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Splashing CofeeTyre, NY — An upstate New York car passenger was inexplicably arrested after providing a complementary cup of coffee to a passenger in the vehicle of a passing motorist.

Road rage or another example of New York courtesy? You decide…

State police said that Danielle Barker, 32, was a passenger in a vehicle driving on the New York State Thruway Saturday night. A car behind the one that Barker was traveling in was reportedly trying to pass.

A New York State trooper commenting on the incident reported that the driver of Barker’s car would not change lanes and let the trailing car through.

When the car was eventually able to pass, police say Barker, 32, ‘hurled’ a cup of coffee through an open window of the passing car. Apparently unable to catch a simple cup of coffee, the coffee instead landed on a passenger in the vehicle.

Police pulled over the car Barker was traveling in and charged her with criminal mischief and harassment. The driver of the other car was ticketed for following too closely.

Barker was released and after being ordered to appear court.

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  •  I travel the NYS Thruway quite often and it can get real nasty. There are only 2 lanes so when you have an asshole in the passing lane not willing to move their slow ass over, they can back everybody else up for miles. Especially during rush hour. Though, I’ve never thrown coffee on anyone. I just use the usual techniques of ass riding and finger giving as I shout expletives when I finally do pass.

  • sugarpie

    How inventive – a mobile coffee shop. 

  • Coyote

    Damn, isn’t anyone happy with just flipping the other drive off and yelling “asshole!” out the window anymore?

  • lalalandmamma

    This actually happened to me. I was driving with my husband in Los Angeles. Some dumb ass couple in a boxster cut us off, then had been driving ridiculously for several blocks. I flipped them them off and at the next light the woman passenger got out, poured coffee on me (the passenger) through our sunroof. I wish I could say I behaved better than her, but I reached out with our car safety tool and tapped the drivers side window while she was going around to get back in their car. It shattered like a fine spider web. We drove off. Not one of my finest hours.

  • Hmm … seems like business as usual in New York to me.

  • That sounds like a PARTY to me – drinks and a smashing good time  🙂 

  • JGo555

    What!? And now the idiot is drinking tamarind colored water that they call “coffee” in jail.

  • curiousalways

    if she’d only thrown a doughnut with the coffee all would be good. 

  • AssWho?

    Ha! I knew at least one of my habits would make it on to the site. 
    Have done this many times, most of them from a open top jeep with no horn. 
    Can claim  responsibility  for a couple soda cups, hand fulls of change, golf ball once or twice, cellphones…man.  

    My advise is don’t drive like a fuck hole, Stay out of the left lane unless your passing. Turn signals exist for a reason, and if in Colorado and you act like a blood fart and do 5 under in the left lane in front of me, coffee would be the nicest part of your day. 

  • SayAunt

    If you can find them, lawn darts work best in these situations.

  • She asked for that.

    Note to self, buy a car safety tool.

  • CT

     Jarts – what a great game. 

  • CT

    Many, many years ago, some tool parked so close to me in a grocery store parking lot that I couldn’t even get access to my car except to crawl from the other side.  My brother said – “give me a minute” and came back with a LARGE soda from the gas station next door.  In it went to the open drivers side window.  My brother can be such a dick sometimes but some days I just love him to death.  This was one of them. 

  • Califboy

     Now that’s what a brother is for!

  • Texas Ranger

    My attitude is…if your in a such a fuckin hurry…you shoulda left earlier. I don’t have to speed because your late because your whore wife can’t get ready in time.

  • I’m just glad the tailgater got ticketed, too. It’s not speed that causes most “accidents” (I call them moron collisions), it’s not leaving enough following distance to be able to stop in time. And don’t give me that crap about trying to “push” that one lame-ass out of the left lane or to urge them to go faster… I’m talking about when it’s in city traffic and it’s not one car, but a whole city full of cars in front. Riding on each other’s ass is NOT going to make the line move any faster! So back off and relax. /endrant

  • I just wrote the same note.

  • warbonds

    Sure is, that is one of many reasons i try to stay NORTH of Albany (the REAL upstate NY) you get south of Albany, drivers lose their common sense.

  • warbonds

    I love that guy, give him a pat on the back for me, on a job well done…… Note to self : keep a 2 liter of pepsi in the jeep at all times.

