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Muncie, Ind. — A woman has been arrested after police say she molested a 6-month-old girl, leaving the infant with a gift that keeps on giving — a case of genital warts.

The girl’s mother told investigators that she had let 21-year-old Ashley Stapert and her boyfriend live with her for a couple months because they were homeless. She had known Stapert since middle-school and felt comfortable letting her babysit her daughter.

She ended up going to police after the couple boasted about sexually molesting the infant to friends who also knew the mother. Those people physically attacked the couple and then informed the child’s mother of what the couple were saying. The baby was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and a medical exam revealed she had contracted genital warts.

When police picked up and interviewed Stapert, she admitted to fondling and performing a sexual act on the baby and implicated her boyfriend as well. She was charged with child molest and criminal deviate conduct, both felonies, and is currently in jail without bond. Police are still looking for her former boyfriend.

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Woman Arrested After Reportedly Punching Boy In Face Several Times In Parking Lot
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  • Why would you boast about molesting an infant that cannot defend itself? That implies that you are mentally ill and I think along with jail time these people should be put under psychiatric evaluation and intense therapy sessions. 

  • This is hands down one of the sickest stories that I have ever read.
    What a nasty fucking Bitch.

  • CT

    Not only did they molest this poor baby, but they left it with gential warts?  I am pretty sure that you cannot get rid of them – can you?  I’m not so sure I want to do a Google search here at work on genital warts so maybe someone can help me out.  Anyway — they boasted about it to friends?  Seriously?  These are the times that I wish I had one shot at a persons face with the weapon of my choice.  It would take me a bit of time to put said weapon together but I would enjoy the entire process.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, can we just burn this bitch? What a cunt.

    And on a side note, as a friend, I can understand letting an old friend, down on their luck stay with you. As a parent, the game would change a little bit. I would be questioning why they’re homeless… Yes, it happens to good people because of the economy, but it also happens to genital wart carrying baby molesting pieces of shit…

  • Anonymous

    Boasted??  Fucking BOASTED about it?!?!?!  Wow…  >:( 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, intense psychiatric therapy, after someone with a very hot case of gonorrhea fucks both her and her boyfriend in the ass. That sounds about right.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, come on… Live a little! I’m sure your boss will understand why you’re looking at genital warts!

  • A Muncie girl, whaddya know about that!” 

  • Anonymous

    This is beyond awful, and do you guys know what’s even worse? It’s nowhere near the most heinous story I’ve come across pertaining to the sexual abuse of infants. The Baby Brianna Lopez case makes me weep just thinking about it. Every. Fucking. Time.

  • Malenda Mayfield

    I’m glad she got her ass beat. I’m only sorry I wasn’t there to kick her fucking teeth down her lemon sucked looking face. OMIGOD I CANNOT EVEN FORM SENTENCES. I hope she gets her face stomped every day of the rest of her disturbed fucking life. WHO BRAGS ABOUT SOME SICK SHIT LIKE THAT?!?!? 

  • Arthur Ball

    Both her and her boyfriend need to be put down like the sick rabbid dogs they are. What they have done to that poor baby is just beyond sick and human.

  • guillotinegirl

    The poor kid will grow up with a healthy fear of moon-faced monsters and never understand why.

  • It’s a strain of HPV and sometimes that can go away on its own but I’m not sure if that is true for warts.

  • CT

    Thanks – that’s a bummer.  I remember someone telling me about having them burned off!  OMG. 

  • Anonymous

    Not only ugly but no  morals or common sense either.Fucking punks!Well they won’t be homeless anymore.Poor little baby.Just this girls looks alone, would ensure me she would not be watching my baby.

  • Anonymous

    Most likely they’ll either freeze them off or put ointment on the warts that will make them go away. Depending on the strain, the body might clear it on its own, if not it’ll hang around, and may or may not manifest other warts later. A couple of strains increase risk for cervical cancer, but with regular screening throughout life the kid will probably be ok. A good 80 percent of the population has at least one strain of HPV. “Genital warts” sounds worse than it actually is as an affliction but the fact that the child had no choice in contracting it and was violated just makes things so much worse.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! My mind went straight to Hudsucker Proxy when I read that too!

