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RAMSEY, Ind. — A 20-year-old man in Indiana is facing two counts of child molestation for allegedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl after his girlfriend dared him to.

Cody Blankenship denies he never had sex with the girl, but that once when he was playing truth or dare with his 16-year-old girlfriend and her 12-year-old cousin, his girlfriend dared him to have sex with the younger girl.

His girlfriend’s parents dispute that, saying their daughter is traumatized and never dared Blankenship do anything of the sort. They say that back in January they found condoms in the bedroom their daughter shares with her cousin, and the 12-year-old eventually admitted to having had sex with Blankenship.

“She didn’t want to admit it, but after awhile she had come clean and said things had been happening and that Cody had snuck in her bedroom three different times. There’s stains on the mattress, I mean, it was really, really bad,” one parent said.

Police say Blankenship had sex with the 12-year-old on at least two occasions, a claim he vehemently denies.  Blankenship’s father is sticking by his son and says he doesn’t believe the accusations.

“I know my son wouldn’t do anything. I have no doubt whatsoever. My son would never do nothing like that,” he told reporters.

I don’t know if he did it or not, he could very well be telling the truth. But I can tell you this; a grown man playing truth or dare with a 16-year-old girl is just asking for trouble. Trust me on that.

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  • Jess

    Nasty ….

  • Andy P

    Hell, a 20 year old can’t date a 16 year old legally anyway, right?  Let alone fuck a 12 year old.  And how the hell does his dad know if he did it or not?  I don’t think parents usually cum out with allegations like this if they are unfounded.  <—- see what I did there?  LOL.  Hell, they could test the stains for DNA right?  According to the article, "There’s stains on the mattress, I mean, it was really, really bad,” one parent said.

  • CT

    What a dumbass.  You’d have thought he was 12 based only on the fact that he paid truth or dare with a 16 and 12 year old. 

    Sure Dad, your son didn’t have sex with the 12 year – he just happen to slip and fall on top of her and his penis happened to fall into her.  Yeah, yeah, that’s how it happened.  Wait, did I just give him his excuse in court?  I’m good. 

    Love Oingo Boingo.  

  • Yeah since they found it reasonable to let him be around a 16 year old alone, I guess it is par for the course that they should also find it okay for him to be around the 12 year old….I would have ruined his sheets with some brain matter…..

  • creamofflicka

    He’s just an excitable boy…

  • sugarpie

    I’m not sure how I feel about this story.  I’m only speaking from my own experiences here, but I was a very mature looking teenager.  I initiated a relationship with a 20 yr old when I was 13.  I lied to him about my age and I hid our relationship from my parents until I was 15.  I was very manipulative.  Not something I’m proud of.  I did come to my senses before I graduated, after I realized that he was playing for keeps and wanted to get married.  He didn’t rape me or treat me with any disrespect.  It was me who was the aggressor.  While I do agree that this behavior is wrong, I do have sympathy for the guy in a situation where the age gap is not that great.  For all we know, his mentality may very well be on the same level as hers.  Don’t get me wrong, I am dead set against pedofilia, rape and sex with children.  I also think there should be statutory rape laws in effect. Things worked out for my situation and I’m glad he never got in trouble.  We both grew up and went on with our lives.  He married and is a good and decent man.  He doesn’t have a thing for young girls and is certainly not a pedofile.  So my problem is that as a parent, I absolutely think that he should be held accountable for having sex with a 12 year old.  I’m such a hippocrate.   

  • Parents want to believe the best in their children. But children will be children. I always know when my child is lying. Believe me. He knows his son is lying too but he’s in denial. Some people don’t believe their children will murder either. But they do! It’s hard being a parent. But we must stand up for what’s right. If I know without a doubt my child is innocent I’ll be the first to fight for that. But if I find out different. He/she is going to pay the price. That’s tough love, and believe me it hurts.

  • JGo555

    Bullshit. He had sex with her. Denying it won’t make it go away, especially since your ass is already dating a minor & more than likely sounds like he porked her too.

