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Noblesville, IN – According to Fishers (Indiana) Police, if the school bus is a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’. This after they determined that sexual intercourse occurring on a school bus between a 13-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl – both students at the Indiana School for the Deaf – was ‘consensual.’

On February 1, the two children were being transported on a Nobleville School’s bus. Although two adults on the bus – the driver and a bus aide – did not notice the sexual activity, it was captured on the bus’ video surveillance camera. The adults did eventually realize what was going on and, after bringing it to a halt, reportedly delivered the children as planned.

Immediately after the incident was reported, Noblesville Schools released a statement. Among the standard damage control tripe was this:

“The children involved are safe and have returned to the classroom. The two adults assigned to the bus in which the incident occurred have been removed from active duty pending further investigation.”

Fishers police conducted that investigation. Their findings? The bus driver and bus aide will not face charges because the height of the seats precluded their being able to observe the children and… the sex between the children was consensual. Case closed.

Oddly, the family of the 8-year-old girl is not so quick to move on.

“What happened to the victim here was child molestation and/or rape,” said Robert King Jr., attorney for the girl’s family. “That a victim, especially one 8 years old, sometimes succumbs to a more powerful perpetrator should never be regarded as consent and is not the law in Indiana.”

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The Fishers Police department is, as yet, unmoved by their concerns – refusing to answer any further questions on the matter.

When contacted by local news media, the Indiana School for the Deaf reportedly responded by saying that it is their job to take care of the kids while they are in school, but it is the job of the Noblesville School District to take care of them while they are on the bus.

Since the matter has been reported, it appears that a public outcry is building.  It remains to be seen if that outcry will fall on deaf ears.

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  • JohnQknowitall

    There were BOTH children. There was NO bullying. The sex SHOULD NOT have occurred on a bus or anywhere.

    Why would the 8 year olds parents want to pursue this? MONEY. MONEY. MONEY.

    Easy to get sheep in line to support your cause when you have a German Shepard with a halo made of gold coins.

  • Because parents want to place the blame somewhere other than their own child…I am so sick of hearing…”my child would never do that!”  It’s called taking responsibility, and placing the blame where it needs to be placed, something that these parents obviously know nothing about.  This is exactly what is wrong with society today, no one wants to take responsibility!  SMDH!

  • Dementedfae

    Neither children are old enough to “consent”.  The adults should have been paying better attention. I know we aren’t able to protect our kids from everything and I know we can’t always be there to stop them from doing things they shouldn’t, but when we are there we should STOP it from happening.

  • kids will be kids lol..hahahaa just kidding.  castrate the little 13 year old romeo? shit whatever maybe the cops are right just let this one die.  they are both under 14 so really neither can consent to shit but its pretty hard to say the 13 year old  is a rapist if the 8 year old said hell yeah lets do it (presumably in american sign language) and did you see those kids?  the eight year old is taller then the 13 year old and outweighs him by at least 15 pounds.  i’m sure she could take him an mma fight.  

  • Hmmm a tricky one in a manner of speaking. They are both young. 8 is younger then 13 BUT let’s keep in mind the 13 year old is male. And isn’t actually “mature” by any stretch of the imagination. So I would wonder what the 8 year old is saying about her activity (ideas opinions). It just somehow gives me shivers up my spine to here the 8 year old was “consenting”. Even if she actually was.

  • uvgottabkiddinme

    That last line, made me laugh, now I feel bad laughing at a story like this!  lmao

  • malq

    My take on it is they are kids.
    Jesus Christ, a horny 13 year old will fuck a watermelon. You really expect him to rebuff advances from a 8 year old girl?  It might even be argued that he didn’t know any better in legal terms.  This whole situation needs counseling for these kids to sort out right and wrongs.  Charging them with crimes is going to ruin their lives.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “… captured on the bus’ video surveillance camera.” 


    They pay people to watch video tapes. 

    I could have been a doctor.  I could have been a lawyer.  I could have been anything, but four years of college just to sit all day watching video tapes, dam, that’s too much!! 

    But, I have to ask, “is this a step up or down” from being a shoe salesman like Al Bundy?

    Would popcorn be considered a business expense?

  • Andy P

     >It remains to be seen if that outcry will fall on deaf ears. 

