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Man Charged After Friend Dies While Couch Surfing

February 21, 2012 at 11:38 am by  

Quebec — A man is facing some serious charges after his friend couch surfed into the grill of an oncoming car.

For those of you unaware, couch surfing is when idiots sit on a couch tied to a vehicle and are dragged down the street at high speeds. There are a slew of videos out there featuring the stunt and honestly, it’s amazing we haven’t had more stories like this one before now.

In this case, 21-year-old Alex Labbé was driving a van towing three friends down a country road as they sat on a couch. During their trip, the couch swerved into the opposite lane and was struck by an oncoming vehicle. One of the men on the couch, 20-year-old François Hallé (pictured), was severely injured.

Instead of rendering aid to his friend sprawled out in the middle of the street, Labbé fled the scene.  Hallé was transported to the hospital where he would later die. Labbé would later be arrested at his home and charged with dangerous driving causing death, fleeing the scene of an accident and criminal negligence causing death.

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  • malq

    Just curious if Labia fled the scene in his minivan with the couch still in tow.

  • “his friend couch surfed into the grill of an oncoming car”

    Well … that’s gonna leave a scar.

  • There really should be a legal charge called “Dumber than a Stump” or “Too Dumb to be Loose in Society.” Or just “Darwin-esque.”

  • Just curious- why was he not also charged with being a complete and total asshole,as well as an idiot.

  •  That’s why I stick to couch fishing, much safer and more productive.

  • aka jas

    THIS is why I have my kids in sports and make them read.  Damn boredom will kill you.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Twenty-one is too old to be doing stupid shit like that. Normally, I have soft spot for teens who do something dumb and never get a chance to take the lesson to heart, but seriously screw these morons. It’s a miracle they didn’t hurt anyone else.

  • reapre

    “they didn’t hurt anyone else…”

    -physically….you still have the emotional stress and guilt the other driver, and the ones next to him on the couch are going to suffer for years.

    “No one is so severly punished as the man who subjects himself to the whips of his own remorse.”

  • CT

    I am proud to say that before this I had no fucking clue what couch surfing was. 


  • CT

    I am so damn gullible.  I read your comment and thought – damn, what are the chances that his name was Labia.  

  • LeaveMeBe

    Back in my day, couch surfing was fairly common and much safer. You just jumped from friend to friend’s house and crashed on their couch because you didn’t want to go home. Cow tipping was where the danger was at. *smh*

  • blubberdong

    This is so sad.  Somewhere a sofa has lost its soulmate.

  • … but … but,they were only having fun …

  • You really should get out more Hun.

  • CT

    At my advanced age, I will stick with the kind of surfing that involves a DVR remote and an enormous glass of wine.  

  • blubberdong

    They had their fun, now it’s time for the fun-eral.  Which, ironically, isn’t nearly as fun.

  • I say if you are gonna try total and outrageous activity, that will probably get you killed in some unique, horrific fashion, DO NOT DO IT where some innocent person driving along makes you hamburger meat, and is emotionally scarred for the rest of their life.If you want a thrill take a shopping cart down the side of a steep mountain, (just make sure no poor innocent bastard is at the bottom)!!!

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I don’t know if I’d feel bad. I honestly don’t. It’s probably cold sounding, but if anyone has ever brought their fate down upon themselves it’s these winners.

  • Pyncky

    I have to admit, I used to play “Superman” on the top of cars.  That’s where you lay on the top of a speeding car with your arms out-stretched like Superman flying. I also used to jump on moving trains and off the other side.  But I stopped doing that stuff way before I turned 21.  But it was just my dumb Irish Luck that I didn’t get killed or worse.

  • shannie

    You need to STFU about your advanced age, you’re sexy and you know it…to quote a shitty music group.

  • reapre

    Hrm, so one of “funerals” anagrams are very misleading then…”real fun”.

  • reapre

    Ohh, shiny!…..Your avatar dog is eyeballing me down trying to intimidate me.

