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Anchorage, Alaska — Police are pretty positive the body recovered from an Alaska lake yesterday belongs to 18-year-old Samantha Koenig, who went missing in February, and they have a suspect in custody.

Koenig disappeared while working as a barista at a coffee stand in Anchorage. When her boyfriend arrived to pick her up, she was not there and the Common Grounds stand had been locked up. A co-worker arrived the next morning to find the security alarm had not been set, money was missing and some of Koenig’s belongings were still in the stand.

A check of surveillance video would solve part of the mystery, as a man wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt and baseball cap can be seen forcing Koenig to accompany him. Based on Koenig’s demeanor and the man’s actions, detectives stated there was no doubt she had been abducted.

After months of few leads or information being released to the press, police in Texas arrested 34-year-old Israel “Izzy” Keyes in connection to Koenig’s disappearance. Keyes is a self-employed contractor whose website states he moved to Alaska in 2007 to start his own business. He was arrested and charged with fraud after using a Visa debit card stolen in Anchorage on the same night Koenig vanished.

Not long after, police were reporting that they had their one and only suspect in Koenig’s disappearance in custody. On Monday, dive teams were at the lake where they would find the body believed to belong to Koenig. Police are still keeping a tight grip on details, even refusing to take questions at a recent press conference, I’m wondering if Keyes finally confessed. I’m only basing this assumption on the fact that shortly after he is in custody, police were at the lake her body was found and telling reporters Koenig died within hours of what, they say, was a totally random abduction.

“Investigators found no direct association between the abductor and Samantha or any member of her family,” Mary Rook, the FBI’s special agent in charge, said at a recent news conference. “I believe it was largely the dissociative nature of this crime that so perplexed investigators, at least initially.”

Man Beats The Crap Out Of His Mother After She Changes The Channel

As local and federal investigators continue their investigation, they  are looking for anyone who may have seen Keyes’ three-quarter ton Chevrolet pickup in the area where Koenig was abducted, or the Alaska lake from which they retrieved her body. The truck was equipped with green tool boxes that run the length of the box on each side.

“We would like to reiterate our request for information relative to the movement of the white pickup truck,” Rook said. “Specifically, we want to hear from anyone who may have seen the truck in the vicinity of Matanuska Lake.”

Now here’s the interesting part. Keyes’ website states he worked in Washington state from 1995 to 1997, served in the Army for three years, and then worked in Washington again from 2001 to 2007 before moving to Alaska. That’s a bit of travelling and I wouldn’t be surprised if Keyes gets linked to some other unsolved, missing person cases.

But whether Keyes is a travelling freak show or not, he isn’t Christopher Bird. He’s the man that had his name drug through the mud shortly after Koenig disappeared, all because she had once filed a restraining order against him. The Internet crime community, as well as Koenig’s own father, practically accused Bird of having something to do with Koenig’s disappearance — despite him having an alibi and police clearing him early in their investigation.

As Chelsea Hoffman pointed out in her article, I hope this serves as another reminder for those of you quick to light your torches and sharpen your pitchforks with your e-mob cohorts, based purely on information gleaned from the news, blogs and talking heads. But I doubt it will.

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  • princessgrandma

    Man, there are some evil people in this world.  WTF.  Does Alaska have the death penalty?

  • May YOu Rest In Peace SAMANTHA..Unforgettable Girl **Angel** ? 
    Cursed be the heart that had the heart to do it!
    Cursed the blood that let this blood from hence!

  • No. Capital punishment was abolished in 1957

  • Sam

    Sad story. You can be doing everything right in your life and all it takes to end it all is one nutjob to not give a damn. SMH. RIP Samantha.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “quick to light your torches and sharpen your pitchforks with your e-mob cohorts”

    I feel bad.  I have a tatoo with the torch & pitchfork.  It has TNT and an ax, as well.  Does this make me a bad person?

  • Sam

    Ehm, Morbid, you’re getting me worried. You keep talking about how we shouldn’t judge too hastily – are you prepping us for your imminent arrival on DD, as a thread subject? 😉

  • JohnQknowitall

    That last paragraph regarding an innocent man being executed in the court of public e-opinion is at the very least powerful enough to repeat:

    As Chelsea Hoffman pointed out in her article, I hope this serves as another reminder for those of you quick to light your torches and sharpen your pitchforks with your e-mob cohorts, based purely on information gleaned from the news, blogs and talking heads. But I doubt it will.

