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Ellisville, MS — A supposed A-student at Jones County Junior College has been arrested for allegedly writing a note claiming there was a bomb on campus. A note reportedly scrawled on toilet paper.

Harold Wayne Hadley Jr., 19, was arrested after authorities matched his handwriting to the note found in the bathroom of the industrial services building. Said note claimed a bomb had been placed in the school library.

Officials immediately closed the library and the industrial services building and brought in a bomb-sniffing dog. A total of 11 agencies responded to the alleged threat, and each came up empty handed.

Hadley, who was scheduled to graduate in May, is now being held at the Jones County jail on a $20,000 bond.

Hadley’s family members have since stepped forward in his defense, claiming Hadley often uses the word “bomb” as a reference to bodily functions, not an explosive device.

“He was in the restroom doodling on some toilet paper and I am going to just let modesty go and tell you we are from the country, and so he calls passing gas, bombs,” said Hadley’s unidentified aunt. “So, he was doodling on the toilet paper and put I passed a bomb in the library, talking about passing gas and somebody come in and found it, give it to the teacher that recognized his hand writing and it blow all out of proportion.”

Officials have declined to reveal the contents of the note, but claim it was a bit more explicit than “I passed a bomb in the library.”

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  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Who doodles on toilet paper when they’re doing a doodle in the toilet?  I find it more distracting to read a book.

  • Evan Oswald


  • Tundratot


  • Anonymous

    Mmmmhmmm. Likely story, mom and dad. I would have bought “the dog did it” (the letter writing) LONG before this stupidass story.

  • malq

    Damn, don’t fart in an airport if you get that treatment in the library,

  • Coyote

    “blow all out of proportion”

    Seriously, that’s how us country folks talk

  • Anonymous

    LOL Someone who leaves farts in the library, of course.  Hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    You get the prize, malq.  No bombs, I promise.

  • Does anyone else see the resemblance to the austrailian doctor on house?

  • PhantasmaGora

    He who smelt it..dealt imo. 🙂 proper vernacular would be to ” DROPPED A BOMB.” Your welcome. Thank god he wasnt on an airplane! Damn…

  • Anonymous

    For the record, unless you’re talking about SOLID shit, smelly gas CAN NOT be refered to as a “bomb”.

    Hasn’t he ever heard the saying:  “That SHIT’s the bomb!”????

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but that dude’s hot & not a Kid Rock wanna be/fan.

  • Anonymous

    You take that back. Jesse Spencer is a god.

  • Bob God

    To be sure, ‘the bomb’ as a tool of rhetorical allusion refers to, well, the Bomb. Hope he wasn’t passing one of those around.

    Anyways, eleven agencies responded!? If anything it tells me they need to get together and play straws for which alphabet soup deals with ‘bombs’ of any kind. What if I ordered a pizza from Dominos and eleven slightly different versions of Dominos just came driving to my door? Stupid, right?

    But one thing I’ve noticed from our erstwhile ‘authorities’ is when they bite a lure like suckers, they are loath to admit it. They are both pissed and embarassed as human beings. So they will make the shmuck pay for his poor use of words.

  • Anonymous

    Dose anyone else buy the family’s silly explenation? I don’t.If you are writing a note in the bathroom(for whatever fucked -up reason) Why mention the library.Well now he will learn what it’s like to make bomb threats.

  • LeaveMeBe

    ” …talking about passing gas and somebody come in and found it, give it to the teacher that recognized his hand writing and it blow all out of proportion.”

    This made my head hurt. And the accent I read it in was terrible.

  • Ivan

    Not much of an A-student after all. So he passed gas out of proportion and had to jot it down in a loo, of all places, where you shouldn’t spend more time than you need for answering the call of nature. I get that- dude was bored shitless.


  • Andy P

    Doesn’t sound like A+ material to me, although to be fair I think momma said that.  Maybe she is a D- student? 

  • Andy P

    Whoever denied it supplied it!!!  HEHEHEHEHE

  • Wicked Smilee

    I love a fart reference first thing in the morning.  It’s inspiring. : )

  • Grumpy_Bear

    I don’t buy that explanation at all. Even if he did only pass gas, why would he be writing about it? Even my brothers don’t take the time to write about their flatulent feats.

  • Anonymous

    Did they find the bomb?  If the story his relatives are telling is true I hope so.  HAHAHA!  

  • Eliza Berntsen

    They never will find it now, someone’s long but sniffed it up.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    This reminds me of when I was at school and we had a couple of bomb scares- once because some idiot didn’t want to his final years exams so he rung the police and said that there’s a bomb and the second time was because some other smart ass ate the cake that was there in the school function hall for the anniversary and didn’t want to be found out that it was him.

  • Josh

    He is claiming he gave a shit and the cops responded by giving a bigger shit. I think it would be funny if they found letters cut out of magazines glued to the toilet paper and him trying to make the same claim.

  • Josh

    Kinda like this video clip?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwgA94wjES8

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? People are debating whether or not anyone could possibly use the word “bomb” in reference to gas? LOL. My husband says he “passed a bomb” all the time, meaning he farted! And if the wording was “passed” and not “left a bomb” or something similar, it seems to support his story.

  • CT

    Dear Hadley relatives – please do not try to blow smoke up our asses.

  • Anonymous

    Did you find that in Webster’s Dictionary?  😉

  • Anonymous

    *sniff, sniff* This is so sad.

  • Okay seriously???? Who writes notes on TP about dropping bombs or leaving bombs or whatever?  What’s the curve they’re graded on if he’s an A student.