    ‘sa’right, my dogs a wizard.  I’m protected from your dogs eyeball/mind games.

  • kimbev69

    Hmm the only couch surfing i ever heard of was a network of people online that let total strangers sleep on their couches while traveling through town via bus or hitchhiking, my neighbors across the street do this and to honest it scares the shit out of me, they know nothing about these people, i asked them if they do background checks or check id or anything and they said no its based on trust and being christian! My ass! My 2 yr old spinach loving daughter plays outside and i see these people come and go with backpacks and shit and more often they look like they are casing out the neighborhood, which i live on a dirt road in a woodsy area in such a well insulated home that people didnt know my son was a drummer til a window was left open

  • I am sad about the pain that his family must be feeling. To lose your child is horrible, but to admit this is how he died has to be unbearable.

  • Andy P

    To quote the other article – here is what the driver had to say, “It’s the kind of thing that when you see it, you want to try it … we definitely like doing it; we do it often; we have a good time,” Laflamme said.

    Bet you don’t anymore, Laflamme.  I will be real interested to hear the update when it happens.  What a waste of a life.  I’ve done some dumb shit in my life but never anything quite this bad.  Thank God.

  • sugarpie

    Smh – wow.

  • JGo555

    The title should’ve read:

    “Froggy idiot dies while couch surfing, Asshole Frog charged”. I have no sympathy for people like this.

    Darwin Award anyone?

    They are old eough to know better and yet they still behave like they’re 4??? They reaped what they sowed.

  • JohnQknowitall

    What happened to the other two “friends” on the couch?

  • CT

    I love you too, Shannigans. Duly noted.

    LMAO, I was taken aback at first because all I saw was the STFU. I thought one of those True Crime Report trolls had found me here and was starting shit with me.

  • CT

    I was just wondering what type of couch it was.  I imagine it wasn’t a sleeper sofa.  Those fuckers weigh a ton.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I feel the same way but remember, they would be one of the few sets of parents who said their child died by falling off a couch and they would be telling the truth.

  • GGMon

    I’m 21 and I never heard of couch surfing. Why can’t they just be normal and watch a goddamn movie instead of doing stupid shit?

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Ha! Sammy couldn’t intimidate a fly. That’s his smiley face.

  • HA! True.

  • malq

     Concieved on couch, die on same.

  • reapre

    Doing stupid shit is SO FUN though!! =D.

    You have to do “shit” that’s fun to YOU though…I mean, even riding an elevator is deadly…(and those are fun, if you press random buttons before you get off when someone else is getting on… X-D ).

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Yeah! I was like.. .how the hell did THAT kill someone?

  • Eliza Berntsen

    That’s why I keep mine in the basement locked up to a radiator and make them read The War and Peace BACKWARDS.

  • one less dumb ass !

  • Chinchillazilla

    Kip and Napoleon Dynamite wanted for questioning.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Heh, if I’d come across the term out of context, I’d probably have assumed it meant bumbling through crappy internet-on-your-TV or something.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Yeah, I’ve crossed *slowly moving* trains before, a couple times. There’s a 90 degree sharp turn in the tracks nearby that forces all the long-ass freight trains to slow under 5pm, which consequently guarantees no high speed trains approaching/passing on the far side, making climbing on and off between cars slightly less potentially lethal. I guess the first train must’ve sat in the rain recently, as I barely got dirty. The second time around I ended up with black hands and clothes covered in soot or something. I’m not a germ freak but I don’t enjoy being covered in filth either, so it sort of put me off ever doing it again. That, and my grandma lost her mind so I ended up getting her car.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I kind of feel like Darwin awards should be reserved for unusual stupidity – and it sounds like this is a fairly common teenage pasttime. Unlike, say, [url=]pissing on a transformer while stealing metal from it to sell for scrap and burning your penis off.[/url] THAT is Darwin Award material, especially since it doesn’t have to be awarded posthumously.

  • GGMon

    Oh don’t remind me of elevators. I’m still in shock with the last elevator story here in New York.

