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Skokie, IL – A lawsuit filed Tuesday against Skokie School District 68 officials alleges that teachers were negligent in their treatment of 6-year-old Rahul Chandani when he fell on the playground last winter. Were they? You decide…

On Jan. 3 of last year, Chandani reportedly slipped on a mound of snow in the playground at Devonshire Elementary School. Court documents state that doctors would later establish that his fall resulted in a fractured tibia and a hematoma to his head. At the time of the fall, though, the only thing that is known for sure is that the fall made him a whiny little brat who – get this – wanted to be carried back to the school. Oh c’mon…

“His teacher told him, ‘You’re a big boy — I can’t carry you,’” the boy’s mother, Priya Chandani, told a local news reporter.  “She told him to walk back, but his leg was broken so he fell again and then had to crawl at least 200-300 feet [across the icy playground] back to the school building.”

The boy’s mother added, “If someone did that to me as an adult, I’d slap them.”

According to the lawsuit, the boy made it back to the school where he complained of dizziness. His teachers, presumably unable to stop the incessant bitching, called his mother. Court documents describe the mother arriving to see the boy still crawling to get around the classroom with a lump on his head “the size of a tennis ball.” She reportedly then took it upon herself to call an ambulance to have the child taken to the hospital. I think that they call that “being a ‘helicopter parent.'”

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As you might expect, after the hospital diagnosed the child with the fractured tibia and hematoma and whatever, the kid really started to milk this situation for all it’s worth. The lawsuit goes on to say that the child was off school for six weeks recovering from the injuries, that he had trouble sleeping, and needed six months of rehabilitation. Blah blah blah.

The suit seeks in excess of $200,000 in damages. Skokie School District 68 officials have declined to comment on the case. I think, because… well… commenting is a lot of work and, you know, some parents will never be satisfied.

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  • Anonymous

    Gee, I wonder if the stellar teacher didn’t think something was wrong when the child was crawling around. I can only imagine that the child exhibited pain, and gee, those two things might double clue me in to the fact that, oh, I don’t know the kid might be fucking injured? Or at the very least, something is amiss. Now there are a lot of things teachers don’t always catch, but the fact that a kid that is usually walking around is now crawling ain’t exactly easy to miss.
    Talk about taking “walk it off” to extremes.

  • The teacher should be fired! No question about it.

  • Anonymous

    Kids that age tend to overreact, teach probably deals with it all the time and figured this kid was just being whiny.
    That being said, if my kid broke his leg and the teacher ignored him I would have curbed stomped the bitch, no lawsuit needed.

  • Anonymous

    Kniption, your skewering of the inability of the idiotic adults at this school to differentiate between a typical spoiled, whiny brat and a kid with a friggin’ broken leg and traumatic head injury has led to one of the funniest write ups in quite a while. I actually snorted at the “helicopter parenting” reference. Well done, sir.

  • Anonymous

    I second that!

  • Gee

     I love how you keep calling my name….. :O)~

  • Anonymous

    *bangs head on desk vehemently* Was the teacher blind? Or deaf? Or … slllooowww???

  • Would it have killed the teacher to look him over? To allow him to crawl like that and you STILL think he is faking it?  What world do we live in where a parent has to come to the school and call an ambulance for their own kid? Does anyone in that school know how much time counts if there is internal bleeding??  

    I have way too many questions, I’m sorry. I cannot fathom the amount of control the mother had at that office, seeing her son like that. I would have lost it: QUICK.

  • probably more blind deaf and dumb than meg griffin was in that family guy clip

  • Anonymous

    oh that poor baby doll! I can’t imagine his pain. break the teachers leg and bonk her head good and force her fat ass to walk. what a bitch.

  • Rebecca, you are so right. If there was internal bleeding, time matters. I too would have lost it had it been my child. I understand that 6 year olds can be whining and overwhelming, but as a teacher you have to deal with that. Regardless of how many times they “cry wolf” you check them out anyway. Stupid moron.

