buying the vaginal and intestinal damage from a damn bike

  • kimbev69

    i notice everything on my daughter, i changed her and noticed little finger bruises right where you would hold a childs legs up by the under thigh area if you are changing them…which told me someone is holding her too damn tight to leave bruises which was verified by video and that girl is no longer working there…i never leave bruises changing my daughter that’s you can claim you didn’t see shit

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I can take or leave the mother. I don’t really want a momma’s boy in my life.

  • Sharnique Perkins

    Usually I would have some hate filled comment for the mother in this situation, but I dont. I dont think there is any sentence, comment, judgement, or punishment that will be worst than her having to live with the fact that her daughter died at the hands of her FUKING BOYFRIEND and she did aboslutely nothing about it. The guilt will be punishment enough. RIP Trinity, Gods newest angel. #tears, tears, tears….

  • LeaveMeBe

    I translated what you said into :She was too busy sucking his dick. I swear that’s what you really meant.

  • LeaveMeBe


  • LeaveMeBe

    I bet the couch and the bathtub were in on it together.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Good for you! What an awesome Daddy. Cherish your time with your little girl. 🙂

  • JGo555

    Him: Neck tat.

    ‘Nuf said.

  • Babydoll0630


  • JGo555

    I will live in the streets & SLEEP WITH MEN to make sure my babies had a safe place to sleep, live & know that, THAT is how much I love them.

    I will NEVER let a man (including their father) hit my kids!

    This piece of scumfuck will have to be placed in solitary confinement cause as disgusting as it sounds: EVEN PAEDOPHILES WILL WANT TO KILL HIM. And after they kill him, I’ll say thanks & hope someone else tuns around & kills them.

  • Zazen

    …and then I read what you said, put the images together in my head and was really impressed with my creativity. And squicked out, but mainly impressed.

  • JGo555

    Ya’ll know what the saddest part is? That while the mom SHOULD be rooting for the DP for the asshole (no pun intended), she’ll be rooting for him to get it, but to SAVE HERSELF.

  • JGo555

    Not really, if the bitch was selfish enough that she let someone kill her kid in front of her eyes, she’ll most likely not think twice about her again while in jail. She’ll readjust her life to loving the butchest woman in jail for protection.

  • Shelby Burns

     When one of my exes came to my house back in high school, he said my dog had bad breath and my dad (Big, black, always very stern ex-army dude)  looked at him completely seriously and said, “Get the fuck out of my house if you’re gonna talk to my dog like that.” Guy ended up being a tool too, we didn’t last long. Should’ve known when he didn’t love my dog! Dad knows best, still makes me LOL thinking about it.

  • Shar G’z

    oh ok

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Muck-sucking cunts like Angela Hanna and her pet penis bring out the mama bear bitch in me.

  • That little girl was beautiful. Tragic that she was given to a mother that didn’t give two shits about her and let this happen.

  •  I don’t think the parents that allow their significant other (current cock or twat) to do this to their child feel any guilt because if they did, where’s the guilt when this shit is going down? They probably regret it happening because it has fucked them over and their life on the outside is put on hold for a while so they can serve their sentence, if they even get convicted. I think they probably feel some sense of relief that their kid is dead, no more pesky brat in the picture with all their needs and wants and cutting into their “adult time”…

  • Heather_Habilatory

     This is a GENIUS idea. Every week, we can use a new asshole.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     Just come on over to my house. We’ll have Mythbuster parties. BYOB.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    My aunt has a small dog whom I loathe. Her dog is a fucking bitch. I hate that dog with the fire of ten thousand suns.

    But I’ll be damned if I don’t pet and love on the little bitchface when she hops up on my lap.

  • Califboy

    So your Ok if one of the boys treats his mom like shit???
    I can get a new dog, the dog pounds are full of them, but I only have one mom.
    Good to know.

  • Shauna Olsen

    So I guess for the mother it was a case of “Out of sight out of mind”, when it came to her child being tortured by that ass sniffer?  Nice.. Make so much sense now. Shoot them both.

  • this is so sad… could a mother put a NASTY, DISGUSTING, CRUEL man before her own sweet child?  

  • pikeman

    It’s amazing what some women will let slide for the fucking live-in penis. She’s just as fucking guilty as he is! Sickening!

  • She should be sterilized and never allowed around a child ever again! He should be beaten until dead! What is wrong with her – I would have killed anyone who hurt my kids- I watched them like a hawk- geez it’s instinctual to protect them. Poor sweet girl- I hope wherever she is she is surrounded by loving arms and soft kittens and puppies. Really tears your hear up. 

  • abbys_mom

    Look at that little girl, so happy to be sitting with her mommy. It makes me think of a child’s trust and love for their parent (especially a toddler) even when that parent is abusing them or letting them be abused. Every time I read one of these types of stories, I feel like I just die a little inside. I’ve always felt that the parent who allows the abuse to happen and stands back, doing nothing to protect their child, deserves 3 times the punishment of the actual abuser…somehow, in my mind, it’s just worse for the person who is supposed to love and treasure and protect their children to allow their child to come to harm. 