  • I…uh…WTF!

  • Anonymous

    As I said in the forum, wtf is wrong with her face? She looks like she ate something sour and her face got stuck.  Seriously, though, the ass-kicking was well-deserved and should be repeated at regular intervals while she is in prison.  I will be totally sick and pissed if she ends up with some stupidly pathetic punishment like probation or house arrest.

    She needs a date with a triple-large-economy-sized Bubbette in the worst way.  If nothing else, it will teach her to molest on someone her own size.  This is one sick and disgusting bitch.  Molesting a baby, ffs.  What the hell is wrong with people?

  • Anonymous

    They visible warts can go away, but you will always carry and potentially shed the virus. Think Chicken Pox, once you’ve contracted it the virus stays with you always hiding away. Yes, you can have the warts frozen off, but that only takes care of the current outbreak, they can come back. That’s why it’s so important to know who your fucking, their junk can look normal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a carrier and you can catch it even if the virus is currently in remission. 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, she’s a pretty horrifying specimen.

  • Anonymous

    Damn right, only pretty people get to watch my children. I just don’t want them exposed to that sort of ugliness. 😉

  • Anonymous

    This is the worst impression of that girl in the movie: “Bridget Jones’ Diary”.

  • Anonymous

    Lock her fucking ass up cause this blubbercunt & her twat of a boyfriend are paedos & they deserve to get as fucked up as they can & they CAN NOT HAVE CHILDREN.

  • Anonymous

    They can’t be cured if they like children. Once your sexual preference brain connections are made in your brain the only way to completely change them is if they had a horrible experience with them & the DECIDED to not EVER deal with that again.

    In other words something like a rape might make a woman completely swear off men & becomes a lesbian (I’m not saying that’s how lesbians are made because some are born & I don’t hate the gay people) by choice. She might still be attracted to them but she will not have a relationship with them because she decided.

  • Anonymous

    What? No gun? Seems easy enough if you hit her between the eyes… even if she survives she won’t even be able to know how the alphabet starts & she’ll eat baby food FOREVA!

  • CT

    I think I might enjoy more so fucking up her face so she has to look at herself everyday.  Stupid bitches like this would be more bothered by a fucked up face I imagine – now lack of teeth probably won’t do much good on that – I’d bet she’d have been missing her front toofers in a few years anyway. 

  • Anonymous

    My mind went into that little girl: Lauren… the one that they starved/poisoned with SALT, sexually, mentally, psychologically, emmotionally & physically abused.

  • Anonymous
  • NY_Mommy

    I always think about Baby Brianna too. Sad. I don’t think I could ever forget.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, She looks retarded to me.Her actions proves that she is.Dumbass!

  • Kind of a run-on-rant JGo555,but I agree with you.

  • I haven’t seen that yet … mostly ’cause I thought it was one of those “woman’s” movies.

  • NY_Mommy

    Wow. Kudos to the friends that kicked their asses. I don’t know how the mother didn’t also do so after learning what happened. I would kill somebody. Dead. And take a chance with a jury of my peers. I think it’s fair to say you would be suffering from temporary insanity upon finding out your child had been violated in this way. These people don’t deserve tp breathe air. Here’s to hoping a lil jail house justice comes their way.

  • Err … you people posting that you want to see this Turkey eating Bitch raped do realize that there is no cure for genital warts right ?And that genital warts are highly contagious,and painful.If someone fucks this Bitch,even with a condom it’s like playing Russian Sex Roulette.The best we can hope for at this time for the kid is for them to treat/remove her warts,and for the disease to go into remission.

  • LeaveMeBe

    WTF is up with her making a duck-lip FB face for a friggin mugshot? Someone bring me a dull rusty scalpel so I can remove her distinguishing features. Oh, and some alcohol.

  • On a side note – looking at this Bitche’s pic makes me itch they need to check her nasty ass for lice too.

  •  Sorry,but I am too preoccupied with my PC gaming to babysit for anyone.

