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Ontario, Canada — Ever read a story and wish you hadn’t? Yeah, that’s me right now.

Back in 2009, we posted about Victoria ‘Tori’ Stafford. She was the 8-year-old girl from Ontario Canada who was abducted from her school, raped and then murdered. Tori Stafford’s body would be found the following July, buried in garbage bags. An autopsy would reveal she had been raped and beaten so badly that it caused lacerations to her liver and broken ribs. Her death was the result of repeated blows to the head with a claw hammer.

Eventually police would arrest and charge 21-year-old Terri-Lynne McClintic and her then boyfriend, 31-year-old Michael Rafferty with Tori’s murder. McClintic would plead guilty to first-degree murder charge and is serving life in prison. Her ex would plead not guilty to Tori’s abduction, rape and murder and his trial has been ongoing this week.

Yesterday McClintic took the stand against Rafferty and gave some of the most disturbing, day-wrecking testimony in regards to exactly what happened to Tori in her final moments. If you are at all sensitive to stories detailing the rape and murder of children, I seriously advise you to quit reading now.

On April 8, 2009, Tori had just left school and was walking home. It was the first time she had been allowed to walk home and her parents say she was excited about getting home to her newly redecorated room and watching High School Musical.

Tori Stafford

Waiting outside of the school was McClintic and Rafferty. The drug-addled couple had been dating for a little over a month and Rafferty had expressed a desire to abduct and rape a child. To prove her love, McClintic lured Tori away with the promise of seeing a schitzu puppy. Surveillance footage would show Tori walking with McClintic and would prove instrumental in apprehending the couple later.

The couple, high on drugs, took Tori out to a remote location pre-chosen for what was to happen next. Once there, Mclintic left Tori in the car with Rafferty and listened to Tori scream for help as Rafferty raped her. Afterwards, Rafferty called her back to the car to take Tori to the toilet.

When the two were alone, McClintic told the court that Tori was bleeding and crying. She pleaded with McClintic “don’t let him do it to me again.” McClintic said she told Tori she was sorry and that Tori was a very strong girl. Tori was only wearing her favorite Hannah Montana T-shirt when McClintic took her back to Rafferty so he could rape her again.

“She asked me to stay with her. I tried to hold on to her hand but I couldn’t stay because I knew what was going to happen,” McClintic testified. “I couldn’t be there for that. I left.”

When she returned to the car, she said the sight of Rafferty raping Tori brought back memories of her own abuse and caused her to have flashbacks and to fly into a fit of rage. She told the court how she put a garbage bag over Tori’s head and started to kick her. She then struck her in the head repeatedly with both sides of the hammer.

“I went back to the vehicle and I savagely murdered that little girl,” she said to a horrified courtroom that included Tori’s parents.

The jury is on break today after two days of hearing testimony that will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives. The judge and lawyers are discussing legal issues behind closed doors today.

If one good thing could be said came from this horrific crime, it’s that public criticism over how police handled Tori’s initial abduction, and their inability to raise an Amber Alert, resulted in Ontario reviewing its Amber Alert emergency broadcast system. They have since changed their rules for issuing an alert from having to confirm a child has been abducted, to believing that a child has been abducted.

So now that I am depressed as hell after not only reading the story earlier, but then typing it all up again, I think I am done for the day. If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here for awhile.

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