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Iowa City, IA — Despite what others may say, I derive no pleasure from kicking someone when they’re down. Sometimes, as in this case, I choose to feature certain individuals purely as a public service announcement.

Sort of like Crazy Ralph, but instead of warning people away from cursed campgrounds, I’m warning them of the dangers of certain drugs. All in the hopes I can keep one person from getting busted using them in a pharmacy bathroom with their 4-year-old child present.

That’s exactly what happened to 30-year-old Tiffany Lewis the other day inside a Iowa City pharmacy. A witnesses told police that Lewis requested syringes before disappearing inside the pharmacy bathroom with her toddler for several minutes.

When she came back out, she was obviously under the influence of something and asked where she could dispose of used needles.

When police arrived on the scene and tried to question Lewis, she attempted to conceal a Crown Royal bag behind her back that was found to contain a metal spoon blackened with residue, a used needle and a substance believed to be heroin.

Police asked Lewis what the substance was, but she wasn’t really sure. She told them it was either “heroin or methamphetamine, she wasn’t sure which.” Lewis was arrested on charges of child endangerment without injury and felony possession of a controlled substance. She was placed in jail on a $7,000 cash-only bond, where she seems to be enjoying herself.

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  • CT

    Doomed, you’re all doomed.  OK, now that I got that out of the way.  Holy crap – she didn’t know whether or not she had heroin or meth?   In seriousness for one minute – if they don’t get that kid away from this stink – that kid is doomed, DOOMED I say.

  • sugarpie

    Well hopefully no one bails her stupid ass out jail and gives her time to dry out some so she can realize what a dumb ass twat she is and get some help.  I won’t be holding my breath.

  • WTF??  She asks for syringes and then asks them where to dispose of them after she’s done using them. Holy crap she is dumber than a shovel.  Hopefully they take her kid until she gets herself cleaned up.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    At least she wasn’t using a used needle that would or could give her aids.  She probably sells her body for drug money which leads to unfaithful husbands bring it home to his Mrs.
    Heroin has no redeeming value and should be banned and eradicated!!

  • That’s true and agreed! 

  • Spifftastic

    That’s so thoughtful to properly dispose of medical waste! What a nice environmentalist.

  • Sam

    Well at least they called somebody when she seemed high. What was she going to say the needles were for, diabetes? Insulin high?
    *squinting, sporting peace sign* insulin, baby, IN-SU-LIN!

  • Sam

    She was probably trying to make sure her 4yo wouldn’t accidentally stab themselves. Stupid woman, the child had probably been watching her for quite some time so would KNOW how to use a needle properly anyway.

  • Spifftastic

     Or maybe she was trying to teach her children the way to be a good, responsible junkie so they could have wholesome mother-daughter activities soon. We need more parents like this who go above and beyond and who strive to set good examples for their children.

  • Yeah I don’t like to kick people when they are down either….But someone has to speak up for the children that have to try and survive their childhood with a mom like this….
    Boy she’s as bright as a burned out bulb.

  • kimbev69

    just a matter of time before she trades the kid for drugs

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    In all fairness, it may have been some special bonding time for the two of them… Yup, “Mother~Daughter Arts & Crafts Time.”  Mommy was probably just teaching her kid the fine art of needlepoint…

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    I just love the fact that she lacks even the basic dignity to compose herself for her mugshot. Mugshots are forever, momma!

  • JGo555

    JUST GIVE YOUR KID AWAY if you are going to do this shit.

    You can’t care for her & you don’t care/love her enough to stay off drugs.


  • Lena60

    The dumbass is not sure which drug she is shooting into her arm? Give her some white cleanser.

  • FrikkenFrak

    A Crown Royal bag?  Yeah, like no one is going to question you holding onto THAT in a pharmacy….

  • JohnQknowitall

    Why is this shocking. She is a drug addict. Drugs are you number one priority and her kids are a close second. Sounds like she didn’t leave them outside the bathroom. She made the mistake a lot of people make: I will only do it once or twice… And now the habit is out of control. She probably isn’t a bad person per say, but a person who needs help and her children need competent caretakers until she gets the help.

    Quite honestly, asking for a needle disposal even though completely high sounds responsible for a diabetic, but she didn’t realize how fucked up she was and it is not surprising that after getting high she couldn’t remember what she had taken.

    She is just fucked up now and I hope she will get help and eventually get to be a good mother to her children.

  • Babydoll0630

    Selfish PoS is all I have to say. 

  • lalalandmamma

    Heroin has plenty of redeeming value. My 7 yo DD broke her leg over spring break (her femur was like a chicken bone snapping). I thank god almighty for heavy doses of morphine they gave her, while she was screaming in my driveway, at the hospital during the 24 hours we had to wait for the pediatric orthopedic surgeon and right before they operated on her to set her leg with pins. What should they have done instead, have her bite on a belt, like it was 1865.

