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Austin, TX — For renowned police critic and Grits for Breakfast blogger Scott Henson, it could have been so perfect.  On the night in question, the very white Henson was walking his black 5-year-old granddaughter home through a park.  Someone at the park called 911, alleging that a white man was chasing and attempting to kidnap a young black child.  As you might expect, police swarmed the area, and that’s where the drama begins.

The following Saturday, the aggravated Henson took to the blog, crafting a hypercritical version of events titled, “Me, APD and ‘Babysitting While White,’ Part Deux”.  He begins by linking the incident to a question posed on the blog previously:  “Is babysitting while white reasonable suspicion for police questioning?”  It’s every bit as reasonably suspicious as Driving While Black or Painting While Hispanic, if you ask me.

Henson describes being stopped by an officer who asked his granddaughter if she knew him.  When she responded that it was her grandfather, the officer let them continue on their way.  Just minutes later, however, as they crossed a street a mere two blocks from home, multiple squad cars appeared.  Cops jumped out of their cars, tasers ready, and shouted at him to step away from the girl.  When he complied, Henson says he was “roughly cuffed” shortly before witnessing another officer “brusquely snatching” his granddaughter up and placing her in the back seat of a car.   Racial discrimination, police brutality and a traumatized child?  Jackpot!

Naturally, the story gained national and even international attention as readers found themselves stunned by Henson’s claims.  Enter the incredulous Austin Police Chief Acevedo, my new favorite police officer.  Acevedo reviews the tapes and, sure enough, what he sees is a bit different from what Henson claims.  Could it be?  Would a beacon of accountability like Henson fabricate details to further a personal agenda?

Acevedo calls Henson’s bluff… Publicly.  In a released statement, Acevedo sarcastically apologizes to Hansen “for not having 2,300 clairvoyants in the midst of the Austin Police Department,” and announces his plan to release the tapes, adding that he challenges Mr. Hanson “to show us where in the World he felt it was honest to write [the bit about the drawn tasers and roughing up].”  Can you hear that?  It’s the sound of Henson’s sphincter slamming shut.  The Chief also discloses the e-mails he exchanged with Henson, in which Henson practically begs Acevedo not to release the tapes, citing “privacy concerns”.

Now that the tape has been made public, Henson’s in damage control mode, claiming, “It happened in a flash and like many eyewitnesses, when under a perceived threat, my mind filled in some pieces erroneously.”  Heh, my sister does that.  But, even she knows better than to lie about something that was caught on tape.   Take a look for yourself.  Do you see a blatant example of police misconduct?   If so, you, too, may suffer from erroneous piece filling… And I would get that checked out, if I were you.

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  • Babydoll0630

    NO, SIR.  I would hope I taught children well…….THAT’S to KICK YOU in the shins and run..

  • Lena60

    He erroneously filled in some pieces?No dude, you fucking lied.The police officer was right on the money with his statement.

  • neenaP

    I thought the story sounded fishy.

  • Jamie

    Amazing how once there’s video evidence to the contrary, he suddenly realizes the pieces he filled in were false.  What a despicable thing to accuse anyone of, and as the police officer said, what if he really was not her grandfather?

  • reapre

    Him and the entire sheriffs department should play “roshambo”, the sheriffs office gets to go first. Whoevers left standing was the truthful party. The other party gets publicly shamed.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I’ve been a witness to crime before. I never filled in BEING FUCKING TAZED. What a giant raging douche canoe. I really hate these anti-cops assholes. I’m pretty sure they lie about a lot of crap, and this is not helping my stereotype of them at all. 

  • LeaveMeBe

    Although I have taken issue with Chief Acevado over a couple of issues since he came to Austin, in the last couple of weeks I have stomped my feet, whistled and clapped my hands until they are bloody in support of him and his no non-sense style. He’s a tough man to ruffle, I can tell you that. On top of dealing with this fruit-loop, he’s also been defending his decision to fire two officers who roughed up a suspect after she spit on one of them. He fired them for lying in their reports and has stated that he would have been willing to work with them if they had they had told the truth up front but he couldn’t tolerate the lying.

  • sherrdbw

    Can this jerk be charged with a crime?

  • Maintaining integrity is difficult, and the payoff is always long-term. But if you’re going to be a critic, it’s better to be right without the sensationalism than melodramatic once and losing all your credibility.

