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HOUSTON, TX — I swear I’m not hunting down school bus stories, it just seems to be a popular topic in the headlines lately. This one is out of Texas, where police arrested two 10-year-old boys and charged them with raping an 8-year-old boy on a school bus.

To make matters even more complicated, all three boys are special needs students.

The two older boys were arrested last week, but the alleged rape happened back in August of last year. The incident was discovered after a parent asked the school district’s transportation department to review the conditions on the school bus that takes special needs students to an elementary school. No reason is given as to why a parent requested this, but reports are that it was not related to the sexual assault.

After the school’s principal reviewed surveillance video taken on the bus, he observed the three boys involved in some kind of inappropriate activity. Authorities are not giving out the details of this inappropriate activity, but the principal took disciplinary action against all three boys, then turned the video over to CPS and the police .

After a lengthy investigation, an investigation the parents of all three boys were a part of, the two 10-year-olds were arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. If convicted, and if prosecutors choose to pursue it, the two boys could face a sentence of up to 40 years in prison.

The Houston school district have offered counseling services for all three boys and the 8-year-old boy has since been transferred to another school.

I highly doubt the prosecutors want to be known for sending two 10-year-olds with special needs to prison, so I’m guessing they’ll probably work out some kind of rehab\counseling combo that will please the court as well as the families involved.

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  • I am not the type to want to see “special needs” 10 year olds go to jail,however if I had kids in that age bracket I sure as hell wouldn’t want those too little perv’s around MY kids.

  • CiaraLuna

    How did they even know what to do to rape another boy? That is disturbing. I wouldn’t want them around my kids either.

  • NY_Mommy

    This is really upsetting. I would wonder where these 10 years old became so aware of sex. There is a lot of wrong going on here.

  • Terence Ng

    If they are so motivated to go so far as to “rape” another person at that age, I would really be concerned about their home life situation. I hope CPS does investigate.

  • Andy P

    Ok Morbid, this sentence just made my head hurt:

    After a lengthy investigation, an investigation the parents of all three boys were a part of, the two 10-year-olds were arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.

  • Anonymous

    Dear God.  I always wonder at what age rapists, pedofiles and the like begin their urges.  I never would have dreamed it was that young.  Special needs or not, that’s just down right scarey. 

  • NY_Mommy

    Thats what I was thinking. Or since it’s both of them maybe a special needs teacher they had? I dunno.

  • Grammatically, or the subject matter? If grammatically, I read it aloud and it sounds ok. If you are talking about subject matter, I am guessing that the video was pretty clear that what the two boys did was criminal and left their parents with no option but to agree. 

  • Anonymous

    Although it is possible, I have doubts that it was sexual in nature. “Special Needs” is an incredibly loose term, but kids who took the sped bus in my school district usually had Down’s Syndrome or something equally debilitating. Maybe they were needy enough that they had no idea what they were doing, and reenacting some porn they found in Daddy’s room or something of that nature. Also, the kids were very close in age, so I doubt it has to do with pedophilia. It’s certainly possible you’re right, but I’m hoping it’s a case of severe ignorance and that their parents left a few gaps in teaching them what’s acceptable.

  • Um more scary is the question: “why did this not get noticed by the driver at the time, the teachers or parents at the time, and why did it take months to figure it all out?”

    This is why my special needs kids don’t ride a bus.

  • Anonymous

    Man , life is hard as it is for parents. Can’t imagine having a special needs child and then having this to deal with. Hopefully they all get the help they need, I bet that one was the leader and the other followed so maybe we won’t have 2 future Demo-nites.

  • Yes, with all of the horrible bus stories on here lately, and the abuse of special needs kids, I am thinking my son will not be riding the bus either. UGH. And I wondered the same thing about the bus driver, parents, and teachers. 

  • Anonymous

    Just to let you know I don’t see anything wrong with the sentence. It’s a bit awkward if you’re skimming it fast, but many people are so used to seeing things done wrong that sometimes the correct grammar looks or sounds wrong to them.

  • Fuck the bus. Stories like this are why i haul my ass all over town twice a day!

  • Anonymous

    Also, isn’t it a requirement that there be an aide or helper on a bus like that? I just assumed that a bus carrying special needs children would have minimum 1 able adult to supervise and be ready in case anything happened and/or to help get the kids on and off the bus safely.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, I wasn’t implying that these boys were rapists or pedofiles.  I was talking about as adults.  The criminal mind boggles me and when I read stories about sick individuals committing these horrid crimes, I just have to wonder when did it all start.  I see what you’re saying about this possibly not being sexually motivated.  One of the stories that always makes me shutter is the story of James Bulgar.  A two year old who was murdered by 2 ten year olds.  I just am blown away by the crimes people commit and how they got the idea to commit them.

  • It’s whats called a run on sentence Dangerous – and Morbid – run on – like Andy needs to do.

