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Denver, CO — A 30-year-old Yale-educated researcher hung himself in his cell after being arrested in March for soliciting sex with children.

An undercover agent targeted Yaron Segal due to his frequent appearance in chat rooms featuring terms like “childslavesex” and “ChildRapeTortureBrutality.” According to an arrest affidavit, investigators traced his handle “ruthlessmale” to New Haven, Connecticut, then to Cambridge, and then to Segal.

The undercover agent then engaged Segal, posed as a mother with two young girls, ages 12 and 16-years-old. Segal divulged his eagerness to have sex with the mother and children and was even willing to travel all the way to Colorado to meet them.

Segal became more and more outspoken, making phone calls and sending the “mother” links to online sex toy businesses. He expressed his craving to use a dildo on the twelve year old and sent emails with photos of vibrators he had purchased with the caption, “Those are some big c*cks.”

Segal,  a postdoctoral assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, would never get to use any of those items on the children as on March 28, after flying to Grand Junction to meet the woman, he was taken into custody by Homeland Security at the Grand Junction airport.

He was being held on bond at at the Federland Correctional Institution Englewood until his hearing on April 3, but after three days in custody Segal hung himself in his cell. His death is currently under investigation.

Segal’s  Facebook page has been disabled but allegedly contained photos of Madonna with a naked man in the background.

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  • sugarpie

    Why investigate – he’s right where he should be.  If we could only get the rest of the nasty fucks to do the same.

  • kniption

    That maybe should read “…Madonna with a naked and smiling man in the background.”

  • JoeyBux

    I guess that means “I’m guilty”, huh? At least there will be no long drawn out trial, no state paid for life behind bars. And no more kids having to be afraid of him! Can’t the child molesters all just see the light & take themselves out? Last act of pride & self-service!

  • aka jas

    Well played pedo, well played.

  • He saved a lot of tax money to pay for his sorry ass.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I will never get these super smart people who put everything on the line to do something illegal. Especially, since there are still places in this world where you can satisfy your particular perversions and no one ever says boo. There are many places where money speaks louder than what’s right and wrong. 

  • DHS investigates open and shut cases because they have to keep the self-important bureaucrats busy. 

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    I hope that he paid all of his student loans.

  • Texas Ranger

    What frickin scares the bejeezus outta me is that there must be a fair amount of mom’s in chat rooms willing to pedo-out themselves and their children. If a smart? guy like this would be that taken in by the whole thing, he must have A) Done it before B) Been told it happens alot. Again, that scare the hell outta me. Disgusting all the way around.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “super smart people who put everything on the line to do something illegal”

    At least he didn’t claim to being doing research or writing a book on the subject as a means out.

  • Ewww..he looks like a perv.  I mean he looked…

  • You’re not the only one it scares.  I have a 14 yr. old son, and I’m constantly keeping tabs on him while he’s online.  It’s a scary world.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Video of  Yaron Segal’s  arrest was unreleased by the police.
    Officer Smith: “Prisoner 666666666, you have one prison issued shirt, one prison issued pair of pants, one prison issued pair of flip flops, one prison issued 32” long leather belt,  one prison issued pair of 48” shoe strings, one prison issued bed sheet pre cut so that it converts into thin long hang able strips, one prison issued 36” very strong electric cord in case you ever get a TV, one prison issued power mower pull cable for doing prison yard work, and one prison issued ball of heavy duty twine to weave prison nets.”

  • kimbev69

    What gets me is these pedos think nothing is wrong with what they do to children and that they like it, then why on earth are the chat room names violent in nature? Childsexslave? Things like this?

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    Okay, so much for DFH Theory.

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    Well, shouldn’t they verify that it was by his own hand, and not some other inmate? I’d hate for someone else to get cheated out of well-earned time off for good behavior, just because they made it look good.

  • reapre

    “At least there will be no long drawn out trial”

    I wish I could agree. “Too Catch a Predator” went off the air because one of the guys committed suicide, and his sister sued MSNBC, and they settled out of court for $105mil. I know the sister was claiming entrapment, and worsening the situation on MSNBC’s part for “viewer ratings”.

    Just hope the local LE doesn’t receive and/or lose a lawsuit because of entrapment.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I will probably get flack for this, but suicide, murder, and execution are never justifiable.

    What he did was terrible and he should have been removed from society as prescribed by law. I am glad no children or adults were injured. We are nation that punishes people for what they have done and not what they may do. He broke the law and this was being followed until the suicide.

  • The nerve of that sister. Never mind the fact that her brother is a sick freak that is better off dead, she can sue and make a million in court for defending his pedder ass!

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    No, I say! What this clearly calls for is a thorough scientific investigation. I hope my nephew asks for help with his science fair project.

    For science!

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I agree with you. 

  • Zazen

    Actually, his goatee crawled up his face and is masquerading as his eyebrows.

  • Lena60

    Such a shame*wipes away crocodile tear*.

  • Andy P

    Reapre – I thought it went off the air because his wife had the National Enquirer set up hidden cameras and caught him cheating on her.  But even if it wasn’t why I have to say…..    DERRRRP!!

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    Ironically, he conforms to the D’D general rule of Smiling Photograph = Deceased Person.

