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Woman Disfigured By Meth Lab Fire Arrested For Another Meth LabMILTON, Fla. – A woman in Florida , disfigured in a meth lab explosion, has been arrested again after police discovered a working meth lab in her trailer.

Police initially went to the trailer in an attempt to serve an arrest warrant but Heather Raybon, 31, and William Hindall told the officers that the man they were looking for, Brian Mauldin, was not there. Police wanted to find out for themselves so they the home to check things out.

Inside the trailer they found drug paraphernalia in plain view and the chemical smell associated with a meth lab. Properly equipped detectives were called in and would find 13 grams of meth powder, 32 grams of meth oil, a small metal pill bottle in Raybon’s purse that tested positive for meth and an active one pot meth lab in the bedroom.

Police arrested Raybon and Hindall for production of methamphetamine, trafficking methamphetamine, possession of felony drug equipment and possession of listed chemicals to manufacture meth. They are now being held in jail on a $35,000 bond.

People get busted for meth all the time, but the reason why this story is making the rounds is simply because of Raybon’s appearance and the fact she has continued her meth habit even after it face-f*cked her with fire.

She used to be a pretty girl but still looks alright when compared to what she looked like two years after her face was melted off, as evident by a series of mugshot photos that make for one nightmarish Faces of Meth.

Woman Disfigured By Meth Lab Fire Arrested For Another Meth Lab

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  • Pete Puma

    I guess that modeling contract never came through.

  • Optimus_past_my_Prime

    Her mugshots make an interesting ‘flip book’.

  • Anonymous

    Id probably continue my drug habit too if I did that to my face.

  • guillotinegirl

    It seems that meth use over time negatively affects one’s ability to stencil one’s eyebrows.

  • Jemimabean

    If her tweaker career falls through, I am 100 per cent positive that there is a niche market in porn for her.

  • iLLusionS

    Wow that ’06 one was a thing of nightmares. I guess I would still be smoking it up too after something like that…I guess that is why she is smiling in ’09….but really lady, what  the hell are you smiling about?

  • Anonymous

    She was such a pretty girl in 2003 and look at her now!  I am just happy that I never had friends that did Meth Heroin or Crack on a daily bases back in my party days.  A few times people offered me one of the 3 but I always admired Nancy Reagan and just said no.

  • Tracey A. Jones

    I like the permanent pout her disfigurement has given her. In her last couple of mugshots, she just has this “Aww, shucks, ya caught me!” look.

  • Sam

    LMAO! That’s it! I knew there was an eyebrow joke in there somewhere! :)

  • Anonymous

    Fucking meth

  • LeaveMeBe

    That’s not a smile. She forgot to put her face cream on the night before.

    Good thing I don’t believe in hell or I’d so be going there.

  • LeaveMeBe

    LMFAO! For gods’ sake GG! I just spewed iced coffee everywhere!

    Me thinks the hard baked drought striken limestone and clay texture of her forehead might have something to do with it also. ;)

  • Rachel Ann Prince

    Is that a smile?
    I just thought she was mildly constipated

  • Rachel Ann Prince

    If looking at this bitch don’t convince you that Meth is bad bad BAD then Idk wtf will!

  • Jemimabean

    Yip. I’m saving this photo for “Mommy’s Educational Visuals” to further terrify my children when they decide to become “rebellious teenagers” mwuahahahahahahaha!

  • Joshua

    I can’t put into words my thoughts on the 2006 pic…a visual aid is needed

  • LeaveMeBe

    I have a History of Human Sexuality book that has really graphic pictures of STD’s and stuff if you want to borrow it and save it for then also. Be careful, it also has other graphic pictures too. It worked wonders with my kiddos and they’re 18 and 20 now so I no longer need it. It’s also very interesting reading. One of my favorite classes in college.

  • Tim Bates

    I’m confused, why was Jabba the hut put into one of these photo’s?  Is Jabba a meth addict who was once that woman?  Jabba was a major asshole ya know, and hardly rational.

  • Anonymous

    Holy hell, they are actually mug shots. She has some serious time management skills to get in all that trouble and still make meth while having tons of reconstructive plastic surgery.

  • Anonymous

    “Incomplete” by Backstreet Boys

    Officers, came knocked on my trailer door.
    My roommate and I told them he wasn’t home.
    They didn’t believe me, I had to let them in,
    now I’m in jail cause I’m cookin’ up some shit.

    I try
    to make sure that I’m oh so fucked up.
    Making meth
    it’s easy even while asleep.
    I make
    sure that no lesson ever goes in,
    cause I sure as hell don’t know whenI’m high with that shit.