  • I have heard of “special needs” kids who knew exactly what sex was – like someone else on here said – CPS needs to find out how these kids acquired that information.

  • CT

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, again scaring the bejesus out of me to send my children to school past Kindergarten.  I really do not want to home school because I am not sure how well my knowledge base will cross into the realms of grade school learning and further.  At this point my curriculum looks like it would consists of:

    Life Skills — How to pour a beer with the least amount of foam – though having said that I actually knew this one by probably age eight since my Dad was too lazy to get one of his many, many daily beers and many other alcohol related topics.

    Home Ec – Which button on the microwave cooks Stouffers Mac and Cheese the fastest.

    Drivers Ed – How not to drive like a girl – though my sons actually can recognize this at age 4 — today my son said again – boy, she drives like a “grill”, doesn’t she Mommy.  Teaching em young.  Though we also know – he drives like an idiot – I don’t discriminate. 

    Maybe I can home school…so many ideas. 

  • Anonymous

    Ahh, I read that to mean that they were criminals and pedos in the making and while I accept that it is definitely possible, I think it is more likely that they made a really stupid mistake. I’ve read the account of Bulger a few times, and it’s disturbingly fascinating. That story seemed different to me, like there was one psychopath boy and one sheep along for the ride. I bet there was a leader and a follower on this one too, but hopefully in a much more innocent manner.

  • Anonymous

    Sure, plenty of them do, but that just depends on life experience and how well their minds are developed, both of which we will never know. For all we know, they took the phrase “shove it up your ass” literally, or something equally unsexual. I completely agree that they need to investigate the hell out of it, I just think that chances are it wasn’t sexual at all. I hope.

  • At some schools if the student is released before the final bell they can go ahead and get on the bus … this usually means no supervision while they are waiting.

  • It’s not a run-on sentence, it’s just long.

    If I were to tell a story, not somewhere else but right here in this comment thread, and I took awhile to get it out because I was eating my breakfast while typing, and the story turned out to be really boring anyway, it wouldn’t necessarily make any less sense just because it was dull.

    ^The above is not a run-on sentence. It’s just long.

  • Anonymous

    Run-on sentences are sentences that lack punctuation; they can be long, but they can also be short. Here’s an example of a short run-on sentence: I’m a woman I have children. The reason this is a run-on sentence is that it’s written without any internal punctuation. I’ve fused together two complete sentences, which is why run-on sentences are also called fused sentences.

  • I am incensed that the principal suspended the victim for a week, dismissing the entire incident as horseplay.  Jason Spencer for the Houston school district calls this an appropriate response.  Rape is not horseplay no matter what Jerry Sandusky of Penn State scandal fame wants to call it.  When sexual molestation is uncovered and child vicims are asked why they didn’t report it, they often say, I was afraid I might get in trouble.   I thought that was a childish misunderstanding but apparently not in this school district.  What was the boy’s offense — struggling too hard to avoid being raped?  Does anyone have contact information for the Spencer.  I would like to tell him that blaming the victim is never the correct response to rape.

  • Anonymous

    You’ve got a solid base, but I would work in some math and science for variety. 

  • Anonymous

    I wish parents were doing a better job of limiting their kids exposure to sexual situations in movies (and ya gotta hope their behavior was learned from movies and not real life). Just last month we got a call from my kids’ bus driver to inform us that she had to break up a situation where another boy was simulating oral sex on my son, thankfully with pants up; both of these kids are seven years old. WTF! I sure as hell wouldn’t have thought that a dick belongs in my mouth at age seven. So much for waiting til middle school to have the birds and bees and blowjobs discussion.

  • “home school” 

    NNNOOOOO !!! DON’T DO IT !!!!!!

  • You can get contact info from your local phone companies information number – just request to be transferred To Houston,Tx. information.

  • Athena

    I, personally, tend to use dashes instead of commas in that situation to differentiate the portion I am emphasizing from the rest of the sentence a little more aggressively, but either method is grammatically correct.

  • HA !!!

  • Has at least two parts, either one of which can stand by itself , but the two parts have been smooshed together instead of being properly connected.The length of a sentence really has nothing to do with whether a sentence is a run-on or not; being a run-on is a structural flaw.

    I am very aware of what a run on sentence is – I stand by my statement.

  • Anonymous

    Where I live “special needs” is very loosely defined. My school has a very large population of children who are labeled special needs, and that group covers all kinds of needs – from kids who are simply dyslexic, and need a little help in a regular classroom, all the way to children who are labeled “Pervasive Mentally Handicapped.” These little souls cannot speak, stand, or control their movements. PMH children will never mature to any ability level past that of a three month old infant.