  • gross. at first glance i thought that was amber from teen mom. people who look at babies/children/animals sexually should be exterminated. there’s obv a major malfunction and i’ll gladly be the first to volunteer my “cleaning” services.

  • “In other words something like a rape might make a woman completely swear off men & becomes a lesbian” – I think that’s BULLSHIT – just a Bullshit reason for someone doing what they wanted to do in the first place.

  • “some are born” I have had the Gay supporters preach this to me on this site and list their sources,but I don’t agree with “some are born”.People can hurl whatever supportive facts they want to at me on this but I will never  believe this is a true fact.I don’t care who chooses to fuck what sex – not my business,but it is a choice.

  • There is no cure for genital warts,removing the warts does not free you from the disease,and even without visible warts a person may still be contagious.  

  • “Genital warts” sounds worse than it actually is as an affliction”
    No it doesn’t, it is painful when not in remission and there is NO cure for it to date.

  • Finally someone knows what they are talking about on this disease. 

  • ” Stupid bitches like this would be more bothered by a fucked up face I imagine”
    You are way too late for this – looks like she was born fucked up looking …

  • LMAO

  •  Stop Trolling that link JGo555 (lol).

  • Anonymous

    I’ve known several women who had to have full hysterectomies before 30 due to cancer scares related to HPV. Women who wanted kids…

    Just because it’s common does not make it harmless. Protect yourselves and your daughters.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think there’s any correlation between being financially irresponsible and being a molester.

  • reapre

    If I was on the jury, I’d pull a 12 angry men and work on everyone to acquit you.

  • Rhonda Pullen

    You mean Renee Zellweger? Agree!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, because you have such deep insight into the impact that being raped can have in a woman’s psyche. In fact, a lot of women actually walk around wearing short skirts hoping to be raped, just so they’ll have an excuse for some hot lesbian action.

  • Anonymous


  • reapre

    Homelessness sucks.  It’s not always your fault.

    Iraq > account emptied by PoA > no place to live upon return > homeless.  That’s how I ended there.  

    My stint of car sleeping…that’s just unfair to judge me on.  That wasn’t my fault.

  • What a nasty clueless fruitcake!

  • Anonymous

    I knew I was being redundant… didn’t think anyone would call me on it.

  • Anonymous

    They can be born. “It is a choice” if they act on it.

  • Anonymous

    The rape victim could still be attracted to men, she just will simply NOT date them.

  • reapre

    Adopt a puppy that was beaten, daily by a man.

    The dog fears every man that will come around it.  Even if you’re nice.  Raise your voice and the dog will cower or lunge at you.

    If you’re female, dog doesn’t feel threatened by you.

    I would guess works the same on people.  I don’t think the dog specifically was born wanting to hate men.

  • Anonymous

    And you are absolutely right.

    And I also refuse to watch it… unless it’s on tv. And there’s nothing to watch. And I’m bored. And hubby’s not around to have sex. And I’m procrastinating cleaning the house.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes financial irresponsibility leading to homelessness is due to drugs and alcohol, and skeevy behaviors tend to go hand in hand. This is why I say that the ‘why’ in their homelessness would play a factor for me.

    Obviously there are a multitude of factors contributing to homelessness, so I, as a parent, would consider all the factors before taking someone in.

  • Anonymous

    I would never judge someone based on something like that, which is why I prefaced it by saying that it happens to good people too.

    My point is that I would want to know the details of the ‘why’ before I would bring someone into my home with a child.

  • Anonymous

    So then, you clearly remember the day you chose to be straight?

  • Anonymous

    I am sexually active, I consider it to be of the utmost importance to know the risks. 

  • Not only did they boast about their baby fucking adventures but the folks they bragged to beat her and her boyfriend up before telling the mom and the cops.

    In the D’D Forum, we got some pics off her Facebook before it was deleted:

  • Anonymous


    will you *please* stop doing that to me, dv…

  • Athena

    Ced… you didn’t think the people who make those kinds of statements actually think them through to their logical end, did you?  😉

    Thanks for pointing out the lunacy.  

  • reapre

    Homosexuality was cool before Catholicism and Christianity were.  Religion has done nothing but demonize it since specific religions were conceived.  