    I’ve been arrested many times before.
    One time I melted because the lab exploded on
    my face & my hands but I’ve yet to learn
    to love me, all of me by not cookin’ any meth.

    I try
    to make sure that I’m oh so fucked up.
    Making meth
    it’s easy even while asleep.
    I make
    sure that no lesson ever goes in,
    cause I sure as hell don’t know whenI’m high with that shit.

    I wanna get all fucked up,
    and I wanna be locked up.
    I don’t want to abide by the law.
    I’m more than a moron.

    I try
    to make sure that I’m oh so fucked up.
    Making meth
    it’s easy even while asleep.
    I make
    sure that no lesson ever goes in,
    cause I sure as hell don’t know whenI’m high with that shit.

    Wow, this girl REALLY hates herself to continue to do the shit that fucked her up.  I hope she can’t pop out a kid.

  • LeaveMeBe

    You’re right, she is one hell of a multi-tasker.

  • Anonymous

    2009 must have been good to her, she’s smiling.

    Saint Peter is sitting at the Pearly Gates when tow Meth Heads arrive.
    St. Peter looked out through the Gates and said “Wait here. I’ll be right back.”
    St. Peter goes over to God’s chambers and tells him who’s waiting for entrance.
    God says to Peter: “How many times do I have to tell you, you can’t be racist and judgmental here. This is heaven. All are loved. All are brothers. Go back and let them in!”
    St. Peter goes back to the Gates, looks around, and lets out a heavy sigh.
    He returns to God’s chambers and says “Well, they’re gone.”
    “Who, the Meth Heads?” asked God.
    “No. The Pearly Gates.”

  • Jemimabean

    I have a friend who collects images from car accidents to warn her kids about drunk driving… but the Blue Waffles book sounds good too! :) I’m not trying to keep my kids pure as the driven snow or anything like that, but I’ll be fucked sideways through a rolling donut if I have to identify corpses from car accidents or drug overdoses- and I don’t know how far my medical covers STDs. We need to be cruel to be practical.

  • Anonymous

    sorry to be such a bitchy downer about this, but it PISSES me off knowing that our tax dollars were what “rebuilt” her face and look where she is now.  I would have been fine if she had stayed away from the use and manufacture of meth, and turned her life around but this really blows.  (Yes I am assuming tax money paid, but come on, who on here believes she had insurance or an extra half mil sitting around?)

  • LeaveMeBe

    “We need to be cruel to be practical.” *clapping* Being real is what it takes, and even then you have to factor in the “it can’t happen to me” attitude, which I was fortunate enough to only have to deal with minimally. Both my kids told me the Human Sexuality book made them think long and hard about unprotected sex and it’s ramifications. As for other fears all parents have, there were actual accidents involving teens they knew (a couple very closely) their whole lives which included a drunk driving death, a few involving various drugs (couple of OD’s, drowning, and one head injury), suicide and just some plain old accidents. One was even murdered and she was an ex-girlfriend of my son. Life threw a lot at them and they paid attention. Teach your kids about drugs, and drunk driving but scare the whiz outta them about STD’s and unplanned pregnancies too. ;)

  • Jemimabean

    2009? I thought she was just caught in a bit of a breeze after ingesting a sack of Novocaine that year.

    2006: Cuuuuum, Jabba likes Woooooogie.

    2011: Who, me?

  • Anonymous

    “but scare the whiz outta them about STD’s and unplanned pregnancies too. ;)”

    Agreed, but make sure to give them some damn condoms too.

  • Anonymous

    2006 year of the creature, 2009 corpse look is in.

  • LeaveMeBe

    But of course! Any type of birth control. That was the whole point of scaring the whiz out of them. ;) I am all for sex, we even discussed how important it was to do it right and be “satisfied”, especially for my daughter. And I even told both of mine in front of their doctor that if they ever needed anything they could go to him instead of me or dad if they were uncomfortable.

  • Anonymous

    In the words of Neyteri from Avatar, “This is sad, this is only sad” what a beautiful girl she was, she reminds me of a doll I had once, a Chrissy Doll whose hair would grow when you pulled it, I ruined her the day I got her by putting her under a hair dryer, I still loved the doll and would try to make her look pretty but she was fucked up after that, burnt… Like I said, this is sad, this is only sad…

  • PhantasmaGora

    Uh oh….someones gotta frowny face!

  • Anonymous

    Man.  Talk about “they never learn.”