  • OK … I am drawing a blank – exactly when did you begin on staff Athena ?

  • Just finished reading the article – great write up !!!

  • I have no intention of reading the guys blog,I did skim over the comments below it though – seems a lot of ignorant people did in fact read his original report.The guy may have been telling it the way he actually thought it went down at first – it was night time,and the police detaining you is a traumatic event,however my thing is that if you are not sure of facts in an event like this one – FUCKING SAY THAT YOU ARE NOT SURE that way if you end up being incorrect you will not end up looking like a LIAR and a FOOL.

  • JGo555

    @Athena:disqus every time you wrote Austin Police, I read Austin POWERS.

  • JGo555

    Those Floriduh girls would have a field day with this one.

  • JGo555

    Btw, all I see is a bored balding old guy that wants attention & excitement in his life.

  •  What crime do you think he may have committed ? Looking like a fool is unfortunately not a crime in the U.S.A.

  • Athena

    Well, now that you mention it, I believe this could count as defamation (lies about a person or entity that damage said person or entity’s reputation).  But that is a civil issue rather than criminal, and I doubt the police department wants to fuss with all that noise.  Owning this weasel publicly is good enough.

  • Athena

    If I’m not mistaken, I am the oldest *active* staff member short of the great Morbid himself.  When I was recruited nearly five years ago, I practically walked right into a “job” as a mod in the forums.  Shortly thereafter, I opened by big mouth about some grammar (or something) on the front page and, I believe as a bit of a joke or “fuck you”, Morbid gave me editing capacity.  Once in a blue moon, I actually write something up.  😛

  • Wicked Smilee

    Integrity is like virginity.  Once you loose it, you’re fuct.

  • Lena60

    lol Jgo I did too.

  • Chinchillazilla

    Haha, I did that too.

  • sherrdbw

    Actually I did mean a civil lawsuit for slander and libel, not an arrestable crime.

  • I’m an Austinite too. I took a police academy class and had the pleasure of meeting the Chief and I’ve got to call myself a fan!

  • sweatpoo

    Austin is considered a ‘Liberal’ by most standards. This guy was pissed that he had been interrupted from his walk home with his carmel-skinned baby girl in this ‘Liberal’ city. While I understand his frustration, it was no reason to embellish.

  • reapre

    “Hey Guys! Thanks for showing me you care about my Granddaughter!…Oh by the way, you’re a fucking pig, and I’m going to bias EVERYONE I CAN against you, because I simply don’t like your face…God you’re ugly…But again, thanks for making sure my Grandbaby is safe.”

    After the cuffs are on, the police would’ve told him why they were temporarily detaining him, and that they had received a call about a suspected kidnapping and how he fit the description, they would’ve told him the information they needed, and they’d also apologize for the “inconvenience” of bothering him as they released him after questioning and verifying she was safe. 

    They are giving him the gift of comfort in that they would’ve just saved some little girl, or even his OWN granddaughter, and he fucking spits in their face and tries to make them look like horrible racist people out to chop him down.  God, he’s a fucking worthless piece of racist shit.

  • reapre

    I don’t see a reason for any of his frustration towards the police. They would’ve told him why they were detaining him, and how he matched the description of a suspected kidnapper that they had received a call about, minutes earlier.

    The police didn’t just flick on their lights and felony arrest him out of nowhere because they were racist, they were actively seeking an alleged kidnapper, and kidnap victim, while being respectful and following the rules.

    He went out of his way to make them look bad for attention and sympathy, and to propagate his anti-cop hate shpeel, not out of frustration.

  • GGMon

    I wonder how he’ll explain everything on his next blog post.

  • shannie

     “The police didn’t just flick on their lights and felony arrest him out
    of nowhere because they were racist, they were actively seeking an
    alleged kidnapper, and kidnap victim, while being respectful and
    following the rules.”

    That’s the thing, seems like there’s way too many people who think that cops are just randomly or even purposely doing shit like this to fuck with them or get off….the Chief was right, if they didn’t follow up and go thru their procedure and the little girl was really kidnapped, the blogs would be going apeshit about how Austin doesn’t care about little black girls being abducted. 