    BTW, if the minor didn’t want to admit, it it sounds to me like she might’ve not minded having sex with him. There’s no nice way of saying that & I am not blaming the victim but it sounded to me like she liked it, that she wasn’t afraid or wasn’t under any kind of threat in order for her to have sex with the fucktard.

    Daddy Fucktard’s: “I know my son wouldn’t do anything. I have no doubt whatsoever. My son would never do nothing like that,” he told reporters.

    I have a problem with the usage of the words: WOULD NOT DO anything. It sounds to me like he WOULD do something, but not just ANYTHING. And he has “no doubt whatsoever”. And unless daddy has had sex in the same room at the same time while his kid had it/shared fap mags with the kid/surfed the while with the kid to fap sessions, I highly doubt if you know if your kid like’em too young and illegal.

    BTW @Morbid:disqus that Oingo Boingo song is too disturbing:

    I, I, I love little girlsThey make me feel so goodI love, little girlsThey make me feel so badWhen they’re aroundThey make me feelLike I’m the only guy in townI love, little girlsThey make me feel so goodThey don’t care if I’m a one-way mirrorThey’re not frightened by my cold exteriorThey don’t, ask me questionsThey don’t, want to scold meThey don’t, look for answersThey just, want to hold meIsn’t this fun?Isn’t this what life’s all about?Isn’t this a dream come true?Isn’t this a nightmare too?Oh, oh, oh I love little girlsThey make me feel so goodI love, little girlsThey make me feel so, badWhen they’re aroundThey make me feelLike I’m the only guy in townI love, little girlsThey make me feel so, goodThey don’t care about my inclinationsThey’re not frightened by my revelationsUh oh (uh oh), take a second (take a second)Uh oh (uh oh), it’s a mistake (it’s a mistake)Uh oh (uh oh), I’m in trouble (I’m in trouble)Uh oh (uh oh), the little girl was just too little Too little, too little, too little, too littleIsn’t this what life’s all about?Isn’t this a dream come true?Isn’t this a nightmare too?And I don’t care, what people sayAnd I don’t care, what people thinkAnd I don’t care, how I lookWhen I’m down my street…

    I assume the usage of midgets in the video to annoy the shit out of @Jaded:disqus was a bonus?

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Quick!  Kill the stupid before it spreads!

  • LeaveMeBe

    Where were the parents when this 20 yo was hanging around the house with 2 underage girls? Where was the girlfriend while the 20 yo was boffing her 12 yo cousin? Had the 16 and 20 yo had sex before? Parents found condoms (hmmm…do molesters usually use condoms?), questioned the 16 yo who obviously said ‘No! Not me.” so they asked the 12 yo (repeatedly) who eventually confessed. Something smells funky in Ramsey, IN. I’m not saying it didn’t happen and that this guy is not a creep, but the facts as they are presented just don’t add up quite right for me, so I’m not going to crucify anyone…yet.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.”  Baretta

  • Deety

    The difference between a 16 year old girl and a 20 year old guy isn’t a big deal, to me. But a 12 year old? No way, totally indefensible.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Just checked and age of consent is 16 years old. I wonder if the parents were knowledgeable of the boy ever being the girl’s room.

  • Deety

    It’s entirely possible the 16 year old wouldn’t have sex with him, but he was able to talk the younger girl into it. The 12 year old may have thought that was the way to get him to like her more than her sister.

    I have a hard time believing a girlfriend would ‘dare’ her boyfriend to sleep with any other woman, let alone her pre-teen sister.

  • Deety

    He can date her, he just can’t have sex with her.

  • Andy P

    Yeah, what I was thinking was where they put a stipulation in for the age difference.  I (reasonably) thought that with a 4 year difference and her being 16, this may have been a no-no.  Apparently not.  (I checked too) Now if she was 15 I think he might be fucked…


  • Andy P

    I remember being 20.  I hear what you’re saying, and “legally” you’re right, but good luck with that one just the same.  LOL

  • Andy P

    I agree with you.  20 vs 12 is baaad.  MMMMMMKAAAAYYYY?

  • Andy P

    It was her cousin, but still…  And I agree – most people don’t encourage their bf/gf to sleep with anyone else – especially a relative.

