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MURRIETA, CA —  A man in California is facing attempted murder charges after being accused of duct taping his 76-year-old mother to a chair and cutting off her oxygen supply.

Police say on Sunday, 46-year-old Gregory A. Cornelius called a friend from The Colony retirement community where he lived with his elderly mother, JoAnn Cornelius, and informed him was going to kill her and then himself. The friend called police.

By time they arrived, they found Gregory had already assaulted his mom, who was suffering from bruises, cuts and broken bones. Gregory had also duct taped her to a chair and cut the tube to the oxygen tank she needs 24 hours a day to help with her respiratory problems. She was rushed to the hospital and was still there on Tuesday.

Gregory Cornelius was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, kidnapping, cruelty to a dependent adult and other charges, and was placed in jail on $1 million bail. Reports are that Gregory became angry at his mother on Sunday after finding she had not done his laundry.

Court records show a troubled history between the mother and son. In 2005, Gregory was convicted of threatening his mother and police visited JoAnn’s home at least nine times last year on abuse complaints. But JoAnn would deny that her son was abusing her on each of these occasions and police could never find enough evidence to charge Gregory.

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