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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 13-year-old boy is home recovering after police say two teens poured gasoline on him and then set him on fire.

According to the reports, the teen was followed home by two older teens while walking from East High School. As he was trying to get into his front door, the two teens allegedly rushed up and grabbed him. One pinned his arms behind his back while another poured gas on the boy and flicked a lighter saying, “This is what you deserve.”

This produced a large fireball that burned the teen’s face and hair. He was able to put out the flames with his shirt while his attackers ran away. The eighth-grader then called 911 before calling his father.

He was taken by ambulance to Children’s Mercy Hospital where he was kept for several hours as they treated first-degree burns to his face and head. Police said they were concerned about possible damage to his eyes and lungs while also saying they are investigating this as a possible hate crime.

Hate crime you ask? Yeah, you wouldn’t have guessed that if you clicked on either of the two links I have already provided. The first link forgets to mention the victim is white and his supposed attackers are black. The second link I posted conveniently left off a bit if what was allegedly said to the victim. The full quote should have been, “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”

But I guess that’s better than fox4kc. They don’t even mention either of those facts. Go figure.

Police need help locating the two suspects who are described as being around 16 years old. One was wearing a blue beanie, blue jacket and blue-green Nike Air Jordans with #23. The second suspect was wearing a black hoodie and black sunglasses with silver on the side. If you have any information, call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

In their defense, maybe the news agencies who are leaving out key facts relating to the crime are just being responsible and want to stick to reporting facts and not help spread misinformation or inaccuracies. Surely they wouldn’t sanitize their reports based on race, religion or sexual orientation. lol! Yeah, right.

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  • rensuchan

    I’m sure that the debate on whether it was a hate crime or not will be quite hot.

  • People are just fucking mean … and this meanness did not happen overnight … people have always been fucking mean.On a side note “Melissa Coon” is the victim’s Mother – If this had been my last name then I would have legally changed it at 18.

  • sherrdbw

    I wonder if the boys knew each other or if they had any previous altercations. I would need more information before I could call it a hate crime. 

  • Lena60

    Sure they would Morbid.A few years back, We had an icident where a black child was over his white friends house.being young boys and doing what boys do, they decided to go exploring in a man made creek.bad move.A storm quickly broke out with torrential rains, high winds , with thunder and lightening.The black child was caught in the creek.The Dallas police set out on a rescues mission, due to common sense, they did not invite the news stations.Iam sure they did not want any helocopters flying over head in a storm.Fox news got pissed and turned this into a race issue, the first chance they got.I now have no idea if the child got saved or drowned.they were too focused on making this a race issue instead of a rescue 🙁

  • GGMon

    Another reason to hate news stations like Fox News…

  •  The news reports say that the victim didn’t know his attackers.

  • minjofu

    I have a hard time believing this was just a hate crime..  The kids were all roughly the same age so I’m sure the other two knew their victim and had their own personal reasons for going after him.. 

    That being said I’ve often pointed out to people I know my observation that when reporting on assaults or robberies the media all too often leaves out physical descriptions of the suspects..  I suppose that could be due to some sort of investigation going on and not wanting to compromise evidence.. or whatever.. but sometimes I wonder ..

  • minjofu

    Well,, he says he doesnt know them.. 

  • Yep. Wait for it…wait for it….

  • I have to wonder if maybe the kid didn’t set his own face on fire doing some kind of stupid ass teenage boy shit and was forced to come up with a story to save his own ass.

    Not saying it didn’t happen the way the boy said it did, but it’s not every day you hear about someone just randomly setting another person on fire for shits and giggles. 

  •  I been reading comments on some of the other news sites and yep,you are right.

  •  So far it sounds like “hate” crime is possible … the attackers didn’t really say all that much … in my opinion they need to be caught and questioned to be sure what the exact motive for this attack was.

  • Mean people are out there and I am surprised at your comment …

  • Yes, Cedric, I am aware. I am also aware that there are a lot of untruthful people out there, too…… 

  •  A “a race issue” ??? In Dallas ??? Say it isn’t so …

  • Lena60

    It is so. 🙂

  • Tundratot

    The “you deserve this” part of the comment has my attention.  They may be referring to something they think he did — you know, like dis-ing one of them or their sisters.  The “white boy” may not be very important as people tend to pop out with prejudicial comments when they get violent.  

  • minjofu

    Ya know.. you’ve got a good point there..  Just like the acid in the face story ..  The kid could just be trying to avoid getting into trouble with his parents.. After all no one saw it happen..  I’d almost be relieved if it turns out the kid DID do it to himself by accident.. 

  • This is also what I’m thinking… Were there any witnesses? No one noticed a couple of older boys chasing some younger boy down with a gasoline can? 

