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BALTIMORE, MD — A 13-year-old girl was found shot to death in an alley, buried under a pile of trash, and now two of her young friends have been charged with killing her.

Police say on Saturday night, 13-year-old Monae Turnage was  inside a home with two boys, ages 12 and 13, playing with a .22 caliber rifle. The gun fired and Monae was killed by a shot to her chest.

Police say the two boys panicked and dragged Monae into a nearby alley then  hid her body under some bags of trash. Afterwards, one of the boys called Monae’s mother to tell her that she was on her way home. When he called a second time to see if she had gotten there, Monae’s mother became suspicious.

When she still had not arrived home by 1 a.m. Sunday, her family called police and started searching for her. Monae’s brother would eventually see her leg sticking out from trash in an alley directly behind the house she had been visiting that night.

Both boys, whose names are not being released at this time, were arrested and are being held on juvenile charges of involuntary manslaughter. An adult was at the home at the time of the shooting and investigators want to know how the rifle got into the hands of the children.

“How did this gun get in the home? Whose gun was it? Why wasn’t it secured and how does it end up in the hands of a 12 and 13-year-old child,” said Anthony Guglielmi of the Baltimore City Police.

Her family members do not feel the charges are severe enough and say the story detailing how Monae was killed just doesn’t add up. They say she was terrified of guns and would have not been playing with one.

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  • This mom needs to know, children will do anything along with their peers just to be a part of the crowd. It’s sad but it’s true. 

  • I’m not as worried about how they got the gun with an adult around so much as HOW the adult didn’t hear a gun shot and investigate. And there had to be blood etc. Also, why didn’t the adult question the kids about the girl suddenly gone after the gun got fired. Something doesn’t add up.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Where was the adult when these kids were “playing” with the gun?  Why was the gun even out where the kids could get to it in the first place?

  • Zazen

    ‘ Her family members do not feel the charges are severe enough and say the
    story detailing how Monae was killed just doesn’t add up. They say she
    was terrified of guns and would have not been playing with one.’

    I know… because you don’t think (egasp) that the boys could have been lying about that? Since they were so up front to begin with?!?

  • Andy P

    That was my first thought – how didn’t the adult in the house hear a gunshot?  Did this happen inside the house?  Wouldn’t there be a mess to clean up?

  • JGo555

    The sad part was that if it REALLY was an accident & they would’ve called the ambulance and cops, they would’ve gotten community service.

    I don’t know but it seems fishy that they just panic and hide the body instead of trying to call an ambulance OR THE ADULT IN THE HOUSE.

    Maybe this girl was being sexually active and didn’t want to do it with those guys… I am not trying to bash the victim. She is a child and she did not deserve this.

  • Cassy_Again

    I don’t think people panicking and hiding a body after an accident means it wasn’t an accident, necessarily. People have hid their victims after car accidents many times.

  • sugarpie

    I’m so confused.  A gunshot in the house and the adult didn’t take action?  I don’t understand what these kids did, but I do think that it’s possible it was an accident.  Kids do not want to be held accountable for anything they do wrong. 

  • Lena60

    Iam wondering why she was with two young males out at 1:00 am. such a shame.

  • I don’t  think she was with them until 1 AM. I think because she still wasn’t home by then her family called police. Still, I wonder why they waited until 1 AM, like it wasn’t unusual or something. 

  • reapre

    To be fair a .22LR round isn’t that loud. It’s more of a small firecracker “pop” unlike a 9mm, or larger calibers. If the scenario is perfect in a basement corner with stuff against the walls in that room, and the adult was complete opposite end of the house with music up/movie on/in the shower singing, they may not have specifically noticed the noise, or attributed the noise to something else…saying they have “normal” hearing and don’t already have hearing loss.

  • reapre

    My sister (31 this year) has never even had a hand on a gun until this last summer. She was terrified/afraid of them. It took me a little while of convincing her, but she went out and shot it.

    Now she always asks…”wanna go shoot this weekend?”

    But no, I agree with you completely. They’re probably lying.

  • Prominent Prozac

    And we all assumed it was sexual predators…Damn.

  • Prominent Prozac

    They’re black..That’s why, they lived in the ghetto.

