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CLAYTON, MO – Tessa L. Vanvlerah, 22, from St. Louis, pleaded guilty in January to incest, statutory sodomy, and statutory rape in several attacks against her daughter.  A judge recently handed her two consecutive life sentences, rejecting her lawyers’ claim that she suffers from dependent-personality psychological disorder.

It all started back in 2009, when Vanvlerah met California State University East Bay professor Kenneth Kyle, 49, online.  On at least four occasions, Kyle visited Vanvlerah in St. Louis hotels to have sex with her and her daughter.

The daughter was just 5 months old at the time of the first attack, and 10 months old at the time of the last one.  Vanvlerah says she knew the attacks on her daughter were wrong, and though she inexplicably didn’t draw a line at participating in the rape of her own child, she did refuse to engage with Kyle in acts of bestiality.  Let me go scrounge up a medal for you, Tessa.

Kyle was arrested back in 2010 on unrelated child pornography charges.  On his computer, along with hundreds of pictures of children engaged in various sex acts, police found information that led them to Vanvlerah.  She was also arrested shortly after Kyle’s apprehension.  Kyle pleaded guilty to the abuse and was subsequently sentenced in March to 37-1/2 years in prison.

Kenneth Kyle

Forensic psychologist Dr. Brooke Kraushaar testified at Vanvlerah’s sentencing that she was a “passive offender,” lacking the self-assurance to stand up for herself or her daughter.  She said Vanvlerah was so afraid of being rejected by others that she also allowed Kyle to choke, burn and urinate on her.

He was also able to convince her to carve her nickname for him, “Lord Nikon,” into her skin.  I have a hard time buying the defense though, as did the judge, since she seemed to be able to summon the strength to refuse to engage in bestiality with Kyle.

Plus, aside from her involvement with Kyle, she was also engaged in arrangements with another man in Avon, MO to visit her and have sex with the girl.  Fortunately, those plans were never realized.

I’ll bet you’re wondering how such a catch managed to get herself pregnant in the first place.  I’m glad you asked.  Back in 2008, when Vanvlerah was 18, another woman obtained an order of protection against her, accusing her of seducing and having sex with her 16-year-old autistic son.  Vanvlerah’s daughter is believed to be a product of that very relationship.

As for the child victim in all of this, she is doing much better.  She’s now three years old and has been adopted.  And though she used to scream every time someone tried to bathe her or change her diaper, she’s making progress.  She still has night terrors and asks, each night, to be assured that no one else will be allowed to enter her home.

Somehow, I’m doubting she’ll grow up and ever attempt to contact her birth mother.

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  • Zazen

    So fucking deserved. Can there be a special added sentence of getting anally raped daily with a grill scraper?

  • blubberdong

    I should have quit when I was laughing.  Good write anyway, Pete.

  • 18th40

    Don Henley should sue the right half of this pricks face for copyright infringement.

  • tdavid6

    So all ugly, desperate, piece of shit women now have a legal defense for allowing men to abuse their children… “dependent-personality psychological disorder”. There is a disorder for everything now, isn’t there? One more question. She definitely deserves 2 life sentences, but how did he only get 37.5 years?

  • zombiephile

    Two life sentences? Why, that’s ridiculous! Take her in the yard and shoot her in the fucking cranium!  Letting someone rape your baby?! You deserve to die like the waste of skin, dirty assnugget you are.

  • Seriously, I don’t want to be on this planet anymore. This makes me so ……sorry had to go vomit.

  • sugarpie

    I wish I could erase every fucking detail of this story.  I’d really like to give some personal justice to them both. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Where to start? Lord Nikon, she seriously called him that, without being reduced to a quivering heap of laughter? Why do they have to get so close on the mug shots? Yikes! No wonder that poor baby had nightmares.

    I hope she never gets anywhere near a child again. They should have locked her ass up after taking advantage of an autistic kid.

  • Gee

    ‘And though she used to scream every time someone tried to bathe her or
    change her diaper, she’s making progress.  She still has night terrors
    and asks, each night, to be assured that no one else will be allowed to
    enter her home.

     Brings tears to my eyes. Waste of flesh human beings

  • This piece of human excrement deserves to suffer everyday for the rest of her life,  That poor little baby girl is going to have issues for the rest of her life even if she forgets what happened to her.  I hope her adoptive family holds her close and loves her the way she deserves. 

  • This story made me puke a little. No punishment would fit either of these “people”. Poor baby…again simple solution and it would not cost the tax payers anything…two bullets.

  • megaflytron

    Baby raper, sodomite, autism seducer, Lord Nikon worshipper… and oh yeah, and some new DSM V diagnosis to boot (imagine that)-

    is nothing sacred?