  • You don’t have to speed. Just move the fuck over. Some of us just like driving faster than you.

  • boquist

    You sound like a real prince.

  • Texas Ranger

    Well damnit, if I drive any faster my Hound dog might fly out the back of the truck. Can’t well have that happen now can I ???

  • Ok, you get a pass if you have a dog in the truck.

  • Andy P

    Agreed; unless you are the one clogging up the passing lane on the highway Chelsea warned us about.  God I hate when someone decides for everyone on the highway how fast you are allowed to go.  GTF out of my way already!!!

  • Texas Ranger

    I’m sure Buster appreciates that Morbid.

  • Why you driving in the passing lane with Buster if you’re not passing?

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Ahhhh! Could you be more home on range Texas stereotype? ;P

  • buhbam

    LOVE IT!!

  • Texas Ranger

    All of a black-top road is passing lane. duh!

  • buhbam

    I threw a half-eaten ice cream sundae through the (open) sunroof of this hateful Sonic car-hop’s Honda Civic…because I’m classy like that! 

  • Texas Ranger

    probably not, But then Cali born Mrs Ranger likes me that way…

  • 😛

    Drive right, pass left  §545.051 – DRIVING ON RIGHT SIDE OF ROADWAY

    An operator of a vehicle on a roadway moving more slowly than the normal speed of other vehicles at the time and place under the existing conditions shall drive in the right-hand lane available for vehicles, or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway, unless the operator is:(1) passing another vehicle; or(2) preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Please tell me you wear a Stetson and boots so I can complete the cowboy image in my head.

  • **munching popcorn** This is getting kinda hot.

  • Texas Ranger

    Exactly…Unless turning left at an intersection or private road… I might be turning left 30 miles down the road….but by law, Me and Buster got the road.

  • AssWho?

    You sound like someone who’s car has a dent that looks a awful lot like a Nokia flip phone…

  • Texas Ranger

    But of course. We are BORN with em.

  • lalalandmamma

    this is the one that i have.

  • I’m only slightly jealous because the guy who said “whore wife” is getting all the attention. :-p I’m sure it’s just his huge…. “belt buckle”.

  • Texas Ranger

    Whore-wife was implicit to mean my ex-wife, not just any ol wife.

  • rensuchan

    Some of us aren’t in a hurry, some of us just like to drive fast 😀

  • In the days of my youth me and my friend Thadius Daniels were driving  from Newport Beach (California) to Corona, where we lived.  Our friend Jimmy was being a dick in front of us and throwing pennies out his windows which were hitting Thad’s VW Rabbit.  So I took a piss in a Carl’s Jr. cup and filled it up all the way cuz we had been drinking beers all day on the beach.  We came to a kind of a traffic jam and we pretended everything was all cool like, and pulled up to Jimmy, motioned for him to roll down his window.  I had the cup in my hand but with a lid and straw so it looked like the real deal.  He rolled down his window with a big grin on his face.  As soon as he did, before he could even flinch he was covered and I mean covered in recycled beer.  It was pretty epic.  He was fucking pissed.  

  • JohnQknowitall

    Well keep’n it real didn’t work out for these two dumbasses.

  • girlygerd

    I actually felt as though this was just a new Yorkers nice way of sharing can’t help if the other person can’t catch lol. My hubby drives a truck and I remember our first time driving in new York we had to go by time square buuuut the best part was first we only had a car GPS (wow we really had no idea) so we made a wrong turn and ended up in a tight spot blocking new York traffic at 630 am…..holy shit I thought I had road rage then ending up at the Holland tunnel where unbeknownst to us at thetime trucks cant go so we were escorted by cops back wow what a first time in NY

  • nomorepolitix

    Agree. I admit, I like to see instigators get a little comeuppance, too! 🙂

  • Zazen

    I think my husband has everyone beat. A few years ago, he was making the long drive to drill early on a Saturday morning. He passed some people on the interstate who were going below the speed limit and they, for whatever reason, decided to get a case of the ass about it. They sped up, acted like they were going to sideswipe him, got in front of him, hit the brakes, didn’t let him pass, etc.

