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GREENVILLE, SC — Holiday shoppers in a South Carolina Walmart were treated to the sight of a man stabbing his screaming wife to death inside the store.

Police say last weekend, 47-year-old Avery Blandin got into a verbal altercation with his wife, 38-year-old Lilia Blandin who worked at the Woodforest bank located inside the Walmart.

The fight soon turned physical, and in front of a herd of Walmart shoppers, Avery pulled out a knife and began stabbing Lilia. One shopper told reporters he witnessed Avery stabbing his wife before stomping on her neck and chest area when she fell to the ground.

Witnesses followed Avery as he fled the store and tried to stop him by tripping him, pushing him and hitting him with a chair. They stopped pursuing him after he pulled out a second knife.

“When he pulled the blade, the second knife, I just, that’s when I let him go because I already seen what he did with the first one, so I wasn’t going to get involved with the next one,” said a very smart Phillip Tallent.

Avery was apprehended by police a short time later after crashing his car. Lilia was rushed to the hospital, but they were unable to save her.

Lilia Blandin

Not surprisingly, Avery has a history of smacking his wife around. In October he was charged with criminal domestic violence after Lilia told police that he had punched her in the mouth and stomach after accusing her of cheating. Lilia told them she hadn’t reported the numerous other times Avery had treated her like a punching bag because she feared for her and her children’s safety.

Mom Gave Kid Away To Heroin User To Live Life Of Normal Teenager

This Walmart came under a little fire because of the manager’s decision to stay open and not letting the bloody murder of a woman in front of the checkout lanes put a damper on their Christmas shopping season. A Walmart spokesperson told reporters that everyone should calm down. It’s not like shoppers were tracking Lilia’s blood throughout the store.

“We did, as requested, close our grocery checkout area to allow the police to do their work and provide some level of privacy, given the circumstances. This was a senseless act of violence, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family during this difficult time,” the spokesperson said before reminding everyone you can buy a 3 qt container of Clorox Bleach for the low, low price of $1.98.

Brittany King, a Walmart shopper who arrived shortly after the stabbing, was appalled that the store was still open after the murder.

“I saw there was blood everywhere, on the ground, on the table, on the wall,” said King. “It’s disrespectful to the family that it happened to. Especially the people and the employees who saw it happen.”

I’m real curious if King, or any of the other shoppers who were shocked the store remained open, walked back out of the store the moment they learned a woman had just been murdered there. I’m guessing not, and I’m guessing that’s exactly why the manager left the store open.

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  • Anonymous

    Nothing this cool , I mean horrible every happens at my Walmart!

  • Anonymous

    There is no worse place in the world to die than inside a Walmart.

  • Anonymous

    “Lilia told them she hadn’t reported the numerous other times Avery had treated her like a punching bag because she feared for her and her children’s safety.”

    Wait… what? I guess that was a shitty fucking plan.

    “Brittany King, a Walmart shopper who arrived shortly after the stabbing, was appalled that the store was still open after the murder.”…

    …And then went inside to buy some tatty Christmas shit for her lawn. If the store had been closed she would be bitching about not getting to do her shopping. I would have closed the store, but I think this would be a damned if you do/damned if you don’t situation.

  • Anonymous

    In the damned if you do/damned if you don’t situation… always do the RIGHT thing. Which, this wasn’t.

  • I hate stories like this where the woman gets beat up and killed. Can you imagine being in that store? I just wonder what psychological effect happens with bystanders that they don’t grab the biggest effing thing they can find and knock the effer out. I commend those who tried to do something before he left, but something tells me that if bystanders are vigilant enough they can take the killer out. Like if they grabbed a big bench and threw it at him or something. I mean the lady was being murdered in front of them. Why do people just gawk? It sort of reminds me of the 9-11 plane hijackers. What would have happened if every single one of the passengers jumped on them bastards, there is no way that they could have done anything against 100 people. There must be some sort of psych effect though that people don’t. I don’t know. Sad story though. My thoughts are with the family.

  • Yeah, the Todd Beamer thing would have happened. The killers wouldn’t have gotten away with what they had planned.