  • RydoLarsson

    The part you said about moving around alot i wouldn’t be surprised either if he was caught on some other shit reading that why risk life in prison for a couple hundred dollars or whatever shit just messes my mind up lol

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Bird brought that all on himself, by being an uber douche after Samantha disappeared, and telling everyone who would listen that her dad killed her, she was a junkie, etc. I don’t feel sorry for him because everyone thought he did it; he sure the fuck acted guilty. If there was a hell, he’d probably be sitting right next to Keyes.

    I’m sad it turned out this way, but now her father can lay her to rest, and hopefully gain some semblance of peace. I was hoping she just got tired of her ex’s shit and booked it outta there.

    It is scary to think that you’re just going about your day, and some looney tune you’ve never met before just kidnaps you. ugh. Too bad Alaska doesn’t have the death penalty.

  • sugarpie

    I think he should be thrown into the lake with his hands and feet bound and allow Samantha’s family to poke him into the water until he drowns.  RIP Samantha.  Sorry for your tragic end. 

  • So because Bird was an angry douche over Samantha filing a restraining order against him alleging he raped her — a fact he denies and one Koenig’s step-brother says Koening admitted to making up on top of her father flat out accusing him of murdering her, he deserved to have his name shit on?

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Being an asshole isn’t illegal or I’d be in jail all the time. 

  • JGo555

    Dear God, let whoever it is that killed this girl to have shot her in the head so that she didn’t suffer one bit. I also hope that this girl left a whole bunch of evidence so that whoever killed her NEVER sees the light of day again.

  • DreaFace

    So sad..this story. I am from Anchorage Alaska and it seems like everybody’s mama, daddy, grandparents etc. ave been following this case. I mean its a big deal! I am deeply saddened by this outcome even though i suspected that it wasn’t going to be good, APD insisted that they strongly felt she was alive so people had some hope. It happened to easily, this abduction.  Anchorage has coffee stands on EVERY corner and young cute girls are generally (not always) the ones who are employed. Fresh outta HS or fixing to graduate. We even have bikini baristas in Alaska 0_0. working in freezing weather. Anyways what Im getting at is maybe or what if this could have been prevented  I mean considering Alaska is dark quite often especially in the winter months I am shocked that she was closing by herself. My thoughts and condolences are with everyone who was effected by this. It was a loss for Mr. Koenig but Alaska as well. RIP Babygirl.
    P.S. Morbid I Love Love Love you and your staff seriously. I just signed up to comment but have been a faithful reader for over 3 years. 

  • JGo555

    OK I’m too lazy to search & too curious to ignore. You say SMH a lot. What the F*CK is it!!!???????????

  • Sam

    Shaking My Head. What, can’t you hear the rattling? 😉

  • LeaveMeBe

    I have an 18 year old daughter who is smart, funny, engaging and beautiful inside and out. She is also a free spirit, a risk taker and always wants to see the best in people in spite of what she has been through. I love it and I hate it all at the same time. She has recently made some really stupid decisions that somehow, some way have turned out alright. This really has nothing to do with anything except when I look at Samantha’s picture, I see my daughter. I keep thinking of 18  year old Samantha by herself in that coffee shop. I don’t know that it would have changed anything, but I wish she had fought tooth and nail and refused to do what this monster told her to do. Leaving with him guaranteed that she didn’t stand a chance of coming out of this alive. Let me correct myself, it brought the percentage down so low that it was negligible. I have always taught my girl to never ever acquiesce to a would be abductor or rapist and I can only hope like crazy it is one lesson she really listens to. I’d rather her die fighting right there and injure and mark the bastard(s) then to be drug off to who knows where and be tortured and never found. My heart goes out to Samantha’s loved ones.

  • Trust me, if I ever do something dumb enough to end up on my own site, it will be for something fittingly, vile, and sexual in nature — and I won’t care one bit what anyone thinks of me. 😛

    I wouldn’t want to let the readers down.

