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Rolla, MORemember Rowan Ford? If you don’t, maybe you haven’t been here in awhile. Or maybe it’s been so long since the nine-year-old’s murder in 2007 that you forgot. I’d forgive you if you blocked it out from trauma – Rowan’s murder was heinous.

Long story short, Chris Collings (who is 6’6″) and Rowan’s stepdad David Spears (who’s six feet wide, give or take) thought it would be really fun to pull a train on a nine year old girl. Then one or both of the men garroted Rowan with a cord and dumped her body down a cave entrance, where she laid half-clothed and decomposing for nearly a week. Nice, huh? NO.

Collings has admitted to abducting Rowan from her bed and taking her to a trailer, where he raped and killed the child. Spears has also admitted to raping and killing Rowan, which is a slick strategy if you like defense maneuvers for later appeals.

This week, a Phelps County jury finally convicted Christopher Collings of first-degree murder for killing Rowan during the commission of statutory rape. This means that Collings, a giant d-bag who kind of looks like a penis, is eligible for the death penalty. Please take a moment and praise the celestial being of your imaginary choice.

Collings was on his second attempt to seat a jury in his second trial in his second change of venue, because the crime was committed over two counties and moved to a third before landing in Phelps County’s lap in 2008.  Last year, Phelps County couldn’t seat a jury.  This year, they almost didn’t.  It took more than four years for Rowan’s pixie face to fade, even though the crime occurred several hours away.

Bodies Of Two Children Found Inside Freezer In Detroit Apartment

Today, I’d like to thank the men and women of Platte and Phelps Counties. Rolla, you rock. It’s about time, and it was a tough trial, with graphic descriptions and autopsy photos and a defense who couldn’t deny what had been done to a little girl. Rowan’s mother, Colleen Spears Munson, was present for the entire trial.

The penalty phase is already in progress. And no matter what your views on the politics or ethics of the death penalty, I can’t think of many cases that deserve it more than this one.  Killing Christopher Collings isn’t about getting justice for a child that’s already dead – it’s about keeping that bastard from breathing other people’s air.

David Spears, you’re on deck in November, you miserable fat fuck. And if you think a jury’s going to buy the “oops, I was high and only meant to rape her real hard” defense, you’ve got another think coming.

UPDATE 3/23/12 – After 48 minutes of deliberation, the jury has recommended the death penalty for Christopher Collings. Good.

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  • JGo555

    @impqueen:disqus y!

    So good to see you writing for a trashy website again!

  • Kimberly

    Please let them both fry if that is the least that can be done….I would prefer the knife they used on that baby girl be used on them the same damn way. 

  • JGo555


  • curiousalways

    thanks so much for the update.  This story sickens me to my core.  My stomach is rolling, I have no idea how the jury was able to sit through this, much less her mom.  Those men are the epitome of true evil. 

  • Happy to finally see some progress being made. May they rot in the ass-rapiest parts of hell!

  • Andy P

     LIKE X1000000

  • Mamma

    About fucking time.

  •  Just because it smells like raw sewage and decomposing bodies at DD doesn’t make the website trashy!

  • Lena60

    Good, It’s about time.Off with their heads, they are not using them anyway.Such a cringe worthy story.Great write-up Imp.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I hope the jury votes to fry this useless piece of shit.  He wouldn’t even make decent compost.

  • Mamma

    I think you’re smelling the couch.

  • CT

    You are holding back. 

  • I remember the original story, reading it in archives somewhere. About how the kid wanted to hang out in Mom’s car while she worked (go figure the two d-bags had all kinds of unemployed spare time) instead of be stuck around the dynamic duo. So sad.

  • This is when I wished people still took people to the town square and hung them after they were found guilty. ( I realize this isn’t really a solution and we all know there are people who did not commit such heinous acts who wouldn’t necessarily deserve death.)  This guy is the kind of criminal that would deserve it. May that little girl rest in peace, and her mother be able to carry on with her life. I can’t imagine how strong you would have to be to sit in the same room and not jump over the seats and bash his skull in with whatever was handy, all the while listening to what he did for days on end and multiple trials.

  • The worst decision I’ve ever made while on D’D was pushing the “Remember Rowan Ford” link. If this story doesn’t rip out your insides then this plus the update section with that beautiful newborn that was left to die for a week will have you begging for brain bleach.

    I can’t wait to get out of here and hug my babies.

    RIP Rowan…you deserved so much better then what this world gave you.

