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Toronto, Canada – A Canadian man has been arrested for luring, manufacturing child pornography, and extortion after convincing a 12-year-old New Jersey girl that he was actually Justin Bieber.  Lee Moir, 34, allegedly began an online relationship with the unnamed adolescent on Facebook, where he pretended to be Bieber; further evidence that Facebook is the devil’s domain, infested with his minions.

It wasn’t long before the two started e-mailing back and forth.  As if being a 34-year-old man pretending to be an 18-year-old pop star weren’t creepy enough, Moir reportedly added the inevitable sexual component to the mix, demanding that the girl perform sex acts on webcam and send him the resulting material.  She complied; in the name of Bieber, I’m sure.

Eventually, either the girl came to her senses, or was brought there by someone else, and she ceased communication with Moir.  Unfortunately, it was not before she’d e-mailed him some compromising video.  It was at that point that Moir raised a few more freak flags up the pole, presumably because the creep and pedophile ones just weren’t cutting it.  According to reports, he then repeatedly threatened to harm her family and/or post the video she’d sent him to the Internet.

It is not known how the Essex and Toronto police were made aware of the situation, but they were, and they launched an investigation of Moir using an online officer posing as a 14-year-old girl to entice his skeezy ass.  Predictably, Moir engaged in sexual repartee with the officer, requesting an in-the-flesh meeting.  On April 4th, that meeting took place, and he was brought into custody.

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One can only hope that the Canadian prisons are as kind to pedophiles as the U.S. ones are because Moir is facing up to 30 years behind bars, if convicted on the current charges.  The penalties may mount, however, as police suspect that Moir has had similar contact with underage girls in a number of different countries.

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  • Creep up and turned on her, so she ratted him out. That’s probably how it went…..What a slimy ass bastard…Yuck.

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    …facial hair…

  • CT

    What?  I thought only Mensa members posted their personal shit on Facebook.  Imagine my embarrassment. 

  • Sam

    Or maybe she just didn’t like Bieber’s latest song.

  • CT

    If I squint my eyes and then close them really, really tight – he looks EXACTLY like Justin Bieber.   I hate that fucker, BTW. 

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    I hope the other prison inmates force him to squeal pathetic renditions of Bieber hits in the shower while they’re ass-raping him.

  • rensuchan

    Does shit go down like that in Canada too?

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Eleven AM is way to early for that shit.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    My name is Justin Bieber, TOGTFO. That sounds totally legit, I know tons of famous people who surf the web for underage girls. 
    This is what happens when you teach your kids they are all special little snowflakes, they honestly think some superstar is trolling the internet and simply fell for them. 
    I also blame stories like Twilight, because fuck Twilight.

  • Gee

     “This is what happens when you teach your kids they are all special little snowflakes”

    Love this…. So true

  • Gee

     Here we go……… With the hair

  • JohnQknowitall

    I must have been a very cynical child for not falling prey to this kind of crap. Not blaming the girl for this, just her low IQ. 

  • Gee

    Adult women probably made fun of his tiny penis and now he feels like only a 14 year old would be impressed. Sick bastard.
    In prison they will just think he has an over sized clit and have their way with him

  • newstarshipsmell ™

    “The penalties may mount, however, as police suspect that Moir has had similar contact with underage girls in a number of different countries.”

    He got caught when he was willing to physically meet with a potential victim; I would be unsurprised if they discovered he crossed the border to molest another victim here in the US.

  • boyzmom33

    Yea……….and then we slap them on the wrist, give them house arrest and tell them not to do it again……………

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    It has nothing to do with cynicism and everything to do with simple common sense. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    You know it’s true, it was on the internet. People don’t lie on-line. 

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “Moir is facing up to 30 years behind bars”

    Isn’t that a little too harsh of a punishment for what he did?  Can’t we give him 100 days and nights at the North Pole?  Instead of making license plates, he can make toys that way he can repay back all the children that he caused harm.

  • Lena60

    High 5 DKOS.

