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GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — I don’t know if any of you have been following this story out of my state, but a 9-year-old student at Brookside Elementary called a teacher “fine” and the ensuing knee-jerking it caused has been unbelievable.

First the school suspended Emanyea for sexual harassment. They said they have had issues with the boy calling students bad names before, a claim Emanyea denied to reporters, and that he made the statement about the teacher in a suggestive manner. Emanyea was suspended for three days and served a one-day, in-school suspension and two days out of school.

Understandably, his mother wasn’t happy about the school’s decision to suspend her son for sexual harassment, so she went to the local news. It wasn’t long before sites like CNN and Huffington Post picked up the story and it quickly went viral. Not long after that, all the negative attention had the school district getting involved and then release a statement yesterday that apologized to the family.

“”After a thorough investigation by school officials involving the suspension of a fourth grade student at one of our elementary schools, it has been determined there was no sexual harassment.

We regret this situation happened. The superintendent has attempted to contact the family to offer an apology to the parents and student. The school system is also sending an official letter of apology to the parents and student,” the statement says in part.

But they weren’t quite finished. The principal who suspended Emanyea has now been forced to retire. Principal Jerry Bostic told the Gaston Gazette the Gaston County School District gave him one hour to decide whether he would retire or be fired.

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“He (Gaston County Schools Superintendent Reeves McGlohon)  told me he had made the decision he was going to terminate me or drop me into an assistant principal position,” Bostic said. “I admit I made some errors in what I did, but to fire me or to demote me with 44 years in it, it just doesn’t make sense. To me he was a very heartless man, and he did it because of politics. One mistake in 44 years, and I’m not given the benefit of the doubt. I really don’t believe I was treated fairly,” Bostic said.

I haven’t seen this much ridiculous knee-jerking since Elaine Benes danced at her office party. If the kid was overheard telling another student that a teacher was fine, then him being suspended for sexual harassment is idiotic, for sure. But isn’t it just as idiotic to rectify the situation by firing the principal to save face?

Bostic has been with the school system for 44 years, 35 of those as an administrator, and the 15 he has spent at Brookside Elementary has been with a 98 to 99 percent approval rating from parents. The student’s record has been expunged and everyone on the school’s side has since apologized. Isn’t that enough? Now, on top of that, Emanyea’s mother is talking about filing a lawsuit. The entire debacle is disgusting.

So what do you think about all this? I once had my kid suspended from school for discharging a firearm on school grounds. The firearm in question was a champagne popper you can buy in Party City… you know, the things that shoot off a puff of confetti. They said that because it contained gunpowder, it was considered a weapon.

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I talked with the principal and the school-superintendent, getting my kid’s possible two week suspension down to a three day in-school suspension, but at no point did I want anyone fired. Their hands are tied, forced to operate under this new, politically correct school environment that removes any form of human interaction when dealing with students, leaving it to a goddamn chart that lists the vague offenses on one side, and the matching punishment on the other.

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  • Anonymous

    Without exaggeration, when my son was in FIRST grade- he was held in the principals office for about an hour with 4 huge police officers huddling over him. His heinous crime? He brought a neon orange plastic squirt gun to school. He was mortified as you could imagine. 

  • My issue with stuff like this is they over punish cause (they are having a bad day) and then they don’t get involved enough when it counts. Bullying should get more of a reaction then a plastic gun or the word “fine”. I do think in this case they are sacrificing the principal to save face, when this is apparently his first big goof up in 44 years with the school system. It seems the school has gone above and beyond in their efforts to right this “wrong” and taking his job may have been a step to much. Oh, and the parents are gonna sue over this now? Big surprise.

  • CT

    If the kid had called her a twat, bitch, c#nt or something else along those lines – I could see it as an issue but FINE?  Really?  He overreacted in a big way and was being called on it. 

    Great, my kids are currently using pickle pants as an insult.  I wonder if 4 year olds can get suspended.  I send them to preschool so I don’t have to hang out with them during the day – that would be just down right mean.  A suspension would only punish me. 

  • Anonymous

    Being called on it is understandable considering were talking about a nine year old here. Overkill. But asking an otherwise honorable principal to step down or be fired?… Overkill.

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    ‘Cause everybody’s gotta pay when someone’s shithead little brat gets figuratively popped in the mouth. Fucking sue happy people piss me off almost as much as horny geriatrics…

  • The kids whose mothers I’d just defiled have called me plenty of names, but I’ve never considered suing…until now.

