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Has Hailey Dunn Been Found?

March 23, 2012 at 8:12 am by  

Big Spring, TX – Hailey Dunn, the missing thirteen-year-old from Colorado City, Texas, may have been found.  Fifteen months after her December 2010 disappearance, a body was located on Tuesday afternoon near an air park in Big Spring. UPDATE 12:07 PM 3/23/12 – Apparently not. The body, on autopsy, appears male and is not Hailey Dunn.  So that’s that – and Hailey is still missing. (imp)

Hailey’s case captured the nation’s attention at the time of her disappearance because Nancy Freakin’ Grace put up Hailey’s eighth grade cheerleader picture and called her “Missing Texas Cheerleader” in one of the more egregious cases of Missing White Girl Syndrome we’ve ever seen.

Within weeks, though, even the ol’ NG was off the case when it became clear that Hailey’s family life was more jacked up than a vintage Chevy in a redneck’s front yard.

From early on, it was clear to many of Hailey’s supporters that the bright, funny teenager was probably dead. Both her mother, Billie Dunn, and her mother’s boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, reportedly failed polygraphs regarding the circumstances of Hailey’s disappearance.

Later, pedobear bait was allegedly found on a computer owned by Shawn’s mother’s family in Big Spring, just a mile from where the as-yet-unidentified remains were found this week.

Hailey Dunn, Billie Dunn, Shawn Adkins

No charges were ever filed on the alleged kiddie porn, though, and eventually it began to appear as though Shawn Adkins was a horror-loving goofball who just happened to have an unlucky timeline, and Billie Dunn was just dumb as a box of hammers and didn’t mind her man taking vids of her doing kinky things.  It happens, okay?  Doesn’t mean they killed anyone, especially when eyewitnesses said they saw Hailey as late as the night of December 27, hours after she was presumed abducted and/or killed in her home.

Mentally Ill Woman Confesses On Camera To Trying To Stab Her Mother To Death

Here’s the thing, though. The rumor mill in West Texas is close-knit, and those closely involved with Hailey’s case have a long history of talking.  So far, I have been told by telephone that  the body found was an adolescent, possibly with blondish long hair.

The remains are reported to have been there, allegedly wrapped first in a blanket and then in a trash bag, for between six months and two years. One source, who has asked not to be named, tells me that the body was in or near clothing that matches the description of Hailey’s last known outfit – dark jogging pants and a light colored t-shirt.  None of this has as yet been confirmed by law enforcement or the media.

I have spent a little time talking with Billie Dunn, and despite her occasional inconsistencies, I have no evidence that she or Shawn killed her daughter. But if Hailey’s body has been found a mile from Shawn’s mother’s house, that doesn’t look too good for Shawn. Especially since phone records showed Adkins traveled from work to Colorado City the morning Hailey disappeared, then to his mother’s house, where he placed nearly a dozen calls.

If it turns out that Hailey really was wrapped in a blanket of some kind, well that doesn’t look too good for Billie Dunn, either.  Until dental records, DNA or other identification verifies that the body found is Hailey’s, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • Been waiting for these results. It is like a big sore thumb pointing right up Shawns ass, a mile from his “territory”…Hmmmmm something like a tell tale heart. And shame on that Billie chick…..She may not have been involved. But sleeping with the monster that surely had a hand in your childs last days on fuggin’ pathetic. Both of them. Does she really grieve for that lil’ girl? I have to wonder. Watching movies and making you’re own no matter how creepy isn’t illegal, and doesn’t make one a killer. BUT killers watch movies too.
    Poor Hailey.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Thanks for injecting the image into my morning thoughts of that hateful bitch Nasty Grace and that hideous growth on her face with two nostrils.

  • When I first saw the title for some reason in my delirious state of mind I was thinking that maybe she had been found alive and that the reason for the question was that maybe she was in a cult or something and refused to give her real name.  As far fetched as that may sound it sure sounds a hell of a lot better then what appears to be the reality.  Sorry for Hailey having to miss out on 70 plus years of life just so someone could have a few minutes of sick sexual gratification.  If the goofy looking step dad did it well at least they live in texas a state that is pretty good at erasing killers from the planet earth.