  • Athena

    My reservations for the VIP section of Hell have been confirmed with this story.  In the context of this write up, I visualized some little kid, army crawling, yelping like a dog, one leg kind of dangling behind him… and I chuckled.

    I expected there to be a day when it became obvious that I had read to many of these stories.  Today’s the day.  It’s all downhill from here, I’m afraid.

  • Tundratot

    I’m trying to think just why a teacher would not do something about this.

     I live in a very cold place and our kids are required to have snow pants (bib type at that age), snow boots, winter coats, hats and gloves for school.  They get shoved out to play in the snow until the mercury drops to -10.  In that gear, it would be hard to see malformation of the bones — so lumps and breaks might not be apparent, I suppose. 

    Touching students is generally off limits, so maybe the teacher could claim she was unaware of the lump on the head and it would provide the legal excuse for not carrying him, too. 

    Many schools don’t have full time nurses on duty anymore, some none at all.  So, I guess there might be no one professional to either evaluate the child’s injuries for their severity or call for medical emergency?

    I’m having a hard time thinking that this kid’s cries in any way approximated the usual whines and whimpers of a sore thumb — unless maybe he was so dazed by the head injury he was barely conscious.  Most kids with a broken leg would be howling like a banshee. Perhaps the cold temps kept the wounds more numb?

    I don’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    I was with her at first.  Id tell the kid to get up and walk, himself as well, but, when he started crawling and refused to walk into the classroom–assuming he hadnt done it before– I would at least look him over.
    Once in the classroom and he was still crawling, I would have to take him to see someone.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand how she could have missed the baseball sized knot on his head.As for his whining, if i had seen him fall before his whining I would ask him if he was hurt and where then take action.This teacher is a loser and needs to be socked in the eye upon dismissal.

  • Anonymous

    kniption we have your seat reserved on the bus 😛

  • Anonymous

    lmfao. Great write up!! 

  • Prominent Prozac

    What a whiny little bastard..Back in my day we would climb mountains, fight bears, train them and ride them to school, then crawl in a blizzard all the way back to our fucking igloo.

  • If this happened to my kid I’d probably be featured on DD. You cover stories about disgruntled parents beating fuckwitted teachers three breaths from death, right?

  • Anonymous

    An excellent write-up, Kniption, as usual.

    As a parent, I am outraged that such a cold, unfeeling, soul-less excuse for a human being was in charge of a room full of five and six year old children. God only knows what abuse the children have suffered at the whim of this lazy, hateful, abusive, mean, stone cold bitch. I think she should suffer “appropriate consequences” which, in my opinion, should provide her with exactly the agonizing physical pain and emotional suffering she caused little boy to endure.

    As a teacher, I volunteer to carry out her sentence. This article made me want to cry. No only because it is just SO WRONG on so many levels… but because I have seen teachers behave this way more times than I can count. I have seen way too many teachers who see the children and the parents as “the enemy” and HATE their jobs. These are people put in charge of caring for small children for seven hours every day.

    The saddest part is that these animals are more the rule than the exception. They should be punished.

  • Are you kidding me? If this were my kid, I would break that teacher’s leg & give them a nice hit on the head…. and when they starting whining, I would tell them “You’re a big girl/boy now, I can’t carry you…. you can walk.”  I’d make them suffer the same way my child did.   I hope the school system does the right thing & fires this teacher.

  • Pyncky

    Don’t fire the teacher. She needs a job to pay the LAWSUIT from hell that she should be smacked with. Any adult that is used to being around kids would know real pain on their face and in their voice from whining.

  • I highly respect females, but I’m gonna use a word that I almost never use when referring to a woman:  Cunt.  That’s what this teacher is.  A pure, unadulterated C-U-N-T.

  • Unless this kid was prone to screaming like a banshee over a paper cut or general Extreeeeeeme drama over nothing this is just awful.

    Still, safer to raise a flag over nothing than to ignore a serious injury >.<

  • With two broken legs while in a damn coma!