    LOL, Kniption.  I saw what you did there!  =)

  • sugarpie

    Pretty ballsy kids to get busy with 2 adults on board.  I don’t understand why the aid took so long to notice what was going on.  Shouldn’t they walk the isle every so often, even if just to let them know he’s paying attention.  As far as any charges being filed here, sure the aid should be repremanded, but I don’t think charged.  I think both kids need counseling, no charges. 

  • Chinchillazilla

    Remembering my school years, every time we had an aide on the bus, their job was apparently to sit in the front seat and shoot the shit with the driver, not pay attention to the students.

  • I am curious – what exactly do people want the police to do with the deaf 13 year old boy ? I don’t think persecuting  him will help anything.I think more good would come of counseling both these kids,and educating them on why this was not acceptable behavior.

  • I’m not sure the aid did anything wrong at all.

  • I enjoyed reading your comment,but what exactly is your point ? Do you not think the video should be reviewed when things like this are reported ? 

  •  “So I would wonder what the 8 year old is saying about her activity (ideas opinions).”

    “Fucking Cock Blockers !!!”

  • Since this is dealing with the deaf community things are a little different then they are in the hearing community. This 13 year old very well may not of known that having sex with an 8 year old was wrong because of how far behind the educational system is in many deaf communities.

    I’m not saying what was done was right and I absolutely do not believe that an 8 year old is capable of consenting to much of anything but it may not be as simple as we want to make it.

    When I was in a film class for the summer in elementary school I had a huge crush on a deaf boy which fueled  my desire to learn it. When I went to MSU I studied ASL and much of that is learning and understanding the culture of the deaf community. At one point I was going to tranfer to Gallaudet University so that I could surround myself with the community and understand the culture to become a better translator but my mother guilt-tripped me out of it. 

  • From my reading the adults did  “STOP it from happening.”

    Seriously – exactly how many seconds does it take to insert a penis into a vagina ?

  • ” It is not like there are not state transfers into other systems… even for the poor.”

    John – deaf does not equal poor,and good schools which specifically educate the deaf are harder to come by.

  •  See you had me until you blamed your mother at the end (lol).

  •  What I would like to know about this case is where exactly did these two learn how to do “it” ? I would be interested in this because at 13 I didn’t have a good understanding about how to actually do “it”.Being that these two are both deaf I am kinda shocked that they apparently had the knowledge to do “it”.

    And while I’m on this thought train – I keep wondering about this 8 year old … was she a virgin ? I realize that all virgins do not bleed all over the place,but it seems to me that a lot of them are known for that … even if I had attempted this act at 8,or 13 and got past the whole penetration thing the shock of blood all over the place would have ended it quickly,and sent me in for therapy. I’m thinking home life needs to be checked out for both of these kids.

  • kniption

    …now I feel bad laughing at a story like this! 

    My work here is done…

  • Spifftastic

     I doubt it’s a money thing, I bet there aren’t any other schools for the deaf in the area. I’m assuming they’re few and far between. I would really hope they’d transfer out if they had an alternative.

    But I bet you’re right, they’ll  probably still try to get some money out of the school for it. Hopefully not.

  • JohnQknowitall

    even for the poor. does not assume they are poor, but simply covers the argument that they may be poor.

    Federal Law mandates that children with special needs must be accomodated and so the school in question is not the only one. If the parents feel this strongly about the issue then this is a possible solution.

    Deaf education has several routes. Many parents choose total submersion with hearing children. Some parents, not all, do not choose this path due to the child’s temperment.

    I do not pretend to know these people’s deeper issues, but I do believe that they smell money and that the school attended is a much smaller issue for them.

  • JohnQknowitall

    How many seconds does it take?  🙂

  • JohnQknowitall

    Hard labor and registering as sex offender, and then castration. Plus the money for the parents of the victim.

  • tdavid6

    So if an 18 year old has intercourse with a 15 year old it can be statutory rape on a technicality, but an 8 year old is able to give ‘consent’? I have an 8 year old that still sleeps with a blankie and has to be reminded to eat sometimes.

