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WINTHROP HARBOR, IL — A 17-year-old has been arrested and charged with sexually abusing children at his mother’s day care.

Brett Degler has been accused of sexually abusing three young girls, two 11-year-olds and a 4-year-old, since November of last year.

A two week police investigation began after the 4-year-old told her parents that it hurt to urinate and that “Brett did it.” Her parents took her to the hospital and then contacted police when it was revealed the girl had been sexually assaulted.

The girl was able to detail when and how she was abused durin an interview that lead police to a second victim. Degler admitted to assaulting a third victim during a police interview following his arrest a day later. The abuse had been ongoing for at least five months and took place when his mother was in another room of the house or at the store.

His mother, Cheryl Degler, has run a residential day-care for nearly 30 years and p0lice say she has cared for the children of children she cared for in the past. She is not being charged and was completely unaware of the abuse. She also voluntarily terminated her day-care license when police informed her of what her son had been up to.

Degler is facing charges of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child and aggravated criminal sexual abuse. He is being held in Lake County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail. I feel terrible for the victims and their families, but I also feel bad for poor Cheryl. How do you even recover from the fact that your life was ruined by your own son raping children you were caring for under your own roof?

Three Daycare Workers Accused Of Doing Nothing After Toddler Was Burned

Sadly, Degler isn’t the first teen we have featured on D’D accused of molesting children at a day care and he won’t be the last. He joins Cody Pope and our old friend Cesar Monarrez, who I had almost forgotten about. For some of you new to D’D, the comments on the Monarrez story are worth checking out.

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  • Somebody should just put a bullet in his head.

  • Good God. I will never regret taking a cut in our household income to be able to stay home with my kids. I feel lucky because there are plenty of people in the world who can not do that. Those poor children, and while I feel for his mother I am not sure how I really feel about the whole situation. A lot of unanswered questions in my mind.

  • sugarpie

    I just really can’t even begin to imagine how you would move on from something like this as a mother.  I always say that I would stand by my son no matter what mistakes he makes, but I’m not so sure I would be able to if it were something like this.  I suppose this maybe was his hormones in overdrive and maybe with heavy counseling and some “jail time”, this boy may go on to lead a somewhat normal life, but his mother will not get over this.  I pray for the victims who will also be scarred for life.  Thank goodness the 4 year old spoke up when she did. 

  • JGo555

    Another “broken” one that I hope his own mother (who so far sounds like she will) serve the cops & all the psychologists that want to study him on a silver platter.

    I could “understand” if those 11yr olds looked like they were 14 (nowadays, girls look older than what they look) but the 4yr old completely makes his punk ass be a paedophile because NO 4y.o. LOOKS NOR HAS FULL GROWN WOMAN/TEENAGER BODY PARTS.

    LOBOTOMY! *chants this*

  • buhbam

    Look at that mugshot.  He knows he’s fucked!

  • Reason #3,586 that I don’t do daycare or babysitters. Those poor babies and their families. And the mother that has had the daycare for over 30 years and some little perv steals her reputation and destroys her business!!! I hope he rots.

  • You’re a better mother then me. I would stand by to make sure my son was locked up for the maximum amount of time so that he can’t get out and abuse anyone else. While he’s in I would visit him often and knit him sweaters because he’s my baby and I love him but I would also have to protect society from him. 

  • Lena60

    Those poor kids. I feel for the mom too. This just really sucks, this little piss ant did this under his mothers nose. What a little creep.I would not be so forgiving , it it were my son.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for the all the parents involved in this, but how did he get those kids away from supervision long enough to do what he did? 

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Dear President Obama;
    I know this is a very busy time for you, but today I’d like to ask a small favor from the Congress and White House.  From being a daily reader of the Dreamin’ Demon, I’ve come to realize that there are too many crazies in this world.  Furthermore, I realize that you, the leader of the Democratic Party, and your party are opposed to Capital Punishment which is okay by me; however, with the sky rocketing cost of prison housing and the skyrocketing numbers of lengthy incarceration, I feel that we need a viable and immediate solution.
    Thus and therefore, I suggest the “Deathrace 2000 Solution.”  We get entertainment.  We get a solution.  Unfortunately, this won’t get Hollywood’s support, since high-tech animation won’t be needed.  Of course, John Carpenter II maybe affordable to Disney now and there could be a lot of proud mothers saying “did you see my boy’s parts in the movie (of course, his boy parts are now parts), but that some of the pain that has to be expected for our enjoyment needs.
    Thank you and good luck with your election!