    No sympathy vote here.  Sorry.

  • Leaf Evans

    OMG… That time-progression photo strip of her should be the next anti-meth ad campaign. Seriously.

  • Gloria Cruz

    right and the docs did a pretty good job too and who do you think paid for it not her meth sales thats right us and the bitch is at it again maybe someone more deserving would like a new face stupid fucking bitch and caught 5 times

  • Gloria Cruz

    im sure theres a faster way to kill your self

  • Gloria Cruz

    tell it brother cause i know its the truth

  • Anonymous

    When I saw the first pic in the main article, I seriously thought she was doing  ‘duck face’ pose.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hah! Now that I think about it, this IS pretty much what Lindsay Lohan looks like these days (which is sad, because she used to be pretty tasty).

  • FrikkenFrak

    I saw a similar story involving a man.  Face blown up then kept getting arrested for more meth use.

    THE BEST PART was that taxpayers had to foot the bill for all his hospital care.  Well, that and for his prison visits, too. 

    Wonder if her health insurance paid for her care.  Hahahahaha….yeah, I know… she has any.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Actually….it did.  She’s got “Miss Faces of Meth 2011″.  

  • FrikkenFrak

    Mine already ARE teens and I’ll definitely be making them look at this. 

    I have to say, I’ve used DD to warn my kids many times about the perils of this or that.

     I believe I may have scarred them……………….

  • FrikkenFrak

    Speaking of your friend….
    When my daughter turned 15, she became very gung ho on getting her driving permit.  As the time for her to do so approached, I started showing her/telling her about news articles involving teen accidents due to huffing, texting, speeding, driving with multiple teens, etc and talked to her at length about safe driving practices.  I explained that a car may symbolize “freedom” but in reality it’s a 3000 lb piece of machinery that she’d be maneuvering around other people doing the same.  

    She is now 2 months away from turning 18 and still hasn’t gotten her permit.  She finally admitted one day she’s afraid to drive.  I feel a little guilty.   I guess I was (a little too) successful in driving the points home.  NOW I’m working on convincing her that it’s ok to learn. 

    Sigh…. parenting!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope the next time a meth lab blows up on her it melts her uterus

  • Anonymous

     You can borrow the lady that did the sex ed/STD presentations for my old highschool.  She had a face like an obese bulldog eating a lemon, the body of the StayPuft Marshmallow Man, and I’m pretty sure her third chin was a separate, sapient being.  Just knowing that woman exists will make it hard for any teen to get it up for at least a couple of months.

  • Jemimabean

    Never had a pretty guidance counsellor in my time (they always give sex ed in the school system) I think it’s an intricate plot devised by educational systems worldwide to keep the kids revolted enough to remain chaste… it’s also not working very well.

  • Dirk

    I wish I had a gif of the moment in Vanilla Sky when the drunken clubber sees Tom Cruise in the bathroom and says “Dude, fix your fucking face!”

  • Anonymous

    This is really sad beyond belief. 

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    High fives**..lmao

  • Smileypants

    “but I’ll be fucked sideways through a rolling donut …”

    Haha, it’s been a while since I literally spewed coffee on my keyboard…Thanks Jemima!!
    Also, in absolute agreement with your comment, BTW  ;o)

  • Anonymous

    I just showed it to my kids. They are 11, 11 and 7. The 7 year old looked like she was going to cry.

  • DebbieD

    In the 2009 image, it looks like she’d received a chin implant, but it’s gone in the 2011 photos. Rejection, maybe related to her drug use?

  • Zach Tyler Loveless

    I would think that by selling meth she had a ton of cash she could have used. She was manufacturing it, so she was likely selling it, and making a living off of it. Tax dollars may not have been used.
    I agree with your point, but wanted to make a point that it is possible that the government did not pay for it.

  • Athena

    Unlikely.  You may be watching too much Breaking Bad. :P  In real life, meth manufacturing is putting hospitals out of business in this country because people blow themselves up and get treatment, but can’t pay for it.  To be making the kind of money to pay for burn victim treatment AND multiple reconstructive surgeries, you’re not stupid enough to blow yourself up to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    She must really be one dumb ass bitch. Most people would learn after the first explosion and a look in the mirror !

  • Christina

    well now that she looks like that, what does she have to lose?

  • Barb Rose

    What a great way to prove the dangers of Meth.

  • LORK

    She looks like Voldemort’s sister with a nose in 2009
    And in 2006 she looks like a fish that is in desperate need of water (*glorb* *glorb* “I NEED….WATER!”)

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