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Dallas, TX — This is one of those horrendous child abuse stories that keep me from typing up another child abuse story for a week or so. But if you are looking to hate anyone today, I give you Aaron and Elizabeth Ramsey, a Texas couple who admitted to starving a 10-year-old boy to death.

Police began looking into the disappearance of Jonathan Ramsey after the child’s grandfather contacted them last week, concerned that the boy had not been seen since January 2011 and the boy’s father was giving him different reasons why.

After being questioned by police, 34-year-old Aaron and 31-year-old Elizabeth would finally admit that the boy was dead and that Aaron had disposed of his body in an unknown location. But an affidavit has been released that details exactly how the boy was killed and the details are absolutely sickening.

According to Elizabeth Ramsey, who is the boy’s stepmother, they began starving the boy in March 2011 after the boy punched her in the stomach while pregnant with triplets, supposedly causing her to lose the babies.

Elizabeth said that her husband Aaron locked Johnathan in a bedroom and only fed him bread, water, and occasionally milk. The boy went from 90-pounds to 60-pounds and according to the affidavit, the boy was so hungry that he ate his own feces.

When he died in August, he was so weak he could not stand. Elizabeth told detectives that he looked “like one of the kids you see on the commercials from Africa,” according to the affidavit. She admitted she should have contacted authorities while the boy was being tortured, but chose not to.

Aaron Ramsey told investigators that after his son’s death, he stuffed his body in a sleeping bag with dryer sheets to help cover the smell of his son’s rotting corpse. He then placed the body next door in a vacant home’s storm shelter for a few days before moving the body to a rural part of Ellis County, where police are currently searching.

The couple were both arrested and charged with felony injury to a child. Personally, I hate sharing the air with these two. If I were running this joint, the only space they’d be occupying right now would be under the dirt, feeding the worms.

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