  • Lena60

    This is a very sad story. I hope they got the right killer.My condolences to Samantha’s family 🙁

  • lalalandmamma

    That guy isn’t that bad looking, i’m sure he could have gotten a CL hooker or a real woman to play pretend with his kidnapping scenario. I guess pretend fear doesn’t’ have the same draw as real fear. So sad.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    To clarify, I sometimes act for www mobtelevision com.  I did six videos and have their logo tattooed (four circles with a stick figure in each holding an ax, dynamite, pitchfork and torch) on my right shoulder.    If you want a laugh, go to the website.


    Ya he moved around running his business as a drug front. She got caught up in some other crazy stuff, she was selling drugs, weed and coke and got into some heavy prescription pills stuff thats where they’re going to find the connection between them which they already know…. probably not releasing it cause it might hurt their case, I mean the video even shows her going with him like she knew him. Her brother blurted out that she had received $3,000 from her dad, whos a hells angel, three days before she disappeared then recanted on the story. Im sure he didnt want to do what he did he shoudlnt have picked her up from work, it then became a videotapped abduction and within 24 hrs its was all over the news here, got in way too deep over his head. Sad story none the less you had to figure they were going to find her here closer to break-up with him already ditching town to go down to texas then they find him with a fresh haircut. But she was only like 35 min outside of town under the ice in the middle of a popular lake 200 yards from the biggest highway in the state. Police still not releasing much, probably not until a few more weeks when he becomes indicted, obviously he confessed, you dont just come across a body where she was found in the middle of winter and they’ve already stated they have their main suspect in custody, today is a remembrance day for her and everyone is wearing lime green and posting ribbons and flowers in her honor, sad sad tragic ending for someone still so young.


    Ya and Chris Bird is a loser, hes a joke of a white rapper who supposably coerced her into sex, which she called as rape. but he is like 25 and hes just a scumming wanna be rapper that originally got her into pushing the weed and coke 

  • Thanks for mentioning me, Morbid. Always a fan of your work and rather flattered at this moment.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     And how do we know that she said the allegations were false? Her step-brother said so, and he sounds like a fucking asshole, too.  I honestly would not have been surprised had HE been involved.

    And if you think I got any of my shit from Nancy Grace, you’re sorely mistaken. I hate that cunt with the fiery passion of ten thousand suns. She needs to be taken off the air before one of her cult members kills someone.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     But it sure makes you look guilty when your ex girlfriend goes missing. He should have had an attorney to tell him to STFU and stop talking ill of his missing ex. First of all, it isn’t classy. Secondly, it made him look like he was trying to put the blame elsewhere. Blaming her own father? FFS. I hope her dad kicks his ass.

  • I don’t know if the rape allegations were false any more than you know they were true. I base my decisions on facts — and those facts are that aside from a claim that was never followed up on, ther eis not one shred of proof that Christopher Bird did anything to harm Koenig and had nothing at all to do with her disappearance.

    You, on the other hand, almost sound disappointed that he didn’t murder her. You, and the others who attacked this guy, rallied together to help spread misinformation and garner attacks on this guy who had nothing at all to do with Koenig’s disappearance whatsoever. All because you didn’t like his reactions to being called a murderer by Koenig’s father and legions of anonymous, open-mouth breathing sheep on the Internet.

    And how did these lemmings come to this conclusion? Where did they get their information from that had them so convinced that Bird had something to do with Koenig’s disappearance? The police? Nope. The detectives? Nope. Inside information into the case? Nope. Their conclusions were derived from news clips, blogs, anonymous postings and their personal dislike of a man who, instead of just keeping his mouth shut, retaliated against the man who called him a murderer.

    I don’t want you to take this personally, as I don’t know you personally, but your attitude over this subject is one that I just don’t understand and could never get behind. Instead of just admitting you were wrong and maybe next time you will stop and think a bit before jumping on a bandwagon formed by rumor, you have decided to keep on hating an innocent man.

    I laughed out loud over your Nancy Grace comment as Christopher Bird, his 3-year-old daughter and the rest of his family have suffered greatly because of his attackers. Had anyone actually acted out one of the death threats he has received, YOU would have been a part of the cult that initiated it.