  • impqueen

     I’ll say this for Colleen Munson. While I think she was blinded by a raging case of dumbassedness until her child died, she immediately filed for divorce from Spears, and she was at that trial every single day. She only left once – when the autopsy photos were shown, I believe. And when asked how she felt after Collings’ conviction, Colleen just said “it’s not over yet”.  She had a soft spot for Collings before Rowan died. Now I think she just wants them both in hell. Colleen’s life will be never be the same, and to some extent she has that coming, but I respected her during this trial.

  • Zibarro aka Kryssa

    There is no way I could ever forget about Rowan.  Ever.  This child’s pathetic life was compounded by a most horrific death – and she will stay in my heart forever.  I have been waiting for the day that these two disgusting wastes of space and air finally had their trials.  One down, one to go.  I can only hope that Spears gets the same – and that they are both sentenced to death.  However, I wish more that, before that day comes, they are put back in general pop so that the other inmates can mete out some ACTUAL justice – the kind that causes pain, fear and the ultimate desire to die and be put out of one’s misery —- kinda like they did with sweet, innocent Rowan.

    RIP baby girl.  

  • Dark_Star

    I will never forget her. Her story will always be with me. RIP Rowan. 

  • LeaveMeBe

    Just hearing or seeing Rowan’s name brings tears to my eyes. Safe journey, Rowan.

  • Texas Ranger

    Instead of a Humane death penalty IV…let’s change it up for this sorry shit….I propose a diesel fuel colonic…fill him up to the brim, shove a large cork in his ass, run a loooooong fuse down his throat and then light it and let him slowly burn to death from the inside. When he is thoroughly interior-baked, bring in the losing FFA County Fair hogs for their last meal before the slaughterhouse.

  • Zazen

    I just bought a new gaming mouse today. Instead of gaming, the very first damned thing I did was come here, click on this story and say I will pray to Raptor Jesus that this sick fuck is sent to rot in the ripest hell.

  • Zazen

    I actually love that idea till you get to the part with the pigs. I can’t bear to think of him polluting perfectly good bacon.

  • rockinruby


  • kelly79

    I read this with tears rolling down my face. I’m in the UK and first read about Rowan on this site back in 2007. Rowan has stayed with me ever since and I have frequently googled her name to find out if there were any progress with this case. The photograph of Rowan gets me every time I see it as she looked very much like my oldest daughter at the same age. Rest in peace Rowan. No punishment will bring you back, but the death penalty will help to balance the scales. You are still thought of on this side of the pond x

  • Texas Ranger

    I agree about the bacon….but the losing County-Fair hogs deserve SOMETHING for their trouble..

  • Califboy

    Your hired ! This oxygen wasters need a slow miserable death for sure.

  • johnn0483

    I remember Rowans’ story well.  I can’t even imagine the pain this poor little girl was in during this horrible crime.  I would love to dip these asshole in acid……slowly.  Congrats to the jury that finally had the courage to convict them~!

  • kimbev69

    Cause she was absolutely terrified of the stepdad, if u ask me mommy needed some charges also for doubting her daughter

  • sweekymom

    Hell can’t have them quick enough for me. 

    Rest in peace, Rowan.  Justice is nigh.

  • DreaminMan5


    Whew. I don’t usually use caps but these two disgusting pieces of shit’s shit need to die–and not by the death penalty because I am against it. These two need to die by having the meanest, craziest inmates at their prison rape them with barbwire baseball bats until they bleed to death.

  • neenaP

    I remember this story, never saw her face until now.  One of worst things I have read. I hope she is in a better place.

  • This little girl 🙁 I remember reading that she’d show up to church and school hours early, and her teacher would let her into class because she’d be waiting outside the door. I wonder if anyone ever suspected there was a reason she didn’t want to be at home? I wish someone would have said or done something to prevent this. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt such a sweet kid. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do to ANYONE what these sick fucks did to this child. Sometimes I feel like I’m unshockable, but this story is FUCKING SAD. 

  • malq

    Ya know? This is what the death penalty is for. The chances of him actually getting executed are very slim.  Proponents of the death penalty  want to speed it up, while opponents want to abolish it because there may be one innocent person….

    So the question is, are we willing to let POS’s like this live, or can we speed things up so it actually happens,  with a small chance of collateral damage?

    I am just sayin’ if you are against the death penalty, you are the reason it doesn’t work right and  these guys will live to the ripe ol age of 95 while you take care of them with your tax dollars.  To me it is worth a few innocents to flush the toilet.

  • malq

    “And to the douchebag of this article:”

    Awww, don’t take it out on Impqueen, ..P

  • kelly79

    IIRC Rowan would also sleep in the car when her mother was at work to avoid being alone with him.