  • tdavid6

    I agree completely, counseling is the way to go. I also don’t think that the driver or the aide saw the activity (I HAVE to hope that if they had they would have broken it up sooner). I definitely don’t think the 13 year old should be treated like an RSO for the rest of his life. But I can’t see how police can conclude that the 8 year old “consented”, either.

  • JGo555

    When I was 8, I just wanted to go outside to play. I wanted to ride my bike and go to the park and watch Inspector Gadget in the tv & play super nintendo.

    Now as a teacher I’ve taken classes to deal with children with disabilities when teaching them and somewhere in there I read that deaf and blind children (especially the blind) tend to develop psychological sexuality a bit different from the children without disabilities because there are visual and hearing cues they can’t grasp.

    Now, these aren’t blind kids. These kids are DEAF and he might’ve not heard a “no” but she can sure as hell Helen Keller a NO.

    When I was 13 I knew what sex was and I was one of the most innocent girls in my class (we’d gotten a pregnant girl back in the 7th grade & one every year until Senior year in my private CATHOLIC high school) and I was NOT into 3rd graders. Hell, my little brother was in 3rd grade and he was a major pest. With all of that said: “WHY WOULD AN 8th GRADE BOY THINK AN 8yr old IS SOMETHING HOT TO TAP!?” Even if the girl is so pretty, she still has no body parts that a sexually healthy 13yr old would want to touch…

    Paedophile in the making????

  • JGo555

    I’m sorry but if this happened in the best deaf school, it could be a reason to keep sending the children back to school.

    And while I would sue the school to freaking pay more attention (not for money purposes), I’d be suing the little paedo/rapits/13yr old parents for teaching or lack of teaching him to NOT TOUCH KIDS THAT WAY!

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    They may be the ones he learned the inappropriate touching from. I’m always a little suspicious when kids show a lot of sexual knowledge. This wasn’t a “show me yours and I’ll show you mine”. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    They’re supposed to provide each child with special needs accommodations, but that doesn’t mean that’s the way it happens. I’ve seen many schools fight tooth and nail to not offer special services. Yes, eventually courts can make them do it, but in the mean time where is the child getting educated? 
    It’s also a matter of getting teachers who can teach special needs there may only be one teacher who knows ASL in that district.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Depends on the position. 😉

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    It’s OK, I laughed too. Kniption’s a bastard.

  • And truthfully many deaf parents don’t want their children going to a hearing school any more then they want them to get the cochlear implant. There is a strong pride associated with being deaf and some (many) don’t like or dare I say are prejudice against the hearing world.

  • Or if she does kegels.

  •  I have no idea who issued the “consented” statement,but I do know that the word in this context runs contrary to the law.A minor can not “consent” to a sexual act by law.

  • Jemimabean

    Well of COURSE it was consensual, we’ve all heard about these pre- pubescents and their throwing themselves at older boys and men, especially on a school bus! Just like babies seem to keep hitting their heads against coffee tables and winding up on life support. Duh.

  • Not sure what to make of some of your comment … but some of your points are indeed valid.When I was 13 I do not recall ever being attracted to any elementary school girls at all, only other Jr High,or High school girls. 

  • sugarpie

    Oooohh, I see.  I guess someone has to keep him awake.

  • “Federal Law mandates that children with special needs must be accommodated and so the school in question is not the only one.”

    I have met parents of special needs children who have had to relocate because the only schools in the area they had moved from,which were suited to their children, were too far away for day to day driving.The law says schools  have to accommodate the kids – you are right,however accommodating does not mean providing the child with targeted education they may well be in need of.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I bet gummy worms were involved too. 

  • Aena

    Since neither could consent I think it is a draw and no charges should be brought. I am thinking they didn’t have sex like the sex we are thinking, else they would have been caught sooner. I think they probably were experimenting, like most kids do, and went too far. 

  • Reen B

     LOL! I think they’re mainly supposed to be there to manage hooliganism in general, so the driver can focus. We never had aides on our buses, just a 300-pound carmudgeon with a huge rearview mirror and the loudest bellow you’ve ever heard.

  • Athena

    Did your household have the internet when you were 13?  Mine did… and I knew exactly how to do “it” by that age.

    I think people tend to underestimate media these days, because most of today’s adults didn’t grow up with the internet.  All you have to do is *not* shelter your children, and they can easily learn their way around human anatomy.  

