Woman Killed Thanksgiving Guest Because He Would Not Share His CrackMan Caught In Sex Act With Child on Disneyland Ride Sentenced To 31 YearsTeen Stabbed 80 Times Then Set On Fire By Man She Met On FacebookChinese Factory Scalped After Her Hair Gets Caught In MachineryGun Range Employee Cleaning Rifle Accidentally Shot And Killed CustomerWife Charged With Murdering Husband, Living With Dismembered Remains For MonthsGirl, 10, Committed Suicide After Fight Video Was Posted OnlineMan Admits To Having Sex With Dead Girlfriend In Attempt To Wake Her UpMan Accused Of Putting His Infant Inside Microwave Then Turning It OnWoman Died After Getting Her Head Stuck In Fence Outside Chicago Bank

Macon, GA – Lulu Campbell, 57, a Sumo wrestler grandmother who owns several convenience stores in the Macon area fended off two would-be thieves at 2 AM Saturday night.  Campbell had just dropped off her 15-year-old grandson at her daughter’s house.  After he was safely inside the house, she began rummaging through her pocketbook, looking for her cell phone, when two men approached her truck and demanded she open the door and give them her money.  She responded, “Baby, you’re going to kill me anyway, so I don’t have to open it!”

That’s when Brenton Lance Spencer, 32, allegedly opened fire, just missing Campbell’s chest.  Campbell, who claims to always have one of her many licensed firearms with her, fired back with a .38 caliber revolver, striking Spencer in the abdomen.  Campbell then spotted the second suspect, Dantre Horatio Shivers, 30, who also reportedly fired at her, prompting more return shots.  Shivers fled the scene with no extra holes in his body.  Our new favorite kick-ass grandmother was not hit either.

Campbell, who suspects the men were customers who had followed her from one of her places of business, was able to drive away and call 911 from her bullet-riddled Toyota Tundra.

Spencer, who has been charged with aggravated assault and attempted armed robbery, is recovering in the hospital under 24-hour guard, and will be ushered to jail once he recovers.  Campbell says she’s glad she did not kill him.  She lost a son to natural causes a week ago and does not wish to put another mother through that type of anguish.  Shivers is still at large.

Teen Charged With Beating, Raping Elderly Nun

Spencer probably can’t wait to get to the jail so he can tell all his buddies that Jabba the Hut shot him.  Now, that wasn’t nice at all, Pete.

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  • Califboy

    Send her a free membership too Official NRA- http://membership.nrahq.org/ she is a model citizen !

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    “Campbell, who claims to always have one of her many licensed firearms with her, fired back with a .38 caliber revolver, striking Spencer in the abdomen.”

    Should’ve aimed just a bit lower, could’ve “arrested” some future felons before they ever left home.

  • Abroad

    “Campbell says she’s glad she did not kill him.  She lost a son to
    natural causes a week ago and does not wish to put another mother
    through that type of anguish.”

    What a thoroughly nice woman. After what those hoodlums put her through.

  • blubberdong

    Whenever this candy-coated granny wants to go into battle, I’ll be behind her every step of the way.

  • Grandma rocks!!

    “She lost a son to natural causes a week ago and does not wish to put another mother through that type of anguish.” <== She sounds like a good woman.

  • I read this story on Fox News, and I love it.  It truly warms my heart!  Good shooting Granny.  You go girl!

  • JohnQknowitall

    I am not a fan of guns at all, but when there is a success story like this one I cheer.

    This is an unusual situation and most people with never have real need of a gun.

  • Califboy

     ” I’ll be behind her every step of the way.”
    A lot safer behind dead eye then in front of her for sure.

  • Califboy

     I have a real need for my guns everyday, they protect me and my family. When we are in our home I know for sure that we are safe from any unwelcomed intruder.

  • GGMon

    I wonder how these two would bode in prison. “What you in for son?” “I got shot by an old lady trying to rob her.” “Nah you done fucked up now, BEND OVER.”

    btw, feels nice to be back after a depressing episode.

  • midniteshadows

    Glad you are doing better!!!  Depression just bites hot doorknobs!!!

  • 62julietandvoid

    I can understand poking fun at some asshat….. but granny?!

  • JohnQknowitall

    Is your neighborhood that bad?

  • blubberdong

    Your rose-colored glasses might actually be blinders.

  • wyrosjr

    If the average person defended themselves and their property as well as this woman, crime would likely be much lower.

  • blubberdong

    That’s the idea. Plus I can reload for her and reassure her that her butt looks slimmer in camouflage.

