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Woman Charged With Punching Elderly Walmart Greeter

December 28, 2011 at 8:26 am by  

BATAVIA, NY — A woman was arrested on Christmas Eve after police say she punched a 70-year-old Walmart greeter in the face after the employee asked to see her receipt.

According to reports, 26-year-old Jacquetta Simmons and her male companion were leaving the store on Christmas Eve after having purchased some items at the electronics section located in the back of the store.

When Grace Suozzi asked to check her receipts against the items she was carrying out, Simmons punched the elderly woman, knocking her to the ground and fracturing the bones in the side of her face.

Simmons and her friend fled to the parking lot but other employees and customers quickly surrounded their car and prevented them from leaving until police showed up.

Simmons was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree assault, and released later on $40,000 bond. She’ll be back in court January 23. State Police Trooper Tracy Patterson said Simmons had receipts for everything in her bags.

Suozzi was taken to the hospital and released from the hospital on Christmas Day.

We can argue the legality of a store’s practice of treating all customers like criminals and possibly violating the Fourth Amendment that protects us from unreasonable searches (from government officials, not a 70-year-old Walmart greeter) but no matter what your stance, why take out your frustration on an elderly employee?

Personally, I have no issues showing my receipt as it is a minor inconvenience and I understand why retailers do it, especially in this day and age of pocket sized electronics worth hundreds of dollars. But if I have to wait over 5 minutes, I simply walk out. I’ve never had an issue.

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  • Anonymous

    Bet dollars to donuts that whorebeast stole something. Fucking cunt.

  • Anonymous

    She needs a couple Mothershead’s left hooks!

  • Anonymous

    Morbid I am with you on the receipt check thing. Often I get waived through, but I am white, male, and generally in business casual.

    I cannot imagine the 70 year old being a bitch to this woman who appears to be a psychotic ass. Good for the people shopping on Christmas eve and stopping the car. Thank god there were no guns involved.

    Hope the bitch spent Christmas in jail and also she will spend next Christmas there too.

  • Anonymous

    THAT’S who we should have checking receipts.

  • Anonymous

    This bitch looks like she OWNS a bad attitude problem with her: “WTF are you lookin’ at” pout. Someone should bitchslap some sense & respect into her. Oh & an uppercut for fun.

    I usually have my receipt ready whether I’m asked or not, especially if I’m carrying something big.

    However my husband hates it when we go to CostCo & he’s asked at the entrance for a card & at the end for a receipt. He says he feels like he’s in a concentration camp and I usually say: “Sweety you’d pass for German. I would’ve been dead at the door since I’m brown.”

    Needless to say I try as hard as I can for him not to go with me when I go to Costco OR WalMart. Yes, I give money to the big yellow rollback ball.

  • Anonymous

    A few months ago- there was a 60 something year old door greeter that I would have gladly knocked out if I wasn’t having such a lovely day. I was leaving the store, minding my own business when I heard someone screaming “MISS’! “MISSSS”! I didnt realize she was talking to me until I felt a tight grip and claws digging into my arm. She started yelling to see my receipt for my… *paper towels*. with her nails still in my arm. I was getting ready to to unfix her fixodent- when the security guard pulled her aside and waved me through. I haven’t seen the old bitch since. 

  • Anonymous

    And you didn’t resort to violence even though she was actually hurting you. This whorebag wasn’t touching the woman (according to the article) and she punched her.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Everyone who goes shopping on Christmas Eve feels like punching someone, but in the spirit of the season most of us refrain. And if you absolutely have to wail/whale/wale on someone, choose someone your own size and age. I’d like to beat her with a sock full of D batteries. I want to give a shoutout to the other store employees and the customers who stopped this bitch and her cohort for both their willingness to get involved and for not beating her senseless. I’ll drink to each of you because you are better people than I when it comes to restraint. Cheers. 

  • Anonymous

    First off shes a bitch i am sure she has shopped there before and knew the way they run

    Second when i was in south carolina recently and handed the greeter my receipt she was very confused, when i explained how jersey and ny was she was very shocked and her words were “we dont treat people like thieves in our store” amazing

    Third i can see why bjs and costco does it since they do t bag ur stuff but electronice are usually locked up at walmart and like every other store if their security people do the job they are paid for why should i show a receipt, i use my debit card which means i have to leave my wallett out until i leave the store then put the receipt in and put the wallet in my bag then zip it up while pushing a cart, getting out my keys and chasing my 2yr old

  • establer06

    I wouldnt hit a 70 yr old lady but i do think this practice at walmart of asking to see the receipt is fucking bullshit, and an inconveinience to me, AFTER already waiting in their fucked up long lines already. Ive gotten shitty about it several times. They have cameras up and security in the store,and the detector machines at the door . They dont fucking need to check our goddamn receipts. Something should be done about it. Sorry an old lady got hit but I understand the frustration of the customer. Honestly the lady was bound to get hit either way with this one can you imagine what she would have done if she had stolen items she was hiding and that frail old lady tried to stop her? FUCK YOU Walmart. BTW… white as can be. Dont make this a race thing.