  • I love to data mine.  That’s what I call it when a topic interests me and I spend several hours tracking down every fucking name involved in the story and putting them through every internet search available to mankind.  It becomes an obsession and sometimes its probably not the healthiest of obsessions because as much as I like to joke around about the majority of the shit I read on this and every other website, there are certain stories that when I read them, I have to read them over and over just to make sure I have the ludicrous and seemingly ridiculously impossible set of facts down because I just can’t really actually fathom that people supposedly created in God’s image can behave so unspeakably disgusting.  These are the stories that anger me greatly.  Oh I ballyhoo on and on about “off with his head” and “let me guess….florida” and that sort of shit but for the most part those stories only reach me in a place that’s not too terribly deep not because I don’t care but more for the fact that my soul and heart and mind can only feel so much empathetic pain, disgust in the human race and so on.  if you let every story touch your inner heart then sadly you are going to end up either an emotional and paranoid and distrustful basket case or an unfeeling emotionless apathetic robot.  Every man has his limits.  And supposedly, allegedly, God only lets a person suffer what He knows a person can take.  I want to deny the essential truth in that statement. I want to scream that its a lie but I can’t because in my personal life which is the only life I have, although i’ve been to some extreme places in my head due to circumstances at a given time, so far the statement has held true.  I’ve been able to somehow handle and get past everything life has had to offer good and bad thus far.  I’m grateful for that and selfishly I don’t want to test it by getting myself personally emotionally involved in every single tragedy that I read about on the internet.  There are just too many stories.  Do you feel me? Too fucking many.  I don’t try to pick which ones I’m going to get in an uproar about either.  I just read the initial report, do my research and take it from there.  The ones that get me, the ones that i feel have the power to destroy me if i let them are few and far between for the most part.  They are the ones that almost immediately get my anger slowly building up, usually because a trusted member of a vulnerable and pretty helpless victim does something horrible that I know caused not only terror and fear and pain for a victim but also bewilderment, confusion and disbelief.  Always followed by incomprehensible demoralization and ultimately death.   Either a trusted member of a family or a complete and utter stranger.  I get really really mad and really really sad.  And I just want nothing but horrible things for the perpetrators of these acts.  Before i started staying abreast of these sorts of events i could pretty honestly say that i didn’t hate anybody.  No matter who had wronged me I didn’t hate them. I have wronged more people then have wronged me and I don’t feel any specific hatred from anybody so why do I have the right to hate anybody.  i don’t.  so i didn’t.  I know this is a long comment and I’m sorry but I just wanted to say that as a result of my interest in the people of this planet who fall victim to pieces of shit and my empathy for them and furious anger at the ones responsible for their always incredibly sad plight, I can now freely admit that I have added “hate” as one of the everyday emotions that I experience.  And it really bums me out. As stupid as this may sound, especially if you personally knew me, I feel like a big portion of my innocence that was somehow still intact after all these years of pretty crazy living has been stolen from me by the monsters that I hate.  I just want to list the ones that come to mind when I think about hate and i pray for bad bad things to happen to these people.  You may not know them all but who cares I want to say them.  Its all from memory so sorry about any errors. John Gardner killer of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King.  Joseph Smith who killed Carlie Brucia on Super Bowl Sunday.  Christoper Collins and his Tubbyass partner David Spears who just fucking defy description with the unspeakables they did against Rowan Ford.  Gertrude, Paula, John 
    Baniszewski, Richard Hobbs and Coy Hubbard who killed that poor, poor, poor girl Sylvia Likens. (really hate them so bad), Skylar Deleon and John Kennedy who killed the Hawkes couple in the Newport Beach yacht case (case absolutely fucking horrifies me the way these two were killed) Harold Braddy the bastard who threw that girl Quatisha Maydock into a swamp nicknamed Alligator Alley for obvious reason.  Fucking BASTARD.  Raul and Cathy Sarinana from Corona who killed, tortured and so much more. the victim? their nephew Ricky Morales who was 11 fucking years old.  Sharon Hinojosa the traitor cunt who betrayed her kids and let them burn to save a shitty relationship with some fucking asshole.  Russell Williams the Canadian Air Force colonel dude who killed Marie Comeau and some other chick.  Scary fucking twisted non feeling bastard.  Stacey Joy Bordeaux who killed one son and caused the other to be basically a brain dead vegetable.  Omaina Nelson who killed and dismembered her older husband who loved her and trusted her and got killed for financial reasons just a fucking cunt.  Tyler Hadley the little fucking bastard from Florida who killed his parents with a hammer.  Fucking asshole.  James Troutman a 24 year old sicko fuck who killed this girl named Skylar Kauffman, a cute little girl with the nicest smile you will ever see but who got killed at age nine in a horrific murder/rape/beating.  Michael King who randomly kidnapped this lovely young wife named Denise Lee, raped and shot her.  For no good reason.  To be honest I could go on and on and on and it sucks to have such hatred in my heart for my fellow human beings.  But I do.  I got a sick and twisted glee out of the fact that Christoper Collins that six foot six tall piece of dufus shit fuck got found guilty of capital murder and i can’t wait until he fries or gets injected or hung or shot or whatever happens to him.  I just want him to feel fear and pain and humiliation and confusion.  I want him to meet the devil with a mind filled with cobwebs and cottage cheese, whimpering like a broken man.  I hate him.  Sorry to say it but I do.