  • CT


  • My West coast Boo is up early as hell! 😛 And pissed 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m just thinking, if a 9 yo old was suspended for calling a teacher “fine” in conversation w/ a friend, I”m just damn lucky no one ever over heard the conversations me and my friends had regarding the just-out-of-college gym teacher we had sophomore year, or the uber cute geography teacher the school hired the next yr.

    And, am I the only one who’s relieved that the principal is saying “I got railroaded by these politically hungry assholes” and not the standard “I regret the errors of my way blah blah blah” that most people spew when they suddenly decide to retire or step down after a bit of bad press?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone uberreacted. I said it right. UBERREACTED.

    I had a crush on my FEMALE NUN 4th grade teacher because she was so damned nice.  All of the boy classmates of mine thought my 11th grade English teacher (which all the girls hated, me because I loved English class & SHE NEVER ACTUALLY TAUGHT US ANYTHING, REALLY we spend 5hr a week with her and 1hr was dedicated to doing some shitty grammar that was taught in the 6th grade) said she was smoking hot.

    We were in PRIVATE CATHOLIC SCHOOL. The boys made passes at her. NO ONE got suspended. EVER.

    He’s in 4th grade & he thinks a teacher is “fine”? A  little precocious don’t cha think mom?

    Oh & while I understand the whole calling the news, SUING just means she was going to sue for whatever shit would’ve happened in her life to her kids. She wants a meal ticket. An apology would’ve done just fine by me.

    Oh & @Morbid:disqus if the popper would been done by another kid, right next to your kid’s eyes & got some gunpowder into your kid’s eye (even though you made it sound like it wasn’t the case) or worse, would you have fought it?

  • Anonymous

    Total overreaction on the part of all parties, the teacher that reported it to the principal, the principal, the mom, and the superintendent.  They should just chalk it up to a big mistake and move the fuck on. It’s not setting a good example for that school system that they quite literally shafted a well respected principal that made what (in my opinion) could be considered a minor mistake had mom not freaked the fuck out and gone to the media.  Seriously, a total lack of support of their employees (and said employees’ audacity to actually make somewhat human errors) on the part of the school system is unforgivable and will give the impression that any time an administrator has to make a difficult decision their career is on the line and they’re at the mercy of the parents’, media, etc. if they don’t make the right one.  And don’t get me wrong, I was a teacher for 8 years so I hold no special place in my heart for principals, but wrong is wrong.  Now any time a parent feels their child has gotten a raw deal all they’ll have to do is follow suit and the shit will hit the fan again.

    On another note, I don’t know what the answer is with the whole “problems in the school system” issue, so I’m not judging anything specifically, but the blanket zero tolerance policy on everything is a bit ridiculous.  My son (and this was quite awhile ago when he was in kindergarten, he’s 12 now) was forced to wear his shirt inside out because it had a picture of a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder and a dagger in his mouth on the front.  The reason?  No weapons on school grounds.  What the fucking fuck?

  • Anonymous

    I do believe that the parents of the child that was suspended are making more of an issue out of this so that their lawsuit nets them some big bucks.  Expunging the child’s record and reprimanding the principal should have been sufficient.  I think the principal that was terminated or excuse me……forced to retire has more of a case than the parents do.  

  • LeaveMeBe

    I am shocked that the boy used the term “fine” instead of “hot”. I thought only us products of the 80’s still used the word “fine”. 

    All of this is overkill, from the teacher to the parents to the principal to the school board. And we wonder why each progressive generation has such fucked up ways of thinking. Prime example right here.

  • Anonymous

    As Penn and Teller would say, Zero Tolerance Policies are bullshit!