  • No one is safe.

  • midniteshadows

    Way to go Lulu!!!  BTW – I would have gladly loaned her my woodchipper.  Just saying…..

  • Wolf_of_Mars

     My acreage abuts a National Forest, I don’t hunt, what few neighbors we have are great folks.
     I have several weapons just because of the kind of human flotsam that is highlighted on this site.  Sapient garbage will travel where it will in order to inflict damage upon others.
     I refuse to be a sitting duck, and I hope I never will have the need to use one of these guns.  But if I have to, they’ll be at my hand.

  • Man not only was this a story about two criminals – it was also a story about two really awful shooters.I give Lulu props for  at least hitting one of the marks.See what I did here ? I didn’t slam the victim for being … big … even though Satan was tempting me to make a couple jokes.I’m so proud of myself.Damn this temptation – it’s still there … let me get off this site now before I weaken.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I was thinking the same thing. She sounds very sweet. 

  • Chinchillazilla

    I know! I got to that line and just went “Awww!” out loud. That’s a really nice attitude.

    I would most likely have been like “God DAMN it I wish I’d killed those guys!”

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Nah, I don’t mind guns and frequently hit the range, but I still wouldn’t want one in my house. For me it’s just too dangerous. If I kept a firearm in the house I would keep it locked away and I doubt a criminal is going to hold up while I get it out and load it. I keep mace by my bedside.
    Remember guys, she had a loaded gun in the car with her 15-year-old nephew. If he had shot himself like kids are want to do I think everyone would be calling her an idiot. 
    I’m not condemning her in anyway, but hindsight is always 20/20. 

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Most women can be pleasured by battery operated devices. 
    Lulu, on the other hander, preferred the more environmentally safe .38 caliber projected shell.  It’s cheaper, safer in a landfill, and harder for anyone to know when she’s reach a climax due to the gunshot.  Sometimes when she’s really lucky, she’ll hit a duck flying over.  On that note, I’ll suggest that you duck when she’s climaxing or it will be over … for you.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    She probably has to carry a gun at all times because there are thugs who will attack anyone with anything remotely nice because they’re dissatisfied with what they have, but they are too lazy to work for what they want.

  • Califboy

     No but Cali is.

  • Califboy

     Maybe put a couple of clips in her asscrack for quick loading.

  • Califboy

     I can see her standing over a couple of dead guys going,
    “Sorry for shooting you fellas, whats your momma’s phone number, I’ll call her for you”

  • Athena

    It’s not necessarily about living in a bad neighborhood.  I live in a mostly up-scale neighborhood, and my husband and I are interested in owning guns (although we do not have one currently, we are making plans to buy several).  Why?  For the same reason we have earthquake kits and the like.  It’s better to have one but not need it than need it but not have one.  And, yes, we have a small child, but millions of Americans have safely raised children in houses with guns for generations.

    I’ve encountered enough situations during which I wished I had access to a gun that I no longer consider it an unreasonable safety measure.

  • Texas Ranger

    After checking the mug shots….She must a missed them because it was after dark…….I know, I know, I’ll go sit in the corner now.

  • Texas Ranger

    I know, think what she woulda done if they had pissed her off.

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    Give in to sin!

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  • Texas Ranger

    Think “Urban Camoflauge”

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    Never seen that particular design – is that like, crumbling bricks and McDonalds wrappers?

  • Texas Ranger

    yeah…but really dark colored.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Hell yeah! The good guys win one! 

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Hell yeah! The good guys win one! 

  • JohnQknowitall

    How does western Europe and Japan maintain such a low crime rate and the gun control laws there make our look very weak?

  • JohnQknowitall

    Rose colored glasses? I think not. Living in irrational fear is just sad.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Actually is was her grandson, but I do agree with you for the most part.

    From the Brady Campaign

    Unintentional ShootingsClick on arrow to learn more!

    PROBLEM: Easy access to firearms leads to unintentional shootings in every age group in the U.S.DID YOU KNOW? States with high household gun ownership have more unintentional shooting deaths than states with low household gun ownership. The mortality rate from accidental shootings is 8 times higher in the four states with the most guns compared to the four states with the fewest guns (Miller, 2001, p. 481).

    For kids ages 5 to 14, the mortality rate is 14 times higher in high gun states than low gun states (Miller, 2001, p. 481).

    For kids ages 0 to 4, the mortality rate is 17 times higher in high gun states than low gun states (Miller, 2001, p. 481).

    For every age group, where there are more guns there are more accidental deaths (Miller, 2001, p. 483).

