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Arcadia, CA — A San Gabriel Valley Girl Scout troop leader has been charged after police allege she spent more than $2000 of Girl Scout Cookie sales proceeds on a personal spending spree. A Girl Scout co-leader alleges that an additional $4000 in cash from sales is also missing.

According to the Arcadia Police Department, South El Monte/El Monte Troop leader Ana Isabel Juarez, 30, was arrested on April 17 for allegedly using a Girl Scout debit card – intended for troop use – for personal expenses. The purchases were reportedly made from Sept. 2011 through March 2012.

“It was just shocking to see that we became her own personal piggy bank: gas, nails, Nordstroms, Victoria’s Secret,” said troop co-leader Verna de los Reyes.

De los Reyes said about $2,000 is missing from the troop’s accounts, in addition to $4,000 in cash that was raised during the Girl Scout cookie sale. An interview with De los Reyes can be seen here.

“The cash never made it to the bank,” de los Reyes said.

Police booked Juarez after the Girl Scouts organization reported the missing money. A Girl Scouts executive was reported to have said that Juarez had a 6-year-old daughter in the troop – but she was withdrawn from the troop just before the news broke.

In total, the ten girls sold more than 5000 boxes of cookies with the hope of winning an American Girl doll and a limousine ride. It has been reported that there’s not enough cookie dough in the troop’s account to make that happen.

Kristopher Koebel Arrested For Burglary, Attempted Theft Of Police Cruiser, And Fleeing To Avoid Arrest

Police noted that this current arrest identified an outstanding warrant for Juarez stemming from a 2001 grand theft embezzlement case in a different city.

Juarez is due in court later today.

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  • CT

    Stupid skank couldn’t keep her fingers out of the cookie jar.  

  • SayAunt

    S’more whore!

  • kimbev69

    i feel bad for her daughter, she was spending money on trying to catch a man…how bout toys for the 6 yr old..or food or shit like’s sad she used the money for such fucked up shit…it’s not like she used it cause she even needed it….skankarella

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Why didn’t she try hooking or camming or selling drugs to get the money she wanted for her stupid shopping spree?

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    If only she would have been a Cub Scout leader, she could have made back the embezzled money in a single night pole dancing for the boys’ fathers.

  • Texas Ranger

    Thievin stupid bitch. Why didnt she just steal the actual cookies…go hang out in front of the medical marijauna joints –see that?– and then sell the cookies at a premium and keep the profits…she coulda paid for a hawaii vacation. California…Ya’ll gotta lay off the dope, or your going to keep turning out stupid folks like her.

  • Gee

     Steeling from Girl scouts is instant bad karma. You should see how many of those Green Crosses we have all over town here in Cali. Out of control!

  • Texas Ranger

    I’m just happy there wasn’t any molesting going on…but thats the boys scouts area of expertise, so I guess stealing is the girl scouts domain.

  • This happens soooooo often in organizations like this. The PTO, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts….Why I would never ever, ever, ever volunteer to be the treasurer for those kinds of things.

  • Those poor kids worked their little butts off. I hope this story pulls on some heartstrings and they can still get their American Dolls and Limo ride. Amazing what people can do when they get the opportunity. I feel bad for her daughter the most. Poor thing probably doesn’t understand what is happening.

  • You may in fact be a genius!! That would be the best place EVER to sell cookies. I wonder if they do that…lol

  • Sam

    …because you can’t trust yourself with an envelope full of troop money and a shoe sale next door to the bank? 😉

  • LeaveMeBe

    I don’t get people, and I’m talking about the smart and honorable people. This woman stealing from kids is not a shock to me, I know people are stupid and mean, but it does shock me that reasonable and caring people son’t do more to prevent it. I have served on many boards in all positions (sports mainly) and was a treasurer for my daughter’s girl scout troop. I was even the cookie coordinator for 2 years (and that’s a nightmare, lemme tell ya). It has always astounded me that because the people serving together consider themselves ‘friends’ that accountability only comes into play once in a blue moon. At each and every opportunity after being elected to these boards, I adamantly insisted on checks and balances between board members. When I was treasurer I didn’t want anyone ever questioning me and my integrity and because I didn’t want the organization (the kids) to be blindsided and left hanging if another board member misappropriated funds. It created some friction on the boards I was a part of, but money can exert a wicked pull over people.