    I don’t desire to try and change your point of view.  By decision; A gay man can decide to have sex with a woman, that is correct.  (but because I can’t fully understand something which I don’t feel) I would guess it would be the same to him, as a straight man sleeping with a gay man.

  • shannie

    OH MY GAWD.   :O
    Those pics she took should be kept as proof that there is a giant monster babyfucking pig-girl in custody…And they say humans and animals can’t reproduce? EWWWWWW!

  • reapre

    My friend owns an Adult Family Home for Developmentally Disabled adults, (“retarded”)…No need to insult them! They understand right from wrong, they understand consequences, their mentality just doesn’t progress like their physical selves do.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, another one I’ve read about, another one I wish I could forget. Ditto Benjamin Sargent, Kristen Salem, Baby P, Victoria Climbie….the list is fucking endless.

    Though I guess just knowing about them, remembering their names, means that none of these kids are entirely forgotten. That’s almost something, however small and shitty a comfort.

  • Anonymous

    Her actions prove she is EVIL. not retarded.

  • wolfcat

    Funnily enough, I had my first oral sex with a female in kindergarten, her idea. I didn’t know what sex or gay were, but I definitely enjoyed it. I also had my first two boyfriends in kindergarten. I have ALWAYS preferred exactly what I prefer now. I just didn’t have words for any of it until middle school. Thank goodness too or else I may not have the fun that i do now with all the BS stigma people want to attach to stuff. I dated my first cousin for two years as a young teen before our parents found out and explained that people don’t like first cousins to date which ended in us breaking up, him becoming a meth addict, and knocking a girl up at 15. Which was more harmful? My mom tries to tell me that I chose to like what I like, but I just always have, there was never a decision. I have never viewed males or females as “just friends” probably because the vast majority of my younger acquaintances were boyfriends or that girlfriend. To this day I view everyone in a sexual way and just being friends is hard. I’m a frickin sex addict. lol. My extreme christian mom tried to tell me I knew what I did in kindergarten was wrong. How could I? She never told me anything about sex except that if touch makes me feel bad then tell on whoever does it and that my body is a holy temple. Now, I could decide to not have sex for 2 decades like my mother, but does that make me any less bisexual or any less of a sex addict? No. Does it mean I am no longer attracted to the same people? No. I am just being abstinent. Abstinent people are not Asexual and according to christians if I go have sex with a monkey I am no longer attracted to humans. What kind of BS is that?! I’d love for them to tell me when that works.

  • Anonymous

    I ain’t gonna lie. I trolled her facebook page HARD. hell, I probably broke it and that’s why it’s down.

  • Anonymous

    I think you need a therapist.

  • I thought for years that gays were born but then my trailer trash bible thumping homophobic aunt with 2 kids got divorced after her husband caught her screwing her boss husband and then she started dating a girl younger than me.

    A part of me wonders if my aunt went gay to piss off my grandparents and her ex-husband. And to have someone clean the trailer. She went from an attractive married woman to dirty whore to bull dyke (you know the special kind of lesbian with a chain attached to a wallet and the 80’s mullet that likes to wear flannel and Georgia Bulldog T-Shirts) in less than a year.

  • Yet another reason not to help the homeless…

  • Does anyone know the boyfriend’s name yet? He deserves just as much ridicule.

  • NY_Mommy

    Baby P is my worst one. I still cry for him from time to time.

  • malq

    Hi i am malq

  • malq

    I guess i am going to be the one to ask , Is anyone else wondering how the act transmitted genital warts to a 6 mnth old girl?

    It’s like she had to do scissors with her.

  • What a nasty cuntaceratops. I have no words for these nasty sons of bitches other than I hope they burn in hell and have pineapples shoved up there bum holes for eternity…
    Good Lord how can people be so deviously filthy minded and fucked up? I am soooo glad some people got to dish out some much deserved vigilante justice on these shit stains. Too bad it didn’t leave them in a permanent vegetative state so someone could come along and yank the plug on these beasts. I doubt even their families would feel bad about doing that!

  • Anonymous

    Well hello sailor, are you just introducing yourself or introducing yourself as a risk I should know about?