  • LeaveMeBe

    That is an entireably believable scenario. I guess I’ve just been involved with some cases where the actual outcome was so different from what was originally stated (even with charges being brought) that it makes me question certain things, up to and including a 16 yo girl daring her BF to sleep with a relative. Sometimes I wonder why my brain doesn’t explode with the things it knows that are off the wall and so effing convoluted. 

  • JohnQknowitall

    So to speak…  LOL

  • Zazen

    Well, I had better hurry and think up something you can say at work that will get you that vacation =D

  • LeaveMeBe

    HURRY! 😛

  • reapre

    It’s not fair to say “why would he be let around a 12 year old?! You
    can’t trust a man around youngins!”, no, sick fucks you don’t allow
    around kids, normal men are fine. 

    My friend has a 9 year old daughter, that I’ve babysat from time
    to time when she has a date to go on.  My usual attempt at pissing her
    mom off, isn’t truth or dare, it is supplying her with lots of candy right before her mom picks
    her up >:-D.

  • reapre

    “Cody Blankenship denies he never had sex with the girl,”

    Does the double negative mean he admitted to forcing himself on her?

  • Deety

    A lot of 16 year old girls are putting out, but quite a few of them aren’t.

  • sugarpie

    No dispute here.  I’m just saying that girls can be very persuavive, even 12 year olds.  Not that this is the case here.  But he is the adult and should have never let it happen.  So therefore, be held accountable.   

  • im guessing (if that is actualkly the dude in the pic) that this dude has the mental capacity of a 14 year old…. he looks all sorts of retarded… but that is no excuse… wtf is he doing in a room with 2 young girls anyways?

  • Babydoll0630

    I guess we have another “bad tickler” on our hands……..shrug*

  • Zazen

    Thank you for filling a couple gaps the news article left. Also, as a former major teenaged pain in the ass to my parents, I agree; you can’t camp out in her room. I found all sorts of ways to defy my folks, and it was only when I regained sanity as a 20 year old I recognized that they were only concerned for my welfare.

  • Zazen

    It’s storytime, again kids. I figured since there were enough people asking the same question Billy did, I thought I’d tell you how this reminds me of someone I once knew (shudder). 

    When I was in high school, I knew a guy who was the quintessential boy next door. He was attractive, very clean cut and intelligent. I thought nothing of him till I became friends with a friend of his. That’s when I found out this guy had a predilection for younger girls. Actually, he insisted on virgins or he wasn’t interested. I suppose if the girl was much younger, it was just a bonus.

    The shit he pulled off to get to these girls was fairly legendary amongst his male friends, but I always thought his methods were reprehensible. He was a charismatic guy, and met a lot of people from other schools during band competitions. Of those he met, he targeted fairly young girls, even some who were a little slow developmentally. He’d lie and charm his way in like the snake he was, and once the girl gave it up to him, he moved on to another gullible girl waiting in the wings.

    My sister and her friends were able to get a hold of some of the girls’ numbers and try to warn them, but… that was about as successful as could be expected. At least it did work with one girl. She actually listened to us and believed us and she shut him down. She had her mother answer the phone and if it was him calling, that woman read him the riot act.

    My friend was initially upset with us because we cockblocked his buddy, but after we chewed his ass, he admitted his friend was doing the wrong thing and that yeah, the predatory aspect was sickening.

    His friend, Mr. Cleancut was beyond pissed though, and didn’t have much to do with us after that, and definately did not leave his wallet (with it’s lists of girls’ numbers) lying around at our friend’s house after that.

    I would like to think he grew the fuck up and got over whatever that was but I have no idea how he turned out.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    The minute I hear a guy is into virgins I know he sucks in the sack.

  • Zazen

    Lol, I was too squicked out to think of it that way!

  • Deety

    One of my best friends used to invite gang-bangers over to sneak in her bedroom window to drink and do meth when she was 11. No sex though, thank god. But her parents were good parents, very involved in her life, and they had no clue what she was doing in the middle of the night. I mean none. Neither did I, then, because she knew I would have told them. So I totally believe your story. (Today she, out of all of my friends, has her shit the most together. Great education, life, man, home, emotionally and physically healthy. Go figure.)