    In between those two levels there are as many different labels as there are children. Some children are severely autistic, or slightly developmentally delayed, or “Trainable Mentally Handicapped” (Most Down’s kids are this.) Then there are kids in the SED class. Severely Emotionally Disturbed. Some of these are children with normal intellect, but who have such abnormal behavioral issues that they cannot be in a regular classroom.

    Lord knows the regular classrooms also have their share of “labeled” students. Most schools now have “Behavior Specialists” along with nurses and other staff – just for these special needs students.

    Then throw this into the mix: If you are on government assistance, and you can get a special needs label on your child, you are automatically entitled to more financial, medical, and housing assistance.

    So there is a financial incentive to have your misbehaving child labeled (Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, even Specific Learning Disability – which covers a multitude of slight problems.) From what I have seen, there are a bunch of kids who ride the “short bus” mostly because it gets a bigger entitlement check in the state of Florida.

  • Thank you for solidifying what I already thought of you with this posting – you are a very intelligent person.Very well done comment.Have a great day.

  • Anonymous

    It may be that the video appeared to show consensual activity, but once CPS investigated thoroughly, they discovered that it was not. No where does it mention the younger child struggling in the video. The principal only had a little evidence to go on, and it would not have been appropriate for him to deeply investigate such a serious charge. He did the right thing by leaving that up to law enforcement.

  • Anonymous

    We should start subsidizing people who manage to create well-behaved kids, instead. I wouldn’t mind kicking in a few of my tax dollars for that.

  • Anonymous

     A “which” after the second “investigation” would have made the sentence crystal clear, but there’s nothing wrong with it as-is.

    School Buses. They’re the new Elevators. Just as horrifying, but not as lethal!

  • Then what was the child doing that caused her to suspend him if not struggling or crying out and making some kind of ‘disturbance?’  She didn’t do the right thing in suspending the victim and now that the criminal justice system is charging the older boys with sexual assault, the least she can do is acknowledge her mistake instead of having the district stand by her decision to punish all three boys.

  • Anonymous

    Andy I did the same thing as you, I read it wrong.

  • Anonymous

    When I read it Morbid I thought you made a mistake, but it was me reading it wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I thought special needs included more then those who are metally retarded.Learning about the birds and the bees should not have resulted in this. I suspect they either learned this at home or experienced it themselves first hand. I hope cps does get to the bottom this, no pun intended.

  • Anonymous

    Just so you know mixing baking soda and vinegar causes a reaction, it will foam out of the cup or container you put it in.Also the average human head weighs 8 pounds. I learned that tid bit on he movie Jerry Mcguier.:P

  • CT

    Good, good.  Keep em coming.  I’ll have little Mensa members by age 6 who can make a mean dirty martini. 

  • Anonymous

    And in between are all the crazy pants kids who are just little terrorists with no actual mental problem, they were just born evil and/or born to shitty evil parents.

  • Anonymous

    I can give you my address!

  • Anonymous

    Special ed, coupled with the age of the aggressors & the victim… WHO IS TOUCHING THESE CHILDREN IN SAID WAY THAT WOULD MAKE THEM LASH/BE VICTIMIZED & NOT SAY ANYTHING????

    Then again, the kids might also be little depraved a-holes that just happen to be special ed to top shit off.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I spent about six years in special ed myself .. I had severe anxiety issues – mostly related to OCD.. no learning disabilities so I attended regular classes for the most part ..  I had difficulty with some subjects – usually math related – because I was INCREDIBLY self conscious about making mistakes..  This usually led to me not turning assignments in because I didn’t want to give anyone the impression that I was stupid (I always expected  myself to just KNOW things)..  At the best of times special ed classes were just like any other class.. at the worst of times I felt like Jane Goodall amongst the chimps..   There certainly are a mix in those classrooms – severely mentally handicapped (kids in wheelchairs, kids who had the emotional development of five year olds.. severely autistic kids), and then there were those who had behavioral issues (impulse control, anger, lack of focus, fighting.. etc) ..   I have to admit, I wouldnt have changed it for the world.. lol..  Sometimes it was irritating, but mostly it was like being in the middle of a circus, and because of special ed, I graduated from public school, and I have quite a few very entertaining stories to tell people.. lol.. 

    anyway..  Yes, there were kids I attended classes with who could have been vulnerable bad influences, but mostly they knew better..  This sort of behavior has to be learned somewhere.. Kids, special needs or mainstream, don’t do these things spontaneously..   I hope this gets sorted out and they all end up getting the help they need..  

  • Children at that age learn about sexual force and acting out from other people. And since abusers tend to be related to the abused, I hope the investigators take long, hard looks at the families of the ten-year-olds. 

  • Children at that age learn about sexual force and acting out from other people. And since abusers tend to be related to the abused, I hope the investigators take long, hard looks at the families of the ten-year-olds.

  • No offense to Morbid or his editorial sensibilities. I read it and rearranged it in my head as “After a lengthy investigation which involved the parents of all three boys, the two 10-year-olds were arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.” 

