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NEWTON COUNTY, GA — Police have arrested a teenager after he was videotaped having sex with his neighbor’s female pit bulls.

Dr. Cathryn Lafayette says 19-year old Bernard Archer was supposed to clean out the kennel that housed her four pit bulls on Saturday. She had paid for him to enter a program to get his GED, and this was part of how he was to repay the debt.

But when police showed up to her door the other day, they informed her that it wasn’t just the dogs’ kennel Archer had been inside of that day. They informed her that they were there because her neighbors had called 911 to report seeing “a young black male having sexual intercourse with two dogs.”

At first she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, that Archer would repay her favor by raping her dogs, until police showed her some video her neighbors had taken.

“And it showed him on his knees inside the kennel with my dog. He was on his knees like he was a dog,” said Lafayette.

Archer was arrested and charged with two counts of bestiality. But you know we are talking about pit bulls, dogs that have been proven genetically evil, so I wouldn’t doubt Archer was setup and a victim of entrapment.

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  • Sam

    Geez louise, is it full moon or something?? What’s with all the any-hole-will-do sex freaks??

  • Gee

    Oh Yay!!! It’s Bestiality Friday 

    Morbid Remember the “Dead Deer Fucker”  The story that got me hooked on DD.

    Awww… memory lane fun to go down :o)~

  • Sam

    Considering pitbulls when agitated are notorious for biting down on anything within reach and not letting go, i’m actually quite impressed at this teenager’s gutspe.

  • I don’t understand why those pit bulls didn’t rip his ass apart. Sounds to me like they thought he was a decent lover.

  • Lena60

    your suppose to repay the lady who helped you, not the dogs retard!

  • CT


  • Califboy

     Lady goes to the doctor for her regular checkup,
    Doctor notices she has raw skin on her knees and says,
    Mam, don’t you and your husband know of any other positions other then doggie style?
    She replies yes we do, but my Dobermans don’t !!! heheheheheh

  • CT

    “She had paid for him to enter a program to get his GED” – yeah, well she apparently paid him to enter something else too.  Makes my butthole tighten up just typing that.  Poor doggies. 

  • Califboy

     He just might be the next dog whisperer !!!

  • Texas Ranger

    maybe he thought he was trying to help her create a new breed…Archer-Pits or Bernard-Bulls. I have a feeling the GED may be a little out of reach for this guy.

  • This woman went out of her way to help someone less fortunate out and this is what she got.  Wonder how long it will be before she thinks about personally helping someone out again?

  • CT

    I love that surprised dog in the pic.  Kills me every time I look at it.  

  • “a young black male having sexual intercourse with two dogs.”  

    “But you know we are talking about pit bulls, dogs that have been proven genetically evil, so I wouldn’t doubt Archer was setup and a victim of entrapment.”

    Had to throw out the bait didn’t ya?

  • Valerie

    I don’t believe it! Those were pits, obviously they were raping the boy under threat of bodily harm. I hope that poor kid gets some therapy.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Dumbass is 19, so how come no mugshot? I want to point and laugh.

  • Califboy

     He is in the video, head down, shameful look .

  • lespacino

     Oh my god, so wrong- yet so right!

  • lespacino

     It’s not rape if the pit bull doesn’t rip your arm off!

  • Well the pic of that kid looks like a dog! Sorry. Now where did I put my glasses!

  • lespacino

     This is why you should never help people! 😉

  • 18th40

     Grab a number, it’s a long line.

  • Lena60

    me too, my shepherd gets goofy looks on his face sometimes too.

  • im guessing he just couldnt help it. after all, it was nothin but the dog in him.. bow wow wow yippie ohh yippy yayyyyy yippy yaaayyyy!!!

  • Gee

    I think it was the dogs fault. She had her supple ass up in the air and he couldn’t resist

  • Coyote

    “But you know we are talking about pit bulls, dogs that have been proven genetically evil, so I wouldn’t doubt Archer was setup and a victim of entrapment.”

    Yea, them bitches was a askin’ fah it.

  • blubberdong

    Over a casual dinner of soup bones and Kibbles ‘n Bits, the guy charmed these two bitches into a threesome.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Thanks, I rarely click the article links, as they’re (almost) never as funny (at least not intentionally) as the articles themselves.

  • I keep hearing him say “doggy wanna bone……….er! Yuck!

  • SuzanneBa

    And to think that I spent most of my youth being afraid of a ladder in my tights a piece of spinach caught in my teeth, sweat patches etc etc and here he is a whole future ahead of him having to live down being caught doing the “doggie” in too true a sense of the word.

  • sugarpie

    I’m gettin a little scared for my doggie and kitties being home alone all day.  These animal lovers are popping up everywhere. 

  • TruTruTrue


    What type of Dr. is she?… Could she have been conducting a clinical trial which included in Vitro. This is the ATL and they really love their Pit Bulls there

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Those dogs better get themselves checked out for some STD’s. Who in their right mind would look at a dogs asshole and find that thing enticing?