  • Anonymous

    “…leaving it to a goddamn chart that lists the vague offenses on one side, and the matching punishment on the other.” This sums is up.They can’t use common sense, they can’t look at “intent”. What was the intent? My son got in trouble because he brought a bullet fired from a gun during the civil war to school (it was actually a souvenir he bought after going to one of those Civil War re-enactment things). Anyway, it wasn’t even a bullet, but really just a piece of lead shaped like a bullet. I had to jump through all kinds of hoops to keep him from getting expelled because of their “zero tolerance policy for weapons”. In with policy, out with common sense.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I’m torn.  First, I wonder if this kid’s calling the teacher “fine” (they still SAY that?!?!) was in sarcasm or in actuality.  And, was it really THAT offensive to the teacher that she’d cry sexual harrassment?  Also, why isn’t the teacher being implicated in all of this, if her problem with the comment was what caused all of this?  On the other side; I think the mother sees a potential jackpot in her future, in the guise of her obviously angelic offspring and the terrible misunderstanding with these monstrous school administrators.  Don’t they KNOW she has the bestest child ever who could never do any wrong?!?!
    So yeah… interesting mixture here.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds to me like this kid was a little asshole as they had problems with him at the school before, which is probably why his punishment was overkill based on his actions on that one occasion. I’m sure this kid has done worse before, and I’m sure his mother is piece of work too, sounds like she’s just looking for a free ride. They need to be apologizing to the principal they threw out like yesterday’s trash.

  • wyrosjr

    The thing is, it doesn’t hurt these kids one iota to be punished for something they actually did. He had a a few days of suspension, so big deal? Absolutely this kid could have said this in an inappropriate way. What we are really seeing is the failure to accept responsibility by parents and students. The firing was absolutely political and this administrator needs to get his own team of lawyers in order. This spineless superintendent was simply scared of the lawsuit.
    Emanyea? Chiquita? wth..

  • Anonymous

    I find it interesting that they claim the student had called other students names before (i.e. bullied them), but that there is no mention of any previous consequences for harassing other students. But complimenting a teacher is worthy of suspension.

    Priorities, much?

  • wyrosjr

    Having some experience in these matters, the boys suspension was likely predicated on former offenses as well. Also, there is the lack of context here. It could very well have been very inappropriate. But, of course, Emanyea is a little angel right?

  • AMEN.  

  • Anonymous

    It does make you wonder if they were just “looking for any reason” to not put up with him anymore, and this was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. They were absolutely in the wrong to terminate (resign) the principal who has had a clean record for 44 years.

  • Anonymous

    If there are former offenses, there should be documentation of them, but I don’t hear any mention of it. It could also just be that the kid is annoying, and neither the teacher or principal like him.

    I think the parents were right to push it. This does not seem like a suspense-worthy offense, and parents should be teaching their kids both when to stand up for themselves, and that they as parents *will* stand up for their kid if they feel it’s right. They should not have let such a blatant over-reaction slide.

  • Anonymous

    There are two sides to every story, but sometimes they are both wrong. I think that may be the case here.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the kid was being a little shit, I just don’t think the adults in the situation were right to deny him several days of education for it. Huge over-reaction. Mom going straight to the media instead of the District’s administration? Another over-reaction. Threatening to fire the principal over it? Another one.

    No one’s right in this one.

  • Athena

    Right?  When I was in middle school, they hired a just out of the military gym teacher, all of 23 years old, and the things we were saying… should never come out of the mouths of tweens.  But I suspect that, even had we been busted, it wouldn’t have been treated as seriously, since we were girls.

    And, yes, good on this guy for calling bullshit.  After 44 years of service, he deserves better than this.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I seriously doubt he is a little angel as I cannot think of a kid his age who is a little angel. I would also be willing to bet that the context he said it in WAS inappropriate. I still think all of it was overkill and any time adults start assessing a situation from an adult viewpoint with adult life experience and adult wisdom and applying it to children and their motives and thought processes is when things get fucked up real fast. That has been my experience anyway.

  • wyrosjr

    You wouldn’t hear about them as the school nor its personnel would be able to disclose them.

  • wyrosjr

    There are lots and lots of wonderful and behaved children. Adults forget it’s our responsibility to train these kids up in the proper way so that they know what is appropriate and what is not. The punishment assigned should be looked at as another learning experience.

  • wyrosjr

    I disagree. There is no harm in reinforcing what is right. There is no permanent harm to the kid by his punishment. What is accepted will be repeated.
    It should be noted that the media has blown this all out of proportion. This is quite a common occurence in all schools.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I think we have the same general destination in mind but are taking different routes. I don’t believe in using the term punishment with a child unless I am referring to a crime. Consequence is a nice word and we all have consequences in our daily lives due to every choice we make: good, bad or indifferent. There are lots of children who have wonderful and well behaved moments but consistency with exhibiting these behaviors is an issue. It’s called childhood. This is why parents need to parent. Don’t get me wrong, I like kids, in fact they are my favorite people along with teenagers. It is our job to teach them through administering consequences what is appropriate and what is inapproprite. Accusing this child of sexual harrassment was way over the top. Expelling said child was way over the top. Mom going to the media was way over the top. School board firing principal was way over the top. Calling the parents and giving the kid detention should have been enough. Were we headed to the same spot, or not? 🙂