  • Anonymous

    Race never even crossed my mind, but what leads you to believe she was bound to get hit anyway? Because she asked to see a receipt? o_0

  • establer06

    can you imagine what she would have done if she had stolen items she was hiding and that frail old lady tried to stop her

  • Anonymous

    It’s a very simple fix. If you don’t want to be treated like a criminal, don’t shop at the stores that treat you as such. If you decide to shop at Walmart then you have voted with your dollars that you’re OK with being treated in accordance with their policies. I do not shop at Walmart for a number of reasons and that is one of them. If I don’t like the service at a restaurant I don’t go back, retail stores are no different.
    I do shop at Costco and one of my boyfriends bitched about the whole showing your card going in and receipt going out policy because he thinks it’s silly. I told him he’s free to shop anywhere he wants to and isn’t being forced to shop at their store.

  • I’ve never had any problem flashing a receipt on my way out the door. However, as a former Wal-Mart employee (those were dark times, very dark times) I’ve personally witnessed profiling based on race and class to determine whose bags get checked. I’m not saying that’s what happened in this case or that profiling is an excuse for violence. But it is an offensive and frustrating practice. Check everyone or check no one. I’d gladly wait a few minutes to get out the door for the sake of a more well-rounded approach. 

  • Anonymous

    I hope the bitch has to pay the poor old woman’s medical expenses.What a lowlife punching a 70 yearold woman.

  • Andrew Petrie

    Why is it such an inconvenience to show a receipt? It takes all of 5-15 seconds. Are you really THAT busy in life that you can’t stop for less than a minute? Clearly, if you have the time to wait in their checkout lanes, one more minute isn’t going to kill you.

    Just have your receipt in your hand to flash at them. 

  • bless your heart for not resorting to violence. 

  • Andrew Petrie

    Nah, worker’s comp will pay for it and then the expenses will get passed on to the shoppers. 

  • I am wondering how hardcore she is going to look in jail.

    inmate: “y you in here?”
    Simmons : “i punched an old lady in the face”


    *ass-kicking commences*

    Simmons on the floor in her own pool of blood **

  • Andrew Petrie

    Were your paper towels in a bag? Occasionally, I will get stopped if I buy a coke and keep it out of the bags or anything else not bagged like a bag of potatoes or big size of toilet paper, and appliances. They will also stop you for items under your cart, as many people forget to tell the checker. 

    Seriously, there are worse things to get upset about and having someone ask to see your receipt isn’t one of them.  

  • Anonymous

    No, they werent in a bag. I understand that people walk out with things all the time. Had she tapped me on my shoulder and asked to see a receipt I would have gladly showed her & went on my merry way. 

  • My feeling is like Morbid’s, I don’t mind showing my receipt, but if I have to wait longer than a minute, I am outta there.  Period. 

  • I was a retail manager for years. Theft is a HUGE problem and I don’t think most people realize how big a problem it is. All that stealing gets passed right along to you, the honest shoppers. So get your receipts out unless you want to end up paying more in the end. Because the store is going to make a profit no matter what. Their losses are passed on to you, the honest consumers. And unfortunately, profiling exists for a reason. I will tell you that 80% of my shoplifters were of a certain race. If people don’t want to be profiled they need to stop stereotyping themselves. But since controlling shrink made the difference between if I had a job or didn’t have a job and I have a family to feed… I didn’t give a hoot who I was offending. If you acted like you were  shoplifting I didn’t care if you were white, black, green or purple, I was going to watch you like a hawk. I once had a lady accuse me of being racist and spit a huge wad of spit right into my eye. And yes, she had stolen merchandise in her purse. Am I racist or is she just that stereotypical? I will say though my profiling was based on “type” not race. There was a “type” of person who usually ended up stealing. And its true.

  • NY_Mommy

    I read a whole article before about this receipt checking.

  • Settle down everybody, it’s quite clear that if such people were not walking sacks of ungoverned impulse we would have far fewer lols every day. So let’s take a moment, at this special time of year to be thankful for our neighbors’ stupidity. Amen.

  • Anonymous

     Jacquetta Simmons looks like and angry field monkey turd, straight out of the animals ass. Steam rolling off and she’s disgusted at her own rank.  It is annoying but I do understand them checking sales tickets, sometimes. You show it to them and go the fuck about your day. 