    He tried slowing down to let them get ahead of him figuring they’d keep going and after a while, wouldn’t be a problem. They slowed down too. After fifteen minutes of that crap, he was seriously pissed and it didn’t look like they were ever going to stop. He finally got alongside of them–they were still in the passing lane.

    He grabbed the first thing–a coffee cup he’d been using as a spitter. It exploded all over their windshield.

  • nomorepolitix

    I miss my Nokia phone. 🙁

  • nomorepolitix

    I AM!

  • malq

    Was that Copenhagen or Skoal?

  • malq

    Pretty sure this is the guy who spent ten day in the outhouse after camping season was over. His wallet fell down into the muck and was floating on top. He lowered himself down and tried to grab it with his feet. He slipped and spent 10 days waist deep in shit until someone found him. His 10 gallon Cowboy hat was perfectly covering the seat

  • malq

    The chick who spilled the coffee from McDonalds in her lap all by herself collected a cool 2 million. What is this worth?

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    He was fucking pissed.  

    In more ways than one, I’m sure! 😉

  • In The SF Bay area, folks driving south on 280 to San Jose have no concept of fast lanes, or slow lanes, sometimes they even confuse what a “lane” is.

    You can be in the far right lane and have some douche nozzle crawl right up your pooper with his beemer, in spite of five-six fricking lanes.

    Other’s seem to think nothing driving up on others in the middle lanes, then maintaining the same speed, in rain storms.  Boxed in by two folks on the left and the right, and a slow-poke up front, with torrential rain.

    It’s like you have to be on high-level idiot alert when driving.

  • steelpin

    why do u feel u have to break the law to get somewhere quicker? just leave earlier people like u are the problem on our roads.

  • steelpin

    road rage is crazy was driving in indy and this guy cut another guy off and that man took a gun out and shot at the other car hitting it 3 times before the guy could stop his car.

  • She deserved more.

  • I’m not running late. I just like driving fast. Again, move into the right lane where you belong and there wouldn’t be an issue. 

  • CT

    I have been in HR for what seems like a lifetime and but one thing I always tell employees – know your audience.  You may be trying to play with the wrong person this time. 

  • CT

    I got behind a man this morning that appeared not understand how to enter a traffic circle.  I am fairly certain I left tire marks when I was finally able to get in front of him in the other lane.  If 12 cars (I counted them) can go before you in the right lane, dude, you can do it in the left.  I need to stop talking about this because it is pissing me off all over again.  Stupid drivers know no gender.

  • kimbev69

    Douchenozzle lol

  • Well it’s better to be pissed off then pissed on!  oh……wait a minute….he was pissed on too wasn’t he….? shit.  my bad.

  • kimbev69

    I was in the car with my 75 yr old grandma once she was driving, there was some “douchnozzle” ;0) up her pooper ;0) lol they got to a light she opened the trunk got out went up to the guys car and said “why dont you just hop in i’ll drive you wherever you gotta go” lol

    Btw totally stole tim bates words douchenozzle and pooper lol

  • kimbev69

    Well deserved

  • steelpin

    i’m not playing with morbid just telling him how i feel.he  knows everybody don’t agree with him all the time.

  • steelpin

    so when i’m driving 70 and people are still on my ass i’m the slow driver right. and its my fault if someone gets in a wreck.

  • kimbev69

    To drive successfully in ny you must have no fear lol and dont ever hesitate just go lol i wouldnt drive there for yrs and my sons dad lived there so finally i did, defensive driving is the only way, once this huge chick was trying to pull into my lane from a parking space but i was already a bit past her in bumper to bumper traffic i opened my window and said where u want mento go this bitch took off her stanky shoe and threatened to beat my son in the passenger seat with it

    My sons friends were telling stories at one of their buddies funerals last yr about time they spent with me and jeremy on vacations trips to the music store or the mall and one boy/guy said “oh damn i remember almost everytime we went in your moms car it was like roadrage every time” lol when my kids and other kids are in the car my leo comes out momma lion gets very upset, i am much better these days :0) could be the meds

  • kimbev69


  • kimbev69

    How could u half eat a sundae damn waste

  • kimbev69

    In jersey they announced in the papers they will be upholding the law that has been in effect forever that the left lane if for passing and driving

  • JGo555

    Apparently in Puerto Rico NO ONE HAS DECIDED TO BRING THIS LAW nor there is the smidge or trace of this law.

