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Lewisville, TX – A 76-year-old man, Michael Stolz, has admitted to shooting and killing his wife, Bernice, 49, and their two dogs over an argument regarding floor-borne fecal matter.  And here’s the kicker:  it didn’t happen in Florida.

Mr. Stolz, who was reportedly scheduled for a mental evaluation already, claims he was frustrated with his dog’s habit of laying down deuces in the house.  Now, anyone with a brain knows that you’re not supposed to complain to a guy who has just come to realization that he’s got a carpet bomb to clean up, especially he’s been unhinging right in front of you for some time.  Bernice did it anyway, however.  I only wish I’d been there to counsel her.

Michael then allegedly did what any mentally unstable person with a loaded gun might do.  He went into the bedroom and got it.  He then proceeded to unload the gun through the barrel and into the offending dog’s skull, killing it.  Not satisfied, he fired at least a couple of bullets into the other, soon-to-be dead, dog.  …

New Holland, PA – Police in Pennsylvania have charged a 16-year-old girl after she was reportedly discovered to have more than 350 images of herself engaging in or simulating sexual acts on her school issued computer.

The girl also reportedly had additional videos of herself and 13 videos of other underage children engaged in similar behavior.

“[I am] shocked that that could happen in a public school,” stated Carrie Hantranft, a mother of another Garden Spot High School student. “As parents we need to make sure that the teachers are doing everything they can to make sure that the kids are monitored,” added Hantranft.

“I guess I never really gave it that much thought that somebody would have something like that on there,” another mother, Valerie Muttik, commented.

The 16-year-old has been charged with two counts of possessing obscene and other sexual materials. Additional charges against Garden Spot High School parents for felony cluelessness are, presumably, still pending.…

Overland Park, KS – More than 1,000 abortion records including names, birth dates, telephone numbers, Social Security numbers, and the patients’ health history have been found in the recycling bin of a Kansas City elementary school, causing outrage in the community and a police investigation to boot.

Krishna Rajanna, 74, a former doctor whose license was revoked in 2005 after receiving numerous fines and disciplinary actions for uncleanliness by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, is under investigation in the case.  The story goes far, far beyond that, however, as the police records from 2005 detail a truly appalling history behind the former abortion doctor.

On March 15, 2005, Kansas City Detective William Howard testified before the House Committee on Health and Human Services regarding a visit he’d paid to Affordable Medical and Surgical Services while investigating a claim by Rajanna that an employee was stealing from him.  The accusations proved baseless, it seems, but what the detective saw at the clinic, and heard from employees, probably scarred him for life.…

CHESTER COUNTY, SC —  Police have charged a teen girl after she was caught on video assaulting another player during a girl’s high school soccer match.

The attack happened Monday afternoon during a soccer game between Chester High School and Lewisville High School. It was also captured on video by a CN2 News crew.

In the video, 18-year-old Annette McCullough, a player for Lewisville, is passed the ball and ends up tripping and falling to the ground. When she stands up, she immediately begins beating the snot out of an opposing player.

The video shows McCullough dragging the victim to the ground by her hair, then punching her in the head and face at least 11 times. The attack lasts around ten seconds and didn’t stop until a woman comes over and separates the two girls. A referee can then be seen escorting McCullough off the field.

The victim didn’t suffer any apparent major injuries, just some knots to her head. Her mother told reporters that she still has to undergo some medical tests to insure none of her daughter’s brains got scrambled in the melee.…

Valparaiso, IN – In an obvious bid to secure a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for drunkenness, a northwest Indiana man was apprehended by police with a blood-alcohol level of 0.552 percent – or roughly seven times the legal limit.

Police say that on Saturday afternoon, a woman reported seeing a man – later identified as James Henderson, 28 – laying on the side of a road. EMS noted that Henderson had several bruises and responding officers reported that Henderson made a “barely-coherent” statement about getting hit by a truck. Police have not yet confirmed whether Henderson was in fact struck by a vehicle.

Henderson faces public intoxication charges as soon as he is released from the hospital. If his release is pending sobriety, he may have some time yet…

It has been reported that Henderson has a ‘history of alcohol-related charges.’ Sadly, it appears that the positive side of his drunkenness has been underreported. Let’s hope that this achievement will change all of that.


Man Wearing Sombrero Jumps On Police Cruiser

March 29, 2012 at 8:07 am by  

Sacramento, CA – Jesse James Thomas, 55, was arrested at about 12:30 AM yesterday morning on suspicion of being drunk in public.  I am suspicious, myself, with regard to the probable cause here.

Thomas, stealthy drunk that he appears to be, reportedly approached a manned police cruiser wearing a single boxing glove, sombrero, and a puffy, dark jacket.  He then jumped onto the hood of the vehicle, shouted his name, hopped down, and fled the scene.

He was found nearby in short order, lying down in the street.  He was booked into the Sacramento County Jail on $1,000 bail.  It’s just too bad that he had obviously regained full sobriety prior to his mugshot being taken.…

Vero Beach, FL — A mother and daughter were sentenced to 60 days in jail after they trained their dogs to kill a 40-pound farm-raised pig in their back yard.

