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St. Croix County, WI – Two sisters in Wisconsin have been charged after a man accused them of sexually assaulting him with pliers and forcing him to drink their urine. Does this sound odd to you? If not, it means that you are ideally suited to sort this one out.

Court documents say that an 18-year-old male was at a Wisconsin residence with Valerie M. Bartkey, 24, and Amanda L. Johnson, 17. Whatever fun they were having reportedly ended when the sisters – who had reportedly imbibed some weed – began punching and kicking him, and then – gasp – putting one of the man’s shoes in the toilet and soaking the other in a sink.

According to court records, the man said the sister’s funfest continued when they later brought him a cup of liquid claiming that was lemonade and ‘forced’ him to drink it. It reportedly turned out to be a cup of the sisters’ urine.

Police say that the man went on to say that the sisters then ‘forced him to undress,’ with the intent of Bartkey having sex with him. The man reportedly refused leading Bartkey to ‘pull and twist the man’s penis with pliers’ while Johnson ‘threatened him with a belt.’ Johnson reportedly also ripped the man’s shirt from him.

Valerie M. Bartkey and Amanda L. Johnson

The man described to police that, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 the most erotic painful he’d ever experienced, that this incident was 10.

Witnesses (as in more than one) say while all of this was going on, Bartkey’s four-year old daughter was awake and crying in the next room.

Christian High School Teacher Caught Half-Naked With 14-Year-Old Student

Bartkey and Johnson are each charged with a felony count of second-degree sexual assault by force and misdemeanor counts of battery and criminal damage to property. Johnson is also charged with a misdemeanor count of intimidating a victim for trying to convince the victim later to not make a complaint. The felony has a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison.

The women will be in court in April.

So, we can only assume that a shoe-soaking, urine-drinking, penis-yanking, shirt-ripping sextravaganza took some time. It always does. …and he didn’t leave during any of it. There were also other people present during the shenanigans.

So, Demonites… What the hell was going on here? We need theories.

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  • Mamma

    Penis Puppetry gone awry.

  • WTF?? Poor guy.. He will be haunted… I mean at least let the girls be good looking if you have to go through torture like that.. I will never understand humans… or beast.. or whatever you’d like to call them..

  • Andy P

    Wow, up to 25 years in prison for this sextravaganza (good one btw.)  That was worth it.  NOT.  And is anyone as perplexed as I am about the significance of one shoe going in the toilet and another in the sink?  Seems odd to me that was even mentioned.  Of course all of this seems odd in general.

  • Anonymous

    Bath salts.  End of story.

  • Josh

    I wonder what kind of pliers?

  • CT

    How do you force someone to drink urine without a gun or incriminating photos?  It makes me wonder what the hell they have on this guy that they were able to “force” him to do all of these things.

    I have to say – this doesn’t sound all that bad.  I know I’ve been known to yank a penis in my day. 

  • Greg Briggs

    I’m gonna call in a few pipe hitting sisters to work on the Holmes here with a pair or pliers and a blowtorch!

  • Gee

    I am wondering where his balls were this whole time. There is no mention of a gun! How does a man let two women do this to him? Did he just lay there a cry?

  • Andy P

    Bath salts are baaad.   MMMMMMKay…  Especially if you inject them!  

    Intramuscular injection of the street drug known as “bath salts” may cause necrotizing fasciitis, a rare, flesh-eating bacteria syndrome that affects muscle and subcutaneous tissue, new research suggests. 

    Ewwwww…  This lady had her arm amputated and her breast removed.http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/757173 

  • Anonymous

    Let me go hit the crack pipe and I’ll get back to ya. . .

  • Josh

    Some like it rough.

  • Josh

    Probably whimpering and hiding under the bed.

  • Josh

    One theory is that mom was waiting in the car while he thought he was going to get laid and these girls were just teasing him….

  • Anonymous

    Well they needed theories… that’s mine ^^;

  • Andy P

    Vice grips.  Ewwww.