    No really, all seriousness though, it happens. Sometimes you hear something and have no idea what it even really is.

  • Lena60

    Iam not assuming anything, Iam speculating. 🙂

  • Coyote

    There’s definitely more to come on this story.  I just read that a police officer was suspended for his conduct after the shooting.   Sources familiar with the case said the officer is dating a relative of one of the two juvenile boys. Read more: http://www.wbaltv.com/news/30618528/detail.html#ixzz1oM3y3Zt4

  • Lena60

    wow! Mr. policeman may be in some deep shit.

  • princessgrandma

    So, was the adult who was present blind, deaf and dumb? I mean, come on.  If there were a story that the boys gave right away, why was there no story or statement noted from the adult?

    I am reminded of the case where a woman’s boyfriend shot her daughter (accidentally?) while she and some friends were playing.  Supposedly, he didn’t know the gun was loaded and was just trying to scare them.  Well, just as in this story, I’m finding it hard to believe if he was an adult in the house that he didn’t know what was going on with the gun.

  • Valerie

     A .22 rifle is not very loud. It’s more like a firecracker going off than a loud BOOM. Most likely the “adult” in the house wasn’t paying any attention. What I find strange is that the “adult” did not hear anything from the girl while she was dying, I can understand overlooking the loud snap from the gun (if there was a movie or loud music on) but wouldn’t she have made some noise? I really hope this isn’t another one of those Alyssa Bustemante cases (sorry if I misspelled her name).

  • I thought the same thing … It sounds like it happened in the house too.

  • Lena60

    You got a cute face, if that is your face. 🙂

  • Chinchillazilla

    Something seems particularly off about this one to me. Hiding your friend’s body? Well, I did a lot of dumb shit as a kid, and usually panicked and tried to cover it up when it went wrong, so maybe (though I’m not really sure most kids would rather literally drag a friend’s corpse away than call 911). But having the balls to call her mom TWICE, when you KNOW the girl’s dead? That doesn’t strike me as “OH SHIT” freak-out behavior.

  • reapre

    I had to watch a video a couple years back, for training, that involved a cop getting shot with a .22 in his arm pit, a “kill shot” if you will.  He had long enough to say on the radio that he’d been shot.  The dispatcher came back asking for his location, immediately, and he never responds. 

    She may have gasped, asked what they did, and did not understood the gravity of the situation and passed out if it passed through her heart.  I’m guessing (hoping) it was quick and relatively painless.

  • Not only is a .22 not a loud round, but the it wouldn’t cause a large bloody scene to clean up.

  • reapre

    What I should’ve added;

    MY biggest wonder, is how anyone in the house didn’t recognize what was happening over the immediate secracy, quiet time, and shuffling something “heavy” out of the door, to the alley.  My only assumption I can pass, is the adult in the house, was passed out.  Passed out in terms of alcohol/drug/sleeping aid. 

    You can literally knock my moms door in (who takes perscription sleeping pills) before she even recognizes there’s a noise outside the norm. 

  • JohnQknowitall

    Sorry I don’t know what “egasp” means. Can you tell me?  🙂

  • Deety

    Or the girl was scared and tried to get the boys to put it away, and they didn’t listen.

    Or worse, they thought it would be funny to scare her with it more, and that’s why it was pointed at her in the first place.

  • lespacino

     I think it is a special tech/web thing- like esurance or ebay… ;p

  • reapre

    “Or worse, they thought it would be funny to scare her with it more..”

    This.  This is what many of us gun owners would love to believe doesn’t exist.  We know it does, however.  That actually seems pretty…plausible.

  • reapre

    “…they would’ve gotten community service… “

    I don’t believe they would’ve gotten much of that, if they even got charged with it.  If it would’ve been an immediate “OH SHIT!” And 9-1-1 was called, it very well easily could’ve passed as a complete and udder accident.

    Just becomes hard to believe anything was accidental when the reaction is to cross off their checklist; “1) hide the body, 2) set up alibi, 3) be inconspicuous by showing over concern.”

    I won’t knock your theory of the sexually activity, it’s a viable theory. One could also say she was “shot after cleanup” to conceal sexual misconduct and her going to “tattle”. From what we have so far, I don’t think that’s the belief though.