  • I hope her dad eventually apologizes to him.

  • (what Morbid said x3) 

  • Aim High!  

  • annagg

    Reminds me Trayvon….

  • Heather_Habilatory

     I never once spread misinformation about him. I kept my thoughts that he was an asshole to myself, until today. Or maybe yesterday. So don’t tell me that I’m part of that whole death-threaty crazy people camp, because I am not. You can look in the forum and see for yourself.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    He has nothing to apologize for. His daughter went missing and is now dead. She had a restraining order against Bird.

    I guarantee if your daughter goes missing, and she has an RO against someone, he will be the FIRST person you look to.

  • Of course, who wouldn’t? That’s not even the point. 

    The point is that even after his alibi, the circumstances surrounding the RO (she never even showed up to court) and the police stating multiple times that not only was he clear, that he was never even a suspect or person of interest — the father and sections of the public didn’t give a shit and treated him as if he was going home every night and fucking Koenig’s corpse in his closet.

    I can see a lot of this is going over your head and I’m getting bored. Carry on.

  • littlehead

    Wow. We’re lettin’ it all hang out. Titan – interesting stuff. You sound upset.

  • So he’s an asshole for NOT killing Samantha? He’s an asshole for defending himself against a whole lynch mob of people for not only falsely accusing him but putting him, his mother and his  TODDLER daughter in actual danger? He’s an asshole for losing his cool after he got THROWN  OUT OF SCHOOL because of nothing more than false rumors based off no facts at all? He’s an asshole for defending himself??

    Just making sure, because it seems to me that it would take quite the ignorant asshole to label a person who is being victimized for no reason an asshole… Which would make that person precisely a part of the whole lynch mob cult thingy. It seems to me that some people are more angry that an INNOCENT person didn’t kill Samantha than they are about her even being dead. — which just shows the ignorant mentality of people who only follow these stories because they want to read about bloodshed and misery whether it’s one victim or several.


  • littlehead

    I never saw/heard Koenig say anything about Chris Bird. Really.
    A whole bunch of other people asked, speculated, wondered. A few – a few – made direct allegations. it definitely went viral. BECAUSE of the restraining order.

    The barber school thing? I don’t believe it. He either wasn’t making it to classes or not going or something. His mom was planning a trip. He was kinda busy.

  • littlehead

    We DON’T know. (And never will.)

    The “step-brother.” Now, THERE’S some interesting stuff, hoo-boy.

  • littlehead

    That’s what I was hoping. Or maybe just slipped up on the whole rehab business and didn’t want to deal with her dad. 
    I’m not convinced it was Israel Keyes. It’s not my driving concern that they’ll convict the wrong guy – it’s about someone getting away with it, if it’s not Keyes.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     Don’t insult my intelligence. That is the one thing that pisses me off.

    I may not have graduated from college, but that doesn’t make me stupid, and it doesn’t give you the right to treat me like shit because of it.

    A degree doesn’t mean you’re better than every one else, or smarter than every one else. My OPINION is as valid as every one else’s. And I still think he’s a shady motherfucker. No matter what the all powerful and all knowing Morbid thinks.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     Funny how you are allowed “JMHO” but I am not… Hmmm.

  • littlehead

    Funny how CH helped stir the shit and really really helped get the ugly stuff out to the public. And made sure that it appeared to originate from Koenig, when it didn’t.
    I hate how CH got Bird’s mother jacked up. Must feel good to be so powerful in such painful circumstances.

  • littlehead

    The guy didn’t move around anymore than any other Alaskan carpetbagger. Most Alaskans from anywhere else own property somewhere. EVERYBODY has a relationship with Washington/Oregon.

  •  Even though he mentioned your faux-news Gather blog in another write-up in a not-so-flattering light? And since when does Sy Fy fan fic writer go from shitty crime romance writer to crime analyst and profiler?

  • +in a matter of weeks*

  •  Write some shitty romance novel and you might get some JMHO privies…

  •  “As Chelsea Hoffman pointed out in her article,
    I hope this serves as another reminder for those of you quick to light
    your torches and sharpen your pitchforks with your e-mob cohorts, based
    purely on information gleaned from the news, blogs and talking heads.
    But I doubt it will.”

