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Niceville, FL — This is an update to a story about a man who reportedly suffered some severe facial injuries after an electronic cigarette blew up in his mouth.

Earlier this month, the news was reporting that 57-year-old Tom Holloway was using an electronic cigarette in his home. The Vietnam vet had stopped smoking a couple years ago and used the device in an effort to curb the urge to pick them back up again.

On this particular day, the device exploded in his mouth. His wife reported hearing a sound like a firecracker going off right before she heard her husband scream. The explosion knocked out all Holloway’s teeth, part of his tongue, and severely burned his face. One of the police officers who responded to the home said it was like a bottle rocket had exploded in the man’s mouth.

The cause of the explosion was being blamed on a faulty, rechargeable battery that reportedly flew out of the device and into a closet which it then set on fire. But new information has come out that has some saying the exploding device was not an electronic cigarette at all, but rather a modded version of one.

According to, an electronic cigarette review website, the device that exploded in Holloway’s mouth was actually an electric cigar. This, along with several 3.0 volt CR123A type batteries found in the room suggests the device Holloway was using may have been intentionally modified and outside the specs of industry standard safety and quality control.

I wasn’t aware you could mod the things but I should have figured as much. I mean, if a device is electronic then you can bet someone out there is modding the hell out of it. In regards to electronic cigarettes, there are websites dedicated to just reviewing the mods, some of which are the size of your mother’s dildo. Obviously, the practice of modding e-cigarettes is not one e-cigarette manufacturers recommend you do.

“Mod’s are add-ons to existing devices and can result in fire or explosions, and are notorious for doing so. Some of these devices are even made by individuals, not companies, which do not have the means to test for safety like major manufactures,” according to Puffweb’s Dan Henry, and why he says they do not review electric cigars or Mods  on their website.

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