  • Athena

    That’s more efficient, but less artistic.  Morbid clearly meant to emphasize the fact that the investigation did, in fact, involve the childrens’ parents.  

  • Athena

    In many districts, the default response to physical altercations is to suspend all involved, sometimes because it can be quite difficult to accurately ascertain who started it, but also occasionally for the safety/comfort of the victim.   For example, in her sophomore year, my sister was knocked out by a male student after a verbal altercation, right in the middle of gym class.  She was suspended as well, but as the principal explained it to our family, it was because he thought it best that she be at home for a few days while things blew over, rather than potentially fall victim to harassment from other students over what happened.

    Obviously, this isn’t the kind of event that simply “blows over”, but there may have been similar logic on this principal’s part. 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, sir! You made me blush. : )

  • Anonymous

    These school buses are worse than jail for safety! I’d rather transport myself the way I did for a year in high school-hitchhike. Personally, I never had a problem.

  • Anonymous

    How are they facing 40 but the guy that maimed and blinded his son gets friggen 8?? Not fair, esp in special needs bus’ they are supposed to have an aide drive in back with the kids, where was this one

  • Anonymous

    Maybe that “aide” i mentioned

  • I like that.

  • LOL

  • And you would be wrong. It is not a run on sentence. It was simply me emphasizing a point with commas. Had I used dashes, this article would be about 15 comments less.

  • Found another article that says the video shows the two older boys pulling down their pants and forcing the younger boy to perform a sex act on them. 

  • Anonymous

    You know, run on and on…like Ced’s keyboard does sometimes…


  • Anonymous

    i cannot believe that you are revealing the secrets of your exploitative click-baiting grammar selection methodology…

  • I know, right? Maybe I should go back to purposely misspelling words. Because as you know, they are all done on purpose. 😛

  • Anonymous

    well… we all know that, while child rape can cause concern, grammar and spelling cause outrage…

  • Anonymous

    Oh baby, get all grammar grrrl on me. I love it!

  • I have a special needs 10 yr old in a Tx elementry school.  I know for a fact that every bus has an adult driver and Aid to help watch the kids.  Its too bad they didnt have an adult supervisor

     10yr old boys are not monsters.If they exhibit any behavior like this it could be “innocent behavior” to something worse. When the cops are called  they dont have a special book for “special needs kids” they have to charge  them with somthing and let the DA decide the facts.

     I didnt know the facts of this story but it could be about nothing more then “everyday life issues” for parents of kids with special needs. 

    Lets all remember in America Innocent untill proven guilty.

  • In Detroit they cut all the aids off of the bus. So no, and all age kids ride. My young nonverbal daughter came home with a bite mark. They couldn’t tell me what happened. She never rode again.

  • That principle sounds like a dumb ass to me – there is no good reason for punishing a victim – and a suspension is in fact a punishment.If the principal was genuinely concerned about your sister,then there were better ways to handle that situation.A suspension  shows in the students permanent school file and could in fact make the student look less than desirable for certain academic activities,or programs. 

  • A boy was doing that to your son   O-O

    WTF is wrong with these kids ?  I would have knocked that kids teeth out if I had been your son.

  • In Dallas it’s possible that your body would still be unidentified … I could tell a few stories on this but I’m feeling lazy at the moment.

  • Gross – how come no link ? Should have been a link to two special needs kids with their dicks bitten off – if you ask me …

  • HA !!!

  • Athena

    Well, in my sister’s case, she was an active participant in the verbal altercation that led to the physical one, so her victimhood is arguable and the principal had every right to suspend them both.  

    And, sure, I would expect the principal to exercise another option if he was dealing with a 4.0 student.  But 95% of students aren’t even close to qualifying for the type of educational institution that would discriminate against a suspension.  

  • Anonymous

    That was my initial desire. Then I realized that the poor kid was just acting out what he’d seen at home due to shitty parenting. Put me in a room with those two POSs and I’d love to show them what is and isn’t appropriate behavior.

  • Anonymous

    I know my sons (one just turned 7) don’t have any sort of clue that people put their penises in other peoples mouth. That act would be hilarious to them if they heard that. They would honestly bust up laughing their asses off I’m sure. They would think it was weird if someone simulated that, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have a violent reaction because it would just be so absurd to them.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah well a nice little old lady gave me a ride most days as she was going in the same direction all week. 

  • Anonymous

    But do you think it’s fair to determine punishment based on the administrations perceptions of what students will go on to after high school? Should kids on track to go to college have different rules?

  • Lock them up. I do not care if they are 10. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Put them in general population. I am dead seriously. I have a 0 tolerance for such things. I do not care if you have a gun pointed at your head. 

  • yes there needs where “special”


  • LuvsHorror

    Right, the ten year olds go for 40 years and the guy who permenently disabled his son gets 8.