    It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • I agree with you. I didn’t post this story because I did or did not believe this kid, but the fact that the media left out some important facts.

  • Gee

     I agree with you @DDJaded:disqus . You never how this shit really plays out. I find it very interesting that the news agencies are ignoring the fact that this is being investigated as a hate crime. You damn well know when it is the other way around it gets reported on every fucking news station.
    Is that because it’s not a hate crime when it’s black on white…. Sarcasm

  •  I checked out your link … you made your point … hmm … you also saw my first posting before I altered it 🙂  Sometimes (actually a lot of times I post,then read,then redo – mostly ’cause people think I’m overly mean at times,and I really don’t usually intend to be – usually being the key word).I will bow to your esteemed wisdom in this case,but for the record I believe the kid was attacked.

  •  No where in the story does it say that they chased him down … it says that they “followed” him.

  • JGo555

    I don’t care what race, religion, country you are from. The only way someone deserves this treatment is if you are: a Paedophile, a child abuser or an abuser.

    I am at a loss because of anger ( & other things going’round in my head). Why in the fuck would pieces of shit think this kid deserved it!??? Why because he was doing good at school? Because he knew the answer to a question the teacher asked? Because he did his homework? Because he might actually graduate from school?

    Fuck them both. Neither of you deserve ANY pity. Especially because you’re old enough to know that you shouldn’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you.

  • JGo555

    It’s gotta be really hot in order for us to change colors. It takes quite A LOT and A LONG TIME for me to get sunburned.

  •  I have a million stories in me – I could tell you about the time I got Sunburned,but I will spare you my agony.

  •  Maybe they are not reporting it that way because they are not at all sure that’s what it was … if the news stations doubt that this was in fact a hate crime,or suspect that it was not – then it would be irresponsible to report it as such at this time.

  • It’s not the news media’s job to decide what is true or not in stories like this. It is their job to report the facts of the story and for now, the facts are that the boy claims two black kids set him on fire while making a comment about him being white. The decision to filter or decipher certain info should be left for the reader.

    Oh, and I got a good laugh out of your last sentence. You should do stand-up.

  • Does the thought, the “hate” in “hate crime” make the kid’s face any less torched? Didn’t click the 2nd link, but the clip in the foxnoise linked story does play up the race aspect a bit towards the end. But, getting back to the “motive,” common sense demands that I refuse to give a fuck what you’re thinking as long as your behavior conforms with what we know of as civilization. Maybe these two thought the kid was someone else. Maybe he burned them on a dope deal. Maybe they just thought it would be fun to set somebody on fire. The kid’s face doesn’t care.

  • Athena

    I was just in the process of scrolling down to post exactly this, using the same example.  

    Golf clap.

  • I certainly would not be surprised in the least.  Maybe he was trying to freebase some coke like Richard Pryor did when he burned up his face.  Actually I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what did happen.  Please notify the media that this was all just a big mistake.

  • Athena

    Incidentally, I heard about this on our local FOX affiliate last night, and they mentioned both the hate crime potential and the alleged black perps.  But I have no doubt that this would be intentionally left out by some outlets.

  • Lena60

    I think its possible Jaded.He only had first degree burns to his face and we are talking gasoline fire, this raises my suspicions. If it was poored on his head it would have dribbled off his head onto his shoulders and possibly his chest. if it was flung into his face, it would still get more then just his face.Why was only his face burned?Something is not right.

  • sherrdbw

    Oh, from the comment that one of the boys made “You get what you deserve, white boy” I thought that maybe they knew each other and possibly there had been some sort of altercation between the boys. It seems that whenever some kid goes on a rampage it’s in response to being bullied by some other kid(s). I don’t know, maybe it was a hate crime. I just don’t understand it.

  • sherrdbw

    But they are so “fair and balanced”. At least that is what Bill O’Reilly says.

  • sherrdbw

    I agree. Some people are just plain evil. Period.

  •  I really have to say that when I was reading this I was thinking ‘wow, this really sounds like that woman with the acid incident’. I hope I am wrong, and I will take the lashing if I am wrong, but it did make me think of it. Either way, even if he did do it I hope he gets as much compassion as that other woman did. From what I understand she getting a lot of help and encouragement.

  • Omg , my son is 14 and I swear to god if someone does anything to him stories like this make me think, I’m blasting these kids for being a bunch of psychos,but as  read the story I think of my son and OMG the things I would do to these kids if that was my son. I’ll be all over DD and Best gore. This generation is beyond all limits. We are gonna have one hell of a time getting on when we are old cuz this generation doesn’t give a f@ck they don’t care about rules, life,nothing. I seriously believe they’ll put our old asses in death camps . It sounds funny but I’m dead azz serious. People like those 2 psychos will be the ones in the charge cuz this generation is so WEAK that everyone is going to be bullied into doing whatever they are told. Brace our freedoms now and we need to save every dollar of retirement and buy everything ahead of time, your plot, your home, hire caretaker in advance cuz if you leave it to these mofos, you’ll be standing in execution line at the old people death camp.