  • tdavid6

    The part that is troubling to me is that he did it “when she was in the other room or gone to the store”. I’m wondering if she had other employees, or if she routinely took off to the store and left the kids in the care of her 17 year old son. And if he had been doing it “for awhile”, he was probably younger when he started. Not a lot of facts given, but I would want to know the answer to those questions.

  • Those are the questions bothering me. If I am running a daycare and I am the one fully responsible for their well being and lives, then I sure as hell better be the one with them until their parents come to get them. I mean, that is what daycare providers are paid for, right?

  • sugarpie

    I’m probably not because I said I didn’t know if I would be able to stand by him.  I would also want him locked up so he couldn’t hurt anyone, but I don’t know if I could ever forgive him for hurting anyone like that.  Not so sure that I could visit him often because I’m not so sure I wouldn’t want to strangle him myself.  I pray that I’m never put in this predicament to find out.  I don’t like to say “my son would never do that”, but I’m pretty sure he never would. 

  • JohnQknowitall

    I just have to wonder why the two 11 year olds said nothing. I can guess a million bookshelf/newspaper explanations, but I am really curious about how this happened to the two children with reporting it and whether either was aware of the other being abused.

    As far as Cheryl’s ruined life: I am sure she feels that way, but I have seen people climb out of the shittiest situations and get back on top.

  • JohnQknowitall

     Nothing more fitting here than a story from a Tampa Bay newspaper. A former Republican governor speaks out regarding the costs of executions versus life imprisonment.


    This might stir things up a bit, but good: I am too lazy to do more research.

  • I couldn’t even imagine how it would feel to have your child turn out to be a sick twisted freak. 

  • steelpin

    i don’t feel sorry for the mom why is she going to the store when she should be there with the kids. i would be pissed if i found out that my daycare was leaving my kid with a 17 year old while she was gone to the store.

  • Forgiveness would be very hard for me too, truthfully I’m not sure if I ever would be able to. Like you, I pray that my children are ever in that situation, especially since they will know ahead of time that mom will put them in jail if necessary. But none of these mothers expected to have sick children either. **sigh**

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    This. The subject has been debated ad nauseum on here before. It cost more money to put someone to death than it does to keep them in prison for life. 

  • JohnQknowitall

    I know, but given the reference to Democrats in the post to which I replied I found a Republican saying as much.

    The Point: this is not just a Democrat or Republican issue. It is a moot issue.

  • Gee

     Does it really matter he did while she was there too.

  • steelpin

    yea it shows she don’t pay attention whats going on in here daycare state law says daycares can’t leave the room while a child in in it.

  • Gee

     The article at the link states there are two other licensed individuals listed at the home(daycare). Your assumption of her leaving the kids alone is just that an assumption. As far as leaving her son alone with children, I don’t see this as a problem if she was unaware that he was doing this. Why would this mother believe her was going to abuse children just because he is 17 yr old boy doesn’t automatically make him pedo. I know we read a lot of stories here about young boys sexually abusing. If he never showed signs of this behavior I don’t believe there is one mother here that would just assume her son would do such things. What I’m getting at is she had no reason to not trust her son around children.

  • Zazen

    I admit, I went to the Cesar Monarrez thread right away and it is pure gold… the 15 year old illiterate pedo
    defender AND her mom (?!)… not to mention swivel showed up and I love me some swivel <3

  • Brett  looks like “the boy next door” – an All American,Apple Pie eating good kid.Looking at his pic I get zero perv vibes … unfortunately he was in fact the teen next door bumping a 4 year old,and a couple 11 year olds on the down low;makes me wonder what went wrong with him.

  • Perhaps this was a 24 hour daycare – there are some that cater to night shift parents.

  • Sad to say,but it might actually be the best thing;just my opinion,but I think rehabilitating him is slim odds.

  • I went there too. It was quite funny.

  •  “Thank goodness the 4 year old spoke up when she did”

    Too bad the 11 year old’s didn’t speak up … maybe it would not have continued for so long if they had;not blaming them … just thinking.

  •  I was set to SLAM you at “Dear President Obama” … but your posting was priceless – thanks.

  • Maybe you would feel sorry for her if you were a mom.

  • steelpin

    stop sounding like a bitch u don’t feel sorry for her.

  •  Actually I do feel sorry for her … I raised two boys as a single father,and that is about as close as a guy can get to how it actually feels to be a “mom”. “Bitch”  –  the Marines didn’t teach that skill in boot camp … what exactly is your problem with women ? And yes,from the few postings you have made you do seem to have a problem with women.