  • wyrosjr

    Specifically, the child wasn’t expelled which means that they can’t come back. He was suspended for 2 days and had one day of in school suspension. Nowadays, students are allowed to make up any work they miss from any suspension. I also think there is some confusion about the term “sexual harassment”. It wouldn’t be called that in their code of conduct. This was not a law broken for which the justice system was involved. It was a disciplinary action in response to bad behavior.
    Being afraid to use the term punishment is silly. Call it what it is.
    All that said, we agree on most of it.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Oops! Got hung up on the word used in the title, but you are correct, he was suspended, not expelled. The article specifically states he was suspended for sexual harassment so I will go with that until it’s proven otherwise. To assume that they “called it something else” is just offering up an excuse. I know in the school district I live in sexual harassment is addressed in the student/parent handbook at every level including elementary. It was wrong of them to use that phrase in regards to this child and his behavior unless it actually met the specified requirements for sexual harassment and that really just irks the shit out of me. As for the consequnces/punishment debate, you say toe-mae-toe, I say toe-mah-toe. If it works, and it’s not illegal or immoral, then it works and I say go for it. Thanks for the stimulating conversation. 

  • wyrosjr

    Thanks to you also! I don’t know how I feel about a subject until I read what I’ve written about it.

  • Anonymous

    This is bullshit!The suspension was overkill,sure,but I am guessing his mother got a bee in her bonnet and demanded the school board fire this man and they buckled so they would not appear “racist”.I hate to say it but I see this PC garbage everywhere and 2 wrongs do not make a right.

  • BooBooKitty where the fuck you been hiding at? 
    Also my stoner ass just remembered where the fuck BooBooKittyFuck came from hahaha! Im slow :p

  • Everytime I read something like this I just think to myself Jesus if schools acted like this 5years ago when I was a Senior in HS me and my friends would be FUCKED. Girls and guys! Coz we had a hot male Spanish teacher all the girls were crazy over and a cute female English teacher all the boys wanted to bang. And lets just say we were saying more than fine about them lol. People are so fucking PC it kills me these days. I wish people would just stop and think before just acting irrationally!

  • This is in my city.The thing about this that angers me the most is the mother being determined to still sue.As Im providing basic supplies (printer paper,ink soap etc) on a monthly bases because our schools can not afford it,I will be highly pissed to see this woman cash a paycheck based off a stupid situation in which has already been rectified in her favor.As for Mr.Bostic,I had him in highschool and my daughters did short term at Brookside,Ive never had any issue with him personally nor heard anything negative about him until this.I want to know who this teacher is that made a big deal over an innocent compliment so I can warn my children,if she subs for them,to not speak within her earshot…..Ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is wrong with all of you.  The actions of this principal identify this CHILD as a sex offender all because he finds a FEMAYL teacher attractive?  Really?  The school acted correctly is terminating this a$$hole who reacted to a boy being a boy by suspending and labling a CHILD as a sex offender.  How can a CHILD be accused of sexually harrasing someone who has COMPLETE control over them?  Do we even know what sexual harrassment means any longer?  Apparently not.  Good riddens to the prick of a principal!  What the principal did was Political correctness gone arry not what the supper intnedend did.

  • huh? Please tell me you didnt attend Gaston County schools.

  • Anonymous

    wow your brite.  Sure lets punish a boy for being a boy because an ADULT female if offended by a 9 year old???? Really.  Grow up.  And lets examine this femayl teacher a bit.  How does she dress?  Has she invited this type of attention?

  • Did you even read my comment right above yours? 