  • Anonymous

    Well his shoes were wet during a Wisconsin winter night and this might explain not initially leaving, BUT other people being there?

    This was either a hazing/bullying type thing with group support or there was something mentally deficient about this guy. Cell phones not working? Other men in the house couldn’t identify with the pain? There girlfriends cheered the ugly sis couple on?

  • Weirdos. 

  • daMonBrooks

    Thats how it usually starts. Hit the crack pipe BAM! penis squeezed by pliers. 

  • Anonymous

    I know right!  That’s what always happens to me too!  Oh wait, I don’t have a penis. . .

  • Anonymous

    You know, I started thinking of scenarios and I just couldn’t get past this part in my head…

    “Hi, this is my four-year-old daughter.”

    “Cool, we’re going to smoke pot now.”

    “OK, well it was nice to see you, but I’m going to take my daughter to the park so she doesn’t get a contact high and want stars on her chest to trick guys into staring at her fat boobs.”

    Other than that I think is was a consensual play date that he now thinks went to far and now he’s butthurt. No man I have ever met let’s anyone near their junk with pliers unless they want it. If you pour the glass of wee-wee on the floor no one can make you drink it.

  • Anonymous

    I knew someone would say something like this, and I agree. But…

    If the victim in this story were female, most commentors would be falling all over themselves with butthurt instead of cracking jokes.

  • Gee

    That’s true because a woman doesn’t have the brute strength a man does.  Two men doing this to a woman is very different . Just one of those double standards we live with.

  • I know, right? Knock the glass out of her fucking hand if you have to, dude!

  • D’awwwww! Reminds me of my honeymoon. 

  • Anonymous

    A’ite so dis is what I got, you know theory and all. . .  so now I’m Bartkey and I’m feeling pretty damn hot cuz I just smoked a fatty and I know that every dude in this joint wants this smoking hot body.  Who’s that fine dude sinkin into the couch?  Hey baby, you want some of thisssssss?  Fuck dat he says, don’t you have a baby cryin’ over dare.  Go take care dat ting.  What??? You say you don’t want this shit.  Fuck you dick bag.  I kick the shit outa ya!  Hay Manda help me with this dick.  Manda says yea sis take his shoes, fucker can’t leave without his shoes.  I putem in the sink ha ha.  No No – stickem in the toilet.  I’ll piss on em.  Ha ha .  No wait, lets make him drink it.  Yea bitch, make him drink it.  Now bitch, you want me now don’t you.  Fuck you he says.  Oh, it’s on now bitch.  Manda help get this bitch’s pants off.  I got plans for dis fucka. . .

  • Anonymous

    public humiliation video maybe?

  • Sounds like he was a very, very bad boy!!

  • LeaveMeBe

    This is the lamest sexual fantasy I’ve ever read. *yawn*

    And who the hell were these “witnesses”?

  • Smoking weed does not make one bust out pliers and pee, this strikes me as more of a bath-salts type situation. And why was this not in Florida? This story is made for the Sunshine State.

  • Anonymous

    Somerset WI is home to crazy bitches. EVERYONE has a gun there, but if you go somewhere that you think you’re gonna have a good time and don’t bring yours along, you KNOW the other people have at least one. So there’s no need for anyone to bring it out, or even have it mentioned.

    I thought the fuckin Bartkeys were confined to Osceola. Adding their insanity to the whole crazy redneck meth-lab of a village that Somerset is…yeah, we’ll be hearing from them again.

    Also: Dreamin’ Demon/the Twin Cities picked up the story update WAY before anyone local. Go go incompetent tiny news teams!

  • Prominent Prozac

    He was probably conflicted with the idea of being tortured..But the dream of banging two sisters at the same time.

  • NY_Mommy

    I have to assume drugs were involved. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that this man was mildly retarded. What an odd story.

  • Prominent Prozac

    I did not read very much of this, because I think you got it wrong.