    For adults, keeping a gun in the home quadruples the risk of dying of an accidental gunshot wound (Wiebe, 2003).

    In 2007, 613 people died from an unintentional shooting. To see a breakdown of unintentional firearm deaths by age, click here.

    In 2009,18,610 people were wounded in an unintentional shooting but survived (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC).DID YOU KNOW? A third of homes contain guns, many of them readily accessible. Thirty-three percent of U.S. households contain a gun (Pew, 2009), and half of gun-owning households don’t lock up their guns, including 40 percent of households with kids under age 18 (Johnson, p. 175).
    Both firearm prevalence and questionable storage practices (i.e. storing firearms loaded and unlocked) are associated with higher rates of unintentional firearm deaths (Miller, 2005, p. 665).

    A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used in a completed or attempted suicide (11x), criminal assault or homicide (7x), or unintentional shooting death or injury (4x) than to be used in a self-defense shooting (Kellermann, p. 263).Most unintentional shooting deaths occur in the home (65 percent), based on data from 16 states.  The most common context of the death (30 percent) was playing with the gun (Karch, 2010).
    In almost half of unintentional shooting deaths (49 percent), the victim is shot by another person. In virtually all of these cases, the shooter and victim knew each other (Hemenway, p. 1184).DID YOU KNOW? Unintentional shootings are a problem among children, teens, and young adults.For 5 to 14 year olds, the U.S. unintentional firearm death rate is eleven times higher than the combined rates of 22 other high-income developed countries (Richardson, p. 4).

    In 2007, 138 children and teens ages 0-19 were killed in an unintentional shooting (NCIPC).

    In 2008, 3,997 children and teens ages 0-19 were treated in an emergency room for an unintentional gunshot wound (NCIPC).SOLUTION: We make it too easy for dangerous people to obtain dangerous weapons. There are only a few gun control laws on the books, and even those have loopholes. We should make it harder for convicted felons, the dangerously mentally ill, and youth to get the guns in the first place. We can do this by passing effective laws that make sense. SourcesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention. “Rates of Homicide, Suicide and Firearm-related Death Among Children – 26 Industrialized Countries.” Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report, 46(5)(02/07/97):101-105

    Hemenway, David, et al, “Unintentional Firearm Deaths: A Comparison of Other-Inflicted and Self-Inflicted Shootings,” Accident Analysis and Prevention 42(2010): 1184-1188

    Johnson, Renee, Tamera Coyne-Beasley, Carol Runyan, “Firearm Ownership and Storage Practices, U.S. Households, 1992–2002: A Systematic Review,” American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 27:2 (2007): 173-182Karch, Debra; Dahlberg, Linda; Patel, Nimesh, “Surveillance for Violent Deaths – National Violent Death Reporting System, 16 States, 2007,” MMWR, 59(SS-4) May 14, 2010: 1-50Kellermann, A. L., “Injuries and Deaths due to Firearms in the Home,” Journal of Trauma, 45:2 (1998):263-67Miller, Matthew; Deborah Azrael, David Hemenway, Mary Vriniotis, “Firearm Storage Practices and Rates of Unintentional Firearm Deaths in the United States,” Accident Analysis and Prevention, 37 (2005):661-67Miller, Matthew; Deborah Azrael, David Hemenway, “Firearm Availability and Unintentional Firearm Deaths.” Accident Analysis and Prevention, 33(2001): 477-84National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (2007 (deaths) and 2008 (injuries), http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/wisqars/. Calculations by Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, 2009. Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 2009 Values Survey, Final Topline, Question e.F2, April 2009, accessed 6/29/2009 at http://people-press.org/reports/questionnaires/513.pd. The number of guns in the home is estimated via telephone survey research. The U. S. does not register guns, so it is not possible to count them.Richardson, Erin G., and David Hemenway, “Homicide, Suicide, and Unintentional Firearm Fatality: Comparing the United States With Other High-Income Countries, 2003,” Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection, and Critical Care, published online ahead of print, June 2010Wiebe, DJ, “Firearms in U.S. Homes as a Risk Factor for Unintentional Gunshot Fatality,” Accident Analysis and Prevention 35(2003)711-716

  • Wow, aggravated assault for trying to murder a grandmother? They must be hoodie-wearers.

  • JGo555

    Than you for saving us the admonishment, @petepuma:disqus 

  • JGo555

    WB! Get some refreshments & sit down, what the fuckers roll in!