  • “If it turns out that Hailey really was wrapped in a blanket of some
    kind, well that doesn’t look too good for Billie Dunn, either.”

    Question – why not ? What would a blanket in general have to do with the mother ?

    My thought on the blanket is this – blankets are fields of DNA evidence,and the fact that the blanket was in a bag may have aided that evidence being preserved.

  • Andy P

     Good point Ced, I guess we will see how this plays out.  Wonder if Shawn’s (or someone else’s) DNA is in there?

  • ” …when it became clear that Hailey’s family life was more jacked up than a vintage Chevy in a redneck’s front yard.”

    Now that’s jacked up.

  •  Good morning Andy.
    If I had to bet my life on one way or the other – I would vote the guy guilty;I figure the odds are better.

  • malq

    Yeah I saw this and finally one of these comes to a close with a body. If it’s her.
    maybe Misty Croslin will start crapping her pants a little bit.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Because if she was wrapped in a blanket, that could indicate a level of caring or consideration by the person who wrapped her in it after death and that is something a mother might possibly do. 🙁

  • impqueen

    It’s classic profiling, Cedric. Nine times out of ten, if a child’s body is found wrapped in a blanket, a female wrapped the body. I’m not saying Billie killed Hailey, if that’s the case, but it will make any investigator look at her again – and at the other female family members (Naomi, Patricia, even grandma Connie) more closely.

  • blubberdong

    This was shady from the start.  The twitchy little spinner and her stunt cock are murderers.  Forensics will nail ’em because their IQ’s added together equals room temperature on a hot Texas day and they left some pieces of themselves behind.  Fuck ’em both with sandpaper dildos.

  • Chinchillazilla

     Yeah, people related to murder victims, particularly parents, tend to cover them or bury them with personal belongings.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I really hope it is her remains and she can be buried properly and her killer(s) brought to justice. Hailey was/is my Caylee and Rowan. 🙁

  • impqueen

    Billie, in case you see this:  I need to know.

    When you were in Big Spring on Wednesday morning, dropping Shawn off – did you go to the recovery site to try to see if the body left there is Hailey?  You were a mile away. Did you call Tinker or Toombs, did you drive by? Did you beat down that fence begging to see if that body is your baby’s? Or did you turn and drive the other way?

    If you tried to see if that body is Hailey’s, and I haven’t heard about it, then I’m still willing, however weird it may seem to others, to try to defend your choices. You know I have defended you many times. I had your back when that assclown H took your words from my old page and used them against you.

    If you didn’t at least try to see her, to attempt to identify her or anything found with her, then that is a little hard to understand.  I’m not trying to give you more shit, I’m really not –  I feel like a lot of people would like to know why, or why not.


  • Given their background (Billie and Shawn’s) I feel they are both responsible. Even when this goes to court and it will in time. And if a jury finds them or Billie innocent. It’s like the Casey Anthony case. It will never change my mind.  The two are way out their. Child porn. Beastality. <— hell I can't even spell that one. They have lied and changed stories and failed poly's left and right. Innocent people don't fail lie detector test!

  • impqueen

     At this point there is no evidence of child porn. There is evidence of bestial porn, which is also gross, but is legal in Texas.  Despite the year wait and the assurances that some deputy in Scurry County is looking at all the porn, there have been no charges filed.  If that changes, you can bet I’ll be on that like a Myers mask on Shawn Adkins.

    My theories on this case range from the standard Shawn did it and Billie’s covering, to the various sex offenders who lived nearby, to Billie’s son accidentally hurting Hailey, to Hailey’s quasi-stepmother who is all of 22 and hated Hailey’s guts and in whose home the earring was found, to her mother who has trafficking connections by her own admission and who “lost” a car in a field and can’t find it and who kept Hailey’s younger stepbrother from talking to investigators until LE threatened to file a CPS case. It’s a complicated case, man. Lots of ins and outs and what have yous.  But if this body is Hailey’s, it starts looking a lot simpler.