  • oOXColdmoonXOo

     Some people may end  up that way from abuse, but I really think some people are just fucking born broken and it’s a waiting game until they act on whatever impulse they have.

  •  I think you are wise.

  • Gee

     Yeah… WTF is wrong with you

  • Getting horny with a seventeen year old is a moral failure. With an eleven year old something is clinically wrong. With a four year old something is more than wrong – something is evil. Never again light of day I say, if I truly had my say never again the light of life for this clown. Glocks were invented for reasons and this creature is one.

  • steelpin

    wtf is wrong with u are u cedric’s lover or something

  • Gee

     Your the one that seems to be riding his cock HARD! Every time I turn around your talking shit to him. What wrong you got a man crush and you don’t know to deal with it. Come out of the closet it ok to be gay

  • Andy P

    >For some of you new to D’D, the comments on the Monarrez story are worth checking out.

    Wow that was some crazy back and forth discussion on that thread!

  • steelpin

    u would know thats it’s alright to be gay

  • Gee

     Just to clue you in I am a woman. And Yes I still think it’s ok to be gay.

  • Califboy

     Broken humans like this can not be fixed, caged, put down, are two remedies.

  • onlyme356

    Disgusting little pervert!  But I can’t help to wonder if at some point an older kid she watched ever abused him? Since she’s had her practice for 30 years, it’s possible when this guy was younger he was abused. Still really messed up what he did to those girls, good thing the 4 year old spoke up!

  • baller20

    he did not have intercourse with any of the girls, dont get me wrong what he did was not right whats so ever

  • nomorepolitix

    Often wonder about Dahmer’s folks. 🙁

  •  Same here.

  • Where exactly did you acquire your information ? 

  •  I think something is fucked up in your head … don’t know you … don’t want to ’cause I don’t like assholes like you – in real life I would most likely stomp your ass.

  • steelpin

    by looking at u there is no way u could kick my ass i might make u kiss my ass after i kick the piss out of u

  •  LOL … I actually like this … if you could actually manage to whoop me then we would be best friends for life,haven’t had that happen since Jr.high and I been in a lot of fights since Jr.high.You explained yourself on the fat guy donut gropers page,so I no longer want to stomp you 🙂 It’s all good.

  • If I was the mom here, some serious Q & A sessions would be going on with my son. Like for one “What the hell have I missed in your lifetime that would EVER lead you to believe this was okay?” I surely understand that not every abuser is/was a victim of actual abuse…that taken in to consideration…WTF?

  • wow… someone pull the sting on your tampon too hard?

  • steelpin

    yea it was u next time be gentle with you teeth i still have the marks.

  • kimbev69

    This happened to a friend, her niece who is 3 1/2 said the daycare owners son puts a broom stick up her private then tells her stop crying like a bitch and said it hurts, the boy is 11 his mother/daycare owner told police she has a lawyer, the prosecutersaid they cant investigate because the boy is only 11 and she still runs the daycare its disgusting esp when u know its bullshit what the prosecuter said, i looked up the age range per state

  • kimbev69

    What is unanswered he raped 3 girls, doesnt matter if he was ever abused in my opinion

  • kimbev69

    I dont feel for mom either in fact i would be revisiting each child that ever went there, maybe he learned from another male in the household, maybe moms bf or the dad

  • oh fine if you are gonna be a woos about it…lol

  •  My questions were more along the line of where the heck was the mother who is the operator of this outfit and why on earth would she leave he who is not licensed in the room. Just questions like that.

  • kimbev69

    I agree my aunt is an at home daycare owner i watched kids once with her and was appalled how she treated one little one, she straight out said she hated the girl in front of her and blamed her for her own granddaughters misbehavior, i know not considered abuse but the look on the 2 yr olds face told me she was treated like this daily which made me so sad i have not talked or visited her since my daughter was born even though i work down the road from her home
    I barely trust daycare centers and would never use a home based center where you have no idea who comes and goes on a daily basis

  • winningside1

    He was raised in Winthrop Harbor Il. if you knew the lowlife drunkards and coke heads there, you wouldn’t wonder then. I find it amusing how people from that pitiful town sit behind their computers and degrade the Mother when in all reality they were all using drugs and getting drunk when they were the same age as Brett…

  • lespacino

    My guess- supreme embarrassment and shame. At 11, many girls are just beginning puberty. Your hormones and body are out of whack; You are just becoming self-aware with regard your looks/body. If someone trespasses on your person at this point and you don’t come from a household in which nakedness is common and sex openly discussed, you are likely to keep it to yourself because you don’t want to talk about all your changing parts at that point in life. I could be wrong, but that would be my guess. I also assume, like with most cases of molestation, the kids were isolated from each other during the incidents and were unaware that it was happening to anyone other than them.