  • LeaveMeBe

    I want the last 5 minutes back and when I get them, I am skipping this story entirely. 🙁

  • 18th40

     Yeah good point, I doubt there’s much danger of him making it out though. And I hope everyday he’s in there is spent staring through those fucking bars wondering who is going to brutalize him that night, and how badly.

    As for her, just fucking shoot her and be done with it, that much stupid doesn’t feel pain anyway.

  • Athena

    While I couldn’t be happier about this woman’s sentence (a quick execution would be too good for her), I’m disappointed that her cohort got a measley 37 years.  He could be out in half of that and in plenty of time to reoffend.

  • Sharnique Perkins

    That fucking piece of…fat ass bitch….worthless trash bag of a mom…oh my god I’m so upset that I cant even get the shit out!!!!!! BTW I typed this just from reading the title alone. BRB with a better comment after I read the whole article.

  • sherrdbw

     Burn in hell, assholes!!

  • wolfcat

    Wow, how do these people even find each other?

  • Wow…I really know how to send you people off into the weekend, don’t I?  Maybe this story will go some way toward eliminating my reputation for writing up only the lightest stories.  Nahhh…

  • Sharnique Perkins

    This is the first time I’ve cried reading something on this site. Just imagine a tiny child being so scared of someone changing her diaper…something that is apart of everyday life for babies and infants, because she thinks that having it taken off means she will be raped. I dont mean to add to the sickness of the situation…I’m just saying

  • Shelby Burns

     I don’t understand that either. He should have gotten life, 37.5 years is ridiculous. But if he does get out in half of that, at least everybody knows his name and what he’s done.

  • My_Mind_Speaks


    She’s gonna have 60 yrs of HELL! And this bitch deserves it!

  • Shelby Burns

     It makes me sad too 🙁 and sometimes that kind of trauma can damage a girl’s organs so badly that she can never have children. I can’t imagine how a mother could ruin her own baby’s life like that, or how ANYONE could want to do anything sexual to a 5 MONTH OLD. What is wrong with the world???

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    We should give Kyle the opportunity to get 10 years off his sentence.   If and only if we let the baby twenty years from now abuse him with pliers, gasoline, pitch forks, knives,  … for the 10 years left on his sentence. 
     I’m thinking 20 years from now; it’ll make one Hell of a reality show, “America’s Most RIGHTFULLY Tortured.”  Act now and buy DEPENDS stock ‘cause she’s going to make him need countless.

  • Zazen

    It was a large change from the other stories… maybe you might want to reconsider naming your site ‘To The Gut’.

    But thanks, Pete. I first saw the story back when it first appeared on an Indianapolis news site–but damnit, your write up was the only time I laughed.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Ohhhhhh.  So sorry, Tessa.  Seems you’ve failed the test for the human species.

    But feel free to try again next time as SUB HUMAN. 

  • I hope dear Professor Kyle gets to call someone else by their nickname – Twinkie, Bubba, Easy Rider, etc. – while they carve it into the learned Professor’s tramp-stamp (Twinkie’s Bitch, Bubba’s Bitch, Easy Rider’s Ride, etc.). 

  • Anytime you see shrinks use the word ‘disorder’ they’re making shit up again.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Feel free to express your sadness and shock.  It means you’re a compassionate, loving human being.  : )

  • FrikkenFrak

    I concur.  His actions were unspeakably debase and horrific.  Harsher sentences have been handed down for selling weed.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Let’s hope Bubba doesn’t think so….

  • Gee

     Yep… This story proved your versatility in writing.  UGH… Pete this was a brutal one

  • Gee

     The only reason I can think of why she got more was if it hadn’t been for her this man would not have gotten his hands on this little girl. :o(

  • Eliza Berntsen

    I was watching Game of Thrones today where they used that lovely rat torture on the prisoners. I think that it would be a nice idea to use it in real life on scum like her- let them go through being ripped apart alive.

  •  The only disorder here is allowing this waste of flesh to continue existing.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I believe this woman has some real issues, but none are as serious as allowing the violation of this child. I can’t believe the autistic boy’s mother did not want to take charge of her granddaughter. People just fucking amaze me.

    Also, I have absolutely no idea how a female (or male) under 10 yo can be raped and not require hospital attention unless the peds have teeny weenies. In any case it is fucked up.

  • sam1211

    She deserves worse than a shot to the head. I say have it be a slow and painful death, and for the guy as well

  • MCat80

    This one actually made me cry.  I pray to God that the little girl grows up and remembers NOTHING about her early life.  I think that if you plead guilty to a heinous crime against your own child that you should be sterilized….Burn bitch, burn….

  • UniqueMommy1984

    That’s what I am wondering. If some bitch got pregnant by my 16 year old autistic son. I would be fighting for custody of that child. Makes me scared for my own autistic son. 🙁 

  • My site is an amusement park ride compared to this one!