  • Deety

    “Within weeks, though, even the ol’ NG was off the case when it became clear that Hailey’s family life was more jacked up than a vintage Chevy in a redneck’s front yard.”

    I love you ImpQueen, you are amazing!

    Seriously, would love to see more of you on the FP again.

  • Pyncky

     Years ago when I was 15 my dog died.  I buried him wrapped in my blanket in the back yard. My mom had a fit, but he used to sleep on my bed with me and in my grief I didn’t want him to be cold in that dark hole.  No, I was not a moron, but it made me feel a little better.

    So, maybe not just a woman.

  • Lena60

    . Innocent people don’t fail lie detector test! Yeah they can, its not realiable.I would never take one.

  • Pyncky

     Actually many innocent people fail lie detector tests and many guilty ones fail them.  They are pseudo-science at best.  I once took one for a job and it indicated that I lied when I answered with my name.  I never go by my first name so it said I was being deceptive. Then later it asked if I had ever been fired from a job.I said no (I had once) and passed it easily.

    Now, if I am ever asked to take one I will refused. Even if they are looking into Lincoln’s assassination.

  • Lena60

    ENNIS, Texas – A severely burned body found in Ennis is believed to be a missing 15-year-old girl. And police are looking for two people connected to her . “There seems to be alot of missing teens in the news lately.” ‘Alot of them seem to be in Texas.” I have not followed the Hailey Dunn, story closely.What I have read thus far, sounds suspicious as all hell.

  •  Not specifically a woman… but someone close to her who loved her very much.  Same as you didn’t want your dog to be cold and alone. 

  • Shiiid…if you ask me my name and birth date odd’s are that I’d fail the test because my anxiety would be so high my heart would be jumping out of my chest. 

  •  Unfortunately, there wasn’t.  there was pedobait alleged to have been found but nothing ever came of it. There is a HUGE industry of over-18 models made up to look under 18.  Some of it, though legal, is QUITE creepy. 

    I’ve seen pics of a model i KNOW was pushing 30 when the pics were taken but due to body type, makeup and clothing choices, looks MUCH closer to the 13-14 range.

    Since no charges were filed on child porn, you can draw the same conclusion here.  With the insanity surrounding this case and all the comments about police failure, if there had been sometihng to charge Adkins on, I am willing to bet they would have jumped on it just to be able to say “see?  we’re not incompetent, we got him for THIS charge!”

    The beastyporn, unfortunately, isn’t illegal in TX, though it IS majorly squickworthy.

  • impqueen

     Good point. It is entirely possible that Hailey’s father or even her brother could have done that. I don’t see it in Shawn, though, they weren’t that close, and certainly not a stranger. Clint has been cleared as a suspect and I don’t think her brother D. was ever under suspicion. I just think we don’t have all the answers yet. I hope, if it’s Hailey, that there will be enough evidence to speak for her.

    Of course, we don’t even have confirmation of a blanket yet. My intel could be wrong. Then again, it might be right.

  • buhbam

    Kinda like the heart sticker on Casey Anthony’s kid.

  • LeaveMeBe

    We do the same thing Pyncky. Our 13 yo lab dies in December and my husband wrapped him in one of our son’s blanket’s because he always used to sleep with him. Our son was away at basic training when he passed and it was tough so we wrapped him in ‘his boy’s’ scent. Damn, now I’m crying.

  • impqueen

     I know, I wrote one of those articles 🙂  However, Detective Kelsey Alexander has since stated that there was no CP found in Billie Dunn’s home.  At this point, we can’t prove jack.

    Pete Kampfer and Sheriff Patrick Toombs have also backpedaled around the CP thing multiple times over the last year.  At this time, no charges as to any child porn which may or may not have been present on any device related to Shawn Adkins or Billie Dunn have been filed.

