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Car Thief Pocket-Dials 911 While Stealing Cars

April 14, 2012 at 4:29 pm by  

Renton, WA – I can’t say I’ve had a lot of acquaintances over the years who I would expect to crop up on this site, but if I ever had one, this would definitely be the guy.

Please give a big Dreamin’ Demon welcome to Wesley Strom, 41, and car thief extraordinaire. Wesley, or Wes, as we knew him, has always been an extremely proficient car thief and, while this is not his first time getting busted for this particular hobby, it is certainly the most spectacularly moronic.

His undoing began March 14th, when he inadvertently pocket-dialed 911. It didn’t take long for the dispatcher to realize that they were listening to a crime in progress. ”You pull up, I jump out,” Wes clearly states in the released 911 call. ”I’ll go jiggle a key; I’ll be done in…37 seconds.”

The call lasted for 44 minutes. Although cops were dispatched to the area, and a report of a stolen Toyota 4Runner pinpointed the location for them, police were unable to find both the 4Runner and the thieves. But, don’t worry – they’ll have another opportunity.

A few days later on March 18th, dispatchers received another call; this one, overtly ironic. “You’re freaking out for nothing. They’re not even looking for us. We haven’t done anything yet,” yelled one suspect to another. Police were still unable to locate the thieves.

Wes wasn’t done giving police a chance, however, as another call came in that night. This time, they congratulated themselves for stealing the rims off a woman’s car. Again, police failed to find the suspects, but they did find a stolen car.

Dispatchers were hip to the game, now, so when another call from the same phone came in two days later, they were ready. Police were immediately dispatched to the apartment complex where the call originated. There they found Wes, idling in his own car.

He explained to the officers that there was no problem and that the call was a mistake, completely unaware of his recent call history. He had an unrelated misdemeanor warrant, though, so he was going to be taken in either way.

Upon Wes’ arrival at the jail, Detective Onishi paid him a visit to discuss the stolen cars. He denied everything initially, but caved when Onishi played him the recordings. He’s been charged with two counts of possession of stolen vehicles and is being held on $70,000 bail. Onishi says that, since Wes’ arrest, stolen cars in his district have dropped by half, estimating that Wes was responsible for up to four car thefts a day. I believe it.

He’s pretty skeptical about this incident teaching Wes anything, though, and rightly so. “I can’t imagine this has taught him too much,” Onishi speculates, “except to get a better phone.”

So, Wes, remember that night you taunted me by following me in that stolen 300zx as I walked home from your unsuspecting girlfriend’s house? Joke’s on you, asshole.

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