  • Anonymous

    It’s OK, just breath, play some Skyrim, and you’ll forget all about it.

  • Anonymous

    Genital warts are highly contagious. They can be spread very easily through any kind of contact, including oral if the person has the HPV virus in their mouth. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Mrs. & Mr. Skanky are probably infected orally and anally in addition to the genital area. 

  • Anonymous

    Goddamn this is just sick!! That poor little baby, my heart aches for her. I am glad that the people these two sick monsters bragged about this to physically attacked them and I hope like hell no kind of charges were brought against them. The attack on these two monsters was just the beginning, just think what is coming to them when they go to prison.

  • Definitely not a choice. Disagree all you want, but the fact remains. Why would someone choose to be gay when it is so dangerous to be open about it?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, don’t put sick, rabid dogs in the same category as these two!

    Rabid dogs wouldn’t give a baby genital warts, after all.

  • Anonymous

    Yes nurses are complete morons when it comes to HPV. Wikipedia knows much more. (rolls eyes). There are over 100 different strains of HPV virus. Not just one, and some of them ARE naturally cleared by the body.
    I would suggest not using wikipedia as a source about diseases or health issues, as it is notoriously unreliable.
    You do not always carry or potentially shed every strain of HPV. But I think I already realize that since everyone’s already an expert, that no one will bother listening. Oh well, I tried.

  • Anonymous

    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth reading this.

  • Anonymous

    What does your friend owning anything have to do with this? I said this girl looks retarded and to me she does.Iam not politically correct nor will I try to be.if I was a mother of a new born or small child I would not want someone who was retarded  watching my child.If you would then go for it.So if it happens that this girl in the story is retarded, does that excuse her actions?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe both HH.

  • Anonymous

    *hugs kniption* *smooths your hair* it’s ok, it’s ok.

  • Anonymous

    So since it is a choice exactly when did you decide to exclusively fuck women? 

  • Anonymous

    Nothing wrong with sex between consenting adults, IMO, but another “IMO” based on nothing really – you and your sex partners should not have the same grandparents. It’s just this thing I have.

  • wolfcat

    Why do I need a therapist? Also, everyone’s ancestors married cousins. It was made abnormal by puritans before science proved that having a child with your cousin increases the chance of passing any genetic abnormality down to them by only .5% compared to a random person on the street. So genetically there’s nothing wrong. My cousins on my mom’s side of the family are all female so I didn’t meet my male ones on my dad’s side until I was 12. The one my age had a crush on me and the other one was my little brother’s age and I’m not really into younger guys.

  • the bitch is sick thats why shes homeless and moms not that great of a judge of people that was her friend makes me wonder what kinda women mom is

  • Anonymous

    Someone needs to take a dump on this bitch’s face..just sayin

  • Peri Monday

    you’re a freak.

  • Peri Monday

    my mind went straight to how much i hate indiana.

  • Daringdove

    She looks like a successful experiment of a pig’s head on a person’s body. Well, not person, but monster maybe.

    Hope they catch her rotten son of a bitch child-molesting boyfriend too.  It’s a shame we have to actually waste money on housing and feeding these pieces of human waste and can’t just permanently flush them from society all together.

  • Still hot for the cousin, sounds like. Have fun with that one. 

  • OW

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  • Sam

    Right? I love how they beat her up BEFORE telling the mom about them as a kind of ‘lemme get my punches in first’ thing!
    A right hook – the ONLY correct reflex action to being told about some degenerate’s kiddy diddling practices.

  • Anonymous

    That is true, but we’re talking specifically about the nononcogenic forms of the virus that do cause warts. While all HPVs are contagious many are less easily transmitted than others, such as the form that causes warts on the hands or feet. In this thread we are talking HPV 6 and 11. The virus family actually has over 150 known strains and 40 are sexually transmitted. 

  • Anonymous

    I know, it’s pretty horrifying, but a honest question deserves an honest answer.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like she was symptomatic from a strain that causes warts, but that’s no guarantee she doesn’t have another strain as well. If she was exposed to one, she may have been exposed to dozens.