    That’s all just way too black, here’s how it went down. “Excuse me sir, would you like to fuck my sister in the ass? If you let me have some fun with your penis, I will allow it”…He accepts, and she pulls out the pliers..That ass is looking pretty sweet, so he gives it a try..That’s when shit goes horribly wrong.

  • Prominent Prozac

    ..We do this every night, but normally he doesn’t tell anyone, he just curls up in the fetal position and cries..

  • Prominent Prozac

    In a room?With just the three of them?…Where the fuck is the tape then?Because no way would I believe anyone if I hadn’t just read it myself on DD

  • Anonymous

    I think the guy held up the hope of banging two sisters together at the same time for too long… too long as in he LET THEM GET CLOSE TO HIS DICK WITH PLIERS.


            Guys, if two girls, STRAIGHT girls offer to get high & drunk with you  start to beat you; it is your cue TO EXIT THE PREMISES. No amount of pussy is worth a beating. But if you are STILL hoping they dike out & suck your dick because it’s hot, WALK OUT THE MINUTE ONE OF THEM HEADS OFF IN THE DIRECTION OF A TOOL BOX. Again, no amount of pussy is worth getting the different knots practiced with your dick as the rope.

    I hope all of you guys learn that stoned & drunk chicks DO NOT always like to rug surf while dick is around, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE RELATED!

  • Anonymous

    MEN. They are called MEN. They will do/go through/endure anything for pussy & drugs.

  • Anonymous

    The toilet & sink shoe thingy:

    Do that to a woman. A woman that loves shoes.

    What they did to him will be ssomething you’d beg for if you DARE to do this to a shoe-aholic.

  • Anonymous

    That was too proper.  I’m pretty sure we’re dealing with hillbillies 🙂

  • I’m having a hard time believing this kid didn’t have one opportunity to get the hell outta that situation.  Other witnesses?!  I would have been out of there so fast!

  • Anonymous

    This is so bazaar, I can’t come up with a single theory. He didn’t even try to get away.   

  • Prominent Prozac

    It the fact they used pliers that gave it away wasn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    “How do you force someone to drink urine without a gun or incriminating photos?”

    You let them think & hope you’re going to have sex with them & your sister at the same time.

  • Texas Ranger

    My theory is that the two heifers didn’t know what the dude’s “manhood” was for. They were at a loss as to what and where it is used. Hence the plier use. I know, I know…”the older one has a child…therefore she know’s what it is used for.” Simple explanation. She got prgnant sitting on a dirty gas station toliet. Happens all the time. Girlfreind’s cousin’s ex-step-daddy’s brother’s daughter got knocked-up that way. I mean, really. look at her up there. Who would even RISK getting that preggo?

  • Texas Ranger

    hey Illy!

  • Anonymous

    I got nothing, unless they were simply trying to compete with the trailer park stories we get on here….

  • Anonymous

    My all-time favorite line from any movie. I use it at least once or twice a week.

  • Anonymous


    They said that the fatty was holding a belt to him. If I was being threatened with a belt, I’d let them plier my pickle too. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Inject bath salts?!? Holy crap. The tweekers down here smoke the hell out of it.

  • Anonymous

    Yea probably, I invisioned the guy wearing one of those big white ball caps, cocked off to the side and a wife beater with his pants half way down his ass. . .  And the bitches being loud and nasty.

  • Gee

     Oh OK they had a belt… Oooo  scary  *rolls eyes*

  • Josh

    You had pliers on your penis?? =)

  • Imbibe = Drink.  Sorry, these things do get to me.

  • heh,…  yea. It’s all pussy and drugs until the kids and the bills show up…  Now all I want is TV and an empty house.

  • “No amount of pussy is worth a beating.”
    I don’t know,…

    “no amount of pussy is worth getting the different knots practiced with your dick as the rope.”
    Still,.. i just don’t know…  I’ve seen some pretty amazing shit the the strip clubs.

  • I was rating these chics (even the fat one) on the “Hit That” meter until the part about the urine came to mental clarity.  Have you ever tasted urine?  .. its awful.