  • girlygerd


  • Jemimabean

    What I want to know is- they’re PITT BULLS! How did he manage to keep them – er- engaged for any reasonable amount of time? I can’t manage to keep mine to sit still long enough to brush him properly! Oh, yuck!!!

  • JohnQknowitall

    …or something more precious.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Who says pit bulls are not nice dogs? Oh yeah: me.

  • sherrdbw

    I thought that this would be Florida, but it’s not. What is up with these animal fuckers? Aren’t there any humans around for them to hook up with?

  • lespacino

     Yes, but it is more difficult to make a human female pant and drool- takes skill, whereas female dogs…

  • SayAunt

    I’ll betcha his girlfriend is a bitch too!

  • Lena60

    What was the ladder doing wearing your tights? 😛

  • JGo555

    Ohhhh, when they catch his ass in GEnPop & hear what he went in for:

    “Boy, choo like to get some dawgy style. Gitcho’ ass down mofocka You gon’ see who de bitch is, now!”

  • JGo555

    And the pits take another one for the team. I am glad he didn’t do anything to that old lady & it’s too bad the pits didn’t turn around & ripped his dick off. BTW, SEE!? Pitbulls that are WELL TRAINED AND SOCIALIZED ARE NOT DANGEROUS/BAD!???

  • JGo555

    Especially when you bend down & pick up warm turds with a bag… the smell!!!!

  • This is all diabolical long-term scheme building street-cred for real targets: He’ll be able to tell PETA-babes and grapenuts-hotties how he loves animals even more than them.

  • Sam

    Popping up, literally.

  • kimbev69

    Sweet nothings

  • kimbev69

    Pit was prob like “bitch u are owned”

  • Karen Tyborowski

    now THATS sick

  • LeaveMeBe

    Freak 🙂

  • LeaveMeBe

    After reading the DD for so long, I see red flags everytime someone says they’re an animal lover.

  • just wondering from a practical point of view…how do you continue life on the planet, especially as a young black man, after being caught in such a compromising position?  how does a dog fucker face his wife/girlfriend for instance?  seems a bit of a reach to use “my girlfriend….”
    1.  doesn’t have time for me (but pit bulls do? well actually he might have a valid one there.  i mean dogs love attention from their human masters although maybe not this type of attention )
    2.  is always talking about work. what about me? (shit he might have another valid one. when was the last time you heard your golden retriever bitching about a long hard day at the office?)
    3.  spends all her time taking care of the children. there is no “us” time.  (again, score one for the pit bull, dogs are notorious for letting their kids fend for themselves starting at a young age)
    4.  talks to her friends on the phone all the time. (well shit again….pit bull is starting to look more and more like a viable alternative to MY girlfriend now too)
    5.  spends hours on the computer (dammmmmmmmmmmit that does get on my nerves.  i’m calling the animal shelter in a minute)
    6.  is always complaining about something as soon as I walk through the door. (don’t you fucking hate that?  hey maybe this dog molesting bastard is the smart one and normal guys are the dumbasses)
    7.  never kisses me any more. if I don’t initiate sex we don’t have it.  (hi dog pound, say you guys wouldn’t have any staffordshire terrier females available to adopt would you?  i’m looking for three, maybe four mature ladies, errr, doggies to help guard my property)
    8.  blames me for not making enough money (hey is this beastiality thing a crime in EVERY state? surely there is a place i can go to get my swerve on with lassie and not be subject to the judgmental eyes of the ignorant world…)
    9.  looks like hell. she was beautiful when we first got together.  now she’s a dog (lol maybe this is where the whole ugly scenario got started.  our dog fucker thought that these days his lady wasn’t looking much different then flicka out in the backyard and flicka didn’t come with all the extra shit like numbers 1-8 above)

    i guess when you break it down maybe 19 year old bernard archer is not as crazy and demented as we initially thought.  maybe he is the normal one and its all of us that are fucked in the head.  just saying……

    sorry ladies lol.  you know i’m just kidding lol.

  • lol people are so funny/disgusting

  • lol tmi

  • Oh look another black person. 

  • First of all Pit Bulls are not Genetically proven to be evil. Pit Bulls are wonderful animals and like most animals innocent due to human error. Please don’t trash the Pit Bull there is enough for us to fight against and statements that Pit Bulls have been proven to be evil is just a false statement and this boy/man should face charges for entering the kennel and having inappropreiate behavior with these Pit Bulls. The Pit Bulls are not the problem, here! Sad that people still abuse animals is the issue!

  • Pit Bulls are not notorious for biting down on anything. Pit Bulls get a bad rap and to continue to feed into what Pit Bulls might do is ridiculous. There is an irrational fear against Pit Bulls. Dogs have teeth and Pit Bulls do enjoy a good play with pulling but so do all dogs. Pit Bulls are very special dogs and they are being discriminated against due to their breed.

  • Please do not spread false information. A six year study performed by the Fraunhofer Society proved that pit bulls are evil by genetics. Their study, and the results, were published in 2007 and have been accepted by the vast majority of the scientific community. That’s not to say all pits are evil, as some have found a way to resist their biological impulses to maim and kill, but it is now a known fact that pits exist purely to murder and rape.