  • But…but..neck tats are always a screaming blinding light that they must be fine upstanding citizens!

  • JGo555

    And the new ride at the state fair is the “Getting Kicked In the Face-whirl!”


  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Well, I only have one mom, but she is a fucking bitch and I don’t really want anyone to judge me on how I treat her. The dynamics between people, especially family, are a weird and complicated thing that only the person involved in the relationship can truly understand, so no, I wouldn’t make snap decision on a potential boyfriend based on how he treated his mother. My sisters husband is so up his families ass he has done shit to the detriment on his own family and I certainly don’t want someone in my life who runs to mommy’s side every time she crooks a finger. 
    An animal is a pretty innocent creature without any pretense, so when a man treats one callously I will make a snap decision.  

  • blubberdong

    Once again, you impress me with your take on the dynamics and complexities of family.  Sometimes I want to be your third boyfriend Snarky.

  • 18th40

     Thanks LMB, it was a good day, we went into business and though I’m no longer allowed to make iced-tea (my wife was our only customer and my ‘if a little’s good, lot’s must be better’ technique apparently doesn’t work for some beverages), we had fun.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Becoming a third boyfriend would be a good crash course in complex family dynamics. 🙂 

  • PapayaSalad

    I’m so sad and angry. I know I’ve read several stories like this before but this one gets me. Just look at the asshole who did it, I see no remorse or fear in him. Maybe because tomorrow is mother’s day and my 6 yo. son gave me my early mommy’s day’s present (a bag of green tea and a granola bar) because I’ve been a good girl (mommy). My mom said children do not need much, they just need love and protection. I think that if a mother cannot provide those two things for her kid then she need to re-think about keeping the baby. Why is this guys has such power over the mom? I don’t get it, I never will. Is it the sex or is it the emotion? or maybe both. 
    Last year we decided that my husband will become a stay-at-home dad, since my job is more secure. We had to give up on several things to make this happen. We are getting by though It is not easy financially but when I see how happy our son is getting to spend time with his dad, I knew we did the right thing. It’s tougher on my husband to not work so he came up with a small side business to keep busy while our son is in school. We will keep on as long as we can. 
    After I read this I took my son on a long walk and we went to eat at his favorite restaurant. And I even let him loaded up on his favorite bread before dinner. Then I let him stay up a little late so we can hang out. I just wanted him to be happy. 
    In case you’re just like me, and wish there’s something we can do to prevent story like this, please check out the following cnn video. 

    Our first mission can be bringing the awareness to the society and see what happens. I have faith in our society and I don’t think we will tolerate it. This kind of story does not get enough coverage. It’s hard to swallow, so people look away. But if you get in their face enough time sooner or later they will have no choice but to acknowledge the problem so we can come up with solution.
    God bless,

  • sherrdbw

    I’m getting tired of constantly hearing stories about some dumb fuck mother choosing some violent, useless dick over the life of her child. If I caught some asshole beating my child, he would immediately find a knife sticking out of his back. And be lucky to be alive by the time the cops there.

  • chgplz

    I just love your way with words lol…

  • Califboy


  • What a beautiful child. It’s just beyond sad that one human can hold that much hate, especially towards a child; and then that another person would be so idiotic to see it and do nothing, especially towards their OWN child. It’s heartbreaking…

  • jdevola


  • I hope he gets at least 10 years of time in general  population so the inmates can have their way with this piece of shit and then execute the fucker.  

  • Jo Gofleberg

    and somehow reginald davis was only held on $50,000 bail.

  • Candy

    Although I totally agree with all the sentiments posted here, please stop calling these idiots “men”. Compared to the REAL men in the world, they are severely lacking. You are free to call them dicks, asshats, cunts, whatever. But men they are NOT. When a mom will ignore the agony of her precious children to keep their dick in the house, they should be taken out and shot right along with him. She knew it went on and let it happen. She completely failed as a human being, AND a mom. You’re right, Babydoll. FUCK YOU! She needs to be sterilized and have her arms and legs cut off. Cumdumpster.

  • Angelica correa

    I will NEVER understand why some women choose a penis over their own child! Three year old girls are the sweetest and cutest little beings ever!! I cannot imagine someone not caring at all when they get hurt. These stories break my heart and…well there are no words to express how horrible these stories are. The only good thing is that karma DOES exist and this woman is gonna pay in a very bad way.

  • Hang both those SOB’s High!

  • Whisper Wing

    Killer of 3-year-old girl gets 25 to life in prison

    A man’s punishment is 25 years to life in prison for murdering a 3-year-old Taft girl.

    Eric Foster
    was sentenced Tuesday in Kern County court. He’s eligible for parole
    under a plea deal that saw charges of cruelty, torture and assault


  • Whisper Wing

    In court