  • malq

     “To be honest I could go on and on and on ”

  • Another reminder that some people are not worthy of freedom,or the right to breath air.

  • Did they also use a knife on her ? 

  • I guess you already know to expect a visit from either Athena,or Morbid.

  • CT

     Thanks for making coffee shoot out of my nose.  Burns, it burns.

  • The mom picked the asshole step as a mate – I fault her for that.

  • Ahhhh…this is stirring up the morning cup o’ joe. And to imagine two grown men sitting around deciding running a train on a 9 year old was “the thing to do”. And then throwing her away like trash.. And maybe, as is sometimes the case, the mom really didn’t know what a sack o’shit she was dating. BUt how can you not? If you chose him, had him around your kid..He couldn’t have been all sunshine and butterfuckingflies. She had to know he had some shit with him, I just don’t buy that she didn’t…As for the 2 dudes they should both have their eyelids cut off feed them nothing but sleeping pills, and proceed to torture!!!

  • As long as we are talking legal adults – age is just a number.

  • LOL.
    I should have known that you would be the one to make me smile on a page like this.

  • impqueen

    One name that stuck out for me is Amber Dubois.  If you don’t know Amber’s mom Carrie McGonigle and Team Amber, you should.  Carrie is awesomeness, and I consider her a friend. Her dog Amber found Michele Le, and Carrie has been a tireless advocate in the Hailey Dunn case.

    Also: ditto on Colings.  And I would like to suggest spaces between paragraphs. 🙂  Also, go here and buy mah book. I read yours 🙂

  • I don’t “hate” anyone … but I do intensely dislike a few people.

  •  Nice write up.
    Have a nice weekend impqueen.

  • LOL sorry.  I was just pissed off.  i didn’t really think anyone would read it.  especially at this time of night.  

  • Deal…..

  • Kimberly

    Yes, during the rape and in the worst way. I wish I could pull the switch myself!

  • Time of night ? It’s morning in Texas … where the Hell are you man ? 

  • Cat_Lady

    These two sick fucks won’t last long at all in prison. The inmates will makes these pieces of shit suffer the way they made this little girl suffer. I hope to be reading about their deaths very soon on DD.

  • They are so used to dealing (and debating) malq I don’t even think they’ll respond. LOL

  • LOL.

  •  WOW … this is pretty sick.

  • neenaP

     Yes but you have to ask yourself why would a 25 year old man marry a 44 year old woman? possibly to get close to her daughter so he can molest her.

  •  I see your point,but the logic doesn’t fly with me … I don’t think he had to marry her for that … and why marry her to kill the kid – it’s not like he gets spawn privileges or anything;dead is dead.

  • sugarpie

    They need tortured before death. 

  • malq

    Yes this does have the potential for a shitstorm doesn’t it? 
    Actually this story is a great writeup and a long time coming. I know Imp has followed it since day one and I don’t want to derail the thread into a DP debate.
     Not too far anyways. Besides, I am right. 😀

  • malq

    Nah ,  I’ll just get a troll like  ViewerBeware

  • Kimberly

    I also fault her Mom for the lice and roach infested 9 years of this baby girls life. Poor is not an excuse to be filthy. My heart aches for Rowan and the consequences she faced based on her mothers choices.

  • kimbev69

    I agree this poor child had severe head lice was dirty and uncared for, this mother made not only bad choices she put her daughter in the path of these people and now she cares, what about when rowan was terrified to be alone with the stepdad, when i was a single mom if my kid got a hinky feeling about a bf that man was out the door and i never lived with anyone til i met my now husband

  • LeaveMeBe

    I read all of it and I get the hatred Anthony, I really do. But let the caring for the victims be greater than the hatred for the monsters who took them, it’s the only way to balance it out and be able to cope.

  • JGo555

    I meant to that pile of shit that I refuse to call a human name… and IMP is hawt.

