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Lake Wales, FL — Christopher Whaley, 23, is in police custody after reportedly admitting to fatally stabbing his grandmother as she bathed Saturday evening.

The proverbial sh*t apparently hit the fan shortly after a verbal confrontation between Whaley, his grandmother, 69-year-old Barbara Denmark, and another relative as the family was preparing to return home from a mini-vacation in Daytona Beach.

“Chris is exceptionally angry because he’s been forced to come home and couldn’t stay with new best friends,” said Sheriff Grady Judd. “So angry that he decided to kill his grandma who he’d been living with for the last five years.”

Family members told police that Whaley lived with Denmark for the last five years because, due to his “mischievous” behavior, she was the only one that would take him in. Shocking.

Anyway, upon his return home, Whaley began plotting. He decided to off grandma first, then figured he’d head on over to the aunt’s house and kill her, too.

With a knife in each hand, Whaley allegedly entered his grandmother’s bathroom and proceeded to slash and stab, leaving the woman with nearly 25 stab wounds. He later told police Denmark’s last words were, “I love you.”

Those words, police say, took a bit of wind out of Whaley’s sails, and he changed his mind about killing his aunt — he opted to dial 911 instead.

“Come get me,” he muttered to the dispatcher before hanging up. When the operator called back, Whaley said, “You have two minutes to find me.”

Whaley was still at the home when police arrived, reportedly cradling his dead grandmother’s head.

“I can’t believe I did that sh*t,” he said, before admitting to stabbing the woman “more times than he could count.”

He’s been booked on charges of first-degree murder.

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  • EveryVillainIsLemons

     If he wanted to stay in the area, he could have gotten his own place and gotten a fucking JOB instead of continuing to leech off of his grandmother.

    That being said, can we PLEASE take this spoiled piece of shit out back and shoot him? 

  • This is sad. But what the hell editor? Why are you censoring the word SHIT? This website is dedicated to fucking peoples day’s up and posting stories of some of the most disgusting graphic nasty shit people have done and you are censoring profanity? Weird.

  • I believe it was a direct quote from the original story which was probably bleeped out, therefore it was transcribed in similar fashion.

  • TheMeaningOfItAll

    Bless her heart.  Even in the end, facing the worst kind of death, she still told him she loved him.  May he hear those words inside his head every day, all day while he sits and rots in jail.

  • Zazen

    Gooood job retard. You just killed prolly the only one who would have bothered visiting your worthless ass in jail.

  • Ken Park style…

  • curiousalways

    yikes!  he saw his Grandmother naked??!!! 

    but in all seriousness,  what an idiot, how sad to kill the one person who loved you…..

  • LeaveMeBe

    Kill them with kindness. I’ve heard that my whole life. It’s so sad to me that this grandmother was killed because of her kindness and love for her grandson, love that she even felt as he stabbed her to death. I feel sick and am on the verge of tears.

  • sugarpie

    Jeez man, at least give a better reason for killing someone.  What the hell.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “… angry because he’s been forced to come home and couldn’t stay with new best friends,”

    I hope he’ll be happy now because he’ll be spending plenty of time with his new best friends.  I’m guessing fifty to sixty years.

  • Gee

     After reading the article that is what you are focused on (Sh*t)?  If you go back and read the other articles you will note the writers do not usually use profanity in the the actual write up.  While the story is FUCKED up I think they try to keep it classy in the article.  JMHO   :o)~

  • pikeman

     Well, if your going to take out grandma, you as might as well take out the aunt too.

    What an ungrateful little leeching scumbag. Well, hopefully he finds maximum security prison to be more suitable and less confining than his grandmas and her rules. Perhaps a cell with Big Bubba and his rules won’t be too confining.

  • Athena

    Well, not entirely classless, anyway. 😛

    As Morbid discussed during a recent podcast, while profanity is not explicitly banned in write-ups, the writers generally find it unnecessary. 

