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Gainesville, FL – A relative of Gainesville State student accused of rape was scammed out of $2500 after enterprising Africans pulled a 419 on her by requesting bail money for her jailed nephew.

Dillon Tracy Mason, 19, (pictured) was booked for suspicion of raping a 22-year-old female student in his apartment on September 25. After reportedly initially eluding police, Mason turned himself in. Mason is being held in Clarke County Jail without bond.

Mason’s 58-year-old aunt told police she was contacted on October 4 by a man identifying himself as a “Sgt. Garrison.” According to the incident report, the caller said he was willing to release Mason with an ankle monitor if she paid $2500 for his release. The woman purchased $2,500 worth of pre-paid debit cards from Wal-Mart and made the transaction over the telephone – because, hey… that seems reasonable.

The man said Mason would be released in 30 minutes. Oddly, she received no further contact from the man after providing him the debit card information.

The woman then checked on the status of the debit cards and found that they had been emptied into an African bank account. She then spoke to the jail and learned Mason was not going to be released because, errr… he is being held without bond.

What a bargain… one kid in a family goes to college and the whole family gets an education.

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  • Hekate

    and what an education it was…

  • Anonymous

    The entire family is stupid.  What jail accepts Walmart cards in lieu of cash for bail?  WTH??

  • Jemimabean

    Well… THIS is embarrassing. I wonder which bank accepted such a huge amount of foreign transfers without question?

  • Prominent Prozac

    ..I feel like this story should be posted on the site “The people of Wal-mart”

  • Optimus_past_my_Prime

    Class dismissed. You’ve been schooled!!

  • Prominent Prozac

    This was a ruse formulated by his parents to keep him in jail I just know it..The only good thing they ever did for their son..and make some extra money off a handicapped relative.Sounds like a great day.

  • Anonymous

    What a bargain… one kid in a family goes to college and the whole family gets an education. Lmao Kniption., funny write- up.That woman is a complete idiot.

  • CT

    Anyone have her phone number?   I could use some extra cash for the weekend.  If I don’t get a money order, I imagine I could get her social number and mothers maiden name over the phone if I play my cards right.  Chase credit card heereeeee I come. 

  • Anonymous

    The woman didn,t think to call the kids mom, or the actual police station to see if it was true or not?Iam always wary of unsolicited phone callers.Once, several years ago I recieved a phone call from a phone company.I told them, no thank you, I was happy with my AT&T.I thought that was the end of it.These people somehow cancelled my AT&T and switched me over to their phone service without me knowing.I started getting bills from them every two weeks.I called AT&T and they went toe to toe with them.I of course did not pay the scamming company one thin dime.It really pissed me off that someone can do that over the phone.

  • Anonymous

    I will never understand how people can be so stupid….

    Really?! I won the Canadian lottery that I never entered/got a ticket for? Of course I’ll send you thousands of dollars so I can get money!

  • LeaveMeBe

    Florida. Why am I not surprised? The level of stupidity that people can achieve never fails to astound me.

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t deserve this & I FUCKING HATE THOSE DAMNED TELEMARKETERS!!!

    I’ve decided to actually pick up the phone (after putting my number in the DoNot Call List) & hear their bs & then ask them how in the fuck did they get my phone. “How the hell did you guys get my phone number?” are my exact words. Some that are a bit more legit stay on the phone, others hang up right away. The ones that stay on the line get the: ” Take my number off your calling list & DO NOT CALL ME EVER AGAIN” followed by hanging up.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps I am odd, but if my nephew was accused of rape he could sweat it out in jail for a few nights. Especially, if he looked like that spoiled unrepentant little prick. If he turned out to be guilty then he needed to be there anyway. If he turned out to be innocent, well then he’ll have learned a very important lesson on where to stick his dick.

  • Prominent Prozac

    You are odd.I’d just cut his dick off.I’d never have to worry about where he was sticking it next.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a land line anymore so I don’t have that problem.  But when I did, I just laid the phone down and let them talk to themselves til I heard the dial tone.

  • Prominent Prozac

    I actually punched my boyfriends number into a prank dialer (with utter uncare for his privacy) and trolled him all night with a gay telemarketer who wanted to give him a deal because he sounded “cute”..If you ever get any like that.It was me.

  • Anonymous

    Same thing I was thinking.  I wouldn’t waste my money bailing out anybody who is in for a serious and/or violent crime. 

  • Anonymous

    One look at that mug shot and I thought “Yep, he did it”. It’s telling they aren’t allowing him bail.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly., well said. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Call me old fashioned, but I firmly believe that the parents should decide when a dick needs to be cut off.

  • Prominent Prozac

    Clearly they aren’t good at deciding those things.

    I think it’s better if they let me handle this one.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a good one I ususally play like I am a elderly chinese gent and start trying to take their order for sushi.  My twin girls get a big kick out of it.  I always end with a Fok you bery much.

  • Anonymous

    We as Americans have to be vigilant,  Those Africans are really pretty crafty.  First the Piracy thingy and now we have this to worry about.

  • Anonymous


  • $2500 dollars for all the knowledge gained in an MBA program (that all the world is snakes and oil)? Now that’s a bargain!

  • The Nigerian prison system will take cash, debit, EBT, Visa, Mastercard, and probably Bitcoin or a sack of UN rice in barter (but even they say No to Diner’s Club!).

  • This happened to my ex’s grandparents, but the scammers were from Canada. They claimed to be my boyfriend (who hadn’t talked to these particular grandparents in YEARS), the scammer told them he was in jail and needed bail money in the amount of $2,000. They wired it. He and I were so fucking poor at the time too, a couple days later when they actually called him to find out how it went, we were thinking of saying it didn’t work out and ask for more money because we were that poor and apparently they were that stupid. Not literally, but after he got off the phone he was saying, “Well shit! I wish I would have thought of that! I could use that $2,000!”


    Yeh this is getting to be the new 419 sca, if my child is on jail I know, if they ever do it to me I am going to play along and pretend yes I am sending monies, is that all they need, offer ,my social and credit cards (fake of course) and fuck with them big time, have fun doing it too cuz im bored half the time…