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Phoenix, AZ – Jaded first reported on 35-year-old Angela Simpson back in 2009 when she was accused of torturing and murdering 46-year-old Terry Neely, a disabled man that had been missing for three days.  Simpson would eventually make a callous jailhouse confession and has now pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

Neely had been last seen after he left an assisted-care facility in his wheelchair. During her jailhouse confessions, Simpson admitted she lured the man to her apartment.

“I killed Terry by deceptively luring him to apartment 201. Sitting him down and beating him with various objects until he was unconscious and then I slit his throat. How long did I beat him? 45 minutes…an hour…well I killed him and cut him up,” Simpson admitted.

Police say she did a lot more than just beat the man. Simpson also pulled out Neely’s teeth, stabbed him close to 50 times, drove a nail into his head, bashed him with a tire iron, and strangled him.

She told police that after Neely was dead, she partied a bit before chopping him up.

“I started actually with a paring knife [laughs]. When it didn’t work, I’d clean up, go downstairs and snatch various stuff from the kitchen.”

After dismembering Neely, Simpson threw pieces of his body in a trash can and setting the pieces on fire. His remains were found after the fire department were called about the burning trash can.

Simpson has shown no remorse and  justifies the killing, one Phoenix police called one of the most heinous homicide cases the department has ever seen, blaming Neely for “being a snitch.” Turns out the man had lied to Simpson, telling her that he was a police informant.

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Simpson has already been in jail for an unrelated armed robbery charge. An initial pre-trial conference will be held on October 21.

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  • Sam

    Can we say ‘psychopath’?
    This wasn’t a ‘teaching some snitch a lesson’. She was enjoying it and thought it was hilarious. Sick bitch.
    I just hope Neely died fast & didn’t have to endure the pain for too long.

  • PlaysWithBalls

    With a forehead that big, it looks like she’s a dude in drag whose wig is slipping off the back of her head.

  • JGo555

    Bitch be cwazy!

    What’s with the smiling mug?! This one might have an actual insane plea. Who fucking smiles knowing they’re going to jail!? Who then does all of what she did because SOMEONE LIED TO THEM!? I don’t care if it’s a jail or a mental hospital where she spends her fucked up days just as long as her punk ass isn’t anywhere near a fucking sidewalk.

  • Look at Rebekah proving us wrong! What’s this the 6th story…we may have a keeper. 😉

    Oh yeah…this broad is sick. Off with her head.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I would agree, but most guys in drag look way better than that.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Crazy bitch needs DP…and not the fun kind.

  • JGo555

    *Lifts right hand. Looks around*

    Um no?    Ok.

    *Backs away into the shadows*

  • CT

    “Showed no remorse”?  Laughing as you describe your crime pretty much gives you a hint that she thinks its a fucking laugh riot.

  • Saw this chick on “LOCKUP” msnbc. COMPLETELY outta her mind. the blank look in her eyes is just scary. 

  • I’m 97 yrs old and we never had anything like these things in AZ before the big one.

  • Lena60

    Good Gawd! I hope they keep this lunatic off the streets.

  • What ” big one” are you referring to ?

  • Gee

    They definitely need to keep this evil bitch locked up.

  • curiousalways

    what woman does this?  usually it’s a man that tortures.  once again, feeling sick inside.  yuk

  • I don’t think she’s that bad looking actually – overweight yes,high forehead – yes,but she has good skin color,ok hair and the Dick sucking lips work for me.Where she loses Ced at is the whole Homicidal,torturing killer thing … somehow I just can’t get hard to that …

  • ” usually it’s a man that tortures” … hmm – I have been married before so I really must disagree.

  • curiousalways

    lol Ced!  ok, you got me there.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Have you tried a Viagra?

  • steelpin

    well he was a snitch i see nothing wrong with what she did. well she did get caught that was wrong.

  • LMAO.

  • UniqueMommy1984

    I saw that too. She is one scary bitch. 