    We are about 20,000 bicycles and Vespa bikes away from driving like a 3rd world country.

    There IS no passing lane, the shoulder of the road on the right you know, after that solid white line: that road is not for emergencies but for passing other people too unless the cops are ahead, parked on that same road to catch people & they’re not on their break/cellphones.

    All driving lanes are for passing people. Vehicle turning/lane switching lights are (apparently) optional in vehicles and if you DID purchase one with the lights *hits SARCASM button*, you can only use them with the cops around.

    Road signs only apply if cops are looking your way, and this also includes road lights. No need to watch out for railways, moose, deer, bears wild animal crossings or icy road conditions. MUST watch out for ARMED ASSHOLES on the road conditions & assume everyone is.

    Dominican Republic is EVEN WORSE than this.

  • JGo555

    But I bet your ass while you might get anxious for him to “step on it”, you’ll feel safe while he’s driving.

    I’ve been known to compliment people’s driving in a positive way. I once did it to a public bus driver. I couldn’t believe how safe, polite & well he drove that bus considering all the assholes that kept cutting him off even in the PUBLIC BUS LANE.

  • buhbam

    Like a toddler throwing a potentially deadly tantrum!  Damn, why can’t people get a grip these days?

  • JGo555

    As long as you are as cool as this but don’t actually LOOK like this, you’ll be in my fap session next time.

  • JGo555

    You mean every woman, but you. And by you, you mean me. Because I drive perfectly.


  • CT

    And me. I’m a great driver as long as you stay the fuck out of my way.  

  • JGo555

    While I do understand your frustration since I drive offensively not defensively and leave early, I can assure you that the “fast” drivers will never get it. This will be a mute point so you should just give up.

    Plus, my husband likes driving fast. So what does he do? He has a hot rod to drive competively, he gets to drive it fucking fast & get it out of his system.

  • JGo555

    YES! Because the older you get the slower you drive. My inlaws do 90km an hour in the road of 110km. They are in their 60’s. Why? Because by then you realize your reflexes are bad & you can’t react as fast as you could, so you can’t control how fast you go. Everything goes too fast in your opinion & you DRIVE slow.

  • steelpin

    so how is driving 70 my fault 70 is not driving slow

  • JGo555

    I thought you meant DRIVING AT 70 (as in 70 years old) not driving at 70 mph…

    You should’ve specified! That’s why I talked about the AGE of the driver & how it influences your driving skills.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Yea, whore is kinda my pet name at home. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I am always anxious in a car being driven by someone else. I’m too much of a control freak to relax. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Dammit! We’re not all terrible drivers. I’ll give you the majority are, but I promise you I can drive like a champ. Otherwise I don’t think the boys would approve my vehicle choices. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Depends on where your driving. The interstate near me has a speed limit of 75, so 70 would be hairpullingly slow to me. Where we live there is a lot of road I generally zip around at about 60mph in town and 90 on the highway. 

  • steelpin

    true next time i will

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    That is the vilest thing I’ve read all day. I bet it smelled wonderful.

  • This is a fairly common term – can’t believe you guys haven’t seen it before.

  • She ruined what used to be great coffee;I would not have gave her a dime.

  • kimbev69

    I have but it cracks me up lol

  • I feel private road cops,in their private vehicles driving around attempting to control the speed of others vehicles instead of simply moving the fuck over,and out of the left passing lane are the fucking problem.

  • Yea,better “Buster”,than Busted,or Smashed on the pavement.

  • No, it’s your fault for being a self-righteous ass and not moving over to the right lane so the person behind you can pass you correctly. The left lane, steelpin. Use it and quit being butt-hurt because someone chooses to go faster than 70.

  • Exactly where do you live ? Because in most places the left lane is the passing lane,and I know this applies in Texas.

  •  Well JGo555 – she was after all quoting Texas law,not Puerto Rico law.

  •  Keep’n it real usually goes wrong  🙂

  • Thadius  ??? I hope you guys were not out driving drunk Anthony …

  • LOL … I don’t think steelpin is going to learn quite that fast … he hasn’t been around long enough to know which peeps will give him passes,and which are going to drop the anvil on his head yet.