    Morbid must have missed all your Gather articles where you flamethrow left and right and do the exact same thing you’re supposedly so adamantly against in this one write-up you did. Sudden revelation and change of heart? So that must mean Deborah Bradley had nothing to do whatsoever with Baby Lisa’s disappearance and you should be kissing that flabby ass now right? How about when you write up some new shit you actually have a real update, instead of regurgitating the same shit over and over with a newer and shittier hefty helping of your opinion. And you may want to consider changing your avatar to one where your herpes aren’t quite so noticeable.

  • That’s what her glorified blog is there for. To shit disturb. Oh, and mention every missing child that’s making headlines today so that she can pop up at the very top of the Google news search despite the fact that her latest offering has shit to do with any of said missing children.

  •  For fuck’s sake, have a little fucking dignity and take Morb’s nuts out of your mouth. Fucking-A…

  • aww you guys are cute 😉 

  • Where’d I say you are “not allowed” your “JMHO” ?? 

    (I didn’t, I just pointed out that it was an asshole opinion) 

  • Some people are capable of doing more than one thing in their lives. (Obviously not all)

  • Your high opinion that my hard work has only “taken weeks” makes me smile. Thank you. I truly don’t mean to make it look that easy 🙂 

  • And as for being written about in a “not-so-flattering” light: Since when does disagreeing with someone provide reason to hate everything about them? I’m a fan of the DD — even if they talked shit about me once a day. That’s not why I come here 😉 

  • blubberdong

    You best get going.  You’ve got a disease to spread.

  •  Yes, we are adorable, I know.

  •  I truly am concerned with the welfare of Morb’s ballsack. Sack skin is thin enough without flesh eating herps making their way through to vulnerable baby batter factory.

  •  Make believe is always easy with the power of imagination…

  •  I think an excerpt from a review of one of your self-pubbed books should fit well right here…

    “The writing is mediocre-to-bad.”
    Fits quite nicely. So while some may be “capable of doing more than one thing in their lives,” obviously at least one isn’t successful at it.

  • I don’t see where in my above comment I said anything about a seething hatred of Morbid being a requirement for “disagreeing”…but I do make it a point not to figuratively suck off someone who slams me one day then sings my praises the next. Especially when the praise is for something being preached, but not practiced. Call my crazy, but I reserve my cyber Thank You blowing jobs for sincere flattery, not a shout out to my hypocrisy. But, different strokes as they say.

  • 1. “The Stranger” was pure garbage. 🙂 It should have been intertwined with “Planet Omega,” but that’s my own fault for publishing my first story years ago when I was a little newer. 

    As you can see from the current rankings, the bad review isn’t doing any harm evidently 😉 

    2. What some people hate, others love — and every writer produces some garbage (ever heard of “Maximum Overdrive” or ANY of the “Psycho” spinoffs? or a whole slew of the other horrible stuff out there.. lol to each their own) 

    Would love to chat literature with someone who doesn’t have shit for brains. You wouldn’t have shit for brains, would you? 😉 Ya know, people who just have negative in them because they have nothing but….shit…for…brains…?

    Lol, bye now. Article is old now. Boring haters are boring. 😛

  •  Ouch, hit a nerve, huh? Way to use it as an opportunity to peddle your wares. You left out 2 and went straight to 3, so numbers aren’t your strong suit either. I love the resorting to intelligence insults, but I’m really disappointed that you would go that route when there are so many more fun directions to go in a cyber smackdown. But way to try to take the high road…PSST…when you throw out rips on smarts, calling someone shit for brains isn’t the high road. And you aren’t comparable to King…you’re not even in the same league, sweetheart. Maximum Overdrive is a film as are the Psycho sequel abominations. Did I miss where you added filmmaker and screenwriter to your resume too? TRUCKS is from Night Shift, which is far from being garbage. Gotta say, I love the retro “haters gonna hate” before tucking tail. Takes me back to the early triple O’s.