  • Prominent Prozac

    ..And one bleeding eye and a severed fucking arm!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I actually burst out laughing at the “presumably unable to stop the incessant bitching” part.

  • My heart breaks thinking about how this boy must have felt crawling like this with adults there refusing to help him.

  • Anonymous

    Kids DO tend to either overreact or underreact.  It, sometimes, can be hard to tell.  At age 5 my son had appendicitis that started with vomiting.  I called the doctor and was told that if the vomiting started first it was just a stomach bug.  When we finally got him to the hospital his appendix had already ruptured and he was VERY ill with peritonitis.  Before his surgery they wheeled in a Nintendo for him to play.  He would alternate between curling up into a ball and crying and playing a game while yelling at the screen and giggling.  It was very weird.  Anyway, so sometimes it’s difficult to gauge the severity of a child’s injury.  HOWEVER, as a prior teacher I can tell you that it’s utter stupidity to not take injuries as minor emergencies when it comes to kids THAT DO NOT BELONG TO YOU!  Not to do so only puts the teacher at risk of disciplinary action.  All it takes is a kid going home and saying “I fell at school and the teacher…(fill in the blank)” and the shit hits the fan.  Regardless of whether or not this child had a real injury, the teacher was an idiot.  The fact that it was a real injury sucks for this child and for his parents.  I’m surprised mom didn’t end up in jail after curb stomping the bitch (as another poster suggested).

  • I’m a phys ed teacher at an elementary school and kids at that age DO tend to exaggerate injuries. I’ve heard it all from “I’m dying” to “It’s SPURTING blood” to “I broke my neck!” In this situation, here’s what I would do. Kid says they’re hurt, they want to be carried. “Can you walk? Try to walk.” Kid takes one step and cries harder and/or falls down: THAT KID GETS IMMEDIATELY CARRIED TO THE NURSES OFFICE. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. While prone to exaggeration, kids that age rarely have the wherewithal to know HOW to fake a broken bone OR to maintain a “faked” injury for that long of a time. Also, I will touch every INCH a kid’s scalp if they say they fell and hit their head on something. I’d rather explain that to mom than why I didn’t provide medical attention for a head injury. 

    It’s so sad to me that not everyone thinks this is the way to operate.

  • Yeah I mean come on teach, whether this kid was dramatic or not, he probably should have been looked at. I am wondering if any teacher are anyone saw the time where the actual incident when it happened, and were still so cruel to him. I mean come on, crawling through the snow like that? And a knot on his head? And they couldn’t have, at the very fucking least, let him see a nurse?!!!! Who are we leaving our kids with?!

  • Anonymous

    I think that the fact the poor kid crawling in the snow should have clued her in.I have a feeling she treats all children as whiney little brats.His bump alone on his head could of killed him.Iam not sue happy but in this case I would sue the school.

  • Anonymous

    Ill this must be bugging you as much as it is me, we both came back to post.

  • Anonymous

    Me to angels mom, having to crawl with a broken leg must have hurt like hell.

  • Anonymous

    After Natasha Richardson died from what seemed like a minor fall in the snow, you’d think people would be more aware of the danger from head injuries, especially baseball-sized contusion head injuries.  Plus, his poor little broken drumstick should have stopped the train right there.  Paramedics should have been called to the scene.  She probably didn’t want to file incident reports. Paperwork?  Fuck that crybaby, amiright?

  • Jemimabean

    My younger son got a blood nose at the hands of his “teacher” because she was “aiming to hit a different child, not your son.” Welcome to South Africa, where in such a case (when the offender admits to using her hands in the classroom to “discipline” a child!) incident reports are filed, and then destroyed- after contacting the Department of Education to file my own complaint (because the police wouldn’t get involved as it was “an accident!”) there was found to be no record of the matter. WTAF? Fortunately we have managed to change schools, but ja, shit teachers and useless policies are everywhere, and they usually have the suppport of a very corrupt school governing body or head. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Holy fucking incompetent shit heads! Those bitches should not work with kids!