Back in March of last year, 21-year-old Ashley Ramirez posted a five minute video of dogs attacking a pig that appeared to have it’s mouth taped shut. In the video her mother, 56-year-old Janice Ramirez, can be seen telling the dogs to “Get him! Bite him!” as the pig squealed.

Investigators say the women told them they were training their dogs to pig hunt and that they cooked and ate the pig after the dogs killed it.

“It doesn’t even remotely begin to meet any type of criteria for sportsman-like behavior. This is not a practice that’s condoned. It’s not acceptable training methods for animals used in this type of sport, which would be hog hunting,” said Ilka Daniel of the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County.

Aside from their stint in jail, Janice and Ashley will also serve 30 months of probation and are expected to pay $1, 000 to the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County.…

BELLEVILLE, IL —  A 12-year-old boy is breathing a sigh of relief after his adoptive parents are arrested and charged with torturing him by making him eat screws and do over 1,000 push-ups as punishment.

The oddly similar looking couple’s entertainment was brought to light after the boy confided in his elementary school nurse that he was being abused at home. After closer examination, the boy was found to have bruises on his back, legs and arms which sparked an abuse investigation.

Investigators state that the boy’s most recent torture session started before school when the boy haphazardly ate a cookie in a less-than-tidy manner. James Jennings, the boy’s stepdaddy, found crumbs in the kitchen and feared his dog would get sick by eating the cookie crumbs and, in turn, handled the situation as any clear-headed adult would.

James and LaShawn Jennings

He allegedly pulled the boy out of his room, beat the boy with a wooden paddle, made him eat the cookie crumbs off the kitchen floor along with some loose screws, then forced him to do 1,000+ push-ups on his knuckles.…

TACOMA, WA — A 27-year-old man has been accused of strangling his friend in his bedroom, then using a hand saw to partially dismember the corpse.

Police say that on March 18 or 19, John Jones Jr. strangled 54-year-old Wayne Williams in the bedroom of a home he shares with his mother, younger brother and an uncle. He then used a hand saw to start dismembering the corpse for future disposal.

Problem was that he was taking too long to dispose of the body, and Williams was quickly starting to smell pretty ripe.

On March 21, Jones’ mother noticed a foul smell coming from her son’s room and went in to investigate. It wasn’t hard to determine the source of the odor as Williams’ corpse was lying on a mattress without a head or legs. Jones had already removed them — the legs still wearing socks and shoes — and placed them in garbage bags.

When police interviewed John Jones, he stated he regularly hung out with Williams and they occasionally did drugs together, but he did not know how he ended up dead and in several pieces inside his bedroom.…

HILLSBORO, Oreg. — A toddler in Oregon drowned after he fell into the family’s running washing machine.

According to the reports, the 21-month-old  Oliver Hebb fell into the machine after he climbed on top of it while his mother, Tiffany Hebb, was in another room reading a magazine. Sadly, the machine was in a wash cycle.

Oliver’s mother found him partially submerged in the machine within minutes and pulled him out, but he wasn’t breathing. Her screams alerted neighbors who performed CPR on the boy. They were able to get Oliver breathing again but he never regained consciousness.

The family removed Oliver from life support on Sunday after it was determined that he was brain-dead.  An autopsy report would reveal Oliver Hebb died of oxygen deprivation to his brain as a result of drowning and suffered physical trauma from the washer’s agitator.

Most washer’s are equipped with a safety mechanism that stops all mechanical functions if the lid is opened. That doesn’t always keep the machine from filling with water,  or in this case, the agitator from working.…

Severed Leg Found In December Identified

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Plant City, FL – The owner of a severed leg that washed up in St. Petersburg, FL in December has finally been identified through DNA testing.  Until recently, all authorities knew was that it belonged to a heavy-set individual, likely female (as it was clean-shaven), and that it didn’t appear to be an accidental loss.  The leg was found on December 27th by a Canadian family who were renting a residence in the area.

As detectives now know, the leg belongs to one Kelly Moriarty, 37.  I’m going to go ahead and assume that she’s no longer with us, and not just happily hopping around somewhere; that the amputation wasn’t some cockamamie plan to lose weight.

The Bradenton woman was last seen at Doris Carter’s house in Plant City.  Carter, 61, who lived with her daughter, has reportedly been romantically involved with Moriarty for the past two years.  The couple was last seen on December 16th.  On the morning of December 17th, Carter’s daughter woke to find the couple, and Moriarty’s car, gone. …

Splashing CofeeTyre, NY — An upstate New York car passenger was inexplicably arrested after providing a complementary cup of coffee to a passenger in the vehicle of a passing motorist.

Road rage or another example of New York courtesy? You decide…

State police said that Danielle Barker, 32, was a passenger in a vehicle driving on the New York State Thruway Saturday night. A car behind the one that Barker was traveling in was reportedly trying to pass.

