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MURRIETA, CA —  A man in California is facing attempted murder charges after being accused of duct taping his 76-year-old mother to a chair and cutting off her oxygen supply.

Police say on Sunday, 46-year-old Gregory A. Cornelius called a friend from The Colony retirement community where he lived with his elderly mother, JoAnn Cornelius, and informed him was going to kill her and then himself. The friend called police.

By time they arrived, they found Gregory had already assaulted his mom, who was suffering from bruises, cuts and broken bones. Gregory had also duct taped her to a chair and cut the tube to the oxygen tank she needs 24 hours a day to help with her respiratory problems. She was rushed to the hospital and was still there on Tuesday.

Gregory Cornelius was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, kidnapping, cruelty to a dependent adult and other charges, and was placed in jail on $1 million bail. Reports are that Gregory became angry at his mother on Sunday after finding she had not done his laundry.

Court records show a troubled history between the mother and son. In 2005, Gregory was convicted of threatening his mother and police visited JoAnn’s home at least nine times last year on abuse complaints. But JoAnn would deny that her son was abusing her on each of these occasions and police could never find enough evidence to charge Gregory.

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  • sherrdbw

    Why when there is a murder/suicide, does the suicide frequently not occur? Hope that mom is ok.

  • Hamward

    Gregory Cornelius……haha.

  • Califboy

    Living with “mommy” at his age? feed him to the general population in jail..

  • 46 and can’t do his own laundry? What a winner. She needs to kick him out, and if she won’t the retirement community needs to tell him he’s not welcome. Hopefully he’ll spend a good long time in jail so his mom can live out her days in peace. 

  • curiousalways

    well at least they do his laundry in prison. 

  • Cut the cord now, your life depends on it!

  • Athena

    He’s on the wrong coast.  All the other “Mama’s boys” live in the Bronx.

  • tdavid6

    And even worse? Expecting his mommy to still be doing his laundry for him!

  • megaflytron

    I often bitch about having to share my oxygen supply with the masses, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Hey, fuckbag! Obviously all your damn limbs work! DO YOUR OWN GOD DAMN LAUNDRY! And leave your momma alone! 

  • Gregory Cornelius was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder… SUSPICION???? Oh, ok. This is one of those days I’m happy I never spawned with my ex-husband.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    She’s on oxygen 24/7, and he can’t do his own damned laundry?  Did he even have a job?

  • SayAunt

    I’d duct tape sonny’s balls to my washer’s agitator and spin cycle um!

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Have kids they say, they’ll take care of you when you’re older they say… I think I’ll just stick my original plain of hiring a hot male nurse.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Oh, I see from reading the article that he had a history of drug abuse and arrests for drug abuse, so I imagine not.

  • Califboy

     Are you going to age discriminate? 🙂

  • Califboy

     Saw that show last Sunday.

  • Califboy

     I bet she wishes she would have used the pill or what ever they had back in the day.

  • Lena60

    mommy needed to cut those apron strings 26 years ago.he probably has never done anything for himself, cuz mommy always did it.What a fucking looser.

  • sherrdbw

    We need to find him a nice girlfriend to do his laundry. He looks like he has potential…..for something. 

  • sherrdbw

    Same with my ex-husband, no more generations need to suffer from having his DNA attached to them.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Shitty parent=Shittier Child

    Second mother and child reunion today that didn’t end well… she should have banned him from your home years ago.

  • I just wonder (please don’t everyone jump on me) do some of the children that are abused turn around and then abuse their parents later in life.  Sometimes your kids are just assholes but were they raised to be like that.  I think he should be thrown in jail but this should also be shown to abusive parents that it is possible your children will turn around and abuse you when your fragile and needy.

  • JGo555

    Well, can someone PLEASE grab a copy of the FB idiot that killed HIS mom today, and show it to the mother in this story.

    THIS WILL HAPPEN TO HER. The good news is that he might be kept in jail for long time, and the motherfucker doesn’t seem to have his cheese completely on his cracker.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Please help. I need a co-signer to buy a duct tape and a doctor because I bought duct tape.

    In the golden days of pre-April 2012, duct tape was cheap to buy. But, after the attempt murder incidient, it got impossible to afford. Like ladder purchases, duct tape suddenly required a users instruction guide. Like a ladder instructional guide to never step on the last step, the duct tape instructions came with pictures surrounded by red circles with a line going through them of all the things that you should not use duct tape for. This caused a problem, since the entire duct tape user guide of things to not use it for was bigger than the “World Book Encyclopedia” with all the “Year World Books” from 1960 to today. Me, being so stupid tried to lift the single roll with its guide in one pickup. 

    Why oh why, oh why did I not use a “World Book” and know that I should have used my knees and not bend over to pickup a single roll of duct.

    “Man, I need a doctor ’cause my back is totally out. Co-signor, come to the hospital to see me.”

  • CT

     Good points but as a general rule it seems to me – some people just plain suck. 

  • CT

    WHAT?  I’m not supposed to step on the last step?  I need to have a talk with my spouse since he always insists I get up on the ladder and clean out the gutters.  He said it was better for my back to step on the last step.  After I am done with the gutters today give me call and we can talk about co-signing. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I think that goes without saying.

  • sugarpie

    BOOM (one shot to the temple) – problem solved. 

  • That, or a retroactive abortion…

  •  This

  •  I hear you my friend.

  • Wow what a nice son, the time it took bitching at and beating on, his aging mother, his ass could have had the clothes, HIS fucking clothes, in the washing machine, and spinning….but no, he’d rather beat on defenseless people…
    In the picture his eye is red….I am hoping she stuck a finger in it….

  • pikeman

    Duct tape is very strong and handy. We could test it’s strength in a demonstration and see if it’s strong enough to hang this douchebag.

  • RydoLarsson

    Hey look kids its Mel Gibson

  • kimbev69

    Hmm sweet revenge could be

  • malq

    On Mothers Day

  • Jason David

    Italian boys are like that (Real Italians, in Europe, I mean). My 44-yo mate has his 75 yo mum come round & iron his clothes while he sits watching her drinking his caffe. Unreal. 

  • Someone should duct tape him to a chair and cut off his oxygen supply.  That poor woman!