  • This is complete bull shit.   There is no excuse for the teacher’s lack of action.   My kids school calls me whenever my kid barely skins his knee.  I have also been called for him bumping his head on the playground.  No lumps just needed a little ice and he was sent back to class but the school always informs me via phone call anytime he has the slightest injury.   It has always been minor so I’m confident if something major happened I would get a call immediately.    How did this teacher not notice a lump on the child’s head after they came inside?   Any person who spends that much time with children should know the difference between a whine and a hurt cry.     I’m just glad the kid is okay even though he has a rough road ahead.   The school is damn lucky his brain wasn’t swelling and he didn’t die from this.     The school is damn lucky I’m not the boy’s mother.   I don’t know if I could be so calm.  I guess since I’ve never been in this situation I would imagine the mother was more concerned about getting her son medical care then slapping a teacher.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who has spent a prolonged period of time around little kids knows that a whine/cry for attention, and a wail of agony are two different things..  That cry of pain will send a chill down your spine and drive a fricken knife into your heart..  if you have one to begin with anyway.. 

  • Eliza Berntsen

    I was just about to say the exact same thing. I can not believe that such teachers are allowed to practice their professions, and I sure do hope that both the school and the teacher get the shit sued off of them for hiring that dumb fuck.

  • Anonymous

    What a dumb bitch!

  • Anonymous

    What about the huge bump on his head even that was just negligent i cant believe shes only suing for 200k i would be suing her personally

  • Anonymous

    Even the head wound, think about that actress with the small bump while skiing and she died like an hour later

  • Anonymous

    My son had one of these in 1st grade

  • Anonymous

    If the cild is a big fat kid, I understand the not carrying him, HOWEVER someone should’ve helped him WALK by being a crutch. I don’t understand the whole NOT CALLING THE DAMNED AMBULANCE WHEN THE KID’S LEG GOT SWOLLEN UP LIKE A FREAKING BARREL!

    Oh & WTF!? Doesn’t that school have a nice little paper that parents sign stating  that they school can call the EMT’s (watch out they don’t rape the student/victim) to give emergency medical help and THEN call the parents?

    I understand the lawsuit. Fuck, the first thing I’d do if a child is hurt is wait for a reaction & if the child starts to cry, a bit of cuddling NEVER KILLS/ALWAYS HELPS. Especially when the tibia is SO FAR AWAY FROM THE CROTCH that people can’t blame you for “molesting the kid”.

    As a kid, I broke my arm once. I was in the monkey bars of the park, 4 houses away from my house. The drug dealers where sleeping so we could play in it. There were kids playing basketball & the others in the play ground. My grandma was passing by & that day I learned to finally pass the whole monkey bars.

    Well “look at me, look at me grandma, look what I can do!” PLOP.

    I fell on my right arm & broke it and my grandma never noticed it, so she went on her merry way while one of the big kids ran with me in his arms to my mom’s house. I don’t know who he is, but thank you for that.

  • Anonymous

    That shows that she’s not planning to retire on that particular child injury & she wants to teach them a lesson in caring. Oh & that she’s not greedy.

  • Anonymous

    As soon as ANYONE gets hit in the head, you are to stop and gage the reaction. Apparently this didn’t happen.

  • Anonymous

    Natasha Richardson… good actress. Totally love your pouty cutie Avatar.

  • Anonymous

    You live in Canada too, don’t cha!? *Winks*

  • Anonymous

    BTW, I HATE whiny little kids but I hate teenagers, SO I thought 4th – 6th graders. They are fun, funny not so whiny, the mostly don’t mistakely call you “MOMMY” all the time & they aren’t cuddly.


  • Anonymous

    Sorry to tell you but because she didn’t marry Brad Pitt nor has the last name Kardashian & her movies aren’t titled Jersey Shore, NO ONE cares/knows what happened to her.
    Especially because most of us can’t afford to go skiing.

  • The suit should seek in excess of 10 million.  This is gross negligence.  Think of the psychological repercussions, the exacerbation of injuries after being forced to crawl with a broken leg.