  • Heather_Habilatory

     This makes me so fucking mad! How do you allow someone to do this to your LITTLE BABY? I don’t get it when it’s teenagers, let alone this. I don’t understand. If I ever do, I will just kill myself.

    I’m glad this egg donor got two life sentences. We need to start showing parents that we aren’t going to put up with this shit. You can NOT pimp your own children out. SORRRY.

    The asshole baby raper needs two life sentences as well.

    It IS worse what the “mom” did, though. She was supposed to protect her little one from harm.

  • onlyme356

    The worst fucking type of people on the planet and I can’t get over “dependent-personality psychological disorder” Give me a fucking break then shoot me please – This world is full of too many idiots with too many excuses for their sickening and despicable behavior.

  • onlyme356

    No, you’re right, it’s completely fucked up and fucked up isn’t even the worst way to put it. It’s just beyond my scope of human comprehension how someone can even think of doing something like this, let alone carrying it out. The one person in the damn world who is suppose to give a shit about you and guide you into this shady, fucked up world is the one who winds up betraying you in the worst way possible. It’s just inconceiavble and makes me truly sick, angry and saddened.

  • Califboy

     2 shots to the face and 4 more to the chest for her…

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I hope that nobody beats up Don Henley by mistake.

  • ciarab7

    What a sick biouch!

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    They both should be raped with baseball bats at irregular times so that they don’t know when to expect to be violated.  If they can learn what it was like to feel even a bit the terror that poor child will have to deal with for the rest of her life (research “body memory” if you don’t believe me) after being violated by these hambeasts, maybe they’ll understand why what they did was so heinous.  Hambitch should get an extra violation or ten for raping the autistic boy, too.  Way to fuck up kids, you assholes!  I hope they both die painfully and full of remorse in prison.

  • Chiniita

    This brought tears to my eyes, that poor baby. I hope her adopted family give her the love and care she needs.

    Some people are so fucking evil and don’t deserve the air we breathe. Fuck her… looking at her mugshot makes me want to stab her in the ear. 

  • He will be repeatedly sexually assaulted by the inmate dubbed “the silverback!” who will call him a “Sweet Thang” with an arrow pointing towards his ass crack!

  • That’s the truth. 

  • JGo555

    Read the title. Thought: This is the worst way to trying to get an “A”.

  • JGo555

    As I type my savage crotchfruits are running rampant in their stripped of everything but their “big girl” bed & the boy’s mattress (he’s a flopper & would fall out of bed even with a guard rail) on the floor. This is their first night. I really hate them right now.

    I love them with all my heart but they are being quite the little assholes because they fucking won’t go to sleep even though THEY NEED IT & ARE DYING FOR IT.

    With that said, I will deliberatedly sleep, get shot, get my throat cut & do ANY MOTHERFUCKING THING TO PROTECT THEM.

    And her ass didn’t. She handed her only one to a fucking stranger. Let the worms have mercy on her cause I won’t bother to look at her mugshot more than the one time I’ve done before.

  • TheAlphaSoup

    …………………..Now I’m crying.

  • yo mama so fat the judge gave her TWO life sentences

  • kimbev69

    How do they consider this statutory rape? Wth is up with that? I have major issues when they say “sexual assault on a child 13 or under” when its someone 5 and under or an infant, its my pet peeve because the first thing that comes to mind is the sex offender registry and seeing those convictions makes you think well 13 and to me not that its any worse 13 yrs or 13 months Old but there is something more sick and disturbing to people that do this to babies

  • kimbev69

    I love your comments my “crotchfruit” lol keePs sneaking in my bed at nite kicking the crap outta me lol

  • Zazen

    He could afford a better lawyer?

  • Babydoll0630

    She deserves to be tortured to death.  That POOR baby!! :'(

  • JGo555

    Well I did push them out naturally although if I was that woman from 20 kids & counting then they would have literally fallen out of my crotch…

    I was wating for them to come into our bed but turns out they were too tired, They crashed at 10pm. They stayed in the room & kinda asked for permission to come out in the morning. We were hoping they come wake us up.

    I kinda want & don’t want them to sneak into bed.

  • WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? Seriously? I’m sorry wee one… I truly am…..

  • kimbev69

    I know what u mean, livy used to stay in her bed i could go downstairs get myself ready then go in get her and bring her down, now i hear her on the monitor wake up anytime after midnite and her little feet run across her floor, the loud sound of her door opening, once more i hear her feet only more quietly sneaking up to our door, i look up and from the glow of the nightlite i see the handle slowly turning as i anticipate the sillohette (sp) of my liitle peanut in the doorway then she loudly says “CAN WE GO DOWNSTAIRS?” ugh just like a horror movie, i grab her up kiss her and plop her into my bed :0)

  • I am so deeply agreeing with and feeling what most all of the posters before me. The fact that these two things will get to live out the remainder of their wasteful miserable lives is gut wrenching. And that all that has been done to this child will NEVER be erased no matter what things are done to these two disgusting piles of white dog shit….Bless her heart, may that child be able to thrive in recovery. And hopefully she has found a family that can help her and love her as she deserved so long ago from her own parental unit.