    Teenagers are known for doing stupid shit, but I’m not with it when it involves traffic…or something deadly.

  • PlaysWithBalls

    I’ll have you know that I ‘liked’ this comment because I read ‘fisting’ instead of fishing. I’m a little disappointed now.

  • sherrdbw

    Unfortunately that is not illegal. 99% of society would be in jails with no one to run them.

  • sherrdbw

    I hope that the people in the car are ok. I’ve seen videos of jackasses skiing down flooded streets and running into trees and they are almost always men. Hey guys is pulling dumbass stunts gender specific?

  • sherrdbw

    The driver might not be able to help asking him/herself over and over if there was something that they could have done to avoid the accident.

  • sherrdbw

    Has your life been greatly improved?

  • sherrdbw

    Are you from Oklahama?

  • sherrdbw

    Is that where you grab the seat belt straps that are hanging out of the window?

  • sherrdbw

    Trust? Are these people insane?My ex-boyfriend(boyfriend at the time)lives in Seattle and saw a homeless man downtown that he felt sorry for and so he took him out to eat and then to his house to spend the night. When he woke up the next morning, his new camera, all of his cash and the guy were gone. He was surprised that someone that he went out of his way to help would do this to him. I told him that he was lucky to still have his life. Never did it again.

  • sherrdbw

    Because they are men. Men=Stupid Shit. You will learn this as you get older. Just don’t let them drag you down with them. Ok not all men do stupid shit, just most.

  • Babydoll0630

    I didn’t watch the vid……IDK…sounds awful….

  • Grumpy_Bear

    Exactly! Not only is he an asshole for fleeing the scene, but for enabling his friend to do something like this to begin with. If my friend or relative (or anyone I care about) came to me and said, “Hey Bear, hook my couch up to your car and pull it down the road while I ride on it!” I’d say, “Are you nuts?? I’m not going to help you kill yourself!”

  • Grumpy_Bear

    Mine did the JROTC thing. I’ll never forget the time I had to leave work to pick him up from school. I was pissed till he said, “Sorry I missed the bus, Mom, but the guys who were supposed to take down the flag didn’t show up so I grabbed a couple of people and we did it. I had to teach them how to fold it, but they did okay. Thanks for picking me up.” 

    Trust me. You’ll never see him standing on top of a car going 60mph.

  • Grumpy_Bear

    I know what you mean. He was the same age as my son, so I couldn’t help but think how devastated I would be if it were MY baby.

  • Sam

    Couch Potato + Swerved into Grille of Oncoming Car = Couch Potato Chips

  • kimbev69

    Lucky he lived, i am waiting to see their vehicles not move for days

  • CT

     Yes, I will never be the same.

  • Good point.

  • Good man.

  • Reading that I was IMPRESSED,seriously.Sounds like a fine young man you got there.

  • I think Sammy and reapre should sniff each others butts,and be friends.

  • I would prefer that he ask himself why he’s such a cowardly asshole.

  • No,its not a “gender specific” thing at all – you women do it all the time – just read a few old DD articles,or stay tuned for new Stupid Bitch updates.

  • HA !!!! See you are paranoid – Awhile back you actually thought I was arguing with you and all I was doing was saying “Hello” and waving an admittedly HUGE Penis at you … damn that new oven you were waiting on …

  • CT

    That place is f’ked up.  Used to be fun.  Now if I visit the bad place, I am called a hyena, twat or c*nt so I am over it.  Most of the “normals” migrated here.  I’ve noticed one of them comes over once in a while and will “like” any comment where someone basically calls me a dumb ass or argues with me. 

    I prefer to talk about penises. 

  • Good thing you didn’t attempt the whole “leap from a tall building” thing – that may have ended badly for you (I changed the saying slightly due to the fact that if you had attempted to “leap over a tall building” – you standing there not moving, looking up at the buildings roof would have only bored you,and any unfortunate onlookers).

  • See – grandma’s do come in handy at times.