    That poor kid must have been in serious pain.

    The teacher should be fired.  Skokie is a pretty well off suburb.  Do not tell me the school did not have a nurse…unless Illinois cut them due to their budget angst.

    Still common sense would dictate that a kid who cannot walk and has a lump on his head needs help.

    Up the ante.  That kid deserves a free ride to a private school through college.    200k is chump change.

  • AND in front of peers? This will scar him for life.

  • SK

    I would sue for a lot more than that

  • Anonymous

    My daughter had one in 1st grade as well.

  • Anonymous


  • Prominent Prozac


  • Anonymous

    unsurprising. when I was 5 I broke my finger on the playground and was given a bandaid. I didn’t tell anyone about it and it go to bad my finger turned black (that’s when mom finally noticed). four years later a little asshat would push me on the playground while playing tag and break my forearm. While I sat silently crying in the nurse’s office waiting for my mom to take me to the hospital the nurse got very angry and started screaming I need to stop crying (what do you know, her method didn’t work). Just people they work with kids doesn’t mean they should. 

  • Anonymous

    Very sad the damage a single teacher could do at that age

  • Anonymous

    Thats my pouty cutie olivia lol

  • Anonymous

    Thanks :0) i totally love her too

  • Anonymous

    True but i would rather sue her personally than the school because taxpayers will pay for the higher premiums in the end

  • Anonymous

    That is exactly what makes me so furious! These sorry bitches can easily RUIN a child’s life. When a crappy teacher is so obviously mean to the little children in her care the children (at that tender age) will almost always think “My teacher doesn’t like me. Nothing I can do seems to make her act nice to me. She is always mean.” By the end of the year you have a class full of children who hate to go to school, who believe they are not intelligent or lovable, and that education means a great big building with books and adults who don’t give a fuck = hell on earth.

    So much of the time, these children are also being treated the same way at home. I am always hearing fellow teachers who only ever scream and yell in hateful, sarcastic tones. Seriously. I mean they NEVER speak in a normal tone of voice. And they NEVER say anything positive. Then I look at the sober, depressed, miserable faces of the kids in line behind them.

    It makes me want to go crazee on those stupid selfish assholes. They need to go work at Walmart.

  • Anonymous

    Hey ‘teach, I think I broke my groin.. you better check.  I think it’s serious.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I’m glad that my daughter’s school is better about taking care of children’s injuries than this school was.  They call me even if she gets a tiny cut!  I’m glad they care enough to let me know and make sure I know that they’re doing all they can to make sure she’s okay after an injury.

  • I read the article and was like what the hell, really, what’s this, ‘Survivor – School Ground Edition’ or something? Real life stories I’ve read of adults walking with broken legs is due to life and death situation and usually having a gun pointed at them.

    Schools have changed. I remember when I busted my arm in first grade (bloody bully on top of the monkey bars pounded my hands until I lost my grip and fell) and I fell doing a pretty good banshee intimidation. The recess supervisor got the nurse and she splinted my arm; school called my oldest sister and she came and drove me to the hospital. Was in the hospital for a few weeks since the bone broke an inch off the elbow and I still have the scar today – but damn there’s no excuse to making a kid suffer like that.

  • Wildheart

    You’ll be in good company at least. 🙂

  • Wildheart

    >I have seen way too many teachers who see the children and the parents as “the enemy” and HATE their jobs.

    So why earth would someone like this WANT to be a teacher???  It certainly can’t be the pay!

  • Anonymous

    I have asked that question so many times! From what I can tell, crappy teachers usually fall in one of two categories:

    1) The old saw, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” When I was in college, ALL of the dumbest girls were Elementary Education majors. (Guys who were majoring in Education were mostly interested in teaching a specific subject in middle or high schools.) Elementary Education was considered the “easiest” major – and even at that, there were many who couldn’t  hack the academic requirements and had to drop out. When I met most of the ELed majors I have known, I would think, “Wow. That is one functional retard. I wonder how she got into college?” This type of crappy teacher usually only teaches until she gets pregnant.