  • tdavid6

    Yeah, I also had to click the link and read the entire chain. I guess the reason I like this site is that I like to know that others, besides myself, are miserable over these kinds of stories (that sounds horrible, but misery loves company, right?). I remember the Dominick Calhoun case, I used to give my mom daily updates about the horrible things being revealed in the trial. My mom finally told me to stop talking to her about it because she was having trouble sleeping. I was kind of pissed, because I felt like she should share in my misery, as I had trouble sleeping thinking about it, too. Her response was, “Well, you can’t save the world, so there is no sense dwelling on these horrible things”. Like she thinks that if you don’t hear about it, it doesn’t happen. I like being on here because people like you remind me that I’m not crazy for getting so emotionally involved in these stories. 

  • impqueen

     We-ell…. there were some early statements made that Spears (who was married to Colleen) and Collings, but particularly Spears, had been molesting Rowan for awhile. On the night of the murder, Collings went by the house and got Rowan, and Spears just so happened to meander over the county line to his buddy’s goat trailer, and lo and behold, there’s Collings doing the deed. So instead of beating the crap out of his buddy and calling the cops, he dropped trou and decided to help. This on a night that Rowan didn’t get to sleep in Mama’s car at the Wal-Mart. Do I think they planned it? Hell yeah.  Do they admit that? Hell no.

    Colleen wasn’t around that much. She worked a lot of hours, whereas the evil twins didn’t. She was also alleged to have a closer than usual relationship with both men. I think she mistakenly thought they were both in it for her, and not for her kid. But she should have seen it, and when she did see it, it was much too late. Newton County chose not to charge her – not because they couldn’t, but I think because they realized her life was trashed. She’d already had one older girl move out because she couldn’t deal with Spears and his perviness. Lots of people dropped the ball on Rowan.

  • I truthfully don’t have anyone in my personal life that I can’t talk to about D’D or the kind of news stories that are on here. That’s why I’m so happy that we have the FP and the forums here or I’d just have all of my rage bottled up with no outlet.

    **sing Michael Jackson to tdavid6**

    You are not alone
    I am here with you…

  • Truthfully I would assume it was because he was caught up in the great sex. Sexually that’s a great age for a man and a woman to be together.

  • You must be posting from a phone because the lack of paragraphs was murder on my eyes.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I am against the death penalty as it is. To answer your direct question malq, yes, my initial emotional reaction is the same as everyone on this site. Screw this guy and chuck him into a vat of acid, but that’s an emotional response to a horrible crime. The law and due process shouldn’t be dictated by emotions. Sentences for criminals are based on justice and not revenge. It is still not just to put an innocent man to death to feed our raw reactions to situations like this. This is not the wild west and we do not use frontier justice anymore.  
    We’ve discussed this issue before and as I told you then, I don’t have all the answers. What I do know is that laws and punishment should not and can not be based on anything other than impartial decisions.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Awesome. Love meeting writers. I will make it a point to pick up your book and let some others know. 
    Check out my friend’s site he is new writer and currently has free downloads of his second novel as text and a weekly podcast. The boys and I are trying to help promote him.

  • malq

     We all know what you meant, Don’t have me figured out yet? 😛 

  • eliz1bef

    It’s all fun and games until the innocent person is someone you love.

  • sweatpoo

    FORGOT???…No fucking way! I still think of her periodically.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons 

    Babyraping oxygen thief gets to spend the rest of his miserable life in Bonne Terre! May they put him in the express lane.

  • malq

    True, but you can’t have it both ways.  The odds on that happening to you or someone you know is so slim, you would have a better chance of winning the lottery twice in a row. Those are odds I can live with.

  • Nice edit.  I’m very happy that this sorry sack of rotting shit will die.   I hope the jury recommends the same fate for the fat sack of rotting shit David Spears.

  • kelly79

    Death penalty? Sounds about right. I used to be ambivilant about the death penalty issue as we don’t have it here anymore. I am now firmly on the pro side of the fence. Regardless of the punishment part of execution, this piece of scum is a danger to every human being on the planet and should be disposed of as soon as possible.

  • Subject: [dreamin-demon] Re: Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford

  • Baylee

    I understand all of this is horrible and I’m not saying that Chris Collings is a good person at all, but can we also thank about how hard it is for his ex wife and two daughters that he was a run out father to? How they thought he would be coming back from Missouri where he said he was going to see friends and then to find out he’s in jail for rape and murder. His ex wife was only 26 and had been with his since she was 16 and his two daughters were only 6 and 8. Think about how hard it is for them to know that their father did this.