  • Jemimabean

    These children disgust me. And the worst part of it is that many children live what they are taught at home. So naturally, if your parents have hate and race and anger issues and teach you that every person who looks different or has a different culture to you is shit and should die, you’re going to want to act on it. Look at South Africa and Zimbabwe- where teenagers (who are not, and never have been, Zim War Veterans or Victims of South African Apartheid) break into farms (because our “politicians” sing songs that translate to “I grab my machine gun, I kill the farmer,” and these songs are noted as “revolutionary songs of the Struggle- whatever!) and kill  (white) farmers, their wives and children (one particularly disturbing case was that of Baby Willemientjie, a two year old who was made to watch her parents being murdered before being hoisted aloft by her shock of red hair and shot in the head.) And on the other side we have underground organisations spreading white- on- black hatred and teaching kids who were born long after 1994 that racist behaviour is good, and we have 18 year old little shits gunning down entire families of (black) people because he “wanted to claim his land back” when he has never lived anywhere near a farm in his pathetic little worthless life.

    Rant over. But this planet stinks. I don’t think that there is any nation that can exist without stupidity and hatred in their hearts. I sure as fuck hope that it improves before my kids are older, but that was my parents hope for me as a kid, and nothing’s changed, we just change the names of the game to “not offend” entire demographic groups and appear more evolved and politically correct. It’s all bullshit. It starts at home, and stupid parents will rear stupid, ignorant, hateful children, no matter what colour they are. It’s fucking heartbreaking.

  • Andy P

    No fucking kidding.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Hate doesn’t discriminate. It’ll take you down no matter what you look like or believe.

  • malq

    But he blamed black people. that is extremely rare coming from white people.. Like a male Susan Smith

  • malq

    The news media is always the first to bring up that it is a possible hate crime.

  • malq

    Why do you say that? 

  • malq

    Hate crimes were largely intended for the protection of minorities from whites.
    You won’t find that in writing, but hate crimes are the last issue to come up when it is black on white. Hate crimes have been abused and become subjective.  I hate hatecrimes.

    If what morbid said is correct about them saying “this is what you get white boy”, how you you even possibly balk at this being a hate crime. You seem a little too reserved and non judgmental all of a sudden.

  • Scretch

    Sad thing is the 2 thugs probably high-fived each other after. I don’t think the generation is weak. I think their parents are off working or getting high while the adolescents are left mostly unsupervised. Maybe military school is the answer for kids who refuse to do something valuable with their time or have fallen through the cracks. Otherwise they do get this gang mentality that in order for them to feel better about themselves they must tear another down.  It’s like a male Shanda Sharer for Christ’s sake.

  • Gee

     They have never been so responsible in the past not sure why they would start now

  • hicusdicus

     Get rid of the second amendment. Ban guns and nobody else will ever get hurt again. No wonder kids want to take guns to school. I would rather be shot than burned alive. Wait a minuet I have been shot three times. Oh crap I remember I have had gasoline thrown in my face and ignited. Maybe that is why I always carry concealed. Oh well never mind.  

  • I think some of the media is a little gun shy after the Susan Smith story, the woman that had acid thrown in her face by the non existent woman, and the McCain campaign volunteer Ashley Todd who said she was attacked by a black Obama supporter. I think some are waiting to have a little more facts. I remember at the nice age of about 13 filling ballons with propane to see if they would float and then striking a match to one, eyebrows/lashes and first degree burns followed. I told my mom that I was trying to light the stove and got burnt.  I am a little suspicious that he is doused with gasoline and only has first degree burns, doesn’t add up to my little pee brain.

  • Oh here we go…Why…because he’s a white kid. You’re ignorant

  • Really….you don’t like to hear the truth…figures

  • Oh get a life you idiot

  • This kid may be lying but the other kid didn’t do a thing???? This makes me sick.

  • If it’s black vs white, it’s not a hate crime. Turn it around and omg…the blacks bring in the Black Panthers!!!

  • sherrdbw

    My comment came from from the fact that at the time I knew nothing about this case and stated that it may or may not be a hate crime. All I know is what I’ve read from this short article by Morbid. You don’t know me and are in no position to call me ignorant. I haven’t kept up with what is happening with this case as I have a busy life. I don’t know what you are trying to imply with your criticism, and actually I don’t think that you know either. It looks to me like you are just trolling.