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Emington, Ill — Residents of a small farming community 80 miles southwest of Chicago are still dealing with the horrifying events that unfolded in their neighborhood Friday, when a woman shot her boyfriend and three children to death before turning the gun on herself.

Shortly after kids had arrived home from school to start their Christmas break, people reported hearing a series of gunshots coming from the home of 30-year-old Sara McMeen.

One of McMeen’s neighbors told the press that after hearing the gunfire she ran out of her home and saw McMeen in her backyard standing over her daughter, 10-month-old Maggie Warren. The baby was wrapped in a blanket and lying on the ground as if she had been dropped. The neighbor, whose backyard butted up against McMeen’s backyard, asked if everything was all right.

“No, everything is not all right,” McMeen reportedly told the neighbor before bending over at the waist and shooting her baby at point-blank range. Horrified, the neighbor ran for help only to find McMeen lying beside her infant when she returned, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Also found dead were McMeen’s live-in boyfriend, 29-year-old Daniel Warren and her two other children,  8-year-old Skyler Lemke and 7-year-old Ian Lemke. The two children had been seen playing in the backyard shortly before the shots rang out.

Neighbors in the small community were not familiar with Sara and Daniel, who they say moved into the area a few months ago.

However, they were familiar with McMeen’s two older children who were often seen riding their bikes and playing with other children in the neighborhood.

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One neighbor said they’d heard a man and woman fighting in the couple’s home a few times over the past few months, but said the couple kept “very much to themselves.”

There has been no motive reported on at this time, but Daniel Warren’s mother told RadarOnline that Sara suffered from Bipolar disorder and wasn’t on any medication to treat it.

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  • Anonymous

    Suicide 101

    The steps are very simple.
    1) Kill yourself (by whichever means is to your liking)
    2) The end.

    Seems so elementary, but somehow people always manage to screw it up by taking other people with them.

  • Anonymous

    This absolutely breaks my heart how you shoot your babies

  • Sam

    How excruciating for the neighbour who wanted to help but instead was treated to a sight of a little babe being shot point blank. I bet that’s going to haunt her the rest of her life.

    I just don’t get how some people can hurt or even kill children – let alone their own. My brain simply does not compute.

    RIP Lemkes and Warrens. No, not you McMeen.

  • she looked like that guy who was in that movie Mask…the one where Eric Stoltz  and Cher where Stoltz’s chraracter had that weird facial condition

    Sorry about the children.

  • This exact thing just happened Thursday about 15 minutes from where I live where a Hispanic man killed his wife, his 11 year old son, his 8 year old daughter and the wifes friend (who she was staying with after just winning a custody case days before) then he called 911 to report a suicide, then he killed himself. The news report shows the uncle of the children brother of the ‘wife’ victim….saying how beautiful the little girl was, nothing sadder then seeing a grown man is just terrible when this is the answer for these people. As if they can’t just off themselves, and leave the rest to fend for themselves and decide if THEY infact suck at life.
     I don’t care about that bipolar bullshit in this paritcular case.. I have to wonder with the Holidays coming up (crimes suicides murders at a high) if she didn’t gamble, or throw lots of money away, maybe he thought some christmas gifts were gonna pop-up, and she didn’t want him to find out. Or something along these lines. She did it because she somehow sucked at life and eliminated anyone who knew how much she sucked!

  • Considering she killed the boyfriend I assume they had a toxic relationship…she probably killed him for revenge and then just went nuts and killed everyone else.

  • omg thats awful

  • this is awful ……………

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I don’t get why so many suicidal parents take out their kids before they off themselves.  Sure, suicide of a parent sucks, but children *can* go on without a troubled parent–they’re resilient little critters.

    If there is an afterlife (and I believe there is), I hope the children are enjoying it, safe from the selfish person who chose to end their lives during what should have been the most joyful, fun time of the year for all of them.  The youngest didn’t even get to celebrate a single Christmas.

    As for the egg donor…I hope she spends eternity being tormented by what she did to the people who loved and trusted her most.  Depression is a hell, true, but it’s no reason to murder others.

  • shannie

    Rocky Dennis…

  • Anonymous

    How do people not see this coming now adays? I just know that if I saw my friend or neighbor on edge, to the point where I thought they might hurt themselves, I’d intervene way before this shit had the chance to happen. It’s almost a norm now, to flip through this website and see all the parents killing their children. It’s mind blowing.

  • Anonymous

    OMG. The baby? Really?