  • Anonymous

    I watched a news show recently where a guy walked into a store put a minibike on a flat cart and took it up to a cashier and got a refund. Ya, it was a real minibike and all this was on video, the store has changed its policy of returns now but this shit goes on all the time.

  • Anonymous

    When you said one of your boyfriends, were you referring to me or Ced? (heheheheh)

  • Anonymous

    kudos to the patrons who took the time to stop that beast woman!!!   I would have been scared her breath would have melted me to the pavement, but there were the brave who held her captive until the police rode in on their white horses!

  • Anonymous

    “unfix her fixodent”  LOL! Thanks for the chuckle!! Ima steal that!

  • Why was it such an inconvenience for citizens to show their papers in Nazi Germany?  It only takes all of 5-15 seconds…  Oh wait that’s right, cause it’s a bullshit system of oppression.

  • Or the store could just buy security cameras and stop harassing customers.

  • True, but we were a small store. Who would sit there monitoring the cameras? We normally only had one or two people on shift at a time because of payroll constraints. . And we were responsible for stocking, helping customers, ticketing sale items, setting displays. We didn’t have time to sit looking at cameras. Cameras might have been helpful when customers started displaying shoplifting behavior. Its a tricky thing. You don’t want to harass good people but at the same time you have to protect your inventory so you don’t lose your job.

  • Anonymous

    I have noticed that Walmart employees who are posted at the entrances and exits have begun carrying walkie-talkies. The manager uses it to tell the employee covering an exit to stop a certain shopper before they leave the store.

    When I witnessed this, the shopper being stopped was a man with a baby and a toddler in the cart. The shopper also had several items from the electronics department, and some clothes and household stuff. He had not gone through the checkout, and none of the items were in bags. He was trying to nonchalantly stroll out of the store with all his loot.

    When he was confronted by the Walmart worker (a small elderly lady) he just kept walking. The little old lady was trying to stop the man from leaving the store – not very successfully. Thank goodness the manager (who was tall and burly) arrived then and physically detained the man.

    If the manager hadn’t shown up right at that moment, I believe the lady might have been knocked down, or hurt in some other way.

    The “greeters” posted at the entrances stop anyone who comes in with item(s) in hand. They verify if the customer is trying to return something and put a sticker on it. These greeters are usually elderly (I’m talking 65+)  as well.

    A big part of the responsibilities for the employees in these positions is direct confrontation with people who might very well be thieves, addicts, violent, out-of-control crazies. Like the Meth-head who attempted to cook her meth RIGHT IN THE STORE. O-o

    So I kinda wonder why Walmart puts the most frail (elderly, disabled, petite, female) people in these positions… or maybe this is just a Florida thing?

  • Hitting an employee is not the right way to protest a policy.  I never comply to the show receipt request.  I usually have a small piece of paper that I don’t care about on me.  When they ask I show my receipt I take the paper out of my pocket (receipt being in the bag) and go to hand it to them but actually drop it on the floor instead.  When they bend down to pick it up, I walk away.  This way the person hired to do a job has something to do (pickup garbage) and the security features that are passed onto the shoppers bill are actually used (security cameras).  If they feel so strongly about seeing my receipt they can follow me to the parking lot (allowing other shoppers to walk by) and ask again.  At this point I will not comply but demand they show 3 legal forms of ID properly identifying them as who they say they are.  If they jump through these hoops.  I will then demand they show video proof that I actually was in the store to make a purchase (ill wait in the parking lot while they retrieve it).  Usually at this point we can have a discussion about making people jump through hoops for no good reason. 

  • It isn’t your job to catch someone “in the act”.  Stores have insurance for merchandise.  Cameras are there for “after the fact”.  You go back to review the tapes when there is an incident.  That evidence is handed over to the police.  That’s the proper procedure for a store.  It avoids having employee’s risk themselves on merchandise that is easily replaceable through insurance. 

  • Because they are too cheap for real security.  Also, as a mega-chain, their golden parachutes might not be quite as golden (one less mansion) in they had to pay a higher premium on their insurance.  It’s corporate greed at it’s finest.

  • Anonymous

    I like your approach, but in my crazy city if you don’t comply with the greeters demands to see your receipt and they think you are shoplifting, you are subject to store security calling the local constable who works part-time security there. He will then proceed to chase you down in the parking lot, armed but wearing nothing to indicate he is law enforcement, and shoot you in the face .  Here it’s easier to just show your receipt.

  • Well, if you have no problem flashing….  Then we can talk about the approach on the well rounded things.