  • reapre

    “….the Chief was right, if they didn’t follow up and go thru their
    procedure and the little girl was really kidnapped, the blogs would be
    going apeshit about how Austin doesn’t care about little black girls
    being abducted. …”

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  • “Once in a blue moon, I actually write something up.”
    LOL.LOL.LOL.Hence my confusion.You write really well too,it’s like an English teacher got loose on this article,or something … NICE,and I’m not just kissing your ass here either.

  • I  have to say that I totally get Scott – and I am thinking that here is one White man who totally gets Black people in general too;as far as interaction with the police goes,because the situations he has been involved in are very similar to what a lot of non criminal Blacks have been dealing with for years and years – except with us 6 out of 10 of these stops are in fact racist profiling stops ( Let me state that I don’t have exact numbers,before you fuckers do me like they did poor Scott ),but depending on location racial profiling has at times been rampant with various Police Depts.and in general it has a long and documented history.Due to his Black family members Scott has been granted an inside view of how a lot of minorities who are not criminals actually perceive the police.To be honest I do get a tiny,miniscule amount of humor out of watching a White,non criminal  person in this particular role – it proves a couple of old theories to in fact be true – like karma is a Bitch,and what goes around comes around – but my personal favorite is – live long enough and you really will see a bear shitting in the woods … not really sure if that ties in here,or not though …

  •  “That’s the thing, seems like there’s way too many people who think that
    cops are just randomly or even purposely doing shit like this to fuck
    with them or get off.”

    That’s because historically Police have in fact done shit like this simply to “fuck” with people and,or get off,and done it often.

  •  He already did that by adding to the bottom of his current posting.He stated that he merely made a mistake due to the stress of the situation,and how fast it occurred.

  • This is how I look at the situation. SomeONE sees a white man and a little black girl (walking) down the street and SCREAMS KIDNAP! I find that very odd. Maybe it’s just me and believe me I lived in Chicago IL till two years ago. It happens. But just to call 911 because you don’t agree with what you see. I am a bit disturbed about it. But at least it was his granddaughter. STILL!!! Now tonight meet me at the movies and we’ll scream fire once all the seats are filled. UGH!!!

  • Cassy_Again

    The woman who called was breathless and said they were chasing a white man who abducted a black child from the centre. It definitely sounded like a crime in progress. And for all you know the child didn’t want to leave. Been there. Have that t-shirt. I was surrounded by a crowd of people, trying to get my son to move the mall play centre while yelling, “I don’t want to go with you. I don’t know you…” Sometimes you do have to toss your children under your arm and carry them kicking and screaming out of some place.

  • Merlyn Sanchez

    One of my FB friends posted this guy’a story and a bunch of people were up in arms. They posted comments like “Apartheid in America!” and the requisite comments about racist Texas and out of control cops.

    It didn’t sound like the whole story to me and I expressed that opinion only to be slammed. Sometimes it feels good to be right 🙂

  • reapre

    “SomeONE sees a white man and a little black girl (walking) down the street and SCREAMS KIDNAP! I find that very odd. “

    Listening to the “frantic 9-1-1” call, It sounds like (to me) that he just grabbed her and ran out the door of the rec center, and they gave chase.  If you’re working at a rec center, and you see some old guy grab a child that doesn’t appear to be his, and book it for the door, you just going to shrug it off?

    Granted, if the little girl were white, he probably wouldn’t have been called out.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I am not sure whether Henson was simply gushing incorrect information or trying to really stir things up in a malicious way to provoke the public; the former is stupid, the latter is viscous.

    Either way the guy comes off as a total ass. I have NO problem with an officer asking me anything regarding a child in my care. Good god I would feel really good knowing that the child has yet another line of safety beyond me.

    The police chief is a smart guy.

    The news caster (with a noted softened more educated sounding than usual Texas twang) said that Henson spoke with their news team on the phone earlier in the day, but failed to report what was discussed. I wonder what was said.

  • reapre

    Ced, I’m pickin’ up what you’re throwing down.

    In all honesty, I can’t argue against racial profiling..because, well, I’m white and haven’t ever been racially profiled, to my knowledge.

    And I honestly don’t know how a profiling stop would even go, except the Jay-Z lyrics in my head..

    “And I heard “Son do you know why I’m stopping you for?”

    Cause I’m young and I’m black and my hats real low

    Do I look like a mind reader sir, I don’t know

    Am I under arrest or should I guess some mo?

