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LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, PA — A man in Pennsylvania is facing assault charges after he took his frustration a bit too far and punched a woman several times following a road rage incident.

Police say that last Tuesday, 44-year-old Stephen Kramer got pissed after he was cut off in traffic by a 31-year-old woman. He was so pissed that he followed the woman to a Gold’s Gym and began screaming at her in the parking lot.

As they both entered the gym, witnesses say Kramer punched the lady several times, knocking her to the floor. Other gym members subdued Kramer until police arrived.

The woman was taken to the hospital for facial injuries while Kramer was taken to jail on charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct, harassment and recklessly endangering another person.

Lord knows I have wanted to punch my fair share of women drivers because let’s be honest, you all suck at driving, but so far I have not acted on my impulses. What? Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean you specifically. I meant all the other women drivers. You drive great. Honestly.

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  • sugarpie

    Damn straight I’m a good driver!  Thanks for the honorable mention. 

  • JohnQknowitall

    Well if you don’t smack the crap out of people or at least yell at them, how are they going to know they did something wrong?

  • JGo555

    I just love the look on his face of: ‘so, what’s for dinner?’ You know the whole: nothing happened, what’s the big deal? thing he’s got going for him is only going to get worse when he gets out of jail, gets cut off YET AGAIN & this time he might not give a few punches but maybe AN ICE PICK will help him get his message across.

    You can pass, tailgate me & do whatever you want to me. I will NOT be mad. I will not hear your insults, I’ll be singing my ass off with the Backstreet Boys will your ass will have your whole day ruined because you want to speed wether you’re late or not.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    He must be really popular with the ladies…and now, he’ll be popular with the gentlemen in jail.

  • What a freak!  Sheesh.  Did she not give the international “my bad” sign to him?  That’s what i do LOL.

  • Sam

    Hmm. That face is telling me this probably wasn’t the first time he’s beaten up a woman.

  • LeaveMeBe

    “Other gym members subdued Kramer until police arrived.”

    I really hope ‘subdued’ was a euphemism for ‘kicked his ass’.

  •  By the looks of his face I’d say no altho I wouldn’t exactly blame them if they did fucking jackass.

  • darsa

    I know I drive aggressively; hell, I learned in Massachusetts, it’s like the law there.  BUT, I also drive safely, wouldn’t cut people off because I know that I’d feel probably kinda close to how that guy felt if it happened to me.  😉   Interestingly enough, my daughter has told us that she prefers to ride with me over daddy, because she feels safer with me.  =P

  • My mom is a horrible driver. She’s 49 and she still drives like she just got out of driver’s ed sometimes. I hate it when we are on the freeway coz its like she has something against going with the flow of traffic i.e. if everyone else is clipping along at 80 shouldn’t you? Its only 5 over the seed limit. I hate the fuckers who drive and talk on their cells, hands free or not that shit is still distracting as the fuck and can make people do some dumb shit.

    I love how this fucktard isn’t even looking at the camera as if his little sideways stare is gonna stop people who know him from recognizing who the fuck he is! I hope he is given so much hell he has too eventually move becoz of this dumbass shit. I wonder if he is married? I doubt it but ya know what they say there’s someone for everyone even the women beating kind.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I love driving, but only on a track. I can’t stand normal road driving. Women are generally crap drivers who can’t parallel park, young boys are shitty drivers because, duh, and old people are constantly trying to drive into me because apparently those yellow and whites that direct traffic flow are to hard to decipher. 

  • Deety

    Yeah, but this is probably the first one that deserved it. (Kidding!)

  • darsa

    Speaking of women drivers…

    This was so close to my house that if I’d been home I would’ve heard it.  Damn women…

  • My mom can’t parallel to save her life…it baffles me. 

  • Sam

    My standard curse when i get pissed off by some other driver on the road is tw*t. I find that even if it turns out to be a man behind the steering wheel, either it’s one with little-man-syndrome / penis-so-small-you-could-mistake-it-for-a-woman, or a guy whose wife has firm hold of his balls. I feel either way the curse fits.

  • Well … he showed her …

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    She should move to Florida, there isn’t a lot of places that demand that skill. There would be cars piled up everywhere if it was necessary. 

  • Gee

    I was thinking that smirk on his face needs to be knocked off.  I bet he feels like a real man beating up on a woman. 

  • annagg

    My husband drives like a woman. He drives like absolute shit! Yesterday, he was driving because I needed to paint my face, and we left in a hurry, but I was navigating from my iphone. I told him, “get off on 5th, go to the first light and turn left, then left again at the next light.” He says I never told him how to get there, and then he says, “where do i turn right?” HUH? He was playing air guitar to the music in his head, not paying attention…

  • Well, I guess following the woman and beating her up helped him get to where he was going faster.  (Sarcasm there.)  What a moron.

    By the way, I’m a woman and I’m not a good driver.  I’m not a driver at all.  What with my seizures and tics, it’s not safe for anyone.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I thought of the DD and Whisper the other day. Some dickhole in a jacked up pickup truck, with Michigan plates, and a Detroit Lions emblem on the back window, was driving like a fucktard. My exit was coming up and this asshole could not pick a speed to save his life. I wound up having to slam on the gas, cut him off, and take my exit…

    I was like… holy shit! I just cut off someone from Detroit, and lived to tell about it!

