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FRESNO, CA — Yeah, it’s as disgusting as you think it is. Neng Yang,  a teacher at Freedom Elementary since 2007, has been accused of blindfolding a 7-year-old girl and tricking her into giving him oral sex in what he called “the lollipop game.”

The 43-year-old got busted after the girl’s alert mother arrived at the school early and noticed that neither her daughter nor her teacher, Yang, were outside with the rest of her class participating in PE.

When her daughter got out of school and into the car, her mother asked why she and Yang were not with the rest of the class and her daughter explained that she had been playing the lollipop game. When asked what kind of game this was, the girl explained that Yang would blindfold her in a darkened, locked classroom and have her suck on different lollipops. If she guessed the flavor, then they moved on to the next lollipop. If she didn’t, well then she kept on sucking until she did.

Mortified, the mother immediately went to authorities. The second-grader told them she was often held back during lunch, recess or PE in order to play the game with Yang. She said that she was always blindfolded so she couldn’t see the lollipops, but did describe having to sit on the edge of a chair and having to lean forward. She also said that while sucking on the lollipops, her face would often touch his clothes and that she could hear Yang using his cell phone while they played.

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Based on this information, police retrieved items from Yang’s classroom including his school-issued computer. When Yang was questioned, he denied ever playing the game with the girl, but a detective confiscated his cell phone anyway. Investigators would find images of adult bestiality on the school computer that included sex with horses, dogs and squirrels. They would also find some teen orientated porn… wait a minute… squirrels?

But that was the least of it. It was the videos found on Yang’s iPhone that was the most sickening. Nine videos were on the phone that showed the little girl unknowingly giving Yang blowjobs. If you’d rather not read the details I took from the criminal complaint, I’d skip the next paragraph.

In one of the videos, Yang has his penis out of his zipper while standing in front of the girl, who is blindfolded and sitting in a chair. After rubbing his penis with a sucker, he puts his penis in the girl’s mouth to the point that her face touches his pants. The girl can be heard gagging while Yang’s penis is in her mouth and Yang can be heard instructing the girl to put it all the way in her mouth and to hold it in longer. When Yang pulls his penis out of her mouth, you can hear the victim say “chocolate.”

Yang was subsequently arrested and placed in jail facing 45 criminal charges that include 18 counts of child molestation and charges of producing child pornography. If convicted, Neng Yang faces 15 to 30 years in prison.  To whom it may concern… can we please put people like this on top of a pile of burning tires?

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