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh, ok.. No I didn’t.  Appolgies. 
    Regardless, the insane nature of this mans effort to lable a child as a sex offender because he finds a teacher attractive is absurd and a strong statement in response is called for.  The teacher needs to grow up and perhaps needs to be terminated as well.  Is there any instance where a male is not considered an evil predator and a woman a victim?  HE IS 9 YEARS old.  A female teacher in Ohio recently raped 5 little boys and was sentenced to 5 yrs less time served and is up for probation in less than 6 months!  See anything wrong here?  Seriously, she cannot handle a 9 year olds comments on her attractivness?  The only thing we have taught here is that a male can do NOTHING right and is always victiminzing a women, sorry don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    This just makes me so mad!  At my child’s school a few years back, the principal sponsored a black-children-only field trip and lunch bunch and not one single thing happened to him despite breaking state law and make our school a national embarrassment (it hit the media nationally).  Families and teachers transferred out of the school and it caused a huge fracture in the school which still exists!  In fac,t he was complemented for being “courageous” and thinking outside the box in the effort to reduce the achievement gap (how friday pizza lunches with basketball and crafts does this is beyond me).  And this guy gets fired!  Unreal.

  • fratdawgg23

    Sounds like yet another chapter for the Zero Tolerance/Zero Common Sense book. We are all to blame to a degree for allowing all these ‘zero tolerance’ policies to be knee-jerked into official policies. Sure, they sound good, as do most political-inspired sound bites. However, one scorched-earth policy does not fit all situations. My biggest beef w/these policies is that it disallows for the discretion of experienced teachers/educators/administrators. For classroom and school situations, I’m in favor of deferring to the folks w/the real experience for policy guidance: teachers and principals.

  • “So what do you think about all this?”

    For this to happen to Jerry (or anyone else for that matter) there is usually more going on than was released to the public;and I am not referring to this particular event.The whole “gave him one hour to decide whether he would retire or be fired” thing usually lends itself to individuals who were already viewed in a bad light by someone over them;possibly an issue that’s not even in the persons file.I am sure that Mr. Bostic will be just fine at any rate,the retirement check for a person in that position is usually substantial.

    “He (Gaston County Schools Superintendent Reeves McGlohon)  told me he had made the decision he was going to terminate me or drop me into an assistant principal position,” Bostic said.”

    The bottom line in my opinion is something that I have witnessed time,and time again – life is often not fair, and complaining about it normally will get you zilch.

  • The paperwork I’m used to seeing does not differentiate the words expelled,and suspension they were one and the same.

  • Word not found: FEMAYL.

    FEMALE – correct this one word and I guarantee your comment – regardless of being conceived as right,or wrong will convey  a lot more power.

  • wyrosjr

    Yeah, maybe a regional difference? We have:
    OSS =out of school suspension
    ISS= in school suspension
    Expulsion= you can’t come back
    alternative school= you can’t be around the other kids

  • Irish519

    Based on the article, if this kid is in trouble for calling the teacher “fine”, and that is ‘sexual harassment’,   then all the men in the world need to report themselves for being offenders and all the ladies need to file their claim within the statute of limitations from sea to shining sea, oh and visa verse if a gal called a guy ‘hot’ or if a guy has been called ‘hot’ (not that it’ll be pursued). This doesn’t even rate fucked up, all it gets is a really stupid.  Are we on such a choke chain that calling a good looking gal ‘fine’ is offensive to the definition of ‘sexual harassment’ by way of the legal extent of the law? By a 9 year old.  SERIOUSLY!  Is “Hello” going to be “sexual harassment”? Don’t be so fucking sensitive.

  • Anonymous

    The firing of the principal is ridiculous, as well as the lawsuit. I can’t say for sure if the reaction to the kid’s “fine” comment was overreaction or not…if it was to another kid, yeah. But have you seen the kids these days, how sexualized they are so early, and how they approach kids of the opposite sex? It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if there was a little more conversation than the word “fine”, or if the kid gave the teacher a nasty up and down look while saying it…would it really surprise anyone else? If that’s the case, suspension, or at least a serious talking to and calling of the mother was definitely in order.

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    I’m around…skulking about…

  • Anonymous

    I knew when I got to the part of the apology letter what was coming next…LAWSUIT!!! Goddammit I am so fucking ashamed of people in this litigious, greedy, nittygritty, fucked up society we’ve made for ourselves. I just keep waiting for someone out there to NOT try to make money from something they deserve NO MONEY FROM. Please anyone I just need one person to NOT TRY TO SUE SOMEONE FOR A BULLSHIT REASON. Then maybe I can have a miniscule amount of faith in the human race again!!!!  

    OH! Give this mofo his damn job back too DAMMIT!!!!

  •  I’m curious where do you live ? And what level school is this ?
    I have never heard of anything like what you related before;that really was a fucked up thing to do.

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