  • Anonymous

    Are you comparing Walmart checking receipts to the Nazi Holocaust? It’s not oppression, if you don’t like it don’t shop there. The Nazi Party was an oppressive political regime not a discount retail chain. Walmart, and I can’t believe I’m defending them, is a private corporation and as such can create a policy of checking receipts against unbagged purchases. There is nothing at Walmart that can’t be gotten somewhere else, usually of better quality. Be reasonable man. 😉

  • Yes, I made the comparison.  As a German I am allowed.  As Morbid stated, this practiced policy has serious 4th amendment violations written all over it.  i could choose to shop else where, but as an American I choose civil disobedience instead (something that has been a part of American history for a very long time).

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I don’t do internet hook ups, I might end up burning in the trunk of my car.

  • Anonymous

    Try to stay on task.

  • That constable will never be allowed to legally fire his weapon again.  That’s a win for society, even if an innocent hand was injured in the process.

  • Sorry, I am easily distracted…………..

  • Anonymous

    First, it is important to identify what is not at issue here: the Fourth Amendment. As Morbid pointed out in the article, the Fourth Amendment generally allows people to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. But, this protection only applies to conduct by the government and its agents. This is known in constitutional law as the state action doctrine, and means that, unless the government takes action, the protections afforded by the Constitution are not implicated. Police officers are agents of the government, and when they act, your Fourth Amendment rights kick in.
    So, if a police officer stopped you as you walked out of the store without sufficient reasons, then you would be able to invoke the protections of the Fourth Amendment against the search. However, because the security guard at Best Buy is not an agent of the government, the Fourth Amendment does not apply. The security guard is not compelled to abide by Fourth Amendment requirements, including the need for a warrant or probable cause to search. His search does not violate your Fourth Amendment rights.

  • That’s why I didn’t say it is a direct violation.  It has violation implications.  So you don’t comply with the greeter’s request to show a receipt and instead walk right by.  What does the store do next?  They call the cops to enforce their store policy.  Not actually being proven guilty of a crime you still have to prove you are innocent by emptying the contents of your bag (without a warrant).  In this country it is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, not vice versa.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t know what the police would do in that situation. I think that they would need to have evidence or probable cause, not just someone refusing to show a receipt. That would be something that would open up some torte issue for the store. 
    I can see you feel strongly about this issue, it’s just not that important to me. Sure it’s a pain to wait in line at CostCo, but I show my receipt and move on. It’s just not the mountain I’m going to plant my flag on.

  • Anonymous

    Funny !

  • It has nothing at all to do with the Fourth Amendment. That protects you from being unlawfully searched by a government official. It does not cover Walmart or Best Buy’s policy to check your receipt. As others have stated, if you don’t like the policy, don’t shop there, or use Amazon.

    Comparing anti-theft practices of a store consumers choose to walk into and shop at so they can keep prices low for consumers to the Holocaust is insulting and I am having a hard time believing you actually compared the two and were serious when you did it.

  • I understand your position completely.  You can see why it is a slippery slope of sorts as to what is or isn’t allowed.  Stores all have policies, it’s the ones where I feel like they are getting too bossy or encroaching that i need to lash out at.  I generally like to push back against most forms of authority, if they were to “chase” me for a receipt they would find themselves running in circles until the cops showed up.  I’m not trying to escape but i’m also not going to make anything easy on them and will waste more of their time then they waste of mine.

  • LeaveMeBe

    “But, this protection only applies to conduct by the government and its agents.”

    Don’t you know Walmart IS a government agent? Pshaw. It’s a damn conspiracy.

  • I expanded on that view in another comment.  It’s not the store that violates the fourth amendment.  It’s when the store uses government officials to enforce their policies while skirting the officials protocol (warrants).  “If you don’t like the policy, don’t shop there, or use Amazon” – that’s a real stick your head in the sand kind of stance.  As an American I choose to shop wherever I like, you saying for me not to is your way of saying you don’t want to be waiting in line while I do this.  Don’t worry, I don’t shop in North Carolina.  My interaction while leaving a store will not change anything for you.  It may open a discussion about the stores policy however.  Can you prove that having a greeter check receipts actually has a benefit for me as a consumer?  Not a corporate sponsored survey answer either.  I would argue that having to pay for the extra employee in every one of their stores actually increases the cost of items purchased there.
    I was only slightly serious in my comparison of (not the Holocaust, there is a huge difference) police procedure used in the streets of Germany on it’s own citizens and Walmart.  As a German, anytime someone says to just show your papers and move along, it is hard NOT to make some comparison. 

  • LeaveMeBe

    Michael, I like you and what you have to say, uaually. But I have to point out that using your German heritage as an allowance to bring up the Nazi’s having citizens show their papers and comparing it to showing receipts at Walmart is distatsteful. You are entitled to your opinion, and free to speak your mind, but I felt compelled to say how this made me feel, especially as a German myself. And to clarify, no one’s 4th amendment rights are violated by having receipts checked at any store.

