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Child Abuse Or Just Crappy Parenting?

January 31, 2012 at 9:17 am by  

I don’t normally post videos like this as from what I can tell, no one has been charged with a crime. But we get emails on this daily, so I figured I would post it and get some of your thoughts.

In case you are unable to see it, the video shows a young mother force feeding a toddler. The kid is obviously upset, but this does not stop the woman from shoving food into the kid’s mouth — even covering his mouth until he chokes.

From what I can gather, the video was filmed in secret by the child’s 14-year-old uncle who has been trying to get CPS involved with the family, to no avail. He claims there are worse things going on in the home and shot this video to give CPS as proof.

CPS is aware of the video and stated what you are watching is not child abuse. Shitty parenting? Sure… but not child abuse as she did not strike the kid with a closed fist and it would be impossible to prove she intended for the child to choke.

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