  • wolfcat

    Did you miss the part where I said he got into meth (and everything between)? He also just had a second kid with someone else, still lives with his parents at 24, and last time I had sex with him, years back, he had gotten really bad at it. I’m the same age, happily married to my husband that I’ve known for over 5 years, own two houses, have two kids, two cars, three cats, and two great danes and an irish wolfhound. Not to mention my husband let me have sex with a different ex and a girl that I watched my ex fuck right after I got done with her  because some days I feel the need to let lose. Then there’s my other boy toy who is the first male friend that i haven’t tried to have sex with even though I’ve been sorely tempted and most husbands won’t let a wife have a guy friend. Especially one that my husband knows would love to screw his wife, but I am really trying hard at the platonic thing. Point is, I have an enabling husband and too much money, so I’m not really hot for much else besides what I have. (besides the occasional urge to run out and screw random people. lmao!) <3

  • Anonymous

    You need Netflix streaming baby doll. You should not have to subject yourself to that crap out of desperation. 😉

  • Anonymous

    True, hence the screenings I mentioned in the first post.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus can heal ALL things

  • He just chooses not to.

  • Anonymous

    No my darling, Jesus CAN NOT MAKE HIM STOP LIKING CHILDREN. After all it was God who gave him man free will. What Jesus can do is FORGIVE HIM for what he has done & LOVE HIM despite what he has done.

    He doesn’t need HEALING, he needs a new brain with the correct sexual wiring OR death to prevent him from harming another child.

    Oh & talk like that & your children will fall to the hands of paedophiles, they will hate you cause you didn’t help them & helped their abusers. Jesus heals but he ALSO GAVE YOU EYES & COMMON SENSE!

  • Anonymous

    That’s how you spot them… The Mullet Wearing flannel shirt (sleeves ripped) combat boots bermuda shorts.

    I have a gay-dar but for the life of me if they’re not as I mentioned above I can’t spot a lesbian unless they ask me if they can eat me out.

  • reapre

    No, I don’t mean it as a soapbox thing, or “you need to be PC”.  I meant it as, you’re insulting people with disabilities by saying she looks like them.  None of them are that hideous.  Yeah, I’m sure some people with developmental disabilities do bad things like this cunt-rag, but that’s neither here nor there.  

    Her being retarded, would never excuse her actions.  However, their grasp of “right and wrong” can be completely different than ours because their mentality is that, usually of, a child.  

    I guess from your point of view, I’m just arguing semantics.  Retarded is just a disparaging term meaning “slow” or “delayed development”.  Not “evil fucking whore-bag”.  

    No need to flame or act all angry.

  • malq

    Aye, I am full of risks, but STD’s are not one of them. 

  • Irish519

    Do tell the time line where homosexuality was cool before Catholicism and Christianity

  • reapre

    Of course, there’s belief that their are visual depictions/paintings/etc traveling further back 1000’s of years.  Or is this not adequate enough for you?

    “According to the Roman Catholic Church, the church was founded by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, some 50 days after Jesus’ execution by the Roman Army, circa 30-APR CE. Peter moved to Rome, and became the first pope of the Christian movement. They believe that he was followed by a continuous succession of popes up to the present day. They teach that the Roman Church is the true church founded by God.”

    ca. 630 BC – Dorian aristocrats in Crete adopt formal relations between adult aristocrats and adolescent boys; an inscription from Crete is the oldest record of the social institution of paiderasteia among the Greeks[5] (see Cretan pederasty). Marriage between men in Greece was not legally recognized, but men might form life-long relationships originating in paiderasteia (“pederasty,” without the pejorative connotations of the English word). These partnerships were not dissimilar to heterosexual marriages except that the older person served as educator or mentor.[6]600 BC – Sappho of Lesbos writes love poetry addressing other women, providing the eventual inspiration for the word lesbian.[7]

  • Actually,Yes.

  •  “so dangerous to be open about it?”
    Where exactly are YOU living ?
    As reapre (sort of stated) Gay is the cool thing to be now-a-days.

  •  Soon as I became aware that women had vagina’s; and I was pretty young at that point.

  • Gross thought … thanks.