  • Damn good peeps you live by – get me their address would you ? I may go on a trip soon …

  • Good man your boyfriend,ask him to loan me some cash would you ?

  • I wouldn’t tell anybody,would you ?

  • If they go around telling people what he was doing when he died,then I can see where he inherited all the common sense he seemed to possess.

  • We have all done some dumb shit at some point in our lives.

  • To be honest JGO555 I think – looking at the ages involved here that the victim of the “grill” was most likely more ignorant,than stupid.These guys although grown are still within that “basically kid in the brain age range”. Most of us on here may not have couch surfed at that age,or ever – but most of us have done some type of foolish shit in our lives before,and normally people do waay more dumb shit when they are younger,rather than older.I may joke about these fools,but the young man that died does in fact have my sympathy,and his family my condolences.The only one in the article that I am throwing both my shoes at is Alex – the cowardly dumb fuck driver who  – at 21 years of age still doesn’t even know how to be a true friend.

  • Stupidity in general is fairly common.I would have to grudgingly agree with JGo 555 on this part of her statement.

  • You are 21 ??? Something about your name on here had me thinking that you were grandma age … I will now be reinventing you inside my head – removing the saggy titties image and installing grown 21 year old PERKY ones … AHH – much better image you have now – please continue watching your movie.

  • You are smart.

  • You must be totally gay.I say that because you seem to enjoy bashing men every single chance that you get.

  • Andy P

    Don’t you mean dog eared titties?  LOL

  • Couch surfing for me is staying at someone’s home for longer then 2 days or when you travel and people open up their couch to you to crash. I was actually planning on doing it this summer.

  • I don’t know nor care about what went on with you on the other site. When I see you post over here I read what is said because I like your comments. Their loss and what not…

  • OK, I thought the same thing. Everything has a new meaning now.

  • CT

    I will move on and never speak of them again.  What kind of mellow dramatic music plays in the background?

  • CT

     Very different – your option is good but I still like my version because it includes lots of booze.

  • LeaveMeBe


  • I don’t think she’s gay at all. The truth is younger men do have a tendency to do things that most women don’t quite have the compulsion to do. Like shooting fireworks out of their butts.

  • Deety

    There’s a reason there aren’t any women participating in those Jackass stunts.

    Because we’re smarter.

  • Pyncky

     Look!  Over there!  It’s a statue… it’s a mime… it’s Stupidman!

  • kimbev69


  • Abroad

    Is Sherrdbw talking about the driver of the tow-car or the driver of the on-coming car?

  • Abroad

    Life-threatening is not the word…….

  • aka jas

    That is sweet…… :.)

  • sherrdbw

    I know that women do some stupid shit. I just seems that when silly stunts are pulled it’s usually a young guy. Men that are older tend to have calmed down and don’t do things like that. I was kidding when I said that it was male specific.

  • sherrdbw

    That’s where I grew up.

  • sherrdbw

    No, I’m not gay, but I was up all last night was delirious when I wrote that. You take things so seriously. I don’t know what I would do without men. I’m just frustrated because I haven’t been able to go out since I’ve been taking care of my mom for over two years.

  • Califboy

     And here I thought all along it was “crack” that kills , not couch.

  • Califboy

    Don’t forget tight ass and flat stomach with a bounce in her step instead of a drag lift drag lift with her foot.

  • Califboy

     Maybe smarter, but who you gonna call to kill that biog ass spider and that rat?? Huh?
    That’s right, the fire breathing asshole on youtube,:)

  • sherrdbw

    See Cedric, I knew that you would eventually realize that I give good advice.

  • sherrdbw

    I’m talking about the innocent driver of the on-coming car. The tow-car driver seems not to give a shit. I hope that his stupidity bothers him the rest of his life.

  • sherrdbw

    Some people at many points in our lives.

  • neenaP

    Flavor saver beard is generally a sign of a tool bag. 

  • Maybe if I do mine right I’ll be surfing on someone’s couch who has a nice assortment of booze. LOL

  • No, I’d just say automobile accident.