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Illinois — Last Friday, 10-year-old Ashlynn Conner was found dead inside her closet where she had hanged herself with a scarf. Her family says bullying is to blame.

Her mother told reporters that Ashlynn, an honor roll student at Ridgefarm Elementary, had been bullied relentlessly at school and by kids in the neighborhood. Nothing physical, just emotional bullying consisting mostly of name calling.

“Ashlynn’s ugly, look Ashlynn’s ugly. She’s fat. They’d call her a slut,” her mother said.

Last Thursday Ashlynn told her mother she’d been picked on all day at school by three girls and asked if she could be home-schooled. Her mother told her ‘no’ and that she would speak to the principal about it on Monday.  The next day, while most kids were enjoying a day off for Veteran’s Day, Ashlynn went inside her hanging in her closet.

Her older sister found her after the family realized they had not seen or heard from Ashlynn since her mother had overheard her talking with a classmate on the phone a half-hour before, detailing the girls at school picking on her and the fact that her mother would not let her be home-schooled.

What I find amazing is that Ashlynn’s mother does not blame the bullies, saying they are just kids and don’t fully grasp the damage they are doing. She doesn’t blame the principal, saying he couldn’t have done much more than he had done already. She did say that she wished she could have done more and wished the teachers would have done more for Ashlynn than simply telling her to quit tattling.

Ashlynn’s grandmother isn’t quite on the same page and plans on using Ashlynn’s death as a way to raise awareness about bullying.

“We have to prevent it so there won’t be other Ashlynns,” she said, her voice choked with emotion. “I want to see a law that will hold parents accountable and to a degree, the kids, depending on their age. This cannot continue to happen.”

Kind of hard to get your head around the fact a 10-year-old girl, who would have turned 11 in a few weeks, would feel this was her only option. Fukcing sad, man.

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