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New York, NY — Police are still looking for this charmer suspected of groping an 11-year-old girl inside a Gramercy Dunkin’ Donuts on March 7.

At about 11:30 a.m. on that day, police say the man allegedly approached the girl, touched her inappropriately and then immediately left the scene.

The suspect is described as being between 50 and 60 years old with short gray hair and weighing “as much as 400 pounds.”

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is asking for the public’s help in catching the suspect. A very brief surveillance video of this freight train leaving the station can be seen here.

“He was in a store and he approached this young woman and grabbed her and touched her inappropriately,” Kelly said last week.  Kelly added that the girl “didn’t suffer any injuries in the incident.”  Well… not physically, perhaps…

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

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  • steelpin

    check cedric’s house it’s his boytoy.

  • And nobody could catch him because he was so ………..fast? WTF?

  •  Do you really wanna be new on this site and start shit with me ? Maybe you better ask somebody …

  • malq

    I hear a giant sucking sound as women leave their homes and families, rushing to Gramercy Dunkin’ Donuts, to get groped.

  • malq

    That was funny!

  • Sam

    Well, ordinarily a 400 pound man may have stood out – but in Dunkin’ Donuts? He probably blended right in.

    Side note – as much as thinking about a 400 pound, old, sweaty man doing the nasty turns me off; a 400 pound man and a tiny 11yo girl?? How would that even work? Wouldn’t she get crushed to death or get stuck in between his fat rolls and suffocate long before anything sexual would get near her?

  • steelpin

    i mess with u because i find u to be one of the funny people on here and i get a kick out of some of the things u say. so i do it to here some of the funny shit u will say back to me.

  • sugarpie

    Any gropers out there?  Please enlighten me and tell me just what do you get out of copping a feel?  And I just don’t get what makes them think they are entitled to touch anyone they want.  Keep your damn hands to yourself.

  • megaflytron

    You would think the location alone would have dictated a prompt arrest…

  • malq

    If we have to explain it to you, you are not worth being groped. 😀

  • MMMMKKKKK …. glad we got that cleared up   🙂  LOL.

  • Was not  … right now you’re getting my world famous – DEATH GLARE.

  • malq

    Boy, that was an awesome lesson in humility.

  • lmao…

  • Sorry but – lol.lol.lol.

  • Or maybe he was hard to spot My2?

  • I just hope the suspect was not an off duty cop.

  • PlaysWithBalls

    Was this the same logic behind calling me a lesbian? Or was that just stupidity?

  • PlaysWithBalls

    I was groped once, and what he got out of it was a swift elbow to his sternum and an ‘oopsies, did I do that?’ Had I known you had questions, I would have stuck around long enough for him to catch his breath so that I could ask him.

  • steelpin

    come on be nice today.don’t u still love me

  • Maybe he blended in with that semi that was coming down the street at the time.

    …just how do you lose someone that size in a crowd… be like parting the Red Sea wouldn’t it?

  • malq

    Hard to run with a donut around your neck

  • PlaysWithBalls

    The ‘still’ in your question implies that I loved you in the first place… That’s far too much for only our second meeting here as I’m just getting warmed up to you.

  • CT

    Don’t do it Cedric.  It’s a losing battle, I’m telling you.  Just don’t go there.  It will only hurt your brain –  especially early in the morning. 

  • CT

    Wow, it’s not bad enough to be groped but to be gross but such a Jabba specimen.  It just makes it worse for me to fathom.   I need to think happy thoughts now. 

  • And Bear Claw ankles…..

  • steelpin

    ok we can take it slow but be gentle with me i have a soft heart.

  • I know this is going to sound crazy but I rarely see large people when I go in Dunkin’ Donuts. I think they may be concerned about assholes making comments or laughing at them.

  • sugarpie

    I used to work the door at a night club and at the end of the night, we stood with the door open watching to make sure the drunks didn’t take their drinks out the door.  My arms were behind my back holding the door open and this dick head two hands my mammys with a double squeeze.  My jaw dropped about 3 feet and he says “well you put them out there for me right”.  I was in freakin shock and couldn’t even react. 