  • Lena60

    Another case of parents leaving a young teen to serf the internet with little to no supervision.

  • reapre

    Dear Zachary, this is a letter to your son.  Good luck with the extradition.

  • LeaveMeBe

    As long as we’re not discussing Bieber hair, I’m OK with it.

  • reapre
  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    You know what though? I surfed the internet with no supervision whatsoever. My mom had no clue what was going on. I looked at nudie pics, fapped, talked shit, and was a troll to pervy guys online all the time. Never once did I get in a situation like this or any of the ones we see on here. 
    I think squiggle vision and secret porn is just a part of growing up. My imaginary child doesn’t need me breathing down his neck in the living room while he’s trying to rub one out. It’s not entirely a matter of supervision, it’s a matter of talking to your kids about what it’s like on-line and hoping that you’ve taught them enough to never do something stupid, but even if they do to know they can tell the guy to go ahead and post that pic because they will be calling the cops and they can see who comes out on top of that little pile. 

  • Andy P

    “further evidence that Facebook is the devil’s domain, infested with his minions.”

    No argument there.

  • Andy P

    Rub one out in the living room.  You’re awesome.  I think I’d like you in real life too DKOS.  🙂

  • boyzmom33

    There was a story in the paper about a guy from my city that did that, they then extradited him to Virginia where he is sitting pretty for the rest of his natural born life………I’m pretty sure if he HAD crossed the border then he would have to deal with the U.S justice system……..

  • Athena

    Ditto.  And, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Supervision is no panacea, since you can’t supervise 100% of the time.  Teaching your kids to be smart and responsible is the only reliable solution.

  • sugarpie

    Damn, I’m disappointed it wasn’t the real Bieber.  Would have loved to seen him hauled off to jail.  But I am glad to see another pedo perv off the street because they are uber stupid.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Thanks. I never understood the idea of discouraging your kid to look at porn on the internet. I mean, if anything porn on the internet will probably scare them celibate for awhile.
    And… That’s my newest idea, teaching kids to abstain from sex because it’s just too fucked up. Think about it, if you teach your kid you need a donkey for sex… Where is a 12-year-old gonna get livestock?

  • Gee

     LMFAO….  Imagine you come home and your kid has a damn donkey in the back yard. You would shit yourself.

  • JGo555

    “If I was your boyfriend, never let you goKeep you on my arm girl, you’d never be aloneI can be a gentleman, anything you wantIf I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go, I’d never let you go”

    Yes he WILL LET YOU GO because he will be going to jail for a long time, in which time his ass will continually be plowed by Silverback males that refuse to understand how a full grown man WANTS TO BE JUSTIN BIEBER!

    It is completely ignorable the fact that he is a paedophile because HE PRETENDED TO BE JUSTIN BIEBER.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I think I would applaud their determination at that point. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    What I’m seeing here is that you know Bieber lyrics. I’m worried about you JGo.

  • Texas Ranger

    Cripes, a former buddy of mine showed me one of those donkey-chick movies on his computer….I just can’t see the fun for a chick having to put a rug on her back to get fucked so the hooves dont cut her…just dont get it. The chick-dog ones…..those just cracked me up….she’s all serious looking and the damn dog got his tongue hanging out with a shit-eating grin on its face. funny.

  • Right? 12-year-old girls are stoopit.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Well, congratulations, you took that in a direction I totally didn’t expect. 🙂

  • Texas Ranger

    what you expect by saying ‘donkey-sex”???

  • JGo555

    I copy pasted it from a website. I heard it once & I turned on my mp3 player.

  • Prominent Prozac

    This is why I’m pro-abortion.

    I can’t say for sure if that’s because of the stupid kids, this pedophile or Justin Bieber

  • Yup, he definitely looks like Justin Beiber. :-/

  • Shelby Burns

     And don’t you have to be 13 to have a facebook?

  • um… just where.. oh where was this 12 yrs olds parents when this lil skank was making homemade porn for justin beever?

  • lol….12 year old girls…. so fucking stupid….