    If only more of the bastards smirking in their mugshots would play along…

  • It went off before his wife set him up.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I guess having an Ivy-League education does not preclude one from being a creepy bastard who would rather end his life than  risk being convicted for wanting to have sex with underage girls and their mother.

  • Andy P

    A million Rebekah?  Try 105 million!

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I didn’t know that, so I’m going to pretend he was stepping out with a 12-year-old. It’s much better that way.

  • I’m not surprised that penguin face was looking for some fresh fish

  • Sam

    Oh right. So fantasizing about brutaly raping a twelve and 16 yo, fine.
    Going shopping for dildo’s that will probably tear the young girl to
    pieces, no problem. Talking a mum into basically prostituting her kids,
    and the guy sleeps like a baby afterwards. But oh no, getting caught
    and having to deal with the reality of the whole world knowing that you
    like little girls – THAT’s when he gets a conscience all of a sudden???
    THAT’s when he can’t live with himself anymore?? Selfish sadistic sick
    pervert. I’m glad he’s dead. He should have done it when he first
    started planning screwing up a child’s life by raping her.

  • Califboy

     Were the tears from laughing too hard???

  • Califboy

     Disagree with ya on this one, this was 100% justifiable and glad he saved the tax payers $$$.

  • One less pedo in the world. Kind of makes my morning.

  • All that brain capacity and intellect.. yet so dumb and depraved..

  • Wow. His handle was ‘ruthlessmale?’ You see internet name like that and its like seeing giant jacked-up pickup with 8″ lift and 36″ mudders but always shiny-clean: The owner must have the tiniest insecure dick. 

    I don’t think the clown was a pederass either, but so inexperienced and insecure he had no confidence at all with anyone beyond children. Either way, he was psychologically broken.

    At least the Ivy League burnishing taught him when to flip his own light-switch off. Wonder what his post-doc was in?

  • megaflytron

    This MUST be part of that whole Harvard v Yale thing…

    fucking Ivy leaguers.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     Ah damn!!!

  • JGo555

    No one that isn’t guilty would hang themselves unless there was a psychological problem with them.

    So thank you for speeding up the process & saving society some money.

  • Shelby Burns

    I hope they shut those chat rooms down. How is that stuff allowed to exist? Do they let it go if there are no images? Andseriously, how are you gonna hang out in a chatroom called something like childrapetorture and NOT think you’re gonna get caught??  That’s like those people who google “How to kill your roommate” then “How to kill my roommate” then “Where to hide a body in [insert hometown]” Sick and dumb and stupid and evil.

  • Good point. Such Grandma-on-the-intergoogle naivete is strange in this day and age – from an MIT post-doc no less. You’d think he’d know a guy who knew a guy to tell him about internet history, IP traces, that kind of thing – shit the Demon-masters around here know well enough. Duh and derp and all that. 

    Genius was maybe not-so-genius. I’ve met the type, good at jumping through school’s collective hoops but not good at actual thinking. Given his sexual ambitions, all I can say is thank God.

  • pikeman

    Hopefully the guards gave him extra bedsheets to make sure the job is done right. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • ChildRapeTortureBully?!? Oooohhhh my legs are all wobbly i am going to pass out now.

  • Yeah I have to go with Califboy on this one, he saved money, space, and trouble…It was a decision he made himself. Which in some ways suck because he wasn’t really punished for what he did, he took a cowards way out. Which is also fitting for him because he was a coward of sorts anyway. Imagine if he had not been caught and was allowed to continue prowling online, and then inevitably in the real world..

  • LeaveMeBe

    Too many times super smart leaves no room for common sense.

  • LeaveMeBe

    This is freakin’ funnnneeeeee!

    But let’s not go down the whole ‘facial hair theory’ route again.

  • wyrosjr

    I’ve been around a lot of genius level people and from my observations, learned that super intelligence doesn’t equal knowledge or wisdom. It just equates to how fast they can learn things.

  • wyrosjr

    You can shut things down left and right forever but man will always find a way to manifest the thoughts of his mind.

  • Abroad

    “Ruthlessmale” as a handle, too. I’d like to see him argue that the children wanted it…….. No wait, he didn’t. He appears to have realised that he was what he called himself in the end.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    My sister always asks me how I can be so smart and so stupid sometimes. So I guess I can see it, but I’m usually absent minded about things like my address, people’s names, and trivial things like that. Now one of the boyfriends is genius smart and I had to work with him on simple things like checkbooks and such. How can the man can not get how auto insurance works, but be able to discuss high level quantum theory, baffles me. 

  • Dirk

    Comment makes no sense, is stupid, and is clearly motivated by envy.

  • megaflytron

     I’m so busted.

  • good move. his life was over anyway.

  • Califboy

    Many years ago while working as a construction manager for a pool company I had to return to a new pool owners home several times to explain how to start-stop the pool equipment and clean it. The home owner was a brain surgeon and just could not repeat this after I left, he soon hired a pool service.

  • PERFECT! One less nasty pervy kiddy fucker to house in prison at taxpayer’s expense! BRAVO!

  • O K

    He escaped being held accountable.  That is the reason his apparent suicide should be investigated.  And, there is the remote likelihood law enforcement had something to do with his death.  We certainly don’t want a murderer(s) working in law enforcement, do we?