  • Anonymous

    Careful, I think Jaded can take you. 😉

  • Anonymous

     That’s what I was gonna say! Dammit.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Was it asparagus or onion flavoured one?

  • Anonymous

    You are applying an extremely strict definition to a word that has multiple disambiguations and is often used metaphorically. 

  • Gee

    @kniption:disqus I love you, your amazing :o)~ Your words are so big!

  • Josh

    Someone once told me green tea tastes like horse piss. My first thought was, how do you know what horse piss tastes like?

  • Anonymous

    damn, I need a drink after reading that.  thanks for my excuse for today.

  • They want to give these two idiots up to 25 years and paedophile gets a slap on the wrist and community service to continue abusing children kmt 

  • Anonymous

    “Was it asparagus or onion flavored one? ”

     The piss ???
    Depends on what you feed the horse!!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t quit looking at the chick on the left, can’t help to think I know her from SOMEWHERE. Anyways…Either these some mean jackass weirdo GIRLS, or dude did something really annoying and insulting was my thoughts all the way through my read. Any indifference I had to the whole shebang turned to disgust when I read about the little girl crying in the next room. At first I thought it was the guy’s kid, BUT STILL! Ugh.  I bet girl was crying because she knows her mother is a sordid alien lookin cunt and has felt her wrath.  I only want to beat down both these cheese rats because making and leaving that poor little kid cry. Fucking worthless cunts.

  • Some guys are desperate enough that they’ll hit anything that moves…she resembles a human female enough.

  • I just don’t understand why pliers were involved. I mean, couldn’t they just pull on it with their hand?

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t sound that strange to me. As a dominatrix, guys actually PAY ME to do this stuff to them.

  • dont people pay to get this kind of shit done to them?lol..just sayin

  • Rayne Young

    Sounds like someone got their safe words mixed up.

  • Josh

    She was arrested in 2006 for graffiti and disorderly conduct.

  • Josh

    Johnson reportedly called the man Oct. 27 and threatened
    him, saying she would tell authorities he smoked marijuana Oct. 1. The
    man denied smoking marijuana but said Bartkey and Johnson did.
    So basically the guy knew that the girls did drugs and the girls wanted to make sure that he didn’t tell. It sounds like this guy isn’t smart enough to feel stupid about the situation that he voluntarily rode out to the end. 

  • Anonymous

    Like they’d screw some douche that just drank a cup of pee. 

    I bet he was parched after that…and was offered another glass of lemonade.

  • Anonymous

    they said there were multiple witnesses

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Okay, y’all are supposed to engage in the kinky sex play AFTER the four-year-old is asleep.  Morons.

    And I don’t consider an 18-year-old male wanting to have sex with a 17-year-old female to be a pedophile.

  • Prominent Prozac

    I dunnnooo

  • Well damn! Hello Texas Stranger!

  • Andy P

    Seriously.  Check out the link I posted.  This 34 year old girl injected bath salts and ended up having to have her arm amputated and a partial mastectomy.  Apparently there is a flesh eating bacteria that if not discovered within the first 24 hours of infection results in a less than 50% survival rate.  Talk about a bad night out.  Gosh.

  • Anonymous

    Oh come now,isn’t every man up for a bit of urine-drinking,penis-pinchin’,shirt-rippin’ tom-foolery?
    He loved it.
    Every ammonia scented moment of it.

  • Hayz

    My guess is that the reason that he didn’t just leave after they started kicking and hitting him was because of the kid in the next room. What he should have done was just pick up the kid, leave, then call the cops when he saw that drugs were involved instead of just sitting there and letting them have their way with him. And that is honestly what it sounds like he did.

  • everytime i see some really fucked up headline I’m thinking “texas… NC… Kentucky” But no. It’s always Wisconsin and I usually live within an hour of all of it. What the fuck with women torturing men here in my state and why hasn’t someone done it to the guy that raped me ?

  • Anonymous

    Too small to get a proper grip around it with a hand?

  • Ronald Cummings

    they should cut their breasts off and pour salt on it