     Basically, we can’t prove there was kiddie porn until they charge someone, and a year later, there are no charges and none apparently forthcoming according to Toombs. Will they eventually charge Shawn with CP based on the Big Spring computer? Oh, more than likely, if they don’t get him for murder first – but only if they can figure out who downloaded it. Billie herself has said that one picture was shown to her by CCPD officers.

  • impqueen

     Hi Deety!  I show up for podcasts when I’m not passed out in a pool of my own hair dye,

  • LeaveMeBe


  • DangerousKindOfSnark


  • impqueen

    Yeah, so. The body found is NOT Hailey.  I would have bet my assets it was, so it’s good I have no assets to speak of.  How do we know?  Because the body is male.  The questions now: who is it, and where is Hailey Dunn?

  • Lena60

    Damn! ((((((((((LMB))))))))) you got me tearing up now.It makes me think of our Beagle lab mix who is now 10. 🙁

  • Lena60

    Wow! bodies seem to be popping up all over.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Thanks for putting this story up anyway, ImpQueen.

  • JGo555

    Hailey, I hope they find you alive. I hope you ran away to Tulsa to see Hanson & are panhandling there instead of being dead.

    We love you, come back home so you can go to school and grow up & go traveling.

  • LeaveMeBe

    (((((Lena60))))) OK, now you have me remembering back to September 2010 when my daughter’s not quite two year old Beagle died of a seizure disorder. We buried him with a blanket of her’s and his favorite toy.

  • kimbev69

    I have lost three blankies in my yard after wrapping my kitties up and large plastic airtight containers and my two dogs were cremated with thier favorite blankies :0(

  • kimbev69

    She wasnt there cause she knows where her daughters body is, think about when they searched for caylee in certain places she wasnt worried a bit, now if u did not know where the body was then your love of your child should have you there to see if they can show u clothing or somethin

  • kimbev69

    You know what if they failed because they are just druggie liars? What if she really did go to the dads? What if the stepmom sold her to a drug dealer thus the earring found there possibly fell out during a struggle

  • Must be some reason the dead boy was ignored as un-important but damned if I can see what it would be.

  • michaeljcheaney

    As you may or may not know, there was a body found in Scurry county Texas, last Saturday (March 16th 2013) just outside of Snyder TX.

    And the speculation that has run very rampant in my area, (Knott TX, Just outside of Big Spring) is that this could also be Hailey’s body….
    As of tonight, (March 23,2013) there still is no conformation or denial that the body is hers, however I do know that there is still hope Hailey will be found alive……

  • Remains found have been identified as Hailey Dunn’s. So incredibly sad!!

  • michaeljcheaney

    It is sad, but at the same time I think its the resolution that everyone in these parts were expecting.
    Where I get really disgusted is that on all the news websites was everyone was saying that Billie Dunn was somehow deserving of sympathy because the remains were Haileys…..
    Billie deserves nothing IMO…..

  • They only found a tooth, skull and femur. He may have cut her up and
    disposed of her body in different locations but then again we have a lot
    of wild hogs and coyotes out here so no telling where they drug her
    bones off to. I just pray that both Billie and Shawn are arrested soon
    and we see better justice for Hailey than we saw for Caylee, Zahra and many other murdered children.

    I have been told by a reliable source that Billie admitted to a group of ladies on Facebook that she lied to Police, she said Shawn took her to work the morning of Monday December 27. Why lie to Police about that? Unless…..Did they have Hailey in the trunk of the car and dump her before going to work? Or were they working on a story and after dropping off Billie at work Shawn dumped Hailey? We know he stopped at work, left his car running and went inside. He was seen drinking a soft drink from the machine, he was gone within 10 minutes. He lied and said he was fired, we know this isn’t true. Billie said she didn’t know about that, later she said he went in to quit but he didn’t tell his boss anything. I truly believe she was murdered the night of Dec. 26th, nobody claimed to have seen her after that day…..except of course Shawn.

    Foe those who wonder about that facebook conversation, the ladies took screen shots before Billie could delete it. I’m told it was turned over to LE.

  • kara Conner

    Hailey has been positively identified. Skeletal remains found March 2013 were positively identified in late April.