    “Well you was doing fifty five in a fifty four”

    “License and registration and step out of the car”

    “Are you carrying a weapon on you I know alot of you are””

    We’ve both known there to be douche bags of every color.  This dude, this dude is just a douche bag of the white skinned folk.  His blog appears to attempt to gain your sympathy, personify the main character, the “protagonist”, and then victimize the protagonist with falsifications, so their is anger felt at his antagonist.  Authors use shit like that all the time when they’re adding drama.

    You’re ex 5-0, right? So you know eyewitness testimony is unreliable, and often inaccurate.  I don’t believe either are applicable to him.  I think his was more..”Fuck, I’m getting harrassed…yeah keep talking pig…” “I’m gonna embellish to get sympathy, and make sure I NEVER get stopped by the po-po again….ohh, I haven’t got any attention in a while..”

  • Deety

    I’ve never been “detained” in handcuffs, but I have been questioned by the police before, and it’s not that traumatic, particularly if you are innocent. This guy knew he wasn’t a kidnapper, so he had no excuse for getting so butthurt about the whole thing. He should have thanked the officers for their concern for his granddaughter, and laughed with them about the confusion.

    Now he’s teaching this little girl that every situation should be dealt with as dramatically as possible. Good job, grandpa!

  • Deety

    When I was very small, my father had to just that to me, at the mall. He was very dark-complected for a white guy, and I was blonde, and employees at the store we were leaving through stopped him and asked him what was going on. He explained, and my response of stopping crying, looking at him, and saying “Daddy?” satisfied them. He thanked them for looking out for me, and we left. He and Mama laughed about it later, and joked about his kidnapping ways for years. It never occurred to any of us to be offended.

  • “He should have thanked the officers for their concern for his granddaughter”

    Everyone has an opinion – that one is yours,with my opinion I will have to disagree.I was detained in handcuffs,as well as arrested for no other reason than being Black and P.O.P. ( Pissed Off Police ) in my teens,and it was in fact traumatic for me.Thanking the officers for what he perceived as harassment (actual or not),and then standing out there “laughing” with them would have made him not only imbecilic,but a buffoon as well.Far as I’m concerned he’s teaching his grand child that she has rights even the police can’t step on.

  • I can’t say that you are wrong … I can’t say that at all.I’m just willing to give the guy a tiny patch of benefit of the doubt,because even with all the made up shit he tossed into the pot – he may have had an actual point.

  •  I agree with shyloh – they need to look into the person who made the call maybe she has other issues.

  • reapre

    “If I had been the first policeman to make contact with Scott – I highly doubt that I would have placed him into handcuffs”

    Humor me for a sec, and (if you haven’t yet) listen to the “frantic 9-1-1” call.

    Your only information you have from dispatch, is about a man snatching a little girl from the rec center, and outrunning the constable as she tried to chase him down. 

    Does your approach now change, and do you add the assumption he will attempt to flee from you as well, since your only knowledge says he fled his earlier run in with the constable that called it in?

    Or would you treat the situation as more…benefit-of-the-doubt, as you would approach him with the 20/20 hindsight, with only the information (I’m understanding) he would’ve had?

  • reapre

    Lol, I actually thought that at first (before I listened to the call)…that the entire thing was a set up by him, to propagate himself and the caller was “anonymous”.  And it was actually working, until the Police caught wind and tagged his ass with BS right on his forehead.

  • Deety

    Oh, come on. Someone reported seeing a man kidnapping a little girl, and he was standing there with a little girl. This wasn’t racial profiling or a bored cop give a teenager a hard time, this was cops doing their job. If he had a lick of sense he would have understood that.

  • sherrdbw

    I do not know why some people go out of their way to piss off the cops. I’m very nice, polite and respectful. It has gotten me out of a lot of tickets and gotten me a lot of dates.

  •  I believe I already stated that I had no problems with the police action here,however simply because you have never been traumatized by police  action,does not mean others can’t be.

  •  I had already listened to the 911 call,you must keep in mind that police dispatch receive a lot  of 911 calls,enough calls to where this particular call should not have distressed them  – it’s business as usual.Also keep in mind that the actual officers responding did not hear that call – not until the incident was over – if at all.Listening to the audio I found it strange that the caller’s description of events did not match up with the actual police visual when they came across Scott.Perhaps the problem was not Scott at all,perhaps the real problem was the psycho who made the call in the first place.