  • Yeah I kind of think they could have shut down the store at the vaery least for a couple hours…Was it NOT then a crime scene anyway?AND if I am not mistaken those banks are usually located AT THE VERY FRONT of the buildings close to the check out area….I mean damn they could have announced on the loud speaker…Attention Walmart shoppers, you are at this very moment trampling a crime scene, we have to close for a few hours…….Oh and clean-up in the Bank section of the store please….Wondering why LE didn’t request that?

  • From things I have seen I gather that it requires one person..usually just one, closely followed by a second, to do the right thing in a group of say 25 people, and often time most will follow along and help. Like this recent video going around of the motorcyle and car head-on accident, where the cyclist is stuck under a car that is on fire…..and first a girl sees the guy under the car and then it starts with 6 people trying to lift that car off of this guy. Then when that doesn’t work, the group of people doubles to about 12 and more all lifting the car off the guy,.as a construction worker drags him out from under the car, and then they all run in oppisite directions, like its an average day. A few stay close to see if the guy makes it…It’s pretty awesome to watch. The flipside off that can happen also, hence a mob mentality where a few “bad guys” can assemble more of the same as well, in a crowd.

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  • Coyote

    “The bank is currently closed as the teller has just been murdered, but there’s an ATM still available for customer convenience.  Excuse the blood while enjoying your holiday shopping experience here at Wal-Mart.” 

  • “try not to slip in the blood and sue us……..or we will rollback your ass! I mean we will let you lay there and wallow in the blood while we stand around and look baffled as we bag peoples Pecan Pies, and Barbiessssss.”

  • Anonymous

    can you imagine the children, having to see a bloody fuckin mess in their neighborhood wal-mart? jesus some kids would prolly never step foot into a walmart again and will be doomed to shop the abandoned aisles of K-Mart!!!

  • Anonymous

    My brother works at a different Hell-Mart here in South Cackilacky, and let me just say that, given what I’ve heard about Hell-Mart and its management, the decision to remain open does not surprise me one tiny bit.  They treat their employees as sub-humans, so the brutal murder of someone in one of their stores probably has no more effect on management conscience than does the killing of mice or other vermin.  Nothing, absolutely nothing let alone basic human decency, stops their relentless quest to turn an almighty goddamned dollar.

    Come Judgment Day, Hell will be brimming with Wal-Mart managers.

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  • Anonymous

    It runs a close #2 behind a washing machine, followed by an elevator.

  • Anonymous

    It would have been classier to close the store. But the store was a WalMart. ‘Nuff said.

    If she had had the strength to leave her abuser, her kids would still have at least one parent. Now they have none. She had a decent job, too, better than what a lot of single moms are raising their kids on. Now her kids have a lifetime of memories of watching her get smacked around, and no chance to form new ones.

    How much do you want to bet that at least one of her kids ends up in an abusive relationship themselves?


    i cried. thanks a lot!

    but that fucking scum bag who sat in the back in his suit and tie who did nothing!!! is apparently the driver of the fucking car! mind blowing. that little woman wasn’t giving up!

  • Anonymous

    Yes there is.
    A well used port-a-potty that has been knocked over so the door is face down in the hottest part of summer.

  • Wildheart

    WOW!  That was incredible!

  • I’m not proud of it but I’m the passive guy who hates getting involved. I might have called the cops but I probably wouldn’t have risked my health to help her. Not that I’m proud of my cowardice…but I’m not in denial about it. My friends know up front that I’m a fair weather friend who can’t be relied upon…I’m honest about it.

  • Anonymous

    In an abandoned housing development in Florida.


  • Anonymous

    I think the people in Wal Mart didn’t have any incentive to get more involved. The people on most of the 9/11 flights did not intervene because they were told if they sat down quietly they would not be harmed and they would return to the airport so the hijackers would have their demands met, and they believed that. Todd Beamer and the others on flight 93 already had learned from their family members that three other flights had already been flown into buildings, so they knew what their fate was going to be. They knew that they were surely going to die if they did nothing, and maybe have a chance if they did intervene. If the people in Wal-Mart had been told the store was going to blow up and everyone it it would die if they didn’t take the guy down, they would have been more likely to intervene. But like Athena had said on another story, many people want to help but not at the expense of their own safety.