  • Anonymous

    It’s definately not a Florida thing. I live in Sherman, Texas and the Walmart greeters here are elderly people. I don’t go into Walmart unless I really need to and when I purchase my items I just keep my receipt in my hand and show it to them when they ask.  That being said, I hope this p.o.s. serves some time in jail for assaulting the 70 year old woman who was only doing her job. I have wondered myself why Walmart puts the elderly employees at risk like this.

  • Sorry I made you feel this way.  The first time i mentioned it.  I used it as a joke (like “I can make a gay joke because I have gay friends”).  The second time I mentioned it was to explain why I can’t hear phrases like “show your papers and move along” without it envoking some feelings from my heritage.  i hope that explains my position better to you.

  • Anonymous

    I think Justagirl was more mad that the old lady dug her freaking fingernails into her arm. Who wouldn’t be pissed about that?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, like you’ve never wanted to pull some cotton head driving 20 miles under the speed limit out of her Buick and give her one right in the dick suckers? No, just me? 😉

  • LeaveMeBe

    Thanks for that. I remember hearing stories from my grandparents about what it was like and had a hard time reconciling that with showing a Walmart greeter a receipt. That was why it was distasteful to me.

    “..this practiced policy has serious 4th amendment violations written all over it.”

    I guess the confusion came when I read this part of your statement. If I didn’t throughly read and understand it, I apologize.

  • I shouldn’t have said it the first time as a joke.  That part can be considered distasteful and took meaning away when I used it the second time.  I also may not have been too clear on my stance, it is hard because I am trying to shorten sentences to keep it more readable.  This isn’t the cause I champion, it’s just a nuisance to consumers and those who try to justify it leave out the hidden costs we absorb because of it.
    *Edit: I actually like having logical discussions about controversial topics. Even if there are opposing views.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao Dks,as of late no.

  • Anonymous

    Haha! Yeah. But I don’t act on that impulse cause I don’t want to have my ass kicked by a little old lady.

    That would be embarrassing if it was not so sad… and true.

  • Athena

    As a German?  Seriously?  Because, I, too, am German (I’m also Armenian and Croatian, all associated with genocide), and I don’t think twice when the good folks at Costco check my receipt, which they do to everyone, every time.

    I can’t believe you’re being serious, here.  

  • Athena

    Security cameras do very little to curtail shrinkage.  Having to interface with an actual person is more effective.  That said, I do disapprove of what sounds like a policy of inconsistency at WalMart.  Either check all of the receipts or check none.  Checking only some is asking for trouble.

  • Athena

    Insurance costs money, and the more shrinkage, the more money it costs.  Prevention is the most financially sensible policy.  So, yeah, for a company that prides itself on low profit margins and low costs passed along to customers, prevention is, in fact, their job.  This is why the policy is shared by both WalMart and Costco, even though their overall business model is very different.  They high-volume, low profit margin retailers that can only survive that way by limiting shrinkage.

  • Anonymous

    You may have felt like it but you probobly never did it, that makes the difference, this person had no self control and just punches a 70 yr old woman in the face and breaking her bones, I wonder also why they put the older people out there to check reciepts and why people get so pissed off when they ask to see them since I have no problem showing my receipt.

  • Anonymous

    But they arent being lined up against a wall and shot to death if they dont have their receipt/papers. big difference.

  • Anonymous

    I dont see how checking a receipt is a violation of any amendment or in any way illegal search and seizure, its not searching or siezing anything, just checking your receipt, merely checking a reciept against whats in your basket.

  • Anonymous

    Where I live they check receipts for those who have items that aren’t bagged.  Like huge bags of dog food and other things that can’t fit into those tiny bags. Just to ensure a person isn’t scaling thru the self check out with a ton of shit. I don’t have a problem with them checking my receipt.  Why would I?  I don’t steal. This is just a stupid bitch who needed to have a fight and probably because her s/o is a dead beat POS.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Please…it doesn’t violate your 4th amendment rights.  Morbid has lost his f*cking mind. They aren’t trying to strip search you, for G-ds sake.

  • Athena

    That’s fair, too.  Checking all un-bagged items.  It’s objective and impersonal.  I can just see the opportunity for profiling when greeters or whatever they’re called are simply allowed to use “judgment”, ya know?

  • Actually, it WAS my job to “catch them in the act”. I was a store manager and I was responsible for the shrink of my store. It was tied to my salary, my raise, my job performance reviews etc… And I was very good at it. All the cops knew me and yes, we prosecuted. When I took over my first store the theft started to fall after the first few arrests. And again, my store didn’t have a camera. I’m not saying my corporate gave us adequate tools for loss prevention because they didn’t. We didn’t have sensors or cameras yet we were still expected to have low shrink. There is a psychology to shoplifting and people exhibit certain behaviors when they’re trying to steal. The only time I didn’t chase people was when I was pregnant because stolen shoes weren’t worth my son’s life. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but if Walmart wants to greeters to act as security at the exit,then they need to hire people who are trained in security and loss-prevention,rather than the handicapped and elderly greeters they favor.Instead,they endanger these employees by expecting them to do a job they could get hurt  doing.You do not hire little old ladies to bounce rowdies at the bar,so why in the HELL would you put them at an exit between a retail store full of shit that people like to steal and the parking lot?