    2) Intelligent, empathetic people (both male and female) who, at one time, really wanted to work with children. People who set out to share wisdom and knowledge and make a difference. But, somehow, along the way, they realized that they didn’t have the patience, aptitude, personality, training, or skills to be an effective teacher. Maybe the kids were more difficult than they thought. Maybe they got frustrated with the huge amount of BS (mostly from administrators and other co-workers) that teachers have to put up with. Unfortunately, now they feel as though they are “stuck” with a career they HATE. And they take out their frustrations on their students. Because they fucking CAN.

    There are also a huge number of wonderful, gifted, sweet, kind teachers out there. Personally, I have never met one Special Education teacher that was less than amazing. They are truly angels. There are also a whole bunch of classroom teachers who are patient and kind – willing to give of themselves endlessly to benefit their students. If you want to know who those teachers are, just ask the kids. They will tell you. And they will be brutally honest.

  • Anonymous

    Here here that was my sons school life to a tee

  • Anonymous

    I just posted something similar a few days ago.  My son ran full bore into the goal post at recess and knocked himself out.  If it weren’t for his friends telling the recess teachers, no one would have known until he got home.

    Since we’re a unified school district, we have 2 schools in 2 different towns – about 13 miles from each other.  The “Nurse” spends 1/2 day at one school and the rest of the day at the other.  Either a para or admin staff substitute when the nurse isn’t there.

    So my kid walks to the nurse’s station accompanied by his friends – still no teacher.

    I get a call from school saying my son is complaining of a headache, nausea, blood in his ear and can I come and pick him up. I’m thinking if my son hit his head hard enough to have blood in his ear, why the fuck didn’t someone call the ambulance?

    So, hubby and I get to school, he’s got a knot on his head.  Inside his ear is a little dried blood.  I ask the staff how much blood was in his ear – a lot?  a little?  was it gushing?  “Oh, just enough to get the head of Q-tip with blood.  Then it stopped.”

    Trip to the ER confirmed a concussion.  The blood was from a laceration inside the ear canal – close to the ear drum but no damage to the ear drum.  The doc said that the pressure from the blow was enough to cause some swelling and bruising but it would heal with no damage.  He would have ringing in the ear for a while though.

    2 years ago, my friend’s son was playing on the monkey bars and fell, breaking his arm.  Again, no recess teachers to be found.  He lay on the ground for about 15 minutes before his friends asked a teacher if he could go see the nurse.    

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing the bump took while to show up, they don’t usually appear immediately.

    I’m not excusing the Bitch, just trying to understand how this could have happened.

  • Anonymous

    If you ask my Step MIL, I am sure she would say I am a heartless bitch, but I am seriously sitting here crying for this boy and his mother. I hope it goes to a jury and I hope they give them at least a million or two.

  • Anonymous

    Idk if a 5 yr old or any kid falls and hits their head u should take caution, take it from me, my sister had 5 concussions and believe md they all blew up right away head woulds usually do

  • Anonymous

    She’s a teacher, she’s broke.

  • Um, usually there’s a good reason why step MILs aren’t referred to as character witnesses – many are unreasonably unfavorable disposition towards the one in question! 😉

     I think it should be more than money awarded to those two, at least the teacher’s job needs to be on the block and pay the hospital bills, court fees….

  • Anonymous

    She needs to have her leg broke right after she gets clobbered in the head.

  • LOL.

  • “Kids that age tend to overreact, teach probably deals with it all the time and figured this kid was just being whiny.”

    R-I-G-H-T – It’s not like he had any obvious signs of injury – like a big ass lump on his head,or anything.

  • Maybe once she wins the first case she will file a second case against the teachers who were involved specifically – I have seen that happen.

  • Skokie, IL  – I don’t live there (lol).

  • I’m broke – that Bitch has money – the parent should go for it (lol).

