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Houston, TX – Houston police say Phillip Don Oliver, 25, has been arrested and charged after forcing his way into an apartment and forcing the people inside to commit sex acts on each other.

Oliver, also known as, “Showtime” and “Wild Thing,” thought the man who lived at the apartment owed $200, 000 to another man named Rico and he was there to collect the debt.

According to the court documents, Oliver and an accomplice forced their way inside the home by threatening the victim with a gun.  After denying knowledge of a debt to a man known as “Rico,” Oliver gathered the man’s wife, mother-in-law, and an infant into the bathroom then forced the adults to undress.

Oliver made the man kneel down and stick his head into the toilet while he flushed it repeatedly. He then inserted the barrel of his firearm into the man’s rectum while he was kneeling on the floor, before removing the barrel and sticking it into the mouth of the man’s wife — joking and laughing the entire time.

Oliver then put the gun to the head of couple’s 6-month-old daughter and forced the man to put his penis in his mother-in-law’s mouth and ordered her to perform oral sex on her son-in-law. Afterwards, Oliver and his accomplice left in the victim’s vehicle.

Police eventually tracked down “Showtime” and arrested him at his residence. He is being held without bond on charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and aggravated sexual assault. Police say Oliver’s accomplice, who guarded the door during the assault, remains at large.

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Man Filed Restraining Order Against 5-Year-Old Accused Of Bullying His Daughter
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  • OutOfBubbleGum

     There was a time before cellular technology that you could drive fast enough to be out of the range of a mother-in-law speak, but use this as a means of quieting one up is just wrong.  Cover you ears, I say and learn to drink heavily to love her.

  • RydoLarsson

     secind story i’ve read in last couple of days about some guy forcing people to do shit like that the other one was slightly more fucked up but damn must be a pretty fuckin traumatic experience

  • rensuchan

    What.  The.  Fuck.

  • sugarpie

    Rico is not gonna be happy his name is in the paper!

  • CT

    Those were the first words that came to my mind too.  

  • Rico, Showtime, Wild Thing…… These are strange times. I cannot image how strange it must be to live in that house hold after being forced to blow your son-in-law. How do you even begin to talk about that? Better set up an appointment with a therapist because Rico has set up a whole bag of issues for you and your loved ones. At least the baby was unharmed and the family will be okay…. physically. Not emotionally. 

  • My mind is full of fuck right now.

  • tkaz

    I’m wondering if besides being completely fucked in the head if these crimes are done with the intention of keeping the victims quiet? Like, it’s so horrendously embarassing the perp assumes they’ll never tell out of shame? Didn’t work but….it is worth pondering.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I think he’s going to be more pissed about his 200,000. I know if someone owed me that much money this would not cut it. What the fuck was the point, did they think the guy would start ejaculating 100 dollar bills?

  • AssWho?

    on a completely unrelated note, I have a great idea for one of those nasty violent porno’s, well a opening at least…

  • Tundratot

    I think the charges should include four counts of torture.

  • annagg

    If this were my family, first off, my mother wouldn’t be here, but if she was, she’d have loved blowing my husband. She blew my friend’s boyfriend at my 15 th birthday party. She blew the Blue Angel’s ( all of them) in the early 90’s and I peed my pants in the kitchen when I was 7 after she told me to stay in the kitchen while she blew the army recruiter who came to the door. She actually joined the army and left me and my 9 year old brother and 4 year old brother home alone. She said we ran the baby sitter off, with our behavior, to avoid jail. Then, she blew the whole group of 5 army guys that came over to discharge her. I have no doubt she’d love to suck off my husband, I hope she never sees this story, so she doesn’t get any ideas in her head.

  • annagg

    Double post, thought the first one disappeared. Sorry.

  • sugarpie

    I’m sure he is pissed about the money.  But if I sent my thugs out to get my money and all they brought back was “the heat”, now I’m really pissed!

  • So, white people, have you had enough of black people’s violent ways? If not, you had better start waking up.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I haven’t. I’m leaving my door open tonight just in case. Wish me luck guys!