  • Andrew Petrie

    I agree completely with your post. When the greeters were first hired at Walmart, it was as a goodwill gesture and made people smile when walking in and being greeted by grandma. It also made Walmart look good, as they were hiring people that no one would put on their payroll.

    Unfortunately, over the years their roll has changed to what it is now and it isn’t safe. I would never put any employee in that roll. It just isn’t safe. This isn’t the first incident where a greeter got smacked. 

  • LOL!!!!!!!

  • i agree. and they’re not even bothering to do it with everyone.

    i have once told of a story where i would go in to a store dressed in my managerial attire and i’d have no problems, then i’d go in dressed in my street clothes with my piercings and be hounded like no tomorrow.

  • i like that sam’s club/costco are sure to check every. single. cart. (they’re owned by the same damn company aren’t they?!) – it didn’t grate on my nerves as badly simply because they weren’t singling people out, and they were appearing to be fair about the entire thing.

  • That’s what I was thinking, I don’t go to Walmart but Kmart does the same thing and I just keep my receipt in my hand and walk up to them with it. They usually just smile at me and let me walk out. 

  • thank you.

    many a time you will see people insist with these wal-mart greeter knock out stories that, THAT neverrrr happens.

  • Dirk

    Violent crime on DD: hot poker down their throat, then Bubba up their ass.
    Theft: Whatever. You know. Everybody does it.

  • brazil isn’t hip on cameras either. but they sure will stop stocking a display and follow your ass around the store – they get a flurry of english and scamper away when that shit happens to me (mostly due to the fact if you’re speaking english they assume you’re loaded with cash and are or related to someone super important ….. yes. yes, i do abuse that power shamelessly.)

  • Anonymous

    I used to live in Louisville! Horrible place!!! I was the only white kid in most places, and got beat up every day.

  • Anonymous

    You must have had the pleasure of living in the west end. I live on the outskirts. Not that we don’t have our fair share of problems and crime, but fortunately it I don’t live in an area frequently featured in DD stories (like the lady that beat her kids over food stamps, or the cancer patient that was beat into a coma). Ahhh, the good ol’ Ville. If only the rich and famous that visit Churchill Downs would stick around after the Derby every year, they’d see what you DON’T see on TV.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that’s pretty much what I said.

  • Which is exactly my point.  You wouldn’t risk yourself while pregnant, why risk yourself when you aren’t.  Many times young adults are thrust into these positions as well.  I would hate to think of our youth trying to be vigilantes just because corporate hasn’t provided adequate security and instead opted to tie your pay to a wild west scenario within your store.

  • There is still a wide spread cost that will be past along to us for the store to staff receipt checkers.  The corporation is paying a premium every year as it is.  If they have no stolen items they are still paying for the insurance to replace it.  Video cameras are also in place and that cost is handed down to us.  All I’m saying is retailers have survived for a very long time without receipt checkers, I would like to go back to that model of business.  Most receipt checkers don’t even do their jobs.  Places by me they just grab your receipt, put a little circle on it and never check the items.  So we are paying for the extra cost in a pointless system (in those cases).

  • Nice mix Athena.  All very lovely places I hope to visit one day.  Especially Croatia, the pictures I have seen are breath taking.  I was trying to convey that I don’t believe this is the biggest scourge our society has ever seen.  What got to me was seeing all the posts that said “just show your receipt and move along”.  Having to show any piece of paper to an authority figure in order to continue on your way when you have done nothing wrong should evoke some memories of worse times.  It isn’t a direct correlation but for anyone that has this in their past, it can be hard not to envision uglier moments of human history.  I think it is human nature to question policies that we don’t agree with.  It may not sit well with those that have already accepted it but that’s what discussion and debating are for.

  • Yes, but that’s partly why I’m upset. :p

  • Read the constable story linked by tdavid below.

  • Pyncky

    It’s always been guilty until proven innocent. I have often heard people say things like “where there’s smoke there’s fire.”  or “if they didn’t do anything the police wouldn’t have arrested them in the first place.”

    People, who have never had the misfortune to have themselves or friends or family be in the wrong place at the wrong time and come under suspicion, always assume the worse.