  • reapre

    The article makes a point that our story here doesn’t bring up.

    One of their sisters dating a cop, who was there around the time of her death, who also had the gun in his car.

    It does seem possible, and likely they were instructed on how to act, and how to hide the body.

    I won’t put it past an ingenious kid to figure it out on their own, but an alibi, hiding the body, and then the .22 being found in his car, seems highly suspicious.

  • sherrdbw

    Just another story about kids killing kids.

  • Hellioness

     I came here to say something along those lines but since you beat me to it I shall just give you a like and co-fuckin’-sign your post.

  • Zazen

    You so nailed it.

  • ultracreep

    You know it’s entirely possible that the dumbass adult helped them hide the body or even came up with the idea. Kids don’t have a lock on doing asinine shit. 

  • Pingback: Boys, 12 & 13, Killed Little Girl With Rifle Then Hid Her Body In Trash! SMH()

  • All of these “alleged” accidents that take place when minors play with guns seem to be easily preventable. The parents of the little bastards could have used modern contraceptives to prevent themselves from becoming pregnant in the first place. I mean, obviously they could care less about their fucking kids so why make the rest of humanity suffer the consequences of their selfish, lazy, thoughtless procreation? Better to just let the little fucks die inside the condom before they are ever born and spare mankind the trouble of having to clean up their fucked up kids messes. China or whoever it is that makes prospective parents obtain a license to have a kid is on the right track…

  • whisperswing

    Weapon Used To Kill 13-Year-Old Girl Found In POLICE OFFICER’S CAR

    Two boys, a 12 and 13-year-old, have been charged with shooting the eighth-grade student once in the chest while playing with the rifle on Saturday night before hiding her body under trash bags in an alley.
    Monae had left her home in Northest Baltimore earlier that night to go rolling skating with two friends.
    Police are trying to find out who owned the gun, which was designed as a replica of an AK-47 assault rifle.
    And investigators are now trying to determine whether the suspended police officer advised the juveniles after the shooting occurred.
    The victim’s mother and aunt said they are outraged by the new allegations, calling for the officer to be fired and suggesting that police could have found Monae faster.
    Edith Turnage, Monae’s mother, told The Baltimore Sun: ‘They need to fire him, not suspend him.
    Monae’s family said they knew that one of the suspect’s relatives was involved with a city police officer, and said that if the officer knew anything, he should have notified authorities immediately.
    Monae’s relatives have complained that police were not aggressive enough after Edith Turnage called 911 to report her daughter missing, prompting the family to conduct their own search which led to Monae’s 16-year-old brother finding her body.
    ‘I honestly believe in my heart that had police gone to that address when we reported her missing, and they had searched for her, she might have been found still alive,’ said Monae’s aunt, Patricia Marshall.
    Her mother paid tribute to Monae saying: ‘She was a very intelligent young lady, a very pretty young lady, a very outspoken young lady. She wanted to do something with her life.’
    She lamented a life lost by ‘somebody she was with, somebody she trusted.’
    Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi described the young girl’s death as an ‘unspeakable tragedy,’ one so horrific that seasoned homicide detectives had trouble coping.
    Several police officers said they also were angered that the officer’s suspension could further tarnish the agency’s reputation.

  • Wow

  • dre8791

    Rest In Peace baby girl!

  • onlyme356

    This is very sad, and the questions the Baltimore City Police were on point. I am, however wondering why it took the family of the girl until 1am to call the police. She was 13 years old. Why wouldn’t she be home by 8 o clock from a friend’s house? Sounds like maybe they weren’t really paying much attention to who the girl hung out with and where.

  • whisperswing

    2 Boys Sentenced In 13-Year-Old Girl’s Death

    BALTIMORE (AP) — Two boys who have admitted roles in the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old girl whose body was found hidden beneath trash bags have been sentenced.
    On Wednesday, a juvenile court judge sentenced the 13-year-old boy who pulled the trigger to indefinite confinement at a treatment center. The most he could serve in detention is three years.
    The 12-year-old boy who helped him move the body will be monitored by the Department of Juvenile Services while living with relatives in Harford County.
    The investigations of three adults connected to the case have not yet been resolved.


  • they probably live in the hood and hear gunshots all day anyways, its pretty normal in the ghetto