  • Me too.

  • “She looks like a successful experiment of a pig’s head on a person’s body.”
    You call this a “person’s” body ? Just call it a ” successful experiment of a pig” and leave it at that,mostly ’cause this outfit is totally NOT working for her.

  • I like all of your comment except for this small part “Oh & talk like that & your children will fall to the hands of paedophiles”.

  • I’m having a hard time believing that someone actually created this page:  

  • Anonymous

    So, you could have gone either way, Cedric? You could have chosen to be gay, and find men attractive? If that’s so, I’m sorry you’ve had to repress yourself.

  • Good morning eliz1bef.No repressing going on with me;In my opinion everyone makes their own decision;calling it “born” just makes that made decision easier for some people to live with.This is my opinion,and the fact that some people don’t like it matters not at all to me.

    The so – called professionals who say “born” are in my opinion ignorant … as no one living today completely understands the human brain.The fact that there have been shown to be genetic errors in some people (males have too much female in them,and vice versa – I simplified it )  does not,in my opinion prove the “born” case at all.

    That said I have no self issue with Gay people,as I have no self issue with non- Christians,my opinion on both is that we all get to make our own choice,and live with that choice;I think this is exactly as it should be.For anyone to “Hate” another person for these choices to me shows a large amount of ignorance on the part of that particular person.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, and maybe they will be released after about 3 group therapy sessions where they get their rocks off by listening to everyone else in the group discuss their perverted ways with hurting children.   And once they are released from psych ward, they will find a trailer park right down the road from where you live.   

  • Anonymous

    You’ve skirted the issue. You said that, yes, you clearly recall “choosing” to be straight, Cedric. That would mean that you could have chosen to be gay. Did you, in fact, CHOOSE not to be gay? That would mean that you’ve chosen to suppress homosexual feelings in favor of pursuing heterosexuality.

    Now, are you saying that they are choosing to ACT gay or choosing to BE gay? I can’t really argue with the thought that folks are choosing to act on their homosexuality. That would be an observable fact. On the other hand, saying that someone CHOOSES to have homosexual feelings is opens the door for all kinds of ugliness. No one chooses their gender, gender identity or sexuality.

    That you choose to ignore quantitative data about brain structures tells me that debating you about this is pointless. Dismissing scientific research because no one “completely understands the human brain” is just silly. No one completely understands ANY field, organ or phenomena. As our technology improves, our understanding changes. The great thing about scientific inquiry is that our understanding of the world changes as we learn more. That’s the opposite of dogma and belief. It refuses to change despite ample evidence to the contrary. Your commentary is clearly based on belief, and for me to try to change that is as pointless as someone trying to “fix” a homosexual.

    I do appreciate that you don’t hate gays or non-Christians, and that you don’t support hatred against them. When it comes down to it, that’s what really matters.

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    There is just a whole lot of nasty in this story…what shitbags…not only did they get their fucking jollies molesting a baby, but they gave the child an STD…and then top that off with how seriously fucking disgusting this chick is inside and out…I shouldn’t have looked at the pics of this hog beast, but curiosity got the best of me…The one where she’s wearing some beige colored dress looks like a fucking flesh toned garbage bag full of curd…someone should have let her know that panniculitis   (thank you, CT) is not hot, especially not when it’s being enhanced in a skin tight sausage casing…well, unless you’re a feeder or some shit…but even then, those people have their standards…and being a diseased baby raper makes this pussy warted shitstain unfuckable, even to the most dedicated of FA’s….

  • Anonymous

    Iam not acting angry, just trying to prove a point. 🙂

  • Now this baby must live with the herpes virus for the rest of it’s life. I hope you, Ashley Stapert, somehow come in contact with AIDS. You’re a nasty ass bitch, and If this was my child. This lady would NOT of made it to jail. I would walk through hell for justice.

    Please do not forget Matthew Vandergriff <3
    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen a box of smashed assholes that looked better than this chick, what a scumbag !! Thank you Dreamindemon, for not caving to all the Politically Correct bullshit i see on other sites, restraining us from speaking our minds, I like to call it like it is, and i see that most on here do also. Again, thanks, your site is AWESOME !!!!!!