    # Alligator Fuckhouse

  • Lol why you mad? 😛 

    but like omigod aren’t you having like soooooo much fun. Isn’t this like the most exciting thing to happen to you like all day.?. omgz.


    P.S. — I dunno though..your comments all seem to be fixated on dick sucking. I’m not sure, but it seems like a “thing”…. I don’t know if it’s a “thing” for me… or a “thing” for the other guy…but it seems like a frustration/fixation of sorts… dunno.

    have fun w/ all that 😉

  •  Aw, you fixed it. Gold star for catching the missing number late though….

  • desperate trolls are desperate.

    (eta: grasping at typos now… what’s next, “your mom” insults and other amateur jackassery?)

    (people write films…you knew that right? hopesooooo)

  •  I’m not mad, doll. I’m just replying ’til I get bored. DD is one of my stops on the way Slumber Junction…I thought you were done with “the haters”? Is this our part 2, ’cause I gotta say, picking up where we left off like 5 minutes ago isn’t even a “too be continued”…that was like a commercial break…

  • lol you’re so angry and desperate that I just can’t leave… I’m almost curious if you could literally explode or end up raging out to the point of being on the front page of the DD….

  •  Maybe I’m biased, but I’d say the one who resorted to “desperate trolls are desperate” after declaring  they were bored with this old thread and done with “haters” comes across as the bigger troll. How is calling it like it is hating? Toughen up, kiddo. This is tame compared to the critics that rip writers to shreds for a living.

  • I fixed it like five minutes before you even said anything about it (lol) but yes, you’re very, very smart. Super duper smart even. Your ability to call out internet typos obviously proves that your intelligence must never be questioned… you’re a regular internet untouchable, a wise guy worthy of Pesci status but with the brain of Carl Sagan. I’ve been owned. Oh yes. 


  • defensive are we? 

  • Hmm…I’m gonna take off because this is turning into a rubber and glue, neener neener fest. Make sure to mention how I’m a pussy for “running away” after this posts.

  • Fact #1 – I had no idea who you were before tonight, and by the time something shiny catches my attention or I get motivated to work some more, I’ll probably forget about you. 

    Fact #2 – the same likely cannot be said about you knowing about/foaming-at-the-mouth over *me*.

     Isn’t that funny? 

    Ponder on that for a little bit … and now this is goodnight (at least on this side of the net) Since for some reason or another, time is less abundant when you’re doing more worthwhile things than whatever self-esteem building therapy you’re trying to do for yourself right now :-p. But hey, at least you can say Chelsea Hoffman talked to you 😉 that’s a badge of awesome for ya, courtesy of yours truly. Lol, nite

  • newstarshipsmell

    lol you typed “too” instead of “to”

  • I don’t read every article written by any particular person, and is the reason why I said “as Chelsea Hoffman pointed out in her article.”

    So I guess the comment section is going to be populated by people not commenting on the details of this article, but attack Chelsea? Wonderful.

  • I never said your opinion wasn’t valid. I said it is ignorant and wrong.

  • newstarshipsmell

    You mean the comment section is for discussing the details of the articles?

    I thought it was for cracking jokes and laughing at amusing arguments. I’m sorry, Morbid, I’ve been doing this all wrong.

  • I was out of bubblegum? I’m an asshole and I monkey tossed shit all over your thread…so my bad for spilling it on your write-up…but I stand by my slung shit, typos and all. (Yeah, newstarshipsmell, I saw that!)

  • malq

    That’s it, lets throw trayvon into this mess for the perfect pallette

  • newstarshipsmell

    Who is Trayvon?

  • xJustagirlx

    I find it hard to believe she would run out & file a restraining order on him over an ‘alleged’ rape that never happened. Sure, it happens sometimes- but I just dont see that here. If that’s true, then he deserves to have his name shat on. Labeling him as a murderer is another story though.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I really haven’t followed the case. I normally don’t follow things like this other than here. However, it seems like there was plenty of shit slinging going both ways. 
    I don’t know the father or the ex, but he may have had his reasons for thinking it was the dad, who knows what she may have told him while they were dating. My boyfriends certainly know all the little dirty secrets of my life. 
    I don’t think it’s ever right or classy to drag anyone’s name through the mud. If either the father or the ex had any class they would have kept their speculations and accusations between themselves and law enforcement. It makes me wonder if the case might have been solved faster if resources had been expended toward finding the hooded guy or the truck rather than hunting down shadows.