    One thing though- please do not let your daughter play the victim. This man was only a few years older than her, and she was a willing participant in this. She may tell you now she was scared, but I guarantee she was completely cooperative at the time. If you allow her to dodge responsibility for this by painting herself as a victim, you won’t be doing her any favors in the long run. She has to learn she is responsible for her own choices, especially when those choices are havng serious negative impacts on much younger relatives.

    A girl who is capable of as much secrecy and sneaking as you describe is perfectly capable of calling the cops when a man shows up uninvited and unwelcome to her porch. It also sounds like she’s using her age and gender to imply consensual and legal sex was forcible rape, and that is seriously not okay. This guy is scum for sleeping with a twelve year old, but there’s still a big difference between that and him forcibly raping two young women.

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  • “Normal man”, I wouldn’t begin to know where to go to find one of those….;) I understand my statement can’t be taken as a blanket statement, and I don’t actually expect mothers to keep their kids away from all 20 year old men. I just mean, if it was common knowledge this dude was “dating” a 16 year old, then I surely wouldn’t want his 20 year old ass “hanging around my 12 year old. (My daughter is 12).Or sleeping over and being any where NEAR my 12 year olds bedroom. If the 20 year old was over, hanging out with these two playing twister and spin the bottle, were there adults in the house AWARE of his relationship with the 16 year old cousin of the victim? If so they weren’t using all of their brain in THAT situation….

  • onlyme356

    His dad is a sorry mother fucker and probably the reason his son turned out the way he did. How could he defend that action? Dumb ass!

  • onlyme356

    It was actually her cousin, not sister. A 16 year old isn’t always all there in the head. It could have been a dare, spin the bottle isn’t exactly what it use to be back in the days. His excuse is still lame though, he’s obviously a perp.

  • Clayton Knudsen

    I have a niece that just turned 13 who looks 20. with the makeup and clothes, she very easily can pass for twenty. Even her language and demeanor, she can easily pull it off. She most likely has(or is it had?) precocious puberty.

  • Mind Freak

    Dude. There is nothing wrong with dating a 16year old. Besides there are a lot of girls who are 15-16 and say that they are 18 and when some one gets them caught the girl usually is a bitch and say’s that she was forced to do it.

  • Mind Freak

    Wow what an ignorant bitch you are. Im 18 and i play kiddie games.Why? Because why not? + Who said that the girlfriend can’t be a bitch too. There are lots of girls nowadays that do that. Like my friend went to jail because he had sex with a 17year old girl, the best part is that he didn’t know that.She looked 19 and also said she is 19. After they done it she acted as the victim.

  • CT

    I certainly will not argue the point about being a bitch, but ignorant? Coming from you that is a fucking compliment. “After they done it?” Your words only prove to me that you are a fucking moron. If you plan to insult me, use proper grammar so that I may understand you better. I typically cannot understand anyone with less than an 8th grade education. If any of the words I used are too big for you to understand, please go to your local dollar store and pick up a dictionary.

  • Mind Freak

    You keep proving my point about you being an ignorant bitch. And sorry about my grammar, but it’s because i am not from a country that speak english as their language.

  • CT

    In addition to your horrendous grasp of grammar, you apparently cannot read. Calling me a bitch when I so readily agreed with you is a moot point. Girls, women, of course they can all be “bitches” as you say. I know plenty of them. Ignorant – well, if you are referring to having sex with underage people, yes, I am quite ignorant in that respect and plan to stay that way. I find you to be boring and unintelligent but then again you don’t like me so I guess we are at a stalemate. Anyway, back to the topic– fuck all the underage chicks your heart desires. You will go far in life. See you here on DD real soon. And it is a country that “speaks” English as their primary language. Just trying to help you out with your grammar lessons.

  • Mind Freak

    Once again you ignored what i said. I said i am not from a country where they speak English and you ”corrected” me saying that ‘i am’. + I never said i want to have sex with under aged girls.You made that up thus proving my point that you are ignorant.