  • lalalandmamma

    I agree completely. Drug addition is a medical problem and should be treated. It in itself doesn’t make you a terrible parent or person. Foster Care is no fucking picnic or better choice. Unless someone is abusing their kids, the state helps them get their shit together for the parent and child’s sake.

  • pinksugar420

    That’s not true, not all drug users are poor and sexually deviant..

  • kimbev69

    wait..she is shooting up in front of the child because she cannot even wait until she gets home so she can do it in the privacy of the bathroom at home where her poor little child will not see what makes you think that this woman would not be the type to trade her kid for drugs someday…i say she is showing her what it’s all about and who knows maybe the kid has been assaulted she obviously doesn’t give two shits..and is somewhat stupid in the head to the point she asks for syringes and goes directly to the bathroom then comes out all fucked up and asks where she can dispose of them? i’d say mommy isn’t playing with a full deck, and is just the kind of piece of shit that would do what i implied of course that’s my opinion…if she is shooting up in front of the kid then i’m sure she has buddies that bring her the dope and is probably allowing it around the kid and these other can you defend a piece of crap

  • kimbev69

    lol i just noticed “pinksugar420” lol funny

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    I’ve scene it from the other side of the fence.  $60 to $ 100 to $150 dollars a day habit from friends who constantly say “I don’t want to be sick” with withdraw.  It’s becomes a physical addition with no way out.  A ride to Hell it is.  I have never touched.  I will never touch it, but I have been offered it.  You also need to add in that nothing in your house is safe from being stolen or sold.  If you’re lucky, it’s pawned. 

    I had a GF that was an abuser.  I had roommates that were abuser.  I didn’t know how bad their addition was ’cause I would have never let them move in.  They worked 6 days a week selling froze meats door-to-door and never have a dime to their name and couldn’t make rent.  I have a friend named Sandy.  Her old BF was a user.  She let him into her home and he took her daughters MP3 player, video games, …  Sandy felt so bad and she tried to get the stuff back, but it ended up she giving him another $200 dollars so he could “un-pawn” the stuff.  Man, did he ever disappear with her money.  She never got her daughter’s stuff back.

    Again, all a Herion additict thinks about is “where is he or she going to get that next pill.”  And, Herion comes with a tolerance meaning it MUST take more to stay UN-SICK and TO GET HIGH is more expensive than you can believe.  And, you want to add lying into the equation?  Been there and done that, too!!

  • JohnQknowitall

    I thought about foster care and that can of worms. I would hope that a sane family member would step in temporarily and take care of the children while in she is in treatment.

    I think that practicing drug addicts and alcoholics are insane, unstable, and entirely in the strongest of ways not competent to be be the guardian of people who cannot care for themselves. They don’t respect themselves and I cannot believe that they would respect the needs of anyone who wasn’t supplying them with their substance of choice.

    Hell these people can’t even, except in very rare circumstance, get and then stay sober without help. People need people they can rely on EVEN in the best health in the prime of life. Cold as it may sound I don’t want a drug addict in my house, why would I think that putting children is a drug addicts house be okay?

  • kimbev69

    morphine and heroin are the same?

  • kimbev69

    what makes her a terrible person is shooting up in front of her 4 yr old..we aren’t talking about a toddler..even though the article says toddler..i remember vividly being 4…my stepdad passing the funny smelling cig to the people in the next car at the drive inn…kids are not stupid or blind…what do you think he or she says in school…mommy gives herself shots in the arms…or wherever..or is mommy telling the kid to lie..and keep it a secret…which is worse

  • Shelby Burns

     Heroin is about 1.5-2 times stronger than morphine, and the effects come on faster because its slightly different structure allows it to cross the blood-brain barrier faster.

  • JohnQknowitall

     My point is that she is really, and not in a flip soccer mom way, out of control with her drug addiction. This not good for the children, but she did not leave the child outside to risk being picked up by predators. I agree shooting up in front of a child is a terrible thing (they need a responsible guardian, BUT she is not a terrible person. She did the best she could under the circumstances and it simply wasn’t good enough. The kids need protection and she needs treatment. She is not a terrible person. She is sick and needs help.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    morphine and heroin are the same?


    morphine => is prescribed. It’s for medically necessary use. It’s God’s gift to pain.

    heroin => is driving thru East Baltimore yelling out the windows for ‘Girls.’ ‘Boys’ imply ‘Crack.”

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Don’t ever say to your BF. “Were on a DATE.” 
      That equates to Charlie Sheen’s working girl status to Baltimore’s fineness.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Hey, when your ask an addicted GF who wants “time alone.”

    Hey she’s haiing sex for her $drug$ supplier. 

    Wake up!  She’s love her sringe.  There’s no Disney ridefor this evil!  Yes, she solely love you, but her drug addiction

  • scud420

    weed is not a drug.

  • kimbev69

    Ooh i got morphine when i was preggers and having alot of pain and rushed to the hospital

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Hopefully, she learns from this.

    i mean.. .that happens, right? … Right, guys? …. Helllooooo?

  • Take her kid away until she gets herself clean.  If not, that child is fucked.