    The only thing… I don’t know if it’ll sound mean, assholey, bad or what of me but:

    Isn’t mental illness passed down genetically speaking?  If so her kids could’ve had it & passed it down. I wish those babies didn’t have to die, hell they DIDN’T & SHOULDN’T HAVE DIED but that illness won’t continue on down the line.

    I’m so sorry & I hate that woman/monster for killing her children. *Shakes head*

    I’m speechless as to why.

  • Anonymous

    “…they’re resillient little creatures…”

    Clearly demonstrated by the kids that play in highways & fall off rooftops!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s an insensitive comment:

    Maybe she was cheap & was trying to save some money.

  • Wow, I wonder what could have pushed her over the edge?

  • can’t take it with you…

  • I bet someone turned down her friend request on the myface or the spacebook.

  • Anonymous

    That is a perfect DD reply and very possibly have some truth to it. I could also have religious over tones, the devil made her do it.

  • Anonymous

    This is the sort of thing that happens when you are on a roll.

  • Glen Bratton

    She was an ugly bitch!!

  • Anonymous

    But a strong belief in the afterlife makes offing the kids during tough times a rational suicidal decision, doesn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    Yes it is passed along.  And it’s one of the many reasons we’re not breeding.  It’s also why we don’t have guns in our home. My husband and I both have a bad case of the crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Well, bipolar’s hardly bullshit, and apparently suicides actually do not increase over the holidays. That’s a common myth. They’re highest at the beginning of Spring.

    I totally understand the rage you feel, and I’m totally with you.  I wish this bitch was still alive so justice could be served. BUT, bipolar, especially unmedicated bipolar is a dangerous thing.  Personally, I’ve never wanted to kill anyone other than myself while I’m manic or depressive, but I also don’t hallucinate like some folks do.  I do get hella paranoid, and I do tend to think that absolutely anything and everything is a horrible comment on me personally.  It’s a devastating way to feel, and while you’re in it rationality is on an all expenses paid vacation to the farthest reaches of the Earth.  Expecting someone like that to act rationally is irrational.

    What I want to know is if this woman was diagnosed, why was she not on a treatment plan?

  • Anonymous

    Who knows.  Cancellation notice on the cable, boyfriend tried to break up with her.  Favorite episode of Maury wasn’t on.  When you’re that fucked up you’d be surprised at what feels significant.  It’s not about the last straw, though.  It’s all of the straws before it that actually broke the camel’s back.  With a 10 month old, who knows if she’d been percolating a touch of post-partum.  Add that to unmedicated bipolar, maybe sprinkle on some financial distress, and you’ve got a tasty cocktail of family annihilation.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t even imagine what that neighbor is going through now.  I’d probably still be standing there screaming bloody murder.  That or puking.

  • Athena

    I bet the parties are epic, though. 😉

  • Anonymous

    You in Accomac County,Ilusions? I am originally from there.
        Sadly,we are going to see more stories like this until some real healthcare reform happens.Mental health services are just not available to some people.If you are on Medicaid or Medicare, you might wait 6 MONTHS before getting in somewhere,unless you have yourself committed somehow.

  • You creeped me out knowing that cereal, you know how small this place is….;D and yes I am in Accomac.Yeah cereal it just sucks all the way around especially when children are killed before they can start.

  • eliz1bef I will be the first to admit that there are actually people out there with serious issues that cannot be helped (as in isn’t their fault).Or that don’t use their medications the proper way…much like schizophrenics who always think they are “better” and stop taking their meds only to lose themselves deeper in paranoia, and delusion. But Bi-Polar cannot be a cop-out for this woman. I just cannot accept that. There was some particular instance that pushed her over the edge here, some breaking point that had her making a choice of others lives, without their consent. I always think issues like this are about some sense of control, and they  feel they have lost control of their life and people and things around them, so they take these steps. I don’t mean that she wasn’t a bi-polar “ill” person, that is obvious. But she stood over her 10 month old child and gunned the baby down….There is no answers for what she did, because she took them with her. Selfish to the bitter end. I am sorry that you are anyone has to suffer with chemical issues such as this, it doesn’t seem fair.
    And in cases like this IF bipolar caused this, then someone somewhere should have been seeking help for her if she wasn’t pursuing it herself.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…what a heartless fucking cunt…I don’t understand why or how people can kill their kids. I am mine drive me fucking crazy but to actually do it?!?! Ugh makes me sick

  • Anonymous

    I totally didn’t think of that. Post partum plus bipolar plus no meds could equal a complete unstoppable meltdown where you do and say shit you wouldn’t “normally” do

  • Anonymous

    “And in cases like this IF bipolar caused this, then someone somewhere should have been seeking help for her if she wasn’t pursuing it herself.”