  • malq

    Awww comon, everyone knows, even the worst was great. 

  • If I was large I would probably be there at store open … less issues to deal with.

  • I’ll say.

  • Sam

    Do Dunkin’ Donuts have drive-throughs? That could explain it.

  • Did he at least tip you ? 

  • CT

    You are not helping me with my happy thoughts, malq.

  • Some of them have drive thru service.

  • CT

    I agree.  Typically from what I’ve seen on TV – mind you, TV is not the bible on information on fatties – people that large tend to stay out of places where people will see them buying copious amounts bad foods.  They don’t want the stares.   I have got to stop watching that show 600 pound man.  Sometimes they have 600 pound woman too.  

  • malq

    Awww, I am sorry, it’s still early, here have a bowl of Pahd Thai.

  • sugarpie

    No the cheap bastard!  But I know you would have, huh Ced?   ; ) 

  • CT

     Yum, sure as shit beats the Greek yogurt I had for breakfast.  Thanks.

  •  TV has mislead you CT ’cause most every time I go inside a fast food place there are at least 2 or 3 big people that come in – some with round looking kids in tow – and they always seem to order “I’m not on a diet,or attempting to lose weight” food.

  • CT

     I don’t get out much, Cedric.  TV is all I have. 

  • I would probably have a game plan as well…which is sad when you think about it. Large people shouldn’t be made to feel embarrassed when eating.

    It’s really sad when you think about how they are openly discriminated against and few people care.

  • I often see them eating in their cars in the parking lot so people don’t stare at them.

  • Ha!

  •  I think we should nick name this fool like law enforcement does Bank Robbers.
    Let’s hear the suggestions. I will start it off:
    I. Triple Neck Groper.
    2.Thin Man.

  • Love Pad Thai!! Darn you malq, I’m trying to keep down on the pasta and rice but now I want to run to the Thai resturant. 

  • Or my cantaloupe and protein bar.

  • Sadly it’s not a “fair” world – I feel sadder for ugly people – similar discrimination,but they had zero choice on the issue;I do understand that some people who are over-weight were born that way,and that some really do have medical issues – it’s unfortunate that these blend in with the ones who are guilty of Gluttony.

  • 3. Senor Grope and Dash

  • malq

    I had a steak, rare, potatoes, and 3 eggs.

  • I feel sorry for you right now,but on a happy note  – that sounds really healthy   🙂

  •  LOL.Yes,I believe in tipping,and tipping well – partly so as not to lend credence to those Black stereotypes.

  • Shit that sounds good (licks lips).I only eat meat well done though.

  • Huh ?

  • kniption

    Nice.  The surveillance video showed him with a cup of coffee in his hands.  I’m going with “P?czki Brewster.”

  • The thing about being unattractive is that you can do things that fix you up and if you’re a guy it’s much easier because the whole chicks dig smart men with sense of humor thing.

    And yes, large people need to exercise and eat healthier but when they go to the gym to work out people stare. When they order a salad and diet coke people stare. I’m sure that leads to depression, which causes them to eat even more. 

    Not trying to be a downer. Yes, I know the effects overweight and obese people have on our health care system so that’s not where I’m coming from. I’m just not a fan of making people feel bad about themselves unless they are molesters, pedo’s, baby killers…you know. Those people. LOL!

  • Awesome! Gotta love the 80’s feel to it.

  • Luckily my protein bar doesn’t have the cardboard taste that many have. It’s actually quite good but this darn cantaloupe is crunchy. The horror.

  • The Dunkin’ Dumbass.
    The Cankle Crumb.
    Chocolate Frosted Chester.

  • lizard_spock

     Hmmm…maybe all those thick rolls around his neck have finally succeeded in cutting off an adequate blood flow to his brain and for one sweet moment he actually thought she was Dunkin Donuts’ new jumbo size maple bar.  😛

  • For breakfast? You a construction worker?