  • Athena

    The term has two usages, the legal and the general.  Legally, a minor cannot consent.  But to say that these children engaged in consensual sex is to suggest that no force or manipulation was involved.  

  • Umm, NO. An 8 year old can’t consent to jack shit. A five year difference is also well outside the bounds of Romeo and Juliet laws. And a 13 year old who wants to have sex with an 8 year old is a PEDOPHILE. This pisses me off.

  • onlyme356

    That’s a pretty judgmental statement to make. As of right now, you don’t actually know what the parents are doing, only what the school has reported to cover their butts. “The children involved are safe and have returned to the classroom..” Another thing to consider, the children are deaf. Perhaps the alternative in the county is slim or perhaps when they stated, they are back in class they meant in a different class, or a different class at a different Nobleville School. They keep calling themselves “Nobleville Schools” that’s plural so maybe they have other locations? It looks like there is not enough info. Either way, sometimes a parent might keep the child in the same school environment to avoid transitional problems. It happened on the bus, not the school. It’s especially difficult dealing with children that may have developmental problems. I’m sure their safety is important to the parents, but we can’t exactly know if it’s true or not from one sentence you’re translating into what you wish to see.

  • onlyme356

     This doesn’t necessarily mean that someone reviews tapes all day. For all you know the 8 year old told someone what happened and they reviewed the tapes. These cases usually have a lot more information that is not disclosed for investigation purposes. Aside from that, I’m glad there was surveillance. How else would the matter have been completely proven?

  • I’m thinking they did in fact have the kind of sex we are thinking they did.I am also thinking that they went waay too far … not just too far.When most kids experiment they stop short of actually fucking – just saying.

  • Hello Athena.To answer your question  – “No.” The whole computer/internet thing never occurred to me till just now when you brought it up.I agree with you.There were no PC’s like we have today when I was a kid.I used to have to get on my oldest boy constantly about porn on his computer account when he was a teen,I never had problems with my younger boy and porn,but the older one was something else.It did slow him down some when I explained to him one day that if our PC was ever confiscated and it was found that he had saved porn on his account that him,and his brother would be taken from me.

  • no one (not even parents) can keep surveillance 24/7, so to ask a teacher (who doesn’t love your child the way you do. hell may not even like your kid) to remain vigilant over an entire class is absurd. teachers shouldn’t continuously lose their job or be put on admin leave due to your child’s advanced appreciation for anatomy!

  • Jodie Martin

    Federal law says students with disabilities must be accommodated, AND that they must be accommodated at the nearest approriate school to their local school district.  It is likely, based on the court’s findings, that this remains the nearest appropriate school.  If the family persues this, they will first go into mediation, but again, based on the lower court’s findings, they probably will not be successful. 

    It’s also important to keep in mind that suing for large amounts of money isn’t about greed, it’s about hitting businesses (including school districts) where it hurts. 

  • PhantasmaGora

    “Fall on Deaf ears.” I see what you did there… I like your moves!

  • I have to say  for the first time ever I am shocked by the comments. An 8 year old girl was raped by a 13 year old boy and you all think it has to do with money or that a 13 year old boy isn’t mature enough or doesn’t know right from wrong. We are not talking about developmental disabilities, we are talking about deaf. He raped her and should be charged. Yes kids do experiment, but I am sorry a 13 year old does not experiment with an 8 year old. He is a pedo and should be treated as such. I know if it was my child I would do all I could to have the rapist charged. 13 year old boys do know what sex is.

  • JGo555

    Sign Language is universal. A Japanese can speak with an Italian in sign without any problems.

    And I never saw the pic of the kids & neither’s faces’ should be plastered on tv. And no matter how old an 8yr looks, IT STILL AN 8YR OLD!!!

  • JGo555

    Ya’ll realize that an 8 yr old CONSENTED to having sex??? I am wondering why at 8, a girl wants to have sex! I remember at that age hating when we’d have to play with boys because they wanted to run & not play with barbies… I wonder what’s going in that house that an 8yr old says: “let’s have sex” because they know what it’s about…

  • JGo555

    But you can sign all the bad words, right?

    And THAT’S what’s important.

  • LuvsHorror

    13 is a minor too.