  • I like your comment,but in Dallas you might end up with some new bullet holes for your unwelcome give a ways.

  • I still have mine as an old backup in case my phone goes down. Those things never die!

  • steelpin

    you tell me that when one of them assholes driving 80-90mph kills one of your family members.

  • Speed Demon   🙂  

  • Oh, I wasn’t aware you had assigned yourself as the highway hall monitor. Well thank you, Officer steelpin for your continued effort to ensure our safety by sitting your ass in the fast lane and block traffic.. done in an effort to save people from the potential loss of a loved one. How noble of you. Do you also find the slow drivers and nudge them to a speed limit you feel acceptable?
    I tell you what, if the thought of someone speeding bothers you so much, go be a cop and ticket them. Until then, quit being an ass and MOVE OVER.

  • I refuse to let Morbid’s “women driver” comment irritate me since it doesn’t apply to me. Like when TR said “whore wife”. LOL

    My personality is to do things well or not do them at all so I made it a point to become a good driver. 

  • steelpin

    thats funny that u say that because i was a state trooper for 28 years.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I like cars and I like driving. It’s one of my hobbies. My bf’s have yet to let me get a motorcycle because it’s too dangerous here, if they thought I’d kill myself driving like a fucknut they certainly would curtail my vehicle choices. 
    Happily if we move to Seattle and the quiet roads of desert Cali are near I’m getting a motorcycle! 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Oh which one am I?

  • Zazen

    Yeah, it sounds gross as all hell, but I bet those people will think again about driving like asshats.From what the hubs said, it was a well-deserved punishment.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Dallas doesn’t count. Everyone there drives like shit. When my husband and I have to travel up there, I lean my seat back and close my eyes and whine the entire time until we are safely parked at our hotel. I used to crouch in the floorboard in the backseat with my two worry stones when I was a kid and there weren’t any seatbelt laws.

    As my daddy and granddaddy always say/said: I pay taxes on the whole damn thing and I’ll drive where I please!

  • LeaveMeBe

    Only thing that would’ve made this story better is if their windows had been open. 🙂

  • LeaveMeBe

    I am never rude! I usually wave and smile, hold a pretend phone up to me ear and say “call me”! That usually dumbfounds them. 🙂

  • What kind do you want? I desperately want a bike as well but with the children being young that concerns me. I am seriously considering purchasing one with the next 2 years though.

  • You ? Depends on who you’re dealing with and what day it is. I usually toss a coin on you.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Why a yellow ducati 1098s

  • Zazen

    He said the passenger did indeed have her window down, so it was very likely she got some splatter. I did not mention it because I was thinking some readers might not make it to a trashcan in time lol.

  • That was funny.

  • Those quiet desert roads you mention could in fact be the death of you on a bike;that sand has been known to blow onto those quiet roads and  it can be very treacherous to a biker.I used to live in Yuma,Az.

  • Texas Ranger

    Well bigger and badder than John Wayne and cooler than Steve Earle.

    This is more the image…..damn good book too.

  • Texas Ranger

    Live where we have more blacktop roads than paved roads.

  • “state trooper for 28 years”

    Now I get you just a tad more on this whole speeding issue.I was only a patrol officer for 5 years,but just about everyone knows that State Troopers can be some of the biggest Dicks out there protecting us as far as speeding is concerned.

    Now don’t get me wrong I’m a big supporter of ALL law enforcement officers, however Troopers are widely known to not be big on “Officer Courtesies”.I remember one of my Lieutenants telling me about getting stopped returning home from a weekend out of town on a personal trip and getting pulled over by a State Trooper for speeding;the  Lieutenant said that when he requested a little Officer Courtesy on the stop he was told by the Trooper that “Officer Courtesy means you don’t speed in my jurisdiction,and I don’t speed in yours.” The Trooper then wrote the  Lieutenant a speeding citation for going something like 10 miles over limit. I,myself was stopped somewhere on the highway while a cop by a Texas Trooper who totally ignored the fact that he had a fellow officer stopped while he wrote me out a speeding ticket,with his foot on the front bumper of my car.