  • JGo555

    Let me be the elephant in the room (see what I did there? huh?) and point to the obvious fact that Steven Spielberg knows this man. He also happens to be a famous, albeit hated figure.

    And this is for the mass of blue (see what I did there again?) that his last name is Hutt, first name is Jabba The.

  • Jycorro

    Buffett Bandit?

  • Mamma

    If this guy is this fat, all you have to do to catch him is follow the sound of his heavy mouth-breathing.

  • Gee

    Like I said it’s the man crush he doesn’t know how to deal with it.  LOL

  • Jycorro

    From what I have seen on this site, if you are going to be an ass, don’t half ass it. Go For It!

  • LuvsHorror

    I bet he didn’t leave the scene too fast. Ewwww!

  • Deety

    I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like you’ve been around long enough to be giving Ced this kind of crap. That’s a right reserved for those of us who have had to put up with him for years.

    And we do it with love, even when he’s aggravating us. Mostly. 😉

  • Deety

    Most people have a bad relationship with something in their lives, but with fat people, we know exactly what it is as soon as we see them. So watching one of them walk into a donut shop is like watching a crackhead walk into a crack house. Kinda sad, but still makes us feel better about ourselves.

    For the record, I’ve been fat. Turns out you can change that if you eat less. Go figure.

  • Deety

    A sharp elbow to a bony spot is the proper way to deal with a groper. I can see where this girl may have had problems in this case.

    A stiletto to the instep or a twisting pinch are acceptable in some situations though.

    A man lays his hands on me without my okay, I will return the favor, and he will not enjoy it.

  • Unfortunately I’m one of those women who when they get pregnant they blow up like Biggie so I know about getting that weight off.

  • Deety

    If you’re going to be an ass, do it with some wit and style. Don’t just throw an obvious and pointless insult out to get a reaction.

  • steelpin

    i do it out of fun because i know cedric can handle it.

  •  Do you go up to the counter? I’m guessing the real heavy hitters just use the drive through.

  • Califboy

     Ya, its not like he ran from the scene. Its not going to be hard to find a 400 pound donuts processor. 

  • I know I drive you guys up the wall sometimes – but I love you right back,my only actual regrets on here are getting into it with The Count.I like the Count.Thank you Deety.

  • Califboy

     Back fat fryer !

  •  I understand you now,so we are cool … if you are wise though you will go easy on the ladies on this site though,because they will gang up on you if you don’t chill out.

  • Now try saying that one 3 times fast.

  • Deety

    Sure Ced can handle it. I don’t think he’d spend his days crying if I started every comment thread with “Cedric’s ugly!”, but that wouldn’t be on-topic or entertaining for anyone else.

    Saying things just to get a rise out of people is trolling. 🙁

  • Deety

    Sooo much easier to put it on than to take it back off. For that reason, I will never let myself get fat again.

  •  “The Cankle Crumb.”


  • Cory

    He needs to Eat Fresh could use some lessons from jarred lol

  • Lena60

    You mean cankles

  • steelpin

    yea i will but some of these ladies get pretty grapic too

  • Yes I go to the counter because even if I were fat I wouldn’t let people shame me in to hiding in my car.

  • Lena60

    Pedobese, Jabba cum lately,Grimace the groper,Ok thats a few of the names for this useless pos.

  • reapre

    When I hit 215 this month, I decided I needed to lose a little weight, I just “felt” obese.  I’m back to 203 now, and that’s just replacing sugary drinks with water, and stopping the eating after 6pm and going for a nice mile jog every couple days.  It can be hard to lose the weight, I think it just has more to do with motivation and drive for most people, (“Willpower”).

    The weight loss/wanting to participate in the Zombie run, as a Zombie to catch those yummy survivors, are pretty good motivators.  Can’t be a slow and fat zombie, how would I eat?

  • reapre

    It was really weird coming home (on leave) from Japan and Thailand.  Seeing MAYBE 1 fat person every couple weeks to seeing it as the norm (NOT what I remember before I left), was….awkward.