  • LuvsHorror

    There was no ‘victim’. Both are minors. 8 is more mature today than 20 years ago. She could have initiated it. Why should he be labeled a child molester for the rest of his life? What if it was two 8 year olds? Is it always the males fault?

  • LuvsHorror

    Right on!

  • Sign Language is not universal.

    Edited: Even though I explained how I know this below I will add this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sign_language

  • LuvsHorror

    If I thought my child had been violated I would not have them in the same school as the perpetrator. Where did she learn this sexual behavior?

  • LOL! Yes, I can sign the bad words.

  • JohnQknowitall

    You are sure about that?

  • JohnQknowitall

    Federal doesn’t mandate the education has to happen in the child’s school district. It just has to be paid for by the child’s school district.

  • JGo555

    Then where in the f*ck did I read that what I said was true!?

    It would’ve been nice if it was though. You’d be set on bad words for all ethnicities.

  • An eight-year-old cannot consent to sexual activity under the law, plain and simple. Regardless of her disability, regardless of her socio-economic status, regardless of her past activity, she does not possess the capability to consent to sex. 

    Her inability to consent makes it a non-consensual sex act. The implication in the articles is that he instigated it, making him the molester or rapist. 

  • I’ve had internet access in my bedroom on my own computer since I was ten. I can’t imagine NOT having it. 

  • you rest your case. 😉

  • seriously….i was recently SHOCKED when i found out some of the 7th grade 13-year-old boys were not virgins…(not to mention some of the girls)…
    but when i spoke to a male parent of my daughter’s friend, he acted like where have i been???
    he says yeah, i was gettin down at 13…
    but then again, think about it, with the kinds of porn  on the internet these days, our children are exposed to SO MUCH SO EARLY!!
    when my daughter was 9, she accidentally came across two men’s balls slapping against eachother (ya know what i mean)…and i had to explain to her what that was….
    yeah, not pretty.
    for me it was ok, but for her!!!!!!

  • oh god please let it be so……

  • not quite…they are both still children…but that 13 year old i would fuck him/her up.

  • kimbev69

    My little cousin is autistic and lives in middletown ny believe me special schools at least the good ones are not easy to find and let me tell you the girl i mentioned before on here that was sexually assaulted by the daycare owners son well she was almost 4 and he was 11 and the prosecuter basically did not even investigate past confirming it with their professionals how sad that sometimes sueing someone is the only way to get an atrocity like this noticed, i was sexually harassed for 6 yrs by a former employer who also owned the company and finally let me go because i told him i had enough and if he ever talked to me the way he was i would file a complaint with eeoc which i did prior to being let go then he blackballed me in the high end appliance industry which doesnt sound like much but i couldnt get a job for shit, then the next four jobs i had after the thirty day period i was fired unexplained, it was proven in court when these employers called he basically kept notes and would anonymously send my lawsuit copy to each company who called for a ref, i sued but had a stupid lawyer i settled due to stress and should have went for a jury and punitive damages, this is part of my ptsd now it sucks

  • kimbev69

    So u are saying the 8 yr old is at fault?

  • kimbev69

    Idk the daycare owners son is 11 using a broomstick on a 3 yr old and mommy just shut the door on the cops refusing to allow an investigation her daycare is in south carolina and still up and running, what do u think he will be doing in 2 yrs

  • kimbev69

    I think the school environment and the bus tapes from the past need to be checked into also

  • kimbev69

    My thought too this is not his first time either and he could very well have been the victim of a pedo i mean what better victim than one that cant scream or tell

  • kimbev69

    I am so with you on this thus the reason i commented so often i cant believe some of the comments saying dont charge the 13 yr old

  • kimbev69

    Im wondering if she said that or knew what it even meant

  • onlyme356

    You’ve got to be kidding. The girl is 8 years old, not 12 or 13. She’s. 8. She was raped or she didn’t know what she was actually doing if she “consented” An 8 year old simply does not consent to sex. A 13 year doesn’t consent to sex either, I’m pretty sure that boy has been raped or molested and now he’s becoming a perpetrator as well. Or he’s a horny kid who has no boundaries and that in itself is still wrong. WHY did he do an 8 year old? Because he knew a 13 year old girl wouldn’t fly with it. He abused the 8 year old. She had to be in the second grade, are you kidding me? The cops are complete idiots and I question your reasoning as an adult (if you actually are an adult). 