  • Tundratot

    He went from his parents’ home at 18.  I’m thinking they rightly threw his ass out as soon as he reached his majority.  So he goes and lives with grandma.  Nice meal ticket.  He’s acting like a child for another five years beyond reaching legal age to vote, drive, drink . . . and like a child he gets all pouty and vengeful when his fun time comes to an end because the grownups have to get back to work.  His delayed entry into adulthood is in jeopardy.  Sure, he may never have to pay his own way or determine his own schedule, but he’s not going to be favored by his new daddy (the warden is to whom I refer) , there will be no cossetting by his mommy (as she doesn’t exist in the prison scenario), and all his new siblings are going to be kick butt bullies, a few of whom will be incestuous on top of everything else.  And, I’m thinking he won’t have unlimited access to acne treatment and cheetos.

  • Califboy

     Make a organ donor out of his worthless ass.

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    With a knife in each hand, Whaley allegedly entered his grandmother’s
    bathroom and proceeded to slash and stab, leaving the woman with nearly
    25 stab wounds.

    “I can’t believe I did that sh*t,” he said, before admitting to stabbing the woman “more times than he could count.”

    Well yeah, unless he’s a polydactyl, that’s twenty fingers and toes, tops.

  • Just in case your response was directed toward me, I wasn’t the one having a problem with the word shit being bleeped out.

  • Shelby Burns

    There’s a special place in hell for people who kill their grandmothers. No wonder the rest of his family wanted nothing to do with him. What a spoiled little asshat!!

  • Gee

     No Vicki… My mistake on the reply button.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Well, his Aunt certainly isn’t going to want him. Thank god I equipped my nephew while a Manchurian Style Kill Switch.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Well I guess his new “friends” in prison will welcome him quickly. Guess a place to live is no longer a problem especially since his special friends will be there too for him to enjoy their “company.”

  • JGo555

    “…because he couldn’t stay with his new best friends…”

    YOU ARE FUCKING 23 YEARS OLD. GET A FUCKING PLACE ON YOUR OWN, STOP MOOCHING OF GRANDMA (wait, you have just stopped mooching on your grandma, but you did it WRONG) & GET A FUCKING JOB!

  • JGo555

    Sarcasm & wittyness are used instead of sarcasm & work better and are more funny than a swear word.

  • ‘k, just checking. 😉

  • osteenq

    Fucking douchebag.

  • Texas Ranger

    You need to be careful while handling a loaded reply button Gee, you know better…

  • Texas Ranger

    Yeah he did it wrong, I don’t think he should still be holding out for a managerial position considering his decision making skills.

  • Lena60

    Spoiled psycho boy.Too often grandmas and grandpas take in their dead beat grandchildren, who were never worth a shit to begin with.

  • Dillon_Lewandowski

    Hope he never gets out of jail.

  • Gee

     I know silly me :o)~

  • whisperswing

    Grandmas pic released 

  • kimbev69

    And only then did he realize all that she was how sad

  • Omalley

    Granny in the bath…good lord, that’s a bit PSYCHO, isn’t it?

    Seems wasteful to keep that piece of shit alive.

  • I think that must be awful for that woman to die that way and still find it in herself to quite literally  “forgive” him in the act of him killing her, by  telling him she loved him….
    Oh poor  guy 23 years old, nothing going for his ass, and they take him to Daytona Beach, and love him and care for him, and this is how he repays them.

  • onlyme356

    Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled, spoiled, spoiled, spoiled, spoiled and rotten to the bone. That’s what happens to kids when it’s all love and no backhand.

  • onlyme356

    I remember watching this show about abused women and there was one case where the woman’s abusive husband was at it again and she was certain she was going to die, he had already dragged her out of the bath by the hair, bashed her head against the tub really bad and dragged her to their basement to beat the life out of her. She was so weak, but she started telling him she loved him so much and that she deserved it because she was worthless. In the interview, she mentioned that she said this to survive because she knew it was the only thing to calm him down. The beating subsided, but she was dying. Somehow he fell asleep because he was drunk and that’s when she crawled to escape. I’m wondering if the grandmother had the same idea or at least knew it would “calm” him which somehow kept the aunt alive.

  • i was friends with him in high school. good friends. We lost contact after he left and i graduated. We were supost to meet once, but i couldn’t make the trip. Looking back on it now. i’m  glad I didn’t.

  • NCBrian

    She probably hated his spoiled disgusting ass but knew this would be the best way to torture him forever…

    not really, she was probably just a good person who didn’t deserve this horrible end.
    i tried to make a funny, now i’m sad