  • WOW – (LOL) I’m not used to seeing you make this type of comment.27 likes so far – mine will make 28 – Well done yourself.

  • “slllooowww???”  – I almost voted for this one – but I decided to hold off for now – ’cause I’m fairly certain that someone will be by here later with an offer to vote for “Dumbass Bitch” and I would rather vote for that one.

  • This whole story makes it clear that the kid was not well liked at the school by the administration/teachers – however he is only 6 – WTF ?

  • She is cute – looks like a porcelain doll.

  • It never happened for me either when I was hit on the head … but there’s balance – the times that I have went upside someone else’s head it didn’t happen right then for them either.

  • “fat ass” … Was she really ? Well if not – we should force feed her and then carry on with your plan once she is a “fat ass”.

  • Once you start thinking it’s all down hill – you end up having to go around a bend in the roadway,and BLAM !!! there’s a huge ass fucking mountain in your path.

  • “”Court documents describe the mother arriving to see the boy still
    crawling to get around the classroom with a lump on his head “the size
    of a tennis ball.””

    Your visualization doesn’t work very well for me – got anything better ? ‘Cause if I was on a jury hearing this case – so far the Mom is winning.

  • “refused to walk into the classroom”

    There is a sizable difference between refusing to walk,and being unable to walk – I have never heard of anyone being able to walk on a broken leg,and if I ever do learn of someone being able to pull this off and look ok while doing it I will exalt them as a Boss Player.

  • NY_Mommy

    Wow, no matter how much kids whine and cry I think it’s safe to say that if they are willing to crawl 200 feet in the snow and ice, then he really is injured. My daughter is in preschool right now and after reading alot of the comments, I cringe at her starting regular school. All I can say is if this were to have happened to her, the teachers in charge better go in to hiding.

  • ” They need to go work at Walmart.”

    NNNOOO !!!   I like Walmart – I don’t want to have to deal with those Bitches there.

  • Stop – you are turning me on.

  • Prominent Prozac

    General reaction men get around me B)

  • LeaveMeBe

    The boy’s mother added, “If someone did that to me as an adult, I’d slap them.”

    Where? On the ankle? Oh yeah, that’d learn ’em real good!

  • Anonymous

    Aww thanks, porcelain doll with “attitude”

  • Anonymous

    Thank god right lol

  • Anonymous

    I am so there with you on reason number one. When I went to school my first major was going to be in secondary education because I wanted to teach science, most of my peers were of the functioning retard category. I realized two things after my first year, one was that these morons would be my co-workers for the majority of my career and the other was that I would not be getting paid enough to deal with them. I quickly switched majors and never looked back. My friend finished and teaches 4th grade and constantly complains about how her coworkers are idiots and every year her incoming class knows less and less.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! I was just trying to answer the question, “What would be the adult equivalent of ‘Hell on earth?'”

    Dude, seriously. Walmart was the only place I could come up with. I guess I should have said “Walmart in FLORIDA.” I think I would rather gouge out my eye with an antenna than go there.

  • I believe the answer to the question is – “YES”!!!

  • LeaveMeBe

    HE’S the damned bus monitor! 😛

  • Deal … that is not on my visiting list.

  • “Crying” ? You are no where near “heartless” … tell your step MIL to “Fuck Off”.
    Oh,and let me have 20 dollars.

  • OOO – I’m liking this avatar what are you doing Saturday ? Oh,and just so folks know that I’m staying on topic – I agree with your comment.

  • Good luck with that Tenbux – poor kind couldn’t even get his head,or leg looked at – I think your nuts are going unattended.

  • Anonymous

    I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. Doesn’t happen often! lol

  • Anonymous

    I wish I oculd, Ced, I wish I could….I do thell her the next best thing, “Oh, Bless your heart!”

  • bluechip244

    WTF is wrong with you?  If they had treated my son that way, there wouldn’t have been enough asses to sue because I would have kicked them all to the moon.  I know some parents over react, but you need to rethink this one.  If you were an actual parent, you would be singing a different tune.