  • Tell your Mom I said hi.

  • Lena60

    lmao DKOS

  • Lena60

    Yes them and those white people’s violent ways… and jerks who post racists shit too.

  • JGo555

    I’d just love to be a fly in the wall at that family reunion…

    What? *looks around* What? Too soon!?

  • TheAlphaSoup

    ….Da fuq.

  • My_Mind_Speaks


  • Wildheart

    You are my hero 🙂

  • annagg


  • annagg

    I’ve never seen one, unless you count lesbo porn, (what up with all that spitting and crotch smacking?) but I agree, that would make a good one.

  • Texas Ranger

    Don’t sound like ‘Rico” is gonna be the next Godfather. I hope to hell he didn’t pay these two fuckwads up front. Jeezus what a couple of mopes.

  • Zazen

    When that guy is found, I call dibs.

  • Texas Ranger

    I’m hoping for your husbands sake, you didn’t swear off BJ’s like some kids swear off alcohol or drugs after watching their parents abuse them…..

  • Heather4877

    Shhhiiittttttt, if you think forcing a MIL to suck her daughter’s husband’s dick would be the straw to break the camel’s back you apparently haven’t read up on some of the fucked shit white people are capable of doing. 

  • kimbev69


  • annagg

     Oh, no, it was like the thing you find abhorrent in childhood has a lure to it when you become an adult. I actually quite enjoy doing it. Once, when we were so young and in-love, I did it 4 times in one day. It is like a reward, also. Yard work, overtime, cook dinner, build the deck, organize the basement, fix the peeling wall paper, do the dishes or if I’m drunk, then he gets his treat. It is also our fore-play just about every time… I guess it runs in the family, but I only do it for my husband, while Mom does it for everyone with a penis.

  • sweekymom

     Fuck off.

  • sweatpoo

    Goddd Damn…I’ll bet she probably ‘Sucked The Meanest’ too.

  • This ninja right is fucked on so many levels. As others have said Rico is probably really pissed and now he has few years ahead of him with having things put in his rectum. 

  • Canuck Gramz

    annagg I’m sorry but I have to say this – your mom kinda sucks.

  • wtf…  that is stupid thing to do!!! *shakes my head*

  • Talk about akward situations! Um….”member that time we had a gunman in the bathroom”. At least they weren’t killed and the kid wasn’t hurt. What a twisted ass dude…

  • Andy P

    >physically. Not emotionally.

    Well, perhaps…. that remains to be seen as well.  How embarrassing would it be for the son in law to have possibly given either herpes or aids to his mother in law?  I hope they give this shit dick a serious sentence for the awkwardness he wished on this family moving forward.

  • How does any one owe 200,000 to anyone named ‘Rico’? Sounds like a load of crap to me.

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  • ya I agree, it is bullshit …

    he made it up …

  • onlyme356

    This whole thing reeks of a Wu Tang Clan song.

  • My_Mind_Speaks

    The comments for this story are HILARIOUS!

    I keep coming back daily for the new ones! Thanx Rebekah, you’ve exposed everyone’s crazy! <3

  • That awkward moment when –

    ” Oliver then forced the man to put his penis in his mother-in-law’s mouth and
    ordered her to perform oral sex on her son-in-law.”

    Family reunions will never be the same.

  • Shame on you  Phillip … I mean

  • My_Mind_Speaks


  •  I hope another inmate forces him to give up the ass to “Big Bubba”. #POS

  • Apachee

    People like that need to think about it would you want someone to do your Mother or Sister like that?

  • nowitzki41

    Aren’t we all so lucky. Black people commit 80% of all violent crimes. Swear there is an anger gene in them doctors will find it eventually

  • rebecca rasha

    oh my gawd…your mom sounds like a good time.

  • rebecca rasha

    best comment ever. love it.

  • HAHAHA! That is me, my discus stopped working, so I had to come out of the closet. I guess you’re the same way 😉

  • I find her abhorrent and repulsive. I tell her that we are just having kids over for my kids’ parties, then if she finds out the other grandparents came, I just say they invited themselves, lol.