  • Save Money. Live Better.

  • Anonymous

    The police don’t make a secret of the fact that domestic situations are the most violent and dangerous type of calls they receive. 
    Many years ago, when my baby brother was just 17, he was outside smoking at 1am when he heard a woman screaming for help from a nearby parking lot. He ran to the scene and found a man raping a woman, half in and half out of a car. My brother pulled the guy off the girl, the girl ran and the guy kicked my brother in the ankle so hard (with steel-toed boots) that his foot wound up facing the opposite direction!! He required several surgeries and was out of work for months. When the police arrived, my brother told them what happened, even giving them the name of the girl (he recognized her from the neighborhood). Turns out that the rapist was a boyfriend that the girl had just broken up with. By the time the police caught up with the girl (they found her two days later), the boyfriend had begged her forgiveness, so she refused to give the police any information at all, claimed that they must have her confused with someone else. The police knew she was lying, her face was still all bruised, but there wasn’t a thing they could do about it.
    When my brother was finally out of the hospital he went to see the girl. She apologized for his pain and trouble, thanked him for coming to her aid, and said that she hoped he understood why she told the police it hadn’t been her being raped that night. My brother did not understand.
    And I believe this is part of the reason most people hesitate to involve themselves in domestic situations, danger is the other half. Hell, half the time the aggressor turns on the person intervening and the victim joins in to protect the monster that was beating her!

    ~ MsDetails

  • Anonymous

    I checked, there are no less than ten other stores within a 15 or 20 minute drive of this one. Some no more than five minutes away! There are 20 stores within a fifty mile radius!! I do believe that, had the store been closed like it should have been, most shoppers would have either come back later or gone to one of the other locations. I don’t believe Walmart would have lost very much in revenue at all. Definitely no more than all the bad press is going to cost them for their failure to do the right thing and close the store — at least until the police finished with the crime scene and the blood had been cleaned up.

    Absolutely despicable decision by Walmart honchos. (Because you know the store manager didn’t decide this one all on their own!)

    ~ MsDetails

  • Anonymous

    The Bystander Effect/Genovese Syndrome
    As the number of witnesses goes up, the likelihood that any of them will intervene actually decreases.  Each witness believes that someone else in the crowd is more qualified to take action, and that the qualified person is going to act any moment now.

    So remember: there is no better qualified person standing around.  YOU are the most qualified person in the crowd.  Grab something heavy and swing for the fences.  If you don’t do it, then no one will do it.

  • that’s actually a really good point and made a lot of sense. and this is coming from someone one who thinks you should by all means get yourself in on the action lol

  • Anonymous

    While on the surface what you are both saying makes sense, it’s not always that easy, to just leave, especially since leaving often escalates the situation with abusers. And despite what common sense should dictate, the courts often let the abuser have UNsupervised visits with the children when a separation occurs, as long as the abuse wasn’t directly against the children. A mother may fear that if she’s not there to take the abuse, he may turn on the kids…so staying is sometimes the safest way, in reality, as twisted as that is. It’s a “better me than my kids” mentality, even if it’s awful that they see it. How many stories do we see on here where a divorce happens because of abuse, and when the father takes the kids on regular visitation, he kills the kids to get back at the wife? So it’s really not as simple as having the “strength” to leave the abuser…sometimes, there is no perfect solution in an abusive situation. It’s different, at least somewhat, when the abuse is directed at the kids…staying really isn’t protecting them, but in a situation where the wife is the only one facing physical abuse, it’s understandable that in her mind, she’s trying to keep them safe.

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to imagine but if the collective “we the people” decided to we could actually end Wal Mart. If we banded together we could stop the never ending greed machine that they have become. We could also bring the oil barons down too. Nobody is willing to pay 3 cents more for bleach or drive 2 extra miles to get it…..but if we were……

  • JustBrowsingLife

     I am taking Chantix and this is a caption from the side effects pamphlet, “new or worsening mental or mood problems  ie; aggression, agitation, anger, anxiety, depression, nervousness, thoughts of hurting other people”
    I think that just about sums up what Christmas shopping does to me in any store!! Screaming Kids, Long Lines, Impatient Drivers…..Oh the elbowing, shoving and raming carts and throwing of items….I think I just might lose my Walmart Priviliges. No Biggie.