  • sanityslipping

    No lie, my SIL did this shit two years ago. Dumb greedy bitch spent the cookie money on new clothes “medical bills” (yeah right on that one) and a family vacation. When other troop leaders got suspicious she called us asking for $5000. Ha! Like we have that money! She ended up getting bailed out by her grandma, who gave her 7g’s

  • sanityslipping

    IMO opinion she should have let the useless cunt rot in jail. But Granny was thinking about the kids. My poor niece thinks her mom is innocent and lost friends because the other moms won’t let their kids hang out w her.

  • Aaaaand that’s the way this bitches cookie crumbles. Great example to set for your daughter. Great way to show her how to be on a team, and not steal, and be honest…

  • Spifftastic

     Or they could produce their own type of Special cookies to sell in the dispensaries. They would make bank!

  • JGo555

    As the resident Girl Scout with ties to the organization & it’s hierarchy; this happens all the time.

    My mom is actually the “cookie” lady & she has had to take people to court over not paying the cookie money. Usually the girls sell the cookies & give’em to the leader who then brings it to her local council office. What this woman did was NOT use the council but rather use it.

    The reason why this woman has so much money is that now the girls can sell the cookies & not get shitty prices but get a certain amount of the money back to use for whatever the troop needs.

    This is here in the news because Miss Jackass didn’t pay the council first & the go on her shopping spree.

    Way to fuck your daughter over & make her not have any friends in an organization that almost forces you to make friends.

  • Does she get a badge for that?

  • JGo555

    They’re not crosses, they’re shamrocks with 3 girls inside it.

  • Gee

     I was referring to the Marijuana clinics They have Green crosses on the front door

  • Here in the Girl Scout Council of Eastern Missouri, troop leaders are not permitted to get bank accounts that include debit cards. Our local bank even developed a special account just for scout troops, since most standard checking accounts automatically come with the debit card these days. You have to write a check for everything the troop does, so there is a paper trail. And now I have a hankerin’ for a Samoa…

  • tkaz

    I was a girl scout leader. There is SO much red tape & mandatory proof of expenses that it’s close to impossible to steal & not get caught. She was told on but it is a tightly run, well-oiled machine.
    And honestly, any funds we earned I hoarded for things/events because I did NOT want to “pay” to be a leader out of my own pocket. It get’s pricey fast & GS cookies & dues should help pay to run the meetings, etc.

    So she uses the money – did she think no one would notice that their goal wasn’t met, that they had no funds to do things the cookies should have paid for?

    She’s just DUMB.

  • kniption

    Hmmm… She took a giant (figurative) crap on just about the whole Girl Scout Oath, but she did show initiative.  I suppose that we can throw her one…

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I’m sorry, is that a real badge? Please, please, tell me that’s a joke. 🙂 

    I hated the damn girl scouts when I was a kid. My mom tried to get me to join and I went to a few meetings. We got to bake cookies, while I assume the boys were field dressing cats. I didn’t make it a month. 

  • CT

     OMG that was truly funny.

  •  Nope just don’t want the responsibility! Have you ever hung out with PTO moms/scout folks, Hell no, bitches be tripping!!! 😉

  • sugarpie

    Love it when these bitches get caught and everyone knows what they did.  Ah the humiliation.

  • Lena60

    You did absolutley the right thing, too many times I have read or heard stories of too many hands in the cookie jar and nobody knows nothing. Pffttt!

  • kniption

    You’re not suggesting that I might have fabricated such a thing, are you?!

    GS has changed, I think.  I am – perhaps, oddly – a certified GS archery instructor.  Screw baking.  At the dawn of the apocalypse, those freckle-faced little snookums will be processing sinew from a elk’s leg and chipping flint and obsidian arrowheads to fulfill their destiny as stealthy, invincible killing machines.  
    They’ll be feasting on boar and buffalo.  The others?!?  Let them eat cat.  

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    “No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you sir; but I bite my thumb, sir.”