  • steelpin

    well i never gave a fellow trooper a ticket thats what made me a dick because i let a trooper go one day when he was drunk about 25 years ago and he could have killed someone.i was new on the force and trying to get along with everyone and from that day on i said i would never do that again and i didn’t.i gave two troopers over the years a dwi.

  • I was only talking about speeding … I would not allow anyone drunk to drive away. If policy,or circumstance allows sometimes an Officer has other avail.options for dealing with fellow officers in these type situations.I never stopped a drunk officer,but if I had the odds are that I would have called the supervisor out to the location and let him make the call – that way it would have been off me,and on him;for the non – cops here this usually would mean an arrest would be made.

  • steelpin

    like i said i wish i would have arrested him back then i was wrong i know that.

  • boquist

    You sound like one of those self-righteous assholes who get into a road rage situation with someone, but put others in danger.  Someone behind you over corrects and takes out a car full of innocent people not involved in your drama, it’s your fault.

    I also hate assholes who drive slow in the number one lane, but I don’t create a hazardous situation for others over it.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Well, we all have to go sometime I suppose. 🙂 All things considered I’d rather take my chances with the sand than geriatric drivers who should have turned in their licenses 20 years ago which is the majority of drivers on the road in Florida. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Does it have Vinnie Jones? 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    You are evil.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Awww, hell, I just ate like 20 minutes ago. You beast. 😉

  • AssWho?

    Ok and thank you for bestowing that title to me, I reluctantly accept.

      If being someone who understands that traffic models and light timing (yes even ones with magnetic sensors are still timed) are based of the IDEAL* you are traveling at a constant given speed, like i dunno lets say THE POSTED LIMIT. Not only are these models based on a constant speed, but on the assumption you wont take 4 blocks to get your Prius back to  the posted limit after having to stop. Then Guilty. You have never wondered why YOU seem to  hit every light red ? Because your driving to damn slow. 

    And for the record, have many speeding tickets, not a single accident. My fault or not, because  I realize Im controlling a 5 ton death hammer when I start my truck, and pay the fuck attention to what im doing, and what every other retard on a phone or ass clown in a Prius is doing. Almost like it could kill me or someone else if I dont.

  • AssWho?

    Been to Dallas couple times, dont doubt it.  Not worried, doubt they aim any better then they drive.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Dang it Zazen! Stop being so considerate. Just tell the story! 😀

  • sweatpoo

    Me too…Did it just this morning on the way to work 🙂

  • sweatpoo

    Holy fucking dog shit,

    Your reply just made me LOL @ wor k….. Nice and thanks!

  • Zazen

    Just trying to help you keep your girlish figure, here. Between this story and the frogs… is it working? =D

  •  Sorry, I don’t know who that is and it’s my bedtime now.

  • malq

    A serious thanks for 28 years of service steelpin,

  • malq

    I am not even going to ask…

  • The dude from Snatch? You only like him because of the movie title…tell the truth. 😉

  • LeaveMeBe

    I prefer imaginative. 🙂

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I can’t answer at the bottom, but I fell in like with Vinnie’s awesomeness in Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels. And this… 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Vinnie Jones from Lock, Stock dude. See above.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Sadly, yes. 

  • That’s funny! 

    Yea it’s the same guy from Snatch

  • Then you are completely ignorant to the actual facts of the case. 

  • You should. But even though you didn’t, I try and give you the short of it using a bit of Wiki. Excuse any misspellings.

    Stella Liebeck,79, ordered a 49-cent cup of coffee from the drive-through window of a McDonald’s. Liebeck was in the passenger’s seat of her grandson’s Ford Probe. Her grandson parked so that Liebeck could add cream and sugar to her coffee. When Liebeck tried to remove the lid from the coffee she was holding between her knees (Probe didn’t have anywhere to set coffee), she accidentally spilled the entire cup of coffee in her lap.

    Her cotton sweatpants absorbed the 180–190 °F coffee, scalding her thighs, buttocks, and groin. She was rushed to the hospital where it was determined that she had suffered third-degree burns on six percent of her skin and lesser burns over sixteen percent. She remained in the hospital for eight days while she underwent skin grafting. You can see photos of her injuries from the documentary HOT COFFEE, and they are absolutely horrendous. Two years of medical treatment followed.

