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Orlando, FL – Alexis Felton, 22, was caught on video surveillance choking her 11-month-old daughter six times while in the Florida hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit.

The infant wasn’t even a year old, but had already been hospitalized a total of six times. During the infant’s latest stay in the hospital for respiratory problems, Felton was captured on camera disconnecting the wires connected to her daughter and then choking the infant six separate times.

According to the police report, Felton reaches down and chokes the child. The child again can be heard gasping for breath and can be seen kicking its legs in an attempt to get away. On the fifth attempt, the baby went limp and the monitors alerted the nurses.

The report states that when nurses entered the room, Felton said, “She’s having another episode.” The nurses were able to save the baby and the hospital staff called police. They questioned Felton at the scene and then arrested her. She was initially charged with six counts of attempted homicide but Judge Thomas Kirkland later minimized those counts to just one charge of attempted homicide.

“I find that they are no different than when a person takes a gun and shoots a person six times, there is not a different count for each bullet,” said Judge Kirkland.

Felton told police that she didn’t want her baby to live in pain anymore, but her family and the judge proceeding over her custody hearing suggested she was suffering from Munchausen By Proxy.

“She loves this baby,” said Sharon Felton, Alexis’ mother. “She takes this baby everywhere she goes. It’s just that when she thinks she is left out of something, or something is not going her way. That’s when something happens to the baby, that’s when she gets the attention.”

Fortunately, the infant has been placed into a medical foster home and the Department of Children and Families claims she will be able to recover without any long term complications. They’re pushing for termination of the mother’s parental rights.

Felton remains behind bars with no bond. She is on suicide watch.

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