  • sherrdbw

    I’ve seen documentaries on “cellular memory”, and how they affect transplanted organs, eyes, hands. Imagine seeing through the eyes of a murder victim or having the hands of a killer.

  • How to you ‘seduce’ an autistic child? Sounds like rape, unpure and simple.

  • lespacino

    This is a case in which I would condone stoning…can’t we just ship her over to Iraq?

  • wtf is up with these bloated pink slime heiffers? this load was so fugly and desperate to be touched that she offers up her own baby to be raped by some pedo.. smh

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I would feel kind of bad for laughing at that joke, but after hearing what she did to that boy and what she allowed that ugly boar passing as a man to do her own baby, I think she deserves all of the scorn and derision we care to heap upon her.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    It was rape.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    I was wondering the same thing. Those with Autism aren’t exactly known for being very keen on being touched by other humans, and especially sex. Even the high functioning ones hate that kinda contact. And they are strong as hell as well, so I’ve no idea how she managed to hold him down ( I am making an assumption here) long enough to have sex with.

  • Califboy

     Gray hair, that’s what crotchfruit will do to you,and in the next moment, melt your heart, that’s why we love them and us normal people do what ever it takes to protect and raise them. This cuntturd of a mother will get hers.

  • SuzanneBa

    YES YES YES and lets hope her life in prison is shitastic

  • “Woman Handed Two Life Sentences For Allowing Professor To Rape Her Five-Month-Old Daughter” Well – that’s just GROSS.

  • “dependent-personality psychological disorder”

    Anytime something has a name this long I immediately think “Bull Shit.”

  •  Kinda like a nail finds a magnet I’m thinking.

  •  I totally get you – so I will try to break this news to you gently – this She Beast will most likely be running her cell block.

  •  In some areas Hogs are still hit in the forehead with a sledgehammer,then the throat is cut – not sure why this occurred to me here though …

  • ” allowed Kyle to choke, burn and urinate on her.”

    WOW … want to comment on this – came up with nothing …

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I don’t know, she looks rather soft. 

  • Sharnique Perkins

    that must be why its banned on my work compute..under “suspicious” lol

  • LoKi4778

      “I have a hard time buying the defense though, as did the judge, since
    she seemed to be able to summon the strength to refuse to engage in
    bestiality with Kyle.”

    How is it that this guy had sex with her and wasn’t charged with bestiality?  Wouldn’t sex with this one qualify as that?

  • Yeah, you must have Barracuda.  We’re on their shit-list.  Why, I have no idea.

  • Sharnique Perkins

    Lol I’m so sure

    From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.

    —– Reply message —–

  • AssWho?

    Bring her here… A cheap box of federal 9mm is only $20 at WalSlut. Would be happy to drop all 100 rounds in her skull. Would even foot all expenses my self.

  • AssWho?

    and even more special, Going ass to mouth with a rusty grill scrapper for just being a heinous bitch? 

  • Dementedfae

    There are days I realize just how much I hate people and the reasons behind it.  

  • just proves my point that i find it silly u need a licence to drive and operate heavy machinery but to be a parent u just have to do the deed. seriously when are we can all wake up and start making sick peoplle have there plumbing removed ??

  • luv_all

    Luv all my ass… Today I’d like to take this bitch out to a back alley, or a back road…preferably! Can’t defend a child but says no to animals…seriously?!?! Omg, this child has been thru hell before age 1…absolutely SICK. Hoping she gets shanked on the inside!!!  Sooner than later…however, being the scum she is…will probably get PC, protective custody… what a shame…

  • luv_all

    scum still seems too nice to call her….

  • luv_all

    May his jail tattoo be a gorgous womans flowing hair on his mid back, to his waist & her tits voluptiously flow as one of each are drawn on each cheek of his ass… May he get tit F’d several times a day!!! Yep, be a wonderful tattoo…

  • I hope her daughter finds her one day & kills her.

  • saferworld

    this disgusting,worthless, piece of shiznit should be lynched and burned….just pure evil to do that to a baby…

  • makes me wanna catch a case and end up in the same prison as her so I could kill the bitch myself. Die bitch……die

  • Male_DV_Victim

    Women NEVER have to be held responsible for anything:

    What defenses do WE HAVE? The Twelve ‘Female-Only’ Defenses:

  • Male_DV_Victim
  • these two cock sucking pieces of dog shit should have their eyelids cut off and stuck in front of a very slow fan until their eyes crust over and fall out