  • “Did you, in fact, CHOOSE not to be gay? That would mean that you’ve chosen to suppress homosexual feelings in favor of pursuing heterosexuality.”

    I did choose not to be gay,and no that does not mean that I “suppressed homosexual feelings in favor of pursuing
    heterosexuality.” This would have been impossible as I have never been attracted to men,which in turn means that there was never anything in need of suppressing.

  • “a straight man sleeping with a gay man.”

    If you sleep with gay men,you are usually considered gay reapre.

  • ” I’m a frickin sex addict.” I love female sex addicts. Just don’t go fucking any animals,and hopefully no relatives, and live your life.

  • I think you are really cool … but it is best to not fuck your family members … that shit fucks the Hell out of your family tree.


  •  Replying to your comment below –
    “platonic” would mean that you are not fucking anyone,including your husband,so I really doubt that you are actually being platonic.

  • “box of smashed assholes”
    ha-ha – Ah fuck it – LMAO.

  • Anonymous

    lol… I thought that was appropriate for this squishy faced popeye look alike.  Glad you found that amusing, Finally I found a forum where I can unabashedly express myself, with no reprocussions from moderators.   I LOVE THIS SITE !!!!!!!     more to come……. Good quality entertainment here.

  • Anonymous

    ” This would have been impossible as I have never been attracted to men,which in turn means that there was never anything in need of suppressing. ”

    Exactly my point, Cedric. You couldn’t choose to be attracted to men. Because you aren’t gay. Homosexuals don’t choose to have those feelings, just as you did not have to choose to not have them, and could not choose to have them. How did you choose not to be gay if you did not and could not have those feelings. It’s not a choice if there was no actual alternative.

    I’m really not seeing why you’re having such a hard time with this concept, Cedric. Oh, that’s right. This is about your beliefs and not the actual experiences of real human beings, the research of sociologists, scientists and psychiatrists or anything resembling fact.

    You said, “.As for gender identity, and sexuality these have always been choices.”

    For fuck’s sake a simple Google search shows an enormous body of vetted research that points to biological, hormonal and environmental causes for gender and sexual identity. Your arguments are the functional equivalent of endlessly repeating “Nuh-uh;” Uninformed by anything other than dogma and arrogance.

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    If you’re going to borrow my words, Rach, I’m going to have to ask that you not butcher them. It’s Cuntasaurus and Twatceratops…

  • Anonymous

    While I agree with your diagnosis Amber, I’m more of a results as quickly, fairly  and inexpensively as possible sort of wench.  This compels me to suggest the following for the aforementioned hambeast. A bullet in the head. Simple. Foolproof (no chance of reoffending). Cheap (budget cuts?). Fair (just as fair as is a sexual attack on an INFANT). I LOVE THIS PLAN!!!

  • Anonymous

    People are gay because everyone else is, and they think it’s cool. It’s environmental. 

  • Josh Harper

    Wait, HOW does one even boast about molesting a toddler? “Dude, guys, listen, totally just raped a baby y’all, shit was awesome.”

  • Single mothers are America’s dumbest people. They really will let anything near their child without thinking. 

  • Tom Elliot

    How can they be so ruthless? I just can’t imagine how they did it to this poor angel. And I feel sad for the mother. She did them good, but what she got in return was totally unforgivable. Aaarrgghh I’m so outraged by such horrible act! Why didn’t you just leave that poor baby alone? Why?zian2012

  • Maria Medina

    another white nasty sicko person

  • cherrybubblesbonbon

    ‘the couple boasted about molesting the infant’ WTF??????

  • mrskailuakona

    You can’t blame the young mother who allowed her homeless bff & her man stay with her. Just looking at this TPT her photo you can tell she’s evil! Lock her away throw the key. You can run but you can’t hide the male pedo bear his luck will run out. It could’ve been a lot worse sometimes the doctors have to repair an infant’s vagina after being sexually abused so that’s the only good news. Thanks to the friends who whipped their asses this couple needs their heads should be bashed in right? Then telling the mother that was the right thing to do.

  • Brittany Meredith

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