  • It also had a lot to do with people wanting instant results and then they get frustrated when they don’t lose 80 lbs in 2 weeks and start eating garbage again and stop exercising. 

    I stopped drinking pop completely and it’s it not 100% I won’t touch it and even that is rare. 

  • CT

    I have been told that I have an “issue” with overweight people so I tend to notice them more than others according to this shrink.  I was talking to my brother one day about what this woman told me and he said, “well there are a lot of large people in our area alone.”  That day, every 3rd person was at least 50+ pounds overweight that I saw the hour I was taking note.   Freaking amazing.  

  • I believe he has been located.  Here is a pic the corpulent pile of shit.

  • creamofflicka

    when i read the headline i was sure he had groped doughnuts,…

  • LeaveMeBe

    who you callin’ a lady?

  • LeaveMeBe

    Me either, then again, I don’t notice much but the donuts when I’m there. I just stare at that wall of donuts and drool on the counter…so many choices…what were we talking about?

  • LeaveMeBe

    OMG! You’re right! If there is a Zombie Apocalypse, I need to be in better shape to outrun the zombies. Or, in case I am zombified, I need to be able to catch the living. You’re a great motivator.

  • LeaveMeBe

    No shit!

    I thought ‘America runs on Dunkin’

  • LeaveMeBe

    If that’s a crime, I am a career criminal.

  • I know right! I molest them proudly.

  • creamofflicka

    We have local shop that makes doughnuts,. they aren’t round.  They’re 6 sided instead, but almost as big as a man’s hand. 

  • LeaveMeBe

    I will start Saturday because this story has ignited a craving for Dunkin Donuts and I will be getting some tomorrow. 🙂

  • malq


  • malq

    No, I am a cardio nutritionist consultant. Lol jk 

  • Wildheart

    That and buffets.  As a very large person myself, a while back I was at a buffet and noticed just a sea of fat people….really big ones too, bigger than me.  Made me quit going to them right then and there.  I’ve just about totally cut out that nasty fast food too.  As for right now, I’m proud to say that I’ve been on WW for 2 weeks and have lost 5.5 lbs….slow and steady wins the race! 🙂

  • Congrats! =D

  • I couldn’t handle that. I’m already fighting hard since one of the businesses that I own is a donut place. I  pray every time I walk in there. LOL! 

  • LMAO Leave Me….that’s what they say.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    It is hard when you start, but it gets easier once you change how you look at food. I used to be one of the lucky people who could eat crap and not worry.
    Then I got spinal cancer and was bed ridden for months. After surgery I was on steroids, but still couldn’t walk. My metabolism changed because of the sedentary life I was forced to lead. After physical therapy it was time to get that weight off. However, I was so freaked about the extra weight I started off wrong. I limited myself to one green giant box of frozen veggies a day (about 210 calories) and went to the gym 2 times a day. Of course, that plan had no long term maintainability. That’s when I started the 4-hour body and I’ve never looked back. I lost the 100lbs I’d gained in 1 year. 
    My tastes have changed dramatically and while it was hard to give up the soda at first, now I can’t even stand the stuff. I hate the taste of sugar. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Awesome! Good for you! Please hang in there, trust me when I say it only gets easier to turn your nose up at the things that are bad for you. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Good for you. I got pinched on the ass in the elevator at a sci-fi convention. I was actually dumbstruck at the time because I had been parading around in skimpy costumes with no problems most of the day, but at that moment I was wearing regular streets because I was helping a friend move boxes of his books for him to sign the next day. I told him that I hoped that it had been a mistake and he was lucky I was carrying a box of books. He was appropriately embarrassed, I guess. Too bad for him he had a badge on and I got his name to report to the con organizers. They didn’t tell me if they kicked him out or just talked to him, but I didn’t see him the rest of the weekend. Which was good, because the boys kept asking me to point him out no matter how many times I told them to drop it. 

  • Just looked up the four hour body. They won me at “becoming superhuman” so I’m about to buy it. Thanks. 🙂

  • I do not see what anyone gains from pinching a person on the ass … serves no purpose other than “Attention”,and I have never heard of a woman who actually “liked” this behavior.The guy was a loser/dumb ass,who deserved an ass beating. 