  • Pyncky

    “if they were to “chase” me for a receipt they would find themselves running in circles until the cops showed up”  why do I hear Benny Hill’s theme song playing in my head?  *snort*

  • Anonymous

    Jacquetta be so classy

  • I hope someone knocks this cunts teeth and eyeballs out

    That said…I hate Walmart employees too. There is one at our Walmart that I truly loathe dealing with. Several years back I bought a DVD boxset and the sloppy fat bitch who rung up my purchase made the comment “oh I wish I had the money to waste on stuff like this. Must be nice.” I wanted to tell her “maybe you could too if you had a real job” but unfortunately I took the high road. Now I just smirk at her every time I see her…bitch.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, there are some stores where there’s a huge line waiting to leave while Mr. Magoo goes through everything on a receipt with a fine tooth comb and that’s extremely exasperating as well as terrible for customer relations. I wouldn’t punch anyone over it, but some days, to be honest, I’d like to. Of course lots of variables depend on this sort of thing. Where you live is a big one. I used to live in Memphis, and there the receipt checkers were religious about it. No matter what you bought you were getting checked at almost every big box place you went. Since I’ve moved to a small town, no one checks you or stops you unless you’ve got something  like a TV or you set the alarm off. They also have seen me enough that they know my face and just expect that I’m not stealing my cokes. This big bulldog in the pic still didn’t have the right to lay her hands on anyone, but I can see where it really piques some people’s frustration threshold. In the back of a lot of people’s minds they always feel like the receipt check is insinuating that they’re a thief and that’s insulting.

  • Anonymous

    A friend of mine has a complete POS for a brother and supposedly he took a TV back to a Walmart, got cash for it at customer service, walked back to electronics, got a bigger, better TV and walked out the door with both the cash and the TV.

  • Anonymous

    Some of us live in small towns where there is nothing but Walmart. We have no Kmart, no Target, and the only larger town is an hour away. Walmart pretty much closed up anything that could have remotely competed with it, so if you want stuff, that’s where you have to go.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea why the above post ended up here. Weird.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps “waste” wasn’t the right word for her to use, but I feel for Walmart employees. They work hard, sometimes forced overtime and on semi subsistence wages. Also, they have to deal with the heaps and heaps of shit they get from customers on a daily basis, and they don’t really make enough to live on much less money to buy DVDs so I can see where she was coming from. I can’t look down on people for having low paying jobs, because at least it IS a job, and it’s one that needs doing, and in this day and age, you’re lucky just to have one.

  • ” But if I have to wait over 5 minutes, I simply walk out. I’ve never had an issue.”

    Just wait … the check is most likely in the mail Sir.

  • I do not like these stores doing this one fucking bit … and I have seen employees requesting receipts in such a  way as to give one the impression that they were a suspected thief.

    I do not think anyone should be going around punching old fucking ladies.

  • “State Police Trooper Tracy Patterson said Simmons had receipts for everything in her bags.”
    You would most likely lose your bet,if she had the police would have located it.

  • “I cannot imagine the 70 year old being a bitch to this woman”

    I can imagine it John,being old does not mean that you are wise.

  • “This bitch looks like she OWNS a bad attitude problem with her”

    Keep in mind that she was arrested,do you really expect for her to look happy ?

  • We don’t actually know what the old lady did,or didn’t do.

    And xJustagirlx stated:”I was getting ready to unfix her fixodent – when the security guard pulled her aside and waved me through.”

    Apparently the old Bitch was about to get a physical correction of some sort.

    For the record – punching old people falls in the same category with me as punching kids.

  • Sometimes someone asking to see your receipt is one of them.

    I have been Hawk watched simply ’cause I was guilty of being Black and inside the store.One owner owned mall store in Calif comes to mind – years ago (I was in my twenties,and a Marine) me and my (now ex) wife (she was Mexican)walked into this store and as soon as we entered this older White woman positioned herself at the entry door and proceeded to rudely stare us down.We immediately exited the store – and it was my payday,what with being young and not having rent to pay at the time – I had lots of money to blow.That lady missed a great sell opportunity by being ignorant.

  • Smart guy … stupid store.

  • I agree with establer06 as some of the Goblins say on my new favorite game WOW – “Time is money.” The 2nd wait to exit the store after you have already paid for your items is BULLSHIT.

  • I agree with Michael’s comment.As a Black I am allowed (Smile at Mike).

  • I saw your point Mike … and I think it was a justified comparison.

  • ” However, because the security guard at Best Buy is not an agent of the
    government, the Fourth Amendment does not apply. The security guard is
    not compelled to abide by Fourth Amendment requirements, including the
    need for a warrant or probable cause to search. His search does not
    violate your Fourth Amendment rights.”

    First off let me say this – If a security officer ever puts his paws on me – he had best be right in why he did it – or I will take him,and the company that he works for to court and I will be the new company owner.