  • nuffsaid77

    Lets not forget the other child involved was 13, that is not of consensual age either…. I would want to know what is going on in an 8 year olds life that she even knows about sex……….I know I am gonna catch hell but this is a victim less situation.

  • malq

     I see your point KimBev,  I would worry about that 11 year old too.
     what do with excitable Johnnies?  Surely, we can rehabilitate rather than incarcerate juveniles.
    A judge should mandate access to that child to attempt to fix him. he is a danger to society.
    I don’t have all the answers, but the sooner you can treat someone the better the chances are you can fix them.

  •  I think if they meant the later then they would have been better off to simply state that ” no force or manipulation was involved” – that way they would not have come off sounding like DUMB ASSES.

  • Please allow me to quote Athena – as her comment to me is entirely appropriate here:

     “The term has two usages, the legal and the general.  Legally, a minor
    cannot consent.  But to say that these children engaged in consensual
    sex is to suggest that no force or manipulation was involved.”

  • Whatevn

    People are acting like 13yo make the smartest choices.

    I was 7 and my 12yo cousin had sex with me a number of times.  We were both young and stupid.  Now that he is older, he has never made a move on me like that, nor I him.  Kids do stupid ass things. And yes, they can agree to sex at a young age. Doesnt make it right but doesnt make the “older” one the person to blame.

  •  You would have been correct if you had stated that “some” Sign Language is universal.

  • Angie

     Deaf does not equal mute.  Most Deaf are quite capable of vocalization – including screaming.  Trust me, this I know, as the mother of 4 Deaf children…

  • I bet she knew exactly what it meant … and I still want to know why she didn’t bleed all over the place … or why there is no mention of it;had her hymen already been broken ? If so how exactly ?

  • ” We are not talking about developmental disabilities, we are talking about deaf.”

    Err … actually being deaf can in fact be a “developmental disability” it depends on the individual. 

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    JOHN!!  If your 8 year old daughter ‘had sex’ with a 13 year old on the school bus, wouldn’t you want the police to do something about it?  Since when can 8 year olds have ‘consensual sex’? or am I missing something?

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    uh, why are you defending that 13 year old?  They said it was SEX.    ALSO 13 year olds are young adults, what reasonable 13 year old would whip their dick out onto an 8 year old?  NONE that I know of that aren’t in jail.

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    Yeah tell it to the school systems.  Good luck with that, because that shit doesn’t happen like that.

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    No, this school is totally a school for DEAF kids, it’s not a public school that these kids are in.  Deaf schools are few and far between, especially good ones.   The accommodation happens in public schools IF it happens, it is often shit and they are not really accommodated.

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    Damn that makes me so mad, I wish I could fly over there and beat that man’s ass myself!!

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    FOR FUCKS SAKE, THAT GIRL WAS 8 YEARS OLD, what the fuck are you talking about?

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    HAHAA  not long XD XD

  • JohnQknowitall

    Fishers police conducted that investigation. Their findings? The bus driver and bus aide will not face charges because the height of the seats precluded their being able to observe the children and… the sex between the children was consensual. Case closed.

    The police did investigate.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Did I defend the 13 year old? I find it difficult to believe that both the 13 year old and the 8 year old had not been sexualized prior to this event. This event should never have happened, but is either more a victim than the other? I don’t think so.

    I think the real victimization will be the hoopla which will inevitably scar both child… yes, I said both children.

    13 year olds are not young adults. 18 year olds are young adults.

  • Cory

    I wonder what there music class is like lol

  • kimbev69

    :0) i won my case but it was not for the best, i think if i let it go to court and it was public knowledge what he did i would feel better, now he will victimize others

  • Subject: [dreamin-demon] Re: Police Say 8-Year-Old Consented To Sex On School Bus

  • If it was rape she would be hurting and bleeding. I was married the first time I had sex and it hurt like hell and yes I was bleeding. I’m beginning to think that this wasn’t the kid’s firs ttime. Who knows what happened at home.

  • turnerm911

    just because they are deaf does not mean they don’t experience puberty like all kids. no 8 yr can consent to anything. so it is rape!