  • Stay with it,and congrats my friend.

  •  The weights you gave made me curious – how tall are you ? If you don’t mind me asking.

  •  I’m happy you are all better now  🙂

  • The kind of cyber friends who do not like their cyber friends to think that they are total,complete assholes for jumping on every bad sentence that presents itself. Every so often on DD a cyber friend,or two manage to fracture this rule though.

  • reapre


  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I can’t reply to your last post, but the 4-hour body is the best diet I’ve ever done. I put my brother in law on it and he lost 10lbs in the first month. It’s a bitch to get started, but once you’ve been doing it for a month or two it just gets easier. Plus once a week you get an all out cheat day to eat anything you want to kick your metabolism in the rear! Both the guys do it because they were starting to gain, they slimmed back down easily. They both maintain a weight of around 195 and probably put down 10,000 calories on a cheat day. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Can’t reply to your other post, but thanks. Trust me, I count my lucky stars everyday that I could afford the best surgeons. I have a client and her daughter had the same cancer I did. Hers was deemed inoperable and she is a quadriplegic. I will always wonder if it was truly inoperable or if it was a money issue. It’s way healthcare for all Americans is an important issue to me. I think everyone should have the same chance I did.  

  • reapre

    And just for you changed the Avatar, now I feel like “PlaysWithBalls”.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I usually just drink a Myoplex dark chocolate pre-mixed for breakfast. They taste better than the protein bars. 

  • reapre

    “My tastes have changed dramatically and while it was hard to give up the soda at first, now I can’t even stand the stuff…”

    Getting rid of Sodas all together was a huge step, I didn’t find it all too difficult, I’ve had it a time or two when going out for food and in all honesty, it ruins the food and the flavor of the food.  It tastes…nasty and leaves a lingering taste that goes over to your food.  If that makes sense/you know what I mean. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Love Thailand. Next time you go bring me some Pho mister. 

    I also know what you’re saying about soda leaving a weird taste. I always felt like it was a film on my teeth and tongue. 

  • Nice pic!

  • reapre

    Shopping for clothes at most places is getting exceedingly harder.  Most shirts I find now were made for short and chubby people, or people with freakishly short arms.  I have to buy L or XL depending on short or long sleeve.  I don’t really get how I fit in “XL”…I’m not “extra-large”.

    I wear a 32-32(waist-inseam) pant (have since highschool) and those, they stock like 1-2 pairs in half the styles/colors(usually just dark blue, black, and the almost white stonewash blue), but if I were to be 40-28 I’d apparently have a greater selection of styles and colors.  I have to pay out the ass for pants, my average pant costs are like 50-60$ apiece. 

  • reapre

    I don’t plan on going there anytime soon, I was there in 2004 as part of “Cobra Gold”, was there for 3 months.  I live in a desert, (In WA, yes there is a desert here.) and it gets 100+ here in the summer consistantly, but my god, it’s freaking HOT there compared to here. 

    But if I do go back, and somehow can smuggle some Thai Pho through customs, and it’s still good after the 16 hour flight, I’ll get your addy and snail mail it too you.  Idk how good 5 day old Pho would be, it’s not the best re-fried in the microwave…

  • LeaveMeBe

    I got them and am eating one right now! Boston Creme Dunkin Donut. Yum!

    I am sad to report that I was not groped while I was there.

  • Valerie

     Short of plastic surgery, I have not found any product or style that fixes me up, but I know what you are saying. The only time I have been annoyed by larger friends is when they bitch about their size while doing nothing about it (this was one of ex’s friends). His comment was about how women are shallow bitches because they wouldn’t go out with him (said while eating two KFC Double Downs dipped in gravy). That irks me, I don’t know why.

  • The answer is “Who is Jabba the Hut” for $200.”  Right?

  • PlaysWithBalls

    Hahaha, why do you feel like me? Cause you’re showing off the goods? 🙂