  • onlyme356

     I concur. Know of a dumb bitch that has a 15 year old which is now using drugs and prostituting herself for drugs. Learned from mom and I wouldn’t put it past her that her mom pimped her out at some point. When people are addicted, nothing else matters. NOTHING.

  • Chiniita

    In front of her daughter?? What a fuckwit. I remember walking to school once when I was 12-13 and I was walking through this park. I noticed a couple near the swing set and  when they saw me they tried to hide what they were doing. Their young daughter was near me and she said hi and I said hi back. She was bouncing along as I walked and was chatting away. And then she said my parents are shooting up. It wasn’t until I got to school and told a few friends that I realised what it meant. These kids are like fucking sponges and pick up EVERYTHING. The sad part is when she told me it was like it was normal to her, like she was telling me about what she ate for breakfast. 

  • onlyme356

     The thing is she’s not down for her kid. The bitch is down cause she won’t be getting her fix for a while.

  • onlyme356

     That’s pretty awful

  • onlyme356

     Mugshot was probably taken a couple of hours after the ordeal. She’s probably already feeling some anxiety over withdrawal. I doubt the shallow dumbshit is thinking of the kid. She wasn’t thinking about her when she was pumping that shit into her veins right in front of her. Let’s not give her too much credit.

  • onlyme356

     Giver her away and lose her section 8, food stamps and public aid? Yea, sure.

  • Spifftastic

    It’s not the same thing. They’re both in the same family of drugs (opiates) but they are definitely not the same.

  • What in the actual fuck did you just say?

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    My GF is 14 years younger and a stripper.  She is in Stage 4 of liver cirhous.  We break up daily.  My life suxs,  Truly don’t want or hope for tomorrow,

  • Cory

    Oh come on who hasn’t shot a little china white at Walgreen’s waiting for the city bus : )

  • LoKi4778

    I won’t even smoke cigarettes in front of my kids cuz I don’t want them to think that its a good idea.  I’ve been trying like hell to quit, but even if I don’t/won’t/can’t, they’ll never see it… nor would I ever leave them someplace to go smoke if there wasn’t someone there to watch them…

  • Sharnique Perkins

    I always wondered why drugies keep their drugy-things in Crown Royal bags…

  • Sharnique Perkins

    do ppl even still trade kids for drugs…are we in the 50’s???

  • Sharnique Perkins

    not to defend the piece of crap..but in her defense, intravenious drugs are the most addictive ones, with some of the worst withdrawal affects…so therefore it would probably have been very–no extremely difficult for her to “wait until she gets home”. Just saying, when you strung out on that shit it plays tricks with your mind, it makes you believe that nothing not even your own child is as important as taking that hit right then and there.

  • kimbev69

    Its sad to be there believe me i have or had a cousin deep in, i wish people would drop their kids elsewhere to do their shit though

  • pikeman

    Well, boo fucking hoo.

  • RydoLarsson

    Probly crying cause she lost her smack.

  • Guest

    This is way late, and perhaps no one will read it. But I was looking into this woman because she used to live with me and my husband, and I was curious what she’s been up to since last I saw her oh-so-many-years-ago.
    The good news is that she lost custody of her daughter, who now lives with her own father and is preparing to enter the 3rd grade. She gets good marks in school, is very intelligent and beautiful. As was her mother once upon a time. But Tiffany chose to use her intelligence and beauty to take advantage of people, and that is what led to her downfall. Luckily, the child was removed from her mother’s custody and will hopefully live a successful life.
    As for Tiffany, she was at that time very, very poor. She couldn’t hold a job for more than a couple of months because she couldn’t stop herself from stealing from her work, her coworkers, and even her customers. While pregnant, she prostituted herself for drugs. I caught her drinking alcohol several times during her pregnancy. The last straw was when my husband and I decided to search her room for evidence, and found a bag of some white powdered drug. That was when we kicked her out, even at 8 months pregnant. We had given her more than enough chances, and we weren’t going to have her late-term miscarry on our rug, or bring a crack baby into our home. We tried to get her medical help, but she refused. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. (By the way, that picture above is her fake-crying face).
    She moved in with the child’s father then, and went into premature labor because she took some illegally obtained prescription drugs which caused the placenta to detach from the uterine wall. The child was born an addict, but the hospital held for a couple of months until she was re-released into her mother’s custody. I would babysit the child from time-to-time over the following couple of years, until I went to pick up the child from her house and saw a paper plate with what I’m assuming was cocaine sitting on a low coffee table within the child’s reach. I called the police, but by then the drugs were gone and they said there was nothing they could do.
    Obviously, that was more than 5 years ago, and I don’t know what she’s been up to since then. She was once a nice lady, and I enjoyed her friendship for a time. I was hoping by now maybe she’s gotten herself clean and I could look her up and share in a new life with her.
    But with all the speculation below, I thought to answer some questions and clear the record.
    Drugs are a terrible thing, and they will lead even good people down a bad path.