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Titusville, FL – If you were a 12-year-old boy, and your skeezy-looking father and his haggard live-in girlfriend started denying your basic needs, such as food, one of the first things you’d likely try is grabbing some morsels on the sly.

According to police reports, Michael Marshall’s son did just that when his father, 38, and live-in girlfriend, Sharon Glass, 48, began intentionally denying the boy food.

Upon discovery of the child’s thieving, Marshall and Glass reportedly detained him, locking him in closets, a bedroom, and a cage, sometimes for weeks at a clip.  They even forced the boy’s 10-year-old sister, also Marshal’s, to stand guard in case he attempted an escape.

Department of Children and Families investigated the family in August, 2010 with regard to the same boy.  He was withdrawn from school immediately afterward.

Police arrested the two I have dubbed “Caretakers of the Year” on March 15th for three counts of aggravated child abuse (unlawful caging of a child) and aggravated child neglect.  Authorities were alerted to the abuse by an anonymous tipster.

When police entered the home, they found the 40-pound boy dehydrated and malnourished.  Marshall and Glass arrived at the home while police were investigating and reportedly admitted to caging and denying the boy food.

On Tuesday, Marshall and Glass were back in court and facing new charges in addition to the ones already leveled; namely two counts of aggravated child abuse, three counts of child neglect, and interfering with the education of Glass’s 15-year-old son, who was also living in the home.  Anthony Glass, Sharon’s ex and the biological father of the 15-year-old, was also in court to help decide who would get custody of the three children.

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The court elected Marshall’s mother for this honor even though she has never had contact with any of the three children, and is not even related to the eldest.  Mr. Glass, who has never been in contact with him either, did not object.  The arrangement may well be temporary, however.

Sharon Glass and Michael Marshall are being held without bail in Brevard County Jail.  They are set to appear on the original charges today.  The new charges will be addressed in April.  The 12-year-old boy turns 13 this week.  Teachers gathered gifts on Monday for him.

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  • Gee

    Ugh.. Those poor kids. I hate these stories.

  • rensuchan

    Me too.  At that age and being 40lb, he’s lucky to have lived at all :/

  • sugarpie

    Jail (caged) with no food for both of them.  I truely hope mommy Marshall isn’t a degenerate like her son. 

  • derae

    I thought Marty Feldman pass away shortly after Young Frankenstein was filmed…….

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Those are 100% home grown Florida crazy eyes.

  • JGo555

    I bet your ass this punk uses food money for bath salts. He LOOKS like he’s on bath salts as that pic was taken.

    Oh & fuck him.

    You know I was reading about the Nazi tortures to the Jews, especifically things they did to babies & young kids. THey’d throw them in the air & target practice w/their bodies, they would rip babies apart by pulling on their limbs, they would slam babies on the concrete…

    I kept reading these horrors & all I thought was about someone doing that to my babies while I stood by & they let me live or to have them hungry & I couldn’t feed them & then have an SS guard shoot them… it made me so angry & so sad & frustrated that people let it happen & that people agreed that it was the right thing to do to them.

    This couple was one that should’ve died by the Nazi hands & I wouldn’t feel one bit bad for their fate.

  • “haggard live-in girlfriend”  I agree that is one ugly ass woman – post the guys pic an lets see what he looks like (presses sarcasm button).

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I’m sorry, but if you investigate a report of abuse and after the kid is removed from school it shouldn’t take two years to learn something hinky is going on. I can’t think of a bigger red flag.

  • Sally_Mischief

    He weighed less than my 5 year old. That’s so sad.

    I didnt see a picture of the girlfriend but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was fat.

  • Coyote

    While reading the story I continued to look at the picture trying to figure out if this was the skeezy-looking father or the haggard live-in girlfriend.  I’m worried about the children too, just look at what Marshall’s mother created.

  • takurospirit

    I know that I haven’t seen a story of a child starved without one or both parents being fat, so I’m hoping that is the only reason these comments are made. Otherwise I’m impressed with the thinness of dreamindemon perusers (thinness, not fitness/health mind you) as the majority of the population of the USA is anywhere from overweight to morbidly obese. As I have shit loads of free time and will take any distraction from the hundreds of tasks that need to be done around the house I have spent a lot of time online and if I were to go from the comments on pretty much all websites I seem to be one of the 5 fat people on *ALL* of the Internet. Which seems unlikely. So good work fitting into tiny pants people. You are morally superior to us all.

  • cynhunter

    Poor kids, I have a 12 year old and can not believe they would have the nerve… If you do not want to take care of your children give them to someone who will

  • Nemesis

    Crazy mountain eyes.