  • Canuck Gramz

    I gave you a like just in case it’s a contest and I wouldn’t want you left out. hehe

  • Canuck Gramz

    Uphill both ways too.

  • Canuck Gramz

    @lyssdexia:disqus I think you should start doing write ups. You said all the stuff I thought and was too chicken to write. Oops now everybody knows! My kids had some great teachers and some awful abusive teachers. I ended up homeschooling them, but it was something I wanted to do , not just because of crappy teachers, cut backs, leaking roofs in classrooms, sex ed classes that told a group of 12 year olds that if they used a tampon they were no longer virgins, bullying etc ad nauseum. When I had foster kids, they attended public school ( I would have tried home schooling them but they would be going back to a life in public school and I wanted them to be able to cope the best they could ) I used to volunteer for everything. And I bribed teachers with home baked goods so they’d tell me stuff. I tried to befriend the teachers anyway I could when my kids were in school but some teachers clearly hate kids and I can’t for the life of me figure out WHY they are teaching in the first place? Did they start off hating kids? Or did they gradually just wear down emotionally and mentally? Or are some just doing it, because it’s a ” steady job”? I would be furious at the teacher and the school if it was my child, or grandchild. ( hey cool I just realized I get to stalk my grandchildren’s teachers now!)

  • Not always. My 7 year old broke her ankle 2 months ago ( and she is still in the freaking cast! ) and she didn’t cry much. BUT she did tell us that she hurt her ankle. Of course me thinking well she didn’t cry for more than a minute and the swelling wasn’t bad laid her in bed with an ice pack. Of course when i seen my kido crawl from her bed to go to the bathroom it was time to go to the ER. And wouldn’t you know she broke the darn thing!! I felt soo bad that i waited an hour before taking her. But it just goes to show that not all kids are whiny. It’s us as adults that should be paying closer attention to them. If you see your kid or even someone else’s crawling around when the would normally be walking while complaining that their hurt. Call the parents or an ambulance or hey just get off your butt and take them to the er. better safe than sorry. there is no need to let a kid suffer just because your to lazy or too busy to pick them up or to help them in some way. and they can’t say the boy was to heavy or big to carry either. my daughter at 7 years old is 90 pounds and almost 5 feet tall and all be darned if i didn’t carry her to her bed and then again to the car and into the hospital. and i have freaking cancer and am not feeling all supermom with the strength! if i can do it so could they! 

  • aka jas

    I would SUE the shit out them.  Negligent as hell.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I know I was ranting, but it is one of the things that really get to me!

  • Back at cha    🙂

  • I would have been done moved.

  • Hope that Bully got a ass whooping …

  • ” the nurse got very angry and started screaming”

    Your mom should have kicked the nurse in her cunt,and told her the same thing.

  • I would have “accidentally” punched that Bitch out.

  • Anonymous

    my son broke his leg at 9yrs old chipped the bottom of his femer & cracked top of tibia, he walked on it for 7 weeks & the only reason I took him to the dr is because at night time he would complain of pain….
    In saying that… this kid DID complain, he crawled thru freaking ICE & had a lump on his head! Ok some kids over react & some even play on it, a teacher is NOT qualified to make that call & should treat ALL cries for help as they are, so she didnt want to carry him, he may have been to heavy….  Here in Australia, we use telephones to call fr help! Wtf ever happened to using a telephone & calling a damn ambulance???? I’d sue as well! dumb asses! Only in America…. JK

  • Ana

    Think he kinda means it’s not normal for a kid to refuse to walk while still heading towards the building.  I mean, it’s not like he was screaming “I don’t wanna go inside!”, he was doing his level best to follow directions, and the teacher took it as refusal instead of inability.

  • This is so fucked up, I’d kill a bitch if I found out my son had to crawl around the playground/classroom because he was injured and the teachers just didn’t give a shit!  This really pisses me off, I can’t believe it!  We as parent expect the teachers to watch over and protect our children when they are at school not let them suffer in pain! I would have the bitches head!!!!

  • Lol