  • princessgrandma

    If she didn’t carry a weapon all the time before, she probably does NOW.  There are creeps and thugs out there who think like “ok, here’s this big bad-ass grandma.  Let’s see what she’s got.” and she could possibly be victimized over and over again that way.

    She’s got my vote for Granny of the Year.  I prefer a .357 myself.

  • I’m always beating people to the punch when it doesn’t really count.

  • blubberdong

    You must have The Utopian Times delivered to you every morning by a knight on a white steed framed in a blanket of rainbows. That newspaper probably has nothing but stories about caring and kindness.

    In the real world, there is crime and guns and they will never go away. There is nothing “irrational” about not wanting to be a victim. I’d much rather have a weapon and not need it than need one and not have it. But hey, you take care big fella and let’s talk religion sometime soon.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Utopia is a very misused term. Utopia is far from a perfect society. Read the work.

    At this very moment there are 7,009,379,175 people in the world and 313,429,607 people in the United States according to the United States government. How many people over their lives actually deal with a threatening situation with other human?

    I think not many.

  • midniteshadows

    Not to be a snot, but seriously?  That’s like comparing apples to toads.  The Japanese have centuries of customs and traditions they abide by.  The Japanese mind just can’t fathom someone stealing from grandma.  It’s disgraceful and dishonorable.  Remember, if a Japanese disgraces or dishonors the family and ancestors the only redemption is to commit – per American terminology – hari kari.  The Japanese mindset is so different from alot of races.  Ever notice how most Japanese women put their hand over their mouth when laughing or smiling?  It’s impolite if you don’t and “God” forbid if you offend someone.  Same as they never look you straight in the eye.  Why?  Because it shows defiance and disrespect.  Yes, they do have undesirables and they are dealt with swiftly – their butts in jail.  They are then a “non – person” to their family.  They do not exist and their name is never mentioned again.  

    Then, there is the whole different world of the Yakusa/Yakuza and those from Samurai lineage…..    

  • onlyme356

    Love this story! Hell yea, GO GRANDMA!!

  • midniteshadows

    Oh John, you just did not go there.  You do read the stories here on DD – right?  

    “How many people over their lives actually deal with a threatening situation with other human?
    I think not many.”
    I really would like to live in the world you live in.  Random acts of violence does occur.  
    So, over MY life time so far:  Age 7, brother age 4, beaten by 3 men underneath the stairs of our apartment building.  Just for kicks.  Age 10, out fishing with mother’s sperm donor when out of the blue 5 drunk men decide that they want to fight.  Thank God sperm donor had a gun.  Age 19, attempted arson and murder of my family by gang members in Flagstaff Arizona.  Case unsolved.
    Let’s see…. Oh!  Age 22, neighbor’s house being robbed at 3am.  Guns drawn.  Mom’s sperm donor, a brother and I were shot at because we witnessed the robbery and called 911.  Gunfire returned – robbers fled the scene.
    Age 25, working at a locked facility for juveniles with mental health issues.  At night, drive by shootings – got the bullets to prove it.  Riot on the unit – 16 y/o gang banger knows kill points.  Oh for joy.
    Husband knifed at work with a shiv by a mentally ill person just released from jail.  She wasn’t a happy camper that day.
    Age 30 with a 2 y/o baby at home.  2 men beating on the security door asking for help.  Wanted to hide in my house because some men were chasing them.  Started to dial 911 when they began beating and kicking the door to get in.  A 9mm locked and loaded point at their faces made them high tail it out of there.  Unfortunately, 3 elderly families on the block didn’t fair so well.  All 3 couples were beaten and robbed.  One of the husband’s was beaten so badly he spent 2 weeks in intensive care.  The following year, the husband died from complications of the beatings.  His wife died 2 years later.
    A few years back, dead of winter, around 12:30 am, hubby and son asleep, I heard someone fooling with the door handle in the kitchen.  Turn on the lights and go investigate.  Just as I reach the door, this guy manages to push the door open.  I scream, hubby comes running out with his Sig 40 cal. and yells at the guy that he’s a dead MF’er.  Turns out it was a guy we had met a while back, and that his grandmother used to live in the house we are renting.  The guy was drunker than a skunk and wanted to crash at grandma’s house.
    Not all the incidents happened in a bad neighborhood or bad part of town.  Nor was I or anyone else looking for trouble.  They were all random acts of violence.  It happens more than you  think or want to believe.    

  • midniteshadows

    I’ll bring chocolate!!!