    Thanks for the advanced warning. Once the apocalypse comes I will make sure to bait mt human traps with Thin Mints. Can’t have those little bitches in the fort stealing my antibiotics.

  • I volunteer at the GS in the heart of  PA, and this is a very common issue. Sad because it damages the reputation of a good name, and deters parents from sending their children to GS/BS which is a great way to teach kids to work together and have better social skills. More importantly to stay out of trouble.

  • Saffron777

    It’s a shame, this does happen all the time. Some times the council is as much to blame as the thief though. One of our school’s leaders (not my girls’ troops) keeps stealing it year after year and council does nothing. Oh yeah, she blames her new co-leader each year (actually twice a year… fall product too). She’s had a troop for 3 years now and 6 times all the money was conveniently stolen by her 6 different co-leaders. She wasn’t too smart about it this year though but I guess she’ll get away with it again… this year she took her whole family of 10 to Walt Disney World even though she’s never worked a day in her life and her husband’s an unemployed drunk who she caught sleeping with her oldest son’s wife. Where did they get the money? Her troop sold 10,000 boxes of cookies and all of it was supposedly stolen by her co-leader… yeah, right. The council goes after the co-leader on her word… never mind the co-leaders’ denials or the pattern of theft. The only one she might not have done was the very first one because her co-leader at that time ended up doing jail time for stealing from the school’s PTO (I think they went in together to steal it 50/50). Before she started her own troop, she bounced checks to our troop multiple times and finally got council’s permission to start her own troop because our leader refused to take any more checks from her and wouldn’t let her girls sell product (each of her four daughters always sell at least 1,000 boxes… how I don’t know). She’s started fights with other leaders, the Principal of the school has complained about her, most of the parents have complained about her, and she is obviously stealing from the Girl Scouts but council refuses to remove her. It’s obnoxious. I’m glad we’re not meeting at the same time and place as them next year now that I’m taking over as leader of our troop.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     omg. I wanna move!! *cries*

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Cookie dough. hahahaha! 

  • JGo555


  • Califboy

     I would like to taste her cookie,though.

  • sugarpie

    Make sure you hide your wallet while sampling!

  • misleading headline,  I was looking forward to the possibility of black market girl scout cookies. >.<

  • Saffron777

    It isn’t a real badge but it is a real patch. It’s a fun patch that leaders can buy for their girls for fun. Admittedly, it is a stupid patch. Badges are earned, patches can be for anything. My kindergartner just got one from her leader that says Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or something like that. There used to be an engine where you could design your own fun patches and I think they would add any of them they thought might be popular.

    I’ve been a leader in Girl Scouts and in Boy Scouts (BSA actually has more rules and tends to let you do less than the girls do). The Scouting experience depends 100% on the leader. I was in one of the happy homemaker troops when I was a teen (moved from my awesome troop) and dropped out. My eldest’s troop is pretty much like that too but I’m taking over next year and I told them we’re going back to basics and doing real Girl Scout stuff. Screw pie baking and craft making unless we make it from shit we find outdoors or stuff we recycle. They are ecstatic. If you are ever lucky enough to have a course/meeting/outing with a real GS employee, you’d see that baking and cooking (and shopping) is NOT what Girl Scouts is about. It’s parents stuck in the 50s who don’t get it so find a different leader in that case.

  • Snickering_Hydra

    I think the real question here is whether she managed to model & get pics of the Victoria’s secret items before she was busted. It would be a consolation to me and many others.

    But as to her dough stealing ways, that is pretty terrible. How could you look at your little scouts after stealing a good chunk of the money they raised. Judging from her spending, I doubt it took too many boxes of thin mints for her to get over it.

  • RydoLarsson

    lol wtf 6000 dollars and debit cards from selling cookies lol didnt know they made that much

  • I really thought she stole the cookie dough at first glance… and thought ‘well it ~is~ Humboldt County’ …..

  • JGo555

    I can get Samoas ALL YEAR ROUND… bwahahahahahaha! (That’s my evil laugh in case ou didn’t know)

  • I am a troop leader and service team member. My question is why in the world did she have access to the troop account or the cookie proceeds. Background checks are required in my council for either and also to be a leader. This isn’t fool proof but it would have caught this one. Ridiculous!