A New York State trooper commenting on the incident reported that the driver of Barker’s car would not change lanes and let the trailing car through.

When the car was eventually able to pass, police say Barker, 32, ‘hurled’ a cup of coffee through an open window of the passing car. Apparently unable to catch a simple cup of coffee, the coffee instead landed on a passenger in the vehicle.

Police pulled over the car Barker was traveling in and charged her with criminal mischief and harassment. The driver of the other car was ticketed for following too closely.…

Omaha, NE – On Saturday, Jaded reported on the two brothers, ages 10 and 12-years-old, who were charged with arson and assault after a fire they set severely injured their mother’s boyfriend.

Early reports were saying the kids didn’t mean to hurt anyone when they ignited the ring of gasoline they had poured around the bed their mother and her boyfriend were sleeping in, they were just mimicking a Tom and Jerry cartoon they had watched.

Their mother, 30-year-old Tanesha Beard, woke up and was able to get herself and her children out of the house unharmed but her boyfriend, 37-year-old Jermain Westbrook, wasn’t so lucky. She wasn’t able to rouse him and he had to be rescued by firefighters. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition suffering from  smoke inhalation and third-degree burns to nearly half of his body.

The discussions immediately centered around cartoon violence and how this really isn’t anything new as violent media has taken the blame for the actions of children since the day violent media existed.…

Chicago, IL – Police say a drunk driver was twice the legal limit when she struck and killed a man walking in a crosswalk early Saturday morning.

Bianca Garcia, 21, was intoxicated while speeding in a Jeep Liberty about 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Witnesses say they watched as Garcia lost control of the vehicle and struck 32-year-old Jesse Bradley in a crosswalk. Instead of stopping and helping the man, the drunken moron drove away. She was stopped a few blocks away after turning the wrong way on a one-way street.

Garcia refused to take field sobriety tests but admitted to police she’d been drinking in at least three bars before the accident. After being taken to the hospital it was determined she had a blood alcohol content of .168, more than double the legal limit.

While Bianca Garcia was refusing field sobriety tests, Bradley, a law student currently on leave from Northwestern University, was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Garcia was charged with aggravated DUI resulting in death, DUI and reckless driving, ticketed for driving the wrong way on a one-way street and not having a driver’s license or insurance.…

Iowa City, IA – Allen A. Bramwell, 25, was arrested on two counts of indecent exposure on March 23rd for exposing himself to women in two separate incidents.

Both women have positively identified him as the culprit.  He also faces charges of marijuana possession, preventing prosecution, and interference with official acts.  Normally, I might not cover this story since, you know, it’s just not my style and all.

However, there’s one very important, puzzling detail that piqued my interest. Let’s go over some of the details alleged by the police in their report and play a little guessing game, shall we?  Let’s keep in mind that I’m only going over what the report alleges.

Was it that he pulled out his dong to show it to two different women, five hours apart?  No.

Was it that the first incident occurred at 8:45 AM at Old Capitol Town Center and that he asked that woman for her name and phone number after wagging his willy at her?  No.

Was it that he was grinning at the second woman he flashed as she drove by in her car? …

Montana Man Jailed For Getting Dog Drunk

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East Helena, MT – Todd Schrier, 49, was arrested earlier this month on charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty when police were called to a bar where two men had brought in a dog that was exhibiting clear signs of intoxication.

The dog, a 20-pound Pomeranian named Arly II, “was unable to walk in a straight line and continually fell over and lost balance,” according to a bar employee.  One can only hypothesize over the ultimate fate of Arly I.

Now, I’m man enough to admit that I’ve attempted to woo my fair share of drunken dogs at dive bars, but I can honestly state that I’ve never actually caused their intoxication directly, nor have I ever attempted sexual relations with an actual canine, no matter what my college room mates might tell you.

A man who claimed to be Arly II’s owner told police that Schrier had fed the dog “a to-go cup sized” amount of vodka.  Police, justifiably concerned over the dog’s well-being, took him to the vet where his blood alcohol level was measured at a staggering .348. …

TURNERS FALLS, MA — Police have arrested six people in connection to the abduction and beating of a homeless teenager.

According to Montague Police Staff Sergeant Chip Dodge, a family got pissed after their 14-year-old daughter told them she had been hit by Branden Stebbins, a 19-year-old homeless teenager.

The girl’s mother, Dawn Shafer, decided not to contact police and inform them of her daughter’s allegations and reportedly asked a few friends to help her track down Stebbins and give him the what-for.

When they finally found the teen in a park, the group decided to dole out a bit of street justice. After duct taping the teen, they placed him in their vehicle and brought him back to their home where a neighbor watched seven people beat Stebbins with baseball bats.

Pictured from upper left to lower right: Johny Lopez, Seth Lemieux, Robin Shafer, Marcus Thompson, Gina Artruc, and Dawn Shafer

Before police arrived, the group placed Stebbins back in the vehicle and had already left the scene. This is also about the time that Johny Lopez, one of Stebbins’ attackers and the alleged ringleader, threatened to rape and murder Stebbins.…

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