    She did not try to sue McDonald’s for millions of dollars, she tried to get them to pay for her medical bills. Her past medical expenses were $10,500, her future medical expenses were approximately $2,500, and her loss of income was approximately $5,000. She asked McDonald’s for $20,000 and they refused. She then hired an attorney.

    Her suit accused McDonald’s of “gross negligence” for selling coffee that was “unreasonably dangerous” and “defectively manufactured”. McDonald’s refused to settle for $90,000, then $300,000, and finally – per a mediator’s suggestion — $225,000. So off to trial they went. 

    A twelve-person jury found that McDonald’s was 80% responsible for the incident and Liebeck was 20% at fault. They awarded Liebeck $200,000 in compensatory damages, which was reduced to $160,000.

    They awarded her $2.7 million in punitive damages, arriving at this figure by using McDonald’s coffee revenues for one or two days, which were about $1.35 million per day. They stated the only way to get a corporation to change a policy was to hit them in the pocketbook. The judge reduced this to $480,000, for a total of $640,000. The decision was appealed; Liebeck and McDonald’s settling out of court for an undisclosed amount less than $600,000. Not the MILLIONS people like to parrot whenever this case comes up. 

    Most people, when bringing up this case, are completely unaware of the actual details of this case; usually stating an old woman spilled hot coffee on herself while driving then sued McDonald’s for two million dollars.

    Aside from the details I just posted, what most do not know was that McDonald’s knew their coffee was being served at a temperature that could cause severe burns. From 1982 to 1992 the company had received more than 700 reports of people burned by McDonald’s coffee to varying degrees of severity, and had settled claims arising from scalding injuries for more than $500,000.

    McDonald’s quality control manager, Christopher Appleton, testified that this number of injuries, and the money they had paid out as a result, was insufficient to cause the company to evaluate its practices even though he agreed McDonald’s coffee would burn the mouth and throat if consumed when served.

    But corporations didn’t let a successful lawsuit stop them and they turned lemons into lemonade by tricking the public into thinking that this was a frivolous lawsuit that was helping to raise insurance rates.

    The average public got behind the corporations and helped vote in tort reforms that negated their own abilities to sue a corporation for negligence, or by giving a judge, who sucks on corporate teat, the ability to severely reduce the amount of damages a jury of someone’s peers may award someone suing a corporation after hearing the evidence.

    In other words, our government will trust a 12 person jury to recommend someone be put to death, but not decide how much a corporation found guilty of negligence should pay in damages.

    Funny thing is that the truth to this McDonald’s coffee lawsuit has always been out there for anyone to find, but most just choose to keep stating regurgitating the false facts they may have.

    The HOT COFFEE documentary was released last year that I recommend everyone watch and then afterwards go check with your state to see exactly how hobbled you are in what you can do legally if a doctor kills you or a loved one, or your vehicle’s brakes fail leaving you severely injured and your kid dead from burning to death.

    You may be surprised to find out that you actively voted to fuck yourself because of the bullshit that was falsely reported in the hot coffee case.

    And this is all coming from me, a known PRO corporation whore.

  • malq

    I see.. I am glad I ..”asked”.  I am one of the sheeple that bought it. We have to pay attention to stories that morph into urban legends. Frankly a story like this is way easier to get the gist and make up your own facts and that’s what everyone did.
    I can’t bring my self to thank you because the fact I am responding, it is implied.

    It’s a shame we put up a firewall for the corporations to get sued. That’s what happens when anything gets too big. Individuals are not afforded that protection.

  • Hey, I was fooled as well. Most everyone was. It wasn’t until I was doing some research on something else that I found the actual facts of the case and was blown away.

    But I gotta give credit to those corporate leaders. Despite any if the negative adjectives that can be attributed to them, they truly are the smartest guys in the room. With the right checks and balances in place, I’d take them running this country over a politician any day of the week,

  • Thank you for that Morbid. Like most, I had no clue and regurgitated the “old woman, 2 million, blah…blah…”.

  • malq

    It’s a story by itself.  Hand it to Pete

  • Pete couldn’t do it any better then HOT COFFEE has already done: 

  • malq

     Interesting. She is white.  My impression from heresay was that she was black.  I always thought it had a racist vibe to it. Again, I never researched it.