  • I hope someone stumps on this fuckers neck while he is in prison.

    “I saw there was blood everywhere, on the ground, on the table, on the wall,” said King. “It’s disrespectful to the family that it happened to. Especially the people and the employees who saw it happen.”

    I have noticed that when someone dies life just keeps right on marching,usually there is not any type of pause at all.People would like to think that when they die some difference will be noted among the populace,but in most cases it’s like the person who passed never existed at all to the general public.Sad,but true fact.

  • I absolutely love Walmart.

  • The common person is not usually prepared when the person next to them in line suddenly morphs into the Hulk and begins getting stabby.I would imagine that the number one thought in their heads at that moment is “Somebody do something “,followed by their feet moving quickly away from the Hulk.

    The best thing that anyone can do to help make certain that one day they are not a victim like Lilia Blandin was is to prepare now in some way, shape,or form.Always be prepared to defend yourself if the need should ever arise.Never expect for a stranger to come to your rescue,because although it would be excellent if one did,most likely this won’t happen.And always remember when you need them right now the Police are only 10 minutes away.

  • This is how I feel about MacDonalds. 

  • Otherwise known as “MacDonalds”.

  • Damn it.

  • I used to love K-Mart before they all packed up and moved out of Dallas.

  • i wonder if they just threw her body in the dumpster out back. damn walmart. bringin white trash to a retail setting for years.

  • shop smart…shop S-Mart

  • Sandra Dee

    Thanks for linking, that was amazing to watch! Made me cry worse than that flippen “christmas shoes” song. 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that corporate wheel must keep turning. Gosh if 2 hours of revenue were lost, the CEO might have to stay at a 4 star hotel on his next trip abroad or heaven forbid fly first class commercial instead of chartering that private jet. 

  • Are you fucking kidding me? In fuckign Wal-Mart?! Why didnt’ someone rush to Sporting goods and Grab a fucking machete and chase this fucking piece of shit down with it?! There’s an entire fucking store full of shit you could use to beat some stupid fuckin’ bigot down with, but you decide not to step in because he has a knife? They sell guns and ammo there, ya know.  They also have a wide range of long-handled items you coudl use to give the piece of shit a good beating without him getting in range of you with the knife in the first place.

    And Wal-mart not closing it’s doors for the day after this incident just shows you they don’t give a FUCK about their customers, just their bottom line.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I drive 3 miles farther to GET TO Walmart! I have a family of 6 and it is the best place to buy groceries and save money, and get the quality. We get toys with better prices than online, and with the unemployment rate being 12% in Ky, Walmart has hundreds of people employed in the 4 counties of Ky that I frequent. I love Walmart, I just HATE standing in line!

    BTW, I always get ground sirloin rather than round or chuck or whatever, and I was getting it at Kroger because it is packaged in 1lb containers, but I was cooking for a group, so I got it at Walmart in the 2.5lb container. Let me say that it was down right TENDER, with no tubes and chewy bits like at Kroger, and I will never get it at Kroger again. I am a BIG carnivore, and I cook with meat every single meal, and if I can save money and get good quality, I am there, baby!

    And at my last house, I drove past 2 Remke Markets, a Biggs, a Kroger, and Meijer to shop at  Walmart.

  • Are YOU fucking kidding me?  Can you imagine the amount of shit someone would get for killing a nigger?  Mind your own fucking business.

  • If the guy had been a raghead muslim, people would have gotten involved and stopped him.  Right?  The world has been made afraid of the nigger though, don’t stop his TNB crimes or you will be called ‘racist’.  It surprises me how this mighty African warrior class, who regularly beats up his women (and gay downlow male partners) is so afraid of a simple word: NIGGER.

    Spend a moment and akx yourself: why did this crazy koon marry this bitch in the first place?  Could it be that she worked in a bank, in Wallymart?  He could have her steal some money, spend it at Walmart, and do all his killing in one place.