  • nikk077

    I read DD often, I rarely comment and even rarer that I pay attention to the name of who makes comments on each story unless they are a particularly intelligent commenter that I will then pay attention to in the future. I don’t recognize your name.
    I am feeling a little frisky today and felt the need to bring you up to speed on the people here at DD. Yes, we all wear tiny pants that are actually the slim fit cut. We are healthy, happy, thin and well adjusted. That’s why we gather here to read and chat.
    Seriously though, the comment was directed more towards the “type of person” that usually commits this type of crime. The mom (or dad) that starves her child usually doesn’t look like she has missed a meal ever. There is video at the link and shockingly, the mother in this story doesn’t look overweight.

  • guillotinegirl

    So is that a picture of the father or the girlfriend? Or are they twins so it’s not necessary to post both pictures?

  • Nemesis

    What happened to my post with the link? This site has a pic of the two of them.

  • Work PC internet filter shot me the bird on your link.

  •  Well stated.

  • You’re  kinda thin skinned … but that just means you are human … I’m fairly thin and athletic – but like most people I have some heavy people in my general family.I may make comments about people being “fat asses” on here but normally I will only do that as an insult to a criminal.I actually have nothing against big people;several other regular posters on here are large so I can honestly say that I know no one on here who actually dislikes large people – we just like to poke fun at the bad guy.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    She needs a chin lift.

  • HellcatJesi

    I was thinking the same thing. Shouldn’t there be some sort of follow up if a kid that young is taken out of school? Especially immediately after a DCF investigation?

  • curiousalways

    amazing how they just admit to the abuse.  I’m sure they have a perfectly good reason for it.

  • neenaP

    Where is the biological mother?

  • They’re trying to locate her…mistakenly left that out of the story.

  • onlyme356

    I’m trying to understand how the 12 year old boy was initially withdrawn from school (why was he not withdrawn from the parents?) This is so sad and I’d hate to think how “Grandma” will be caring for those 3 children, she doesn’t exactly get mother of the year for raising this lunatic Marshall.

  • Cory

    For a min there thought it was the baby’s mugshot. Meth is a hell of a drug or bath salts he doesn’t look like he could afford the good stuff lol

  • Just looked at the picture of that freaky looking dude and thought Florida……not sure if I’m right but that’s what my initial reaction is…..

  • Of course I was right…..LOL.  and after reading this article, I’m saying a prayer that the dude dies.  

  • Lena60

    Me either DKS, this is what happed in the last child abuse story.

  • Lena60

    ahhhh!, he is even creepier close-up.

  • Lena60

    His eyes keep staring at me, *shivers*

  • cminus

    They even forced the boy’s 10-year-old sister, also Marshal’s, to stand guard

    The boy’s sister is also Marshall’s sister?  As in, his sister is also his aunt?  Wouldn’t that require Marshall to be, in the strictly technical sense of the term, a motherfucker?

    (Not that I have trouble believing that he’s a motherfucker, but talk about burying the lede!)

  • sweekymom

     I’ll give her a chin lift: I’ll put a rope around her neck and cinch it nice and tight so that when I lift her off the floor using said rope, it’ll pull all that loose skin right up and take years off her face.  Until she turns purple and dies by strangulation.

    As for him, well, I’ll just let you imagine what part I’d use to lift him.

  • LeaveMeBe

    You’re solution for a more youthful appearance sounds cheaper and way more entertaining than any plastic surgeon’s. I vote for you and your idea.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Where is the children’s biological mother? 

  • malq

    I remember when this story broke, there was a video of the kid trying to walk to a car when he was rescued. 
    Here is a video of him being arrested. the reporter asked what he did to the child, he mumbles, I didnt mean to.

  • I would love to adopt this boy! It sucks that someone like me, who would love this kid to death can’t have any more kids. I have a 12 year old and could not imagine seeing him hungry. They didn’t love him. They hated him and just wanted him to die. Poor guy. I hope he finds someone who will love him 🙁

  • Mostly everybody covered this, and I won’t beat a dead horse…at the very least I am glad someone did report him and that ultimately the child was found alive and saved…I just think way more should have been done early on when he was yanked from school and BEFORE he became 40 pounds.

  • sweekymom

    I’m all about saving the taxpayers money.

  • Reen B

    What always pisses me off is when the “parents” in these stories refer to it as “stealing” food when IT IS THEIR OWN CHILD and it is THEIR FOOD, TOO!! It’s not like a 12 year old can go out and get a job to pay for their own food, that is the parent’s responsibility to buy it for the whole family to SHARE. Gah.

    I’m glad they got him out of there in time.

  • When I see stories like this I think that the parents, who should love and protect their children, should be subjected to the same tortures they have forced upon their child(ren) to have a better understanding at how their behavior impacts their life and health.

  • April Deboer

    Wow, my 5 year old daughter weighs more than that boy. That’s sad. =/