  • No…let’s not.

  • littlehead

    Well, you all know all the other morbid stuff about this case, right? The step-brother thing. Who exactly he is and how he’s step-brother. Right?
    Bizarre stuff-tangled and twisted. And morbid. Legal name changes, old dad/new dad/old dad back in the picture…employs step-brother about a mile away from the coffee stand. And they have white extended cab Chevy trucks.
    They all knew each other. ALL of  ’em. BEFORE anything happened. Step-brother’s mom no longer Facebook “friend” to Koenig. But she was before!!!

    Chelsea wanted info on stuff that happened years ago. But she was given a bum steer, a false lead. Yeah. There was criminal fraudulent stuff that happened years ago. In the step-brother’s circle;  not Samantha.

  • littlehead

    Swweeet! Wow. You have outdone yourself. Morbid, get behind Chelsea’s bus, ’cause it’s rollin’!

    “Koenig Confessed to Murder” – nicely played. You ‘Google’ Samantha Koenig for news – that’s what ya get. Good job. Top of the pile, without a scintilla of substance.

    But why stop there, eh? Why not get the jump on what the regular media doesn’t wanna touch. I guess they don’t wanna go against public approval or get dirty. But you do, right?!

    So you get on up there and do a little Alaskan investigative vacation. Take Morbid with you. Nuthin’ to lose – good times and a tax write-off. You’re not gonna see it from Nevada, are you? And these guys want the press, ya know…

    Enquiring minds want to know – what’s up with “step-brother” Mark Pedersen aka “Pedarock” aka “MR.907”, buddy/music partner of Whyte Tyson? Hmmm?
    Now there’s a bad boy, if we evah seen one! A little too much cash flow, considering…how’s that happen?
    How come he’s got a reputation for being the baby king pin, source of ‘stuff’ for that whole group? How come all these young adult high school drop-outs all hang out with Bird’s middle-aged mother?
    How come his name used to be Kowalski, before it was Pedersen? How come he works for a guy who was busted for a chop-shop [along with his mother…shhhh], who used to be married to his mother. Why’d Pedarock’s mother reinvent herself as someone else with a different background?
    How come they all know Koenig, but pretend they don’t? How come Tammie Michelle Counts pretends she doesn’t know Koenig?
    How come every scrap of association with all these people vanished off the internet? How come you can see remnants of stuff that got wiped when Samantha went missing? How come police haven’t checked him out, when he “works” right down the street?

    Come on, don’t be shy! This could be HUGE! Maybe this’ll set you up the screenplay. Think big! Oh, I’m lookin’ forward to this! It’s gonna get UGLY. Hooray!

  • Who gives a shit? They have caught Koenig’s killer. 

    People like you remind me of those weird people who got emotionally vested in the Casey Anthony case. o_O

  • … they DID investigate all of the people involved… and they were all cleared. That is why they have the suspect they have. It’s ever so easy to pick up the phone and call #
     (907) 786-8751…. and just ASK. It’s not that hard. The detectives and administrators there actually answer questions (just not the ones pertaining to cause of death, etc etc etc etc.. who “person A” is.. etc etc..) 
    All of your questions about the lives of people seem to be more based on entertainment value than actual following of a crime case. Being white trash doesn’t make someone guilty of murder or connected to said murder. Otherwise, everyone on Jerry Springer would be in prison. Everyone on Maury would be in prison and probably a fair number of Alaskans would be in prison. Hell by the very same logic you just expressed, Samantha’s father would be in trouble as well because of HIS affiliations… Get it?  Everyone was investigated — ONE person was caught. The ONLY person responsible according to the FBI and APD… so….are you saying that they should just go around and arrest everyone in Anchorage that has dealt drugs, make rap music, hang out with “high school dropouts” (probably due to having children that same age so they’re always around, mind you.) simply because…???Why are some people so disappointed that Israel Keyes is their guy and not the “unpopular” people? Shouldn’t people be happy that the asshole is behind bars where at least the other young girls in the area are safe? Or is that just not entertaining enough? Not enough twists in the story? Not enough “surprise villains” coming out of the woodwork to tickle your fancy? If you want to watch a bunch of white trash get their comeuppance watch “Cops” or any of the other trashy “reality” entertainment. This is real life, the people who have been investigated have been cleared and the person responsible has been apprehended.  The body has been found, the autopsy concluded and charges are coming.This episode of “Real World Law & Order Special Morons Unit” is almost over.. P.S. — Caroline Koenig murdered a high profile missing person… RTFA.