  • Evan Oswald

    fuck snitches

  • Evan Oswald

    wait, was he a snitch or not because the sentence “Turns out the man had lied to Simpson, telling her that he was a police informant.” makes me think he lied about being a snitch …. as opposed to lying about not being a snitch.

  • JohnQknowitall

    She’s once. Twice. Three times a lady…

    Hey all you straight single guys this babe is available for conjugal visits if you get in on the ground floor and marry her now.

  • uvgottabkiddinme

    This bitch is more than crazy, the write up makes her sound like Mary Poppins compared to who she really is. I have “followed” this story and I saw her a couple times on “Lock Up” One of the interviews she talks about attacking on of the lock up staff (might have been the guy who holds the mic or the light) because she liked him, he was scared as hell..  I wish I could find that interview, then there is the other episode of Lock up where they say her and two or three other girls have a pod to themselves cause they are dog shit crazy. I am fascinated by her though…  I have to find that other interview…  Wish me luck!  BTW this dude must have been disabled and blind. Clearly he was blind…  As I said on the orignial post, she needs to yank a few of her own teeth out, her grill is a hot mess.

  • onlyme356

    I too, am having troule understanding that part. Was she in prior trouble with the law?

  • I can’t believe a young man like you would say such a thing. What if the only thing standing between your mothers killer, and justice was a “snitch” as you put it. No my friend this “stop snitching campaign ends here in the good old US of A! Go live in the corrupt third world where your mind set will lead you to not even being able to speak to the same people that are supposed to protect you, the police.

  • newstarshipsmell

    “Phoenix police called one of the most heinous homicide cases the
    department has ever seen, blaming Neely for “being a snitch.” Turns out
    the man had lied to Simpson, telling her that he was a police informant.”

    steelpin, please bother to read the article. She justified murdering him because he CLAIMED to be “a snitch.” He WASN’T one. It doesn’t say why he made that claim, although I may speculate that perhaps, fearing for his life as he was being monstrously tortured, he may have grasped for some claim that would scare the perpetrator into sparing his life.

    May you some day meet the delivery end of of the style of “justice” you seem to be advocating here.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Fuck lawbreaking criminals, who fear being caught and held to account for their selfish actions.

  • newstarshipsmell

    No, he wasn’t a “snitch.” See my above reply to steelpin. Jesus, even if he was, fuck anyone who thinks he deserved his fate.

  • Babydoll0630

    TY!!  It was driving me crazy b/c I couldn’t remember where I had seen her before!!

  • I do remember watching her on LOCKUP also. The staff said they are “creeped out by her” and I can see why. Bitch is crazy!

  • steelpin

    cedric i heard u can’t get hard anyway.

  • Thanks @yahoo-HYEGLI2QOEQZLEELA5JMEOSKFM:disqus , I just watched it online . She is quite the cold-hearted woman. I’ve never seen a killer as un-remorseful as her, I’m actually surprised that she’s not a mass murder or serial killer.

  •  lol

  • I actually like snitches … long as they are not snitching on meeee …

  • I find it odd that the guy would brag about being a snitch too … most snitches are not so proud of what they are.

  •  To be clear – I only like the last part of your comment – and then mainly because I find it to be very funny for some reason.

  • You heard wrong steelpin … now stop making me nervous – mmmmkkkk. 

  • steelpin

    i’m just repeating what my sister told me

  • She pulled out his teeth, so I don’t think he died quickly. He was probably alive for that entire “45 minutes to an hour”. Poor guy.

  • This insane person is fucking crazy.  

  • Califboy

     Makes Dahmer look friendly, well kinda.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I seriously doubt he was bragging. Can you picture anyone bragging about anything while being tortured to death?

  • Redsaid

    I saw that too and I was surprised at how composed she was.  She was so proud that she had killed a “snitch”  That’s all she ever wants to do is kill snitches.  Ka-razy!

  • Wildheart

    I hadn’t seen the show so thanks for the link!  Well she’s certainly not the legal definition of insane.  It seems like she purposely phrases the way she says things to get the most rise possible out of people.  Like it’s all just fun and games to her.

