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Springfield, MA — After his son’s team lost a 6th grade basketball game, Timothy Lee Forbes has been accused of attacking the winning team’s coach and biting off part of the coach’s ear.

The incident happened on Friday after his son’s team lost in the Catholic Youth Organization finals. While kids from both teams were shaking hands, words were exchanged between the two men, leading to Forbes punching the man and then biting off part of his ear.

Forbes fled the scene after other people at the game were able to pull him off the coach. Reports are that several of the 10-12 year old kids were knocked to the floor and left crying after the melee.

The injured coach was rushed to the hospital where doctors there were able to reattach the piece of his ear that had been removed. He has since been released and has returned home.

Timothy Lee Forbes eventually turned himself in to police and pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct, assault and battery, and felony mayhem. His attorney told reporters his client does not have any priors, but Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney said that they have arrested Forbes before.

The Western Massachusetts CYO Basketball League said it was “stunned by this act against one of our most dedicated coaches” and that it was the first time anything like it had occurred in league history.

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  • kcjosh

    What a very upstanding catholic thing to do…..

  • Zazen

    They gotta drop the prices on concession stand items.

  • Deety

    You know what always made me feel better after a tough loss when I was a kid? Watching my dad bite off the other coach’s ear and then get arrested.

    Oh, no wait… It was actually ice cream.

  • JGo555

    Wow, this dude can produce the DOUCHEBAG look without even trying. And that’s not even looking at his mugshot, just that pic in the courtroom. Oh & just because you are dressed semi formal doesn’t mean that your douchebag attitude will disappear. You’ll just look like a big fat douchebag that’s not even dressed nice enough to go to MAURY.

    Btw, showing up at your kid’s game is great but you completely fucked it up and cancelled by being the worst sore loser in the team…

  • It sucks whenever a parent acts like this at a kids even let alone, THEIR child’s sporting event. It was no doubt painful for the coach. But imagine this guys son taking the heat for his “sore losing crazy ass dad.” It is one thing to have passion for the game it is another thing to have no respect for it. And then there are those parents living through their children, that always blows too. Way to set an example for your kids.

  • curiousalways

    yes your honor, not guilty.  as I wipe away some ear wax and blood dripping down my chin. 

    and what the hell is up with the biting body parts this week?  I don’t care how mad I get, having a piece of someone else bloody flesh dangling from my teeth is in no way something I ever care to partake in.  Except of course, during a full moon.

  •  Sore loser!

  • malq

    or start stocking ears into inventory.

  • sugarpie

    Its a sad day when your kids act more like an adult that you do. 

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Who does this guy thinks he is? Mike Tyson?

  • jake8jazz

    What is it with people biting off body parts lately?  Who started this crap anyway?  Wait, it was some boxer but the name escapes me.  I’m sure someone can remind me.

  • jake8jazz

    You just answered my question, thank you!

  •  Mike Tyson

  • CT

    It was Jesus.  Jesus told him to bite him.  I’m certain of it.  I’m Catholic so I should know.  

  • Babydoll0630

    I know!  I just throw things!  LOL

  • Lena60

    I think he wanted the coach to lend him an ear. 😛

  • JohnQknowitall

    Must be Near Cannibal Month on DD. The nose bitten off, the lip bitten off, the Orthadox Judaic tradition of sucking a baby’s penis after snipping off the foreskin, and now an ear (though I think similar has been reported before).

    What next? I don’t know, but I am crossing my legs.

  • Califboy

     Makes me want one of these – http://www.innout.com/default.asp

  • Califboy


  • creamofflicka

    No,.. Satan told him to do it because he doesn’t believe in Jesus.  I’m Southern Baptist I should know.  Besides,.. Jesus hates Catholics.  He cursed your people with random priestly buttsecks.

  • CT

    Come onnnnnnn. EVERYONE knows Jesus hates the Jews. Geez, man.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Those fries look distinctly like the fingers of children sans their nails.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Also we cannot see inside that cup. Puree? 

  • Heather_Habilatory


    He just wanted bigger ears!

    Ahhhhh. My theory is slowing being proven right, and it’s kinda scaring me!