  • littlehead

    Who gives a shit?
    People like you remind me of those weird people who wanna be deviant and play rough – no hold barred – but when they get poked in the eye with a stick, they cry foul and suddenly want a rule about it.

  • pikeman

    Interesting thread. I’ve never seen Morbid get bashed like that, and the tiff between him and HH was surprising, especially since I think HH is a solid and honest poster who has been around for awhile. Hmmm….this shit reminds me of old times. Glad I wasn’t involved, but I did carefully read the whole thread. I’ve always held HH and BBKF in high regard. Very interesting, I will have to research this article, I didn’t know about this one.

    BTW I’ve narrowed the problem with my “like” button down to specifically this site. That’s fine, but I’m not a dummy like certain suggestions and I really have never meant to be annoying and don’t have a problem with Morbid or any of the rest of the writers and staff. It would be nice if the problem was fixed, as I don’t want to create a new character.

    As far as the article goes, I would need to research it more before I came to an opinion as far as this thread goes.

  • Israel Keyes, the Anchorage man accused in the February kidnapping and killing of 18-year-old Samantha Koenig, is dead in an apparent suicide, Alaska State Troopers said Sunday.

    Keyes, 34, has been jailed on federal charges related to her death and disappearance.

    Federal authorities said Sunday that Keyes is suspected in other deaths in outside of Alaska as well, including four in Washington state.

    A troopers’ investigator determined Keyes died “of an apparent suicide,” Ipsen said. Troopers are not disclosing at this time how he died, she said.

    “I can tell you that he was alone in his cell. … We don’t suspect foul play; apparent suicide.”

    Mary Rook, the FBI special agent in charge of the Anchorage office, told reporters that authorities “developed information that he was responsible for multiple additional victims.”

    “To our knowledge, there are no other additional victims here in Alaska. They were all in the Lower 48. We believe there are four victims in Washington state” as well as three victims in New York state.

    In October, investigators searched his former home in West Anchorage once again, then scoured property he owns in upstate New York. A Vermont television station has reported that Keyes is the prime suspect in the killing of an Essex, Vt., couple, William and Lorraine Currier, who disappeared in June 2011.

    No bodies have been recovered, Rook said, and she and other authorities did not disclose details

  • Barrayaran

    Thank you for the update.

  • shelley benincasa

    Just to clarify, oh judger of the soul heather…I know both parties..and The Birds took her in because she told them, that her dads friend gave her herpes….So, for their good deed, he’s crucified? Why wasn’t the dads friend arrested-and about Isreal being right next to Chris-it is possible, maybe he didn’t do it at all. Why didn’t the fbi-cops-ping her phone? He used it to get money from the dad for a week after. They didn’t even ping the phone..and why did he keep putting money on her card for isreal to spend? Maybe he was hired to do something else-and little did he know-he actually was set up to take the rap-BUT-in another twist-we will never know-because before he got a chance to talk-even though he was in confinement-under suicide watch, no blankets, pens, pencils-were allowed in his cell-and although they check on inmates in confinement every hour-with light and touch-the guard last saw him alive at 10pm, and he was found at 10am the next morning- with his wrists slit, and hung with a sheet. No guard, noone was repremanded? Really..So, there you go-Oh, one more thing-what happened to all the 75,000.00 the community raised for her killers capture? Just curious. So,Chris Bird,who had a spat with the girl they took in when she had noone-didn’t deserve squat.You deserve some air-get your head out of the sand-cut the puppet strings-stop the organized crime in Alaska that the cops, judges,da’s all have that community enslaved by….