  • JohnQknowitall

    My experience with Japanese friends in and out of Japan is that they are much different than several decades ago. No woman, maybe older, walks behind her husband, public display of affections is acceptable, etc. They very westernized and much different than the stereotypical old traditions. If you made the Japanese caucasian and put the island off the western coast of Europe, there would be few cultural differences over all and they would blend very well with western citizens. They, like us, have the death penalty. I don’t think hari kari is considered noble and the family is still important… just not as important.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I live in the middle of a major metropolitan city and I was mugged once and have been crime free ever since. I take walks at 3 and 4 am some nights and nothing.

    BTW the number of crimes listed here on this site is not even a drop of the world population.

    Man if I were you I would lock my steal door and never ever leave the house.

  • PhantasmaGora

    What was Jabba the Hutts wife’s name again?

  • blubberdong

    Utopia=a bad rock band featuring the bad guitar playing of Todd Rundgren and also defines the vision of a perfect society, that’s all I need to know.  I don’t have time to read the whole thing, I have guns to clean and load. 

    I rarely see you give in to a debate and you certainly live by your moniker.  But there are those that visit here seeking truth rather than ignorance, and I urge those conscientious vagabonds to understand that ignoring it won’t make it go away.

    *stumbles awkwardly off soapbox, regains balance and dignity, limps to liquor cabinet*

  • JohnQknowitall

    I “liked” your post because it was funny. 

    In my line of work you have to win even to the death. Good habit? Bad habit? Judgement calls, but sometimes I would hate to be on the other side of the table from me.

  •  It wouldn’t be Pete otherwise.

  • sugarpie

    Well now, these asshats learned a valuable lesson here.  This woman owns her own chain of stores and hasn’t been as successful as she is by being stupid.  They thought she was an easy target because of her age and gender.  They would have been better off to pick on the spindly pimple face type.  Way to put it to ’em Granny!


    Thats why the police no longer say “cooperate, give them what they want” More and more people are of the mind “oh, a gun pointed at me, do or die right here, right now. I for one will never go anywhere with these fuckers, better kill me on the street.


    Police used to tell us go along with them, cooperate, bullshit, best to have the mindset OK you wanna kill me, lets do it right here, right now, fight back while screaming your bloody lungs out… adrenalin is a powerful thing.

  • Califboy

     After the Tsunami I saw a documentary where something like 64000 safes were accounted and returned to the rightful owner. You never saw looting and crazy shit like in New Orleans.

  • Ohhhh, she’d have been a force to reckon with then I’m sure!

  • JohnQknowitall

    The same thing happened to the National History Museum in Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Western reporters screamed the relics of the oldest recorded civilization were stolen. No. They were protected until the commotion settled down. Most people are good: believe it or not.

    Are we a nation of thieves and murderers?

  • Abroad

    There is plenty of punch for all of us, Pete. 😛

  • ultracreep

    I feel that way too. I’d rather take my chances of being gunned down in public with witnesses  than taken somewhere and have God knows what done to me before I’m killed and there being a chance of them never getting caught and my body never being found.

  • Lena60

    Christ sakes! you got more then your fair share. How horrible.

  • Lena60

    Yup, I think the same way.

  • Yeah I have taught my daughter to NEVER let them get you to that second location…If they are snatching you there, they are going to have to fight there….It’s that “second location” where they have unpleasant plans for you.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Me too and this is what I have taught my daughter and her friends.

  • RoseJean Easthouse

    She is a great woman!! We were all devistated with the passing of her son. Good for her for standing up for herself!!

  • TheAlphaSoup


  • RydoLarsson

    Fat dog mendoza

  • Wish all people felt this way. I think there would be a lot less crime, because so much of criminal activity happens because people often don’t resist at all thinking that there is a chance they’ll escape anything worse. although you perfectly pointed out why this is a false assumption. Its usually only once the criminal realizes you are afraid or won’t resist that they move forward with the crime. I have fought back with two attackers in two different situations and I can safely say, though I was badly shaken, I did not feel like a victim. If you risk being dead either way, its always better to have a witness than none at all. Even if that’s to hear your loudest, last scream. Without these things being witnessed, the chances of finding a killer drops precipitously. It was luck in both of my cases, but sometimes even that isn’t enough.

  • Real Broker

    You’re right bro. After dark it’s twice as hard to hit’em, even when they’re standing within arms length. Lulu is a gutsy Grandma. Love this MAMA!

  • Real Broker

    Why aren’t these two idiots charged with attempted murder with a deadly weapon in the commisssion of attempted felony robbery? What’s the DA and PA of Macon, GA doing?