  • lespacino

    Clearly, it’s because the penis acts as a sort of dowsing rod to the road. The penis is a magical thing it automatically confers an ability to fix things (duct tape is ok), an innate sense of direction, and a superior ability to drive. I wish auto insurers would catch on, though, and start charging women as much as they do men. ;p

  • TinyCyborg

    I’ve only earned one car-related ticket… in highschool my boyfriend beat me up really bad and then take off without his car (I guess he wanted to gtfo in case I called the police), so I found his car, and drove my crappy old tank into it a few times, then beat it in with a pipe I found in the trunk (that popped open after the second hit). When the cop showed up and he saw how beat to shit I was he told me we were even and wrote me a ticket saying I accidentally hit the car once, lightly. Other than that, nope, perfect driving record. Not even a parking ticket.     

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Actually that price disparity is starting to go away. It used to be that young men were charged an arm and a leg while young ladies not nearly as much, with pricing gaps being as large as 1,000. Lately, teen and young adult females are causing just as much trouble on the road due to cell phone use so those premiums are slowly rising. Once you hit 25 pricing already is pretty largely based on things that completely overrule age such as credit, driving history, and type of vehicle. 

  • creamofflicka

    I know this feel,…  

  • Cassy_Again

    According to a study released by Quality Planning, an analytics company that validates policyholder information for auto insurers:

    Men engage in reckless driving 3. 41 times more often than women; Men are 3.09 time more likely to drink and drive; Men are 3.08 times more likely to disobey seatbelt laws; 1.75 times more likely to speed; 1.54 time more likely to ignore a yield sign; 1.53 times more likely to ignore a stop sign or stop signal.

    Between April 2001 and March 2002 men were involved in 33,733 crashes in the USA. Women were involved in 14,633 accidents.

    I guess women are perceived as bad drivers because they’re getting in the way of men who are drunkenly speeding through stop signs with no seatbelt on?

  • lespacino

    I figured teen girls would close that gap pretty soon with all this texting and driving bull shit. I see teenage boys texting a lot, too, but I think the girls do it much more often.

  • LuvsHorror

    Lord knows I’ve wanted to do this…

  • Chixdigme

    To go along with his obvious anger issue and his violence on women issue  there is also the total stupidity issue……..Never start a fight with anyone in a Gold’s gym full of muscle head freds with alpha male egos. You are gonna loose.

  • I put zero faith in these type statistics  – these things are too easily manipulated by who ever is fronting the cash for them.Where are the percentages for women involved in accidents while putting on makeup,driving in pumps,or primping their hair ? I would like to see those stats. 

  •  “Backstreet Boys”  ??? Really ? You are in your very own Hell when you are driving.

  • JGo555

    As it is known, I listen to all kinds of music but I am a 90’s girl who loves boybands. In my mp3 player there’s currently playing:

    The Wiggles (for the kids)
    Tiziano Ferro
    Luis Fonsi
    Janet Jackson
    THe Grateful Dead
    Batman FOrever Soundtrack
    Lacuna Coil
    Michael Buble
    The Vandals
    Rick James
    The Bee Gees
    Daddy Yankee
    Calle 13
    Robi Thicke
    Craig Daid
    John Legend
    Lil’ Wayne
    Jesse McCartney

    and so on… so you see, it depends on what I’m feeling that day or what the kids are letting me play. I don’t confinemyself to one particular genre of music just because I am of a particular ethnicity or speak a particular language.

    Even hating country music I have 2 sonds that I like:

    “What Hurts The Most” by The Rascal Flatts & “Consider Me Gone” by Reba McEntire.

  • I had some person flip out like this. He was in my blind spot when I was trying to merger from a lane that was ending. I didn’t even really get close to him. I looked back while merging and when I saw he was a only a few feet behind me so I went back in to my lane. The guy totally freaked out. He started screaming and flaying around in the car. He got behind me and kept blowing his horn and tail gating me for about a mile. I was getting near my house, so I turned in the plan before mine, the psycho kept following me. Finally I came to a street that I knew was a dead end and turned down it slowly. He stopped and it seemed like he was going to follow me in, but apparently he changed his mind. He was wise, as I had my Louisville slugger laying on the floor next to me.

  • onlyme356

    He just couldn’t let this one go could he? What a nut, followed her into the gym? Man he must have been having quite a shitty day. Oh, and by the way, I resent that remark about women drivers!  Statistically, fewer women are involved in car accidents than men, so take that! : )

  • Wow I can understand how irritating it is on the road….(Hence my love for a good back road…) but anyway, I can see how and why tensions rise….You almost ran your “giant metal missle” into my “giant metal missle” at ungodly speeds….Or you cut me off with you missle, and I almost ran off the fucking road. Or how they get so close to your ass and ride your bumper so long you think the fuckers are gonna just climb on in YOUR car with you. Or you get behind one who has had his turn signal on for 4 miles and we then actually turn you are singing a fucking cheering song you would sing to potty train a child….All while clapping your fucking hands saying “”””You can do it!!!YAY!””””But it’s never a good thing when it gets carried off the road and out of your car……

  • hmmmmm.. trying
    to ..
    muster up..
    anger at this man.. but..
    errh hmmm ahhh
    sorry!!!.. no can do:)
    ..he’s only done what I wanted to do every time I get on the highway and cut off by some asstard.