    I think we can absolutely agree on that point.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I can’t live up to the legend, I’m afraid. Most kinds of partying mess up the meds. It’s a finely balanced cocktail, and alcohol and all of its friends throw things off. I’m one of those people prone to side effects/reactions, so I don’t play around. I even avoid most OTCs. I took Nyquil once after I started my regimen, and lost a week of my life. No, we’re fuddy duddies in the extremis. We’re more likely to feed you into a coma and talk you to death than party down and get crazy. We’re achingly dull. Fourteen years of marriage will do that. You get all sedate and snuggly from excess oxytocin.

  • Anonymous

    Mental Illness can be passed down through genetics, but not all people are swallowed up by it. I hear what your saying and I truly understand where your coming from and perhaps these kids would have had a horrid debilitating illness, but just like someone who would have a genetic propensity for cancer they still had the right to make a go at life. Still, I can agree with your point on a clinical level.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s a bummer. I’m the crazy one in my house and both the boys are sane as hell. Many, many times they have both been my anchor. I couldn’t imagine having to go through it with your husband having mental issues as well. I really wish you both the best.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    No, it doesn’t.  Most religions that have an afterlife condemn suicides to Hell or a Limbo state, and those who murder others before murdering themselves damn themselves to Hell.

  • See what I am thinking is that “snapping” may well happen.But I think alot of times these people are unstable for a long while before it gets to this, and that mostly there should be signs of such instability.I wonder if she was infact abusive to her husband prior? I hate to make the guys chuckle to themselves at imagining a woman abusing them, but we know it does happen. If they had two children I would question how unstable she was before or after the first one…And now with a ten month old…?

  • Anonymous

    My sweetie is my rock, to use a tired-ass metaphor. He’s definitely the more stable of the two of us, and when I’ve been truly lost at sea, he’s been the only reason I’ve made it back. I think that we’re both nuckin’ futz helps us; having been there takes away a lot of speculation and resentment. Our experiences help us because through it we can be each other’s canary in the coal mine. We’ve been pretty fortunate in the sense that our “episodes” have managed to not overlap too often. I’m sure that it’s in part a matter of distraction; you forget all about the sparkler in your hand when someone’s firing off a 21 gun salute with rocket launchers.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, we’re talking about 2 different things – belief in peaceful afterlife as a motivation to kill innocents rather than leave them bereft and abandoned vs. A belief in eternal punishment as a deterrent to suicide itself. The fear isn’t always a deterrent, and you surely can’t be condemned more than once, so the promise of delivering your kids to heaven before they go damning themselves still holds. And you seem to think as many people have as strong a belief in eternal damnation as have one in more neutral or even happy afterlife. In this country at least, you probably need to recheck your stats on that.

  • My favorite episode of Maury was the episode where this girl brought this man on the show to prove he was the father of her twins. He swore up and down he wasn’t their father and she swore up and down he was. Turns out he only fathered one of the twins…the twins were fraternal and she got knocked up with twins with different fathers.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry LOL didn’t mean to creep you out but I am harmless.I grew up down there and still have family there and just today,in Onancock, another man whipped out a gun and shot and killed his girlfriend.I don’t know what is happening there anymore.There is still some poverty,drugs,all the usual suspects.

  • Coyote

    I just read an article that stated that McMeen’s father fatally shot his first wife more than 40 years ago in front of their 2-year-old son. The shooting happened before McMeen was born, and he was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the 1971 killing of Pamela Bradley McMeen.

  • Prominent Prozac

    I hate that you made me laugh.

  • Anonymous

    I’m late in commenting. 

    I’m still kinda weirded out by the “No.  Everything is not alright.” comment.  If I was her neighbor that comment would loop through my head for eternity.

  • Andy P

    What I can never figure out is why they off everyone else first and then themselves.  If they would just start with themselves and *then* kill everyone else it would be a lot less selfish.  Just sayin.

  • Andy P

    I think I know what happens after you die; I think it is a lot like it was before you were born (which I don’t think either of us remember.)  So I have a hard time with the heaven and hell thing but it doesn’t cost much to “believe” and if you’re wrong…