  • lespacino

    I don’t. Dahmer’s folks left him at home, alone, for extended periods of time when he was a teenager. You gotta wonder about people who would do that- no concern for his safety at all. He could’ve been preyed upon by others in their absence, or he could’ve been the type to have wild parties at which anything could’ve gone wrong. As it was, he was a loner, so they would’ve been aware he didn’t have friends. If my kid is an only child and he doesn’t have any friends, I sure as hell am not leaving him at home for long periods of time by himself. Isolation can fuck a person up- case in point, Jeffrey Dahmer!

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    I agree.  My son certainly never would have done anything like that in a million years.  He didn’t even believe in sex before marriage & would often tell ME if he thought something I was doing or about to do was ‘wrong’.  LOLL  kept me out of trouble a couple of times XD XD

    But seriously, what I am curious about is how he this boy turned to doing something like that.  Was HE sexually abused?  Didn’t he ever get to go out and mingle with kids his own age?  

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    Bitch, take your cunting troll ass the fuck somewhere else.  Nobody thinks you’re cool, and nobody is shocked at your stone age retorts about being gay or about pulling tampons.

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    Yeah, I’d still rather pay the extra money to get some of these killers off the planet to save some clean air and water that they are using up.

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    Why were you set to slam somebody at “dear president obama”?  I’ve made fun of every president for the past 30 years since I was old enough to vote.  Nobody in that seat is untouchable or beyond reproach.

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    Why do 90% of sexual assault victims ‘not say anything’ ??  That’s what you should be asking.  It’s a shameful situation, especially for a child.  They don’t want to say something.  
    ?_?   Often it IS the younger ones who speak out, because they haven’t learned the ‘shame’ aspect of life.

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    LOL that’s funny, because he looks creepy to me XD XD 

  • SnowBunnyInfidel

    OMG, what the hell?  THAT doesn’t make any sense at all ! What’s wrong with the prosecutor/cops, because what do they mean they ”can’t investigate because he is 11?” 

    That kid in Washington who is 9 and brought a gun to school that went off accidentally & hit that 8 year old girl was arrested & charged with a crime, and I saw his picture in an orange jumpsuit. (which was really sad, he was just a tiny tiny little boy)

    In my hometown a 7 yr old and a 9 yr old were arrested for raping a 2 year old, and hell yes they were ‘investigated’ and removed from their parents home. The prosecutors said they weren’t trying to put them in jail, but obviously something was wrong in the home and those kids needed psychological help.

    Where’s DHS?   If that daycare woman’s son is that fucked up, those kids are in a world of trouble. Who regulates the daycares there?  I would also call them.

    Regardless of ‘age range’ of arrestability or accountability, they most certainly can INVESTIGATE, remove him from his mother’s care, and shut the daycare down!! ?_?  If I was you or your friend, I would SO be calling DHS, the local news and everybody else until somebody got shut down.  And like I said if he would do something like that and talk about ‘crying like a bitch’ to a baby, that kid is messed up and doesn’t need to remain where he is.

  • onlyme356

    He did sexually assault the girls, the youngest one (4 yrs) told her parents after episodes of painful urination. The stories linked also say he sexually abused them.

  • kimbev69

    I wish i myself could have done more i researched and gave her the info they said it got to be a prob with her husband who apparently just wanted to forget it happened go figure

  • Victoria Chagoya

    Umm being raised in Winthrop harbor had nothing to do with what happend

  • maxonepercent

    This is why you don’t leave your children with a “residential day-care”. Go to a big-ass corporation that is guaranteed to do serious background checks on everyone in the building to satisfy their insurance company. It might cost more but the chances of something terrible like this happening are much lower.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    My son and my niece are both in licensed, residential day cares. I got background checks on both places, we pop in on them unannounced about once every two weeks to check up on them. Their providers are amazing women who are now family to us. There is nothing wrong with in home daycare. I much prefer it to a corporate daycare for that familial connection, smaller groups of kids vs adults, and you know everyone whose kids go there.

    Abuse of all kinds runs through both residential AND corporate daycares.

    Corporate daycares don’t always do background checks. Just take a tour of our forums, in the folder for Crimes against Children. You’ll see that it doesn’t matter what TYPE of day care you have, you still need to make smart decisions.