    Most security companies have employee policies forbidding their employees from doing anything but “observing,and reporting” an incident.Touching/searching someone may not be a 4th amendment violation for a security person,but in most cases what it will fall under is assault,if the conduit is not appreciated by the other person,and is not legally justified by the situation it was involved with.

    Let me add that a lot of these security officers will in fact fall under the 4th amendment due to the fact that a lot of them are in fact police officers working off duty.When I was a police officer my dept.had a policy that if we worked security off duty,and it was not at a location within the city of our employment we had to wear a generic security uniform.In city we could wear our police uniform.In or out of uniform a cop is still always a cop.

  • “I honestly don’t know what the police would do in that situation.”

    I do – the police would demand to see a receipt,if the suspected thief failed to produce one for whatever reason they could  be either cited (ticket),or arrested/detained.Innocent until proven guilty is for court purposes,on the street it is common to be guilty – until proven innocent.

  • “its not searching or siezing anything, just checking your receipt”

    You apparently do not understand what the term means.

  • Dangerous is lying … we have been “hooked up” for awhile now … it’s an on going and beneficial relationship … what’s that smell ??? Is that coffee ???

  • ” They usually just smile at me and let me walk out.”
    Not everyone can shop in a 2 piece.

  • I don’t know about you Hon,but time is money with me.And sometimes the people checking your shit act like you are a thief;it’s happened to me.

  • Sandra Dee

    I once walked out of a Wal Mart without having my receipt checked because the lady checking them had a line of about 5 people and so…fuck that. She actually chased me out into the parking lot. At first I was pretty pissed about the whole thing, but I got over it. I realize why they do it, just thought it was funny she up and chased me. 

  • Anonymous

    So  don’t shop where they ask you for receipts.  Oppression, LOL. Whiny people nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    Obama entitlement culture.

  • Anonymous

    ok. then she’s just an abusive shitbag.

  • I actually wanted to punch out a 70 something customer just the other day. There is alot of joking between us (the sales clerks and our customers) when I said I “had my co-workers back” who was actually joking around with another customer, this lady chimes up from the back out of nowhere at the end of my line she chimes up “She’s got his back?? She’s got his back….I’ll pull her ass over that counter…” I wanted to say to her, “Grandma you come on and try it, and it will be more than a Deer that runs your ass over for Christmas.” But I simply shook my head and laughed and said “Oh…no…….don’t do that…”

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  • Anonymous

    just keep defending the poor down trodden wight knight, I think the rest of us know better 

  • Anonymous

    IDK, I went to Slaughter Elementary, that was by Lincoln Trail. And after we moved to a better neighborhood in on the outskirts in Valley Station,  I was bussed to an inner city school where there were 2 white kids to every class, and I got my ass beat TWICE a day. JFK Elementary. Bars on the windows, chains on the doors, protected by a 10 foot tall chain link fence with razor wire on top. I had a real fear of black people until I got sent off in high school and had black roommates.

  • i think thats different from the story listed. she should have clearly lost her job!!!

  • DEE

    Bet dollars to donuts you’re a bitter, friendless racist cunt!

  • DEE

    I have never had anyone ask to see my receipt after purchase while leaving Walmart.  If this is their policy, they need to make sure a sign is visible at the entrance and exits of the store so there is no misunderstanding.  This girl shouldn’t have punched the old lady, but I can see how she could have been insulted.

  • Anonymous

    My observation had fuckall to do with her skin color. It had to do with the fact she attacked someone over something so simple as asking to see a receipt.
    So you can fucking blow me.

  • Anonymous

    “in her bags” doesn’t mean she didn’t hide what she stole in her car

  • Woman convicted of punching 70-year-old Walmart greeter; faces 2-7 years under New York’s ‘Granny Law’
    Jacquetta Simmons, 27, was found guilty Friday of felony assault under New York’s Granny Law for knocking Grace Suozzi down with a blow to the face.

  • laprincessa328

    policy is policy if u have to show a reciept than do it or dnt shop there! now hitting an elderly woman is wrong but then her bruitice ass ran bitch deserves all the time she has to serve n her unborn should be born in jail n taken away so she can serve her time im sure if the elderly woman was black um there wouldnt have been a punch trust me on that that stupid bitch knows that

  • qwerty_4321

    ah yes, the voice of a “tolerant” liberal. No hypocrisy to see here.

  • qwerty_4321

    oh, well in that case she deserved to be punched in the face and have bones shattered. How would you feel if your Grandmother was punched in the face like that? Then again, 30 yr old grandmothers aren’t as fragile.

  • qwerty_4321

    Keep in mind she’s a feral animal

  • Stanley_Ipkiss

    That would have been a great reply…3 fucking years ago.

  • Arjun Ajwani

    stfu cunt