  • PlaysWithBalls

    You remind me of the awkward kid in school that tried saying anything he thought would make him look cool, even though it rarely worked…………………….

    It’s still not working.

  • Abroad

    Thank you for the link.

    What was she saying was the “how they grow cops”? At the start? I don’t think the bleeping is the reason I didn’t understand what she was saying; but then again, I could be mistaken?

  • She was talking about someone defecating outside and she said “that’s how they grow cops” but she said that she had to stop saying that when her children starting defecating in the alley trying to grow them. 

  • Jason David

    Actually, they’re usually dying to tell someone. I had a kid tell me the other day all about his “snitching” and he was just anxious to be able to speak about it openly at least to somebody. He also said that a LOT of criminals turn “snitch” once caught (as per the cops he works for).

  • Jason David

    You keep misreading the story. He had claimed to be a snitch long before she killed him. That was the “motive” for her to lure him into her place and torture and murder him. 

  • Jason David

    Mmm, not exactly. She said she and her children saw dogshite outside and she said that’s how cops grow, which caused her kids to try to grow cops in shite themselves.

  • Jason David

    Well, she’s definitely got mental illness written all over her either way. In the videos I’ve seen, she talks about how funny it was to microwave a cat to death as a child, how she hopes to have the pleasure of killing again and how much pride (I believe pleasure, too) she felt during the murder. She also says her only regret is that she didn’t make the torturing last even longer. And also that she didn’t kill a second victim, which she didn’t have time for because of an appointment. That’s the mindset of someone truly relishing in inflicting pain and torture. She has deep-seeded hatred which is blood-curdling. Even her disposal of the body by cutting it up and setting alight to the pieces was not to destroy evidence or anything, but because it was “necessary”. She also says she’s been suffering from mental illness since she was a child. She is clearly at least somewhat educated and of at least average intelligence, which makes her rather more dangerous. She said she deserved the death penalty and will not suffer in prison where she’ll get to hang with her “sisters”. She will never be released because she will always be a danger to civilised society, like the Manson family, even despite their “good behaviour”. Better for the rest of us.   

  • Jason David

     She said she and her children saw dogshite outside and she said that’s how cops grow, which caused her kids to try to grow cops in shite themselves.

  • newstarshipsmell

    “You keep misreading the story.”
    I just read Rebekah’s entire article, again. It still does not say anything about the victim claiming to be a snitch *before* she confined/tortured him to death, or that claim being her motive to lure him.
    Article: ‘…blaming Neely for “being a snitch.” Turns out the man had lied to Simpson, telling her that he was a police informant.’
    From the context of the article, it’s not really clear when this claim was made, whether or not he actually made this claim or she invented it, etc. So you’re either inferring your interpretation based on that 1.5 sentences, or there’s more details in the linked articles, which I rarely bother to click through and read.

  • Jason David

    Lol, no worries bro. The only stupid question is the one that doesn’t get asked ;  )

  • jimmydprince

    I firmly believe she didnt kill the man for being a snitch as she claims, but because of her abusive childhood, Oh chorse shes nuts and theres no justifying it by any means, but she is the product of being molested and repeatably being raped  as a young girl Read bettwen the lines and whats said by her. I firmly believe this man only served as somone she could take all her bottled up rage on. To her twisted mind he was what she viewed as the man that put harm to her as a young girl.
    Why she doesnt come clean and state this I dont know. He served the purpose for her demented torture within herself.
    I dought race played a part as well shes part white and 2 of her children are from white men.
    I firmly believe all child molester should never get out.
    She became the monster as a product of her upbringing, which never excuses the issue, but this is whats created by child molesters. Its sad somone can have that much hate bottleled up.

  • BrittneyEast

    That bitch ought to be put in a mental home and doped up til she is drooling

  • as if to say that its okay for men to torture women… if it was the other way around they should be put to death too. If it were up to me i believe an eye for an eye so let all those who tortured be tortured…this just makes me sick.

  • Jamie

    This bitch is sick, I saw her on LOCKUP. She brags about it.

  • She need to be slowly torture and die a painful and agonizing death.