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Plano, TX — The executive pastry chef at Dallas’ Ritz-Carlton hotel, who was also a finalist in Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Deserts last year, has been arrested for child pornography.

The indictment says 38-year-old Morgan Wilson downloaded and viewed child porn on his computer that involved children, ranging in age from 2 to 10, engaged in explicit sex acts.

He got busted because, thank God, he’s one of those idiots who gets their child porn off of Limewire. A law enforcement officer downloaded three videos from Wilson before his apartment was raided.

Wilson, a divorced father of a 7-year-old boy, admitted to downloading and viewing the videos. He was charged with three second-degree felony charges of possession with intent to promote child pornography. He was released on $10,000 bail and will be back to face a judge on Oct 27.

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  • No idea why comments were closed on this. Odd.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo is right!  Bravo to the officer that caught this slime.  and what is he wearing?  A terry cloth robe on backwards? 

  • Robert

    Recipe for jail-
    Mix a Child perv- add a long sentence- shake well-and let the general population shake and bake his asshole!

  • Robert

    We do need our outlet, thanks Morbid!

  • FrikkenFrak

    So….know we know the REAL reason he likes to make candy. 

  • Hey, Genius, do the world two favors 1. Don’t suggest that smart guys like you find superior ways to get child pornography, and 2. Don’t increase the access on this planet to child pornography for those sick enough to look for it, by offering a consultation on how to go about it the way most free from prosecution.  Thanks.

  • FrikkenFrak

    The site has been acting freaky for the last half hour. 

  • Oh WOW! What a douchebag, Like alot of people in Dallas were excited a  person from our area got on Top Chef but it didnt take long before we realized he was a jackass. A perverted jackass to boot! Kiss your parental rights goodbye you sick perv!

  • Anonymous

    I think if degenerates want to look at child porn they are not rely on DD to tell them how to get it.

  • Anonymous

    Longer than that.  I have been getting odd scripts loading when I click on a thread.

  • So…because they will find out anyway, it doesn’t hurt anything to point them in the right direction?  Come on!

  • Robert


  • Anonymous

    “Sooo what’s cooking?”
    A little bit of kiddie porn with a side of hand lotion, accompanied by a 2-ply kleenex and for desert;creamofsumyoungguy.Burrrp!

  • malq

    He had pics of kids from 2-10.

    What could possibly be seen or construed as sexual in a toddler or any preteen for that matter? That’s about as sexy as a lamp. I mean does he drool and say I gotta have that?

    My only guess is these assholes,(especially the ones with unibrows) are incapable of forming a relationship with an age appropriate peer. Therefore they  have control and power in the act with something that is not even capable of responding in kind. Like a lamp.
    How inadequate sexually do you have to feel?
    I have been studying these fucks for years and that is my hypothesis. Anyone have a better one?

  • Anonymous

    Well some lucky prison is getting a desert chief…. That might just save his ass… get it? huh? get it?

  • malq

    I have in now way ever looked for child porn, but my bet is it is everywhere. All you have to do is look for it. Other countries likeRomania, Russia and Germany are pumping them out faster than they can be removed. and everyone shares files like pirated music. I just watched a doc on child sex slavery. The kids are moved from country to country and grow up in this environment where they have been abused and photographed everystep of the way. End users like monobrow, really are not the root problem. It is the traffickers.

  • That is a lovely turtleneck he’s wearing.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck I wish I had his hands. I FUCKING LOVE DESSERT!!

    What a waste of talent & food.

  • LOL .. .yes … I get it …

  • Not pics – the article states “downloaded three videos”.Dude had movies.

  • lol.

  • “End users like monobrow, really are not the root problem.” I disagree.Similar to the drug trade,as well as any other business where money is the goal,if there is no demand for the product,there is no profit from the product,if there is no profit then a lot – not all,but a lot of this shit would stop being made.One of the main reasons kiddie porn is up and running on the net,and else where is the fact that its an industry that is generating profit for someone.

  • I thought the site was freaky all the time …

  • Jemimabean

    I have to agree- I think that demand dictates supply, to a certain degree. If there weren’t arseholes who wanted to see this shit, no- body would be making it.

  • I say if someone wants to search out this type Bull Shit please let them … find it … download it, and enjoy the fuck out of it – that is until law enforcement kicks their fucking door in and drags their perv ass off to jail,and the odds of that happening are in favor of the law.

  • Anonymous

    Then I suppose that people should not discuss murders and how people get away with them.  We better outlaw criminal justice classes altogether, as a criminal might use what they learn in those classes to commit crimes.  Better shut down Dreamin Demon, the tru.tv crime library, all true crime and cop shows on TV, and every news network on earth because reporting on crimes will reveal how people get caught.


  • Anonymous

     You are aware that the vast, VAAAAST majority of child porn these days is not being sold, yes?  The governments have fried pretty much every actual company that peddles the stuff.
    It’s mostly traded around, content for content instead of content for cash.  Any remaining organizations taking actual money are either sting operations or are living on borrowed time.

  • Anonymous

    End users are a problem, but I have to agree with Malq, the root problem is the traffickers who are in control of the children. CP is heinous, but the actions involved in making it are where the greatest harm comes to children.

  • malq

    True, that’s even worse but same principle

  • malq

    There is no money in child porn. It is random assholes running websites for free. But lets say there is money in it. so we have something to argue about.. I’ll give you a fighting chance here.

    I see your point, but in reality, if you compare it to the drug trade, and they are very similar, you are trying to eradicate the drug problem by punishing the users and not the cartel. This battle has been fought for many years by attacking the end-user and proves fruitless. In fact, it is going backwards.

    I am not saying that endusers get a pass, I am just saying the root of the problem is not the consumer. There will always be a demand. Removing the supply is the answer.
    No gas- no drive

  • malq

    That’s what should be happening, but frankly it is so rampant, they have to go after the big fishies.  Like pot use, you can’t chase down people with a joint. There isn’t enough resources.

  • A lot of people seem to like to both make light of looking at child pornography, and also to downplay it as if we’re talking about “barely legal” or suggesting it isn’t all that abusive.  But have you noticed how law enforcement makes a point of indicating that it is often sadomasochism with children?  For example, bound kids being raped, violent sex.  So, anyone who looks a this trash, think back to when you were a defenseless five year old, and imagine some disgusting fat old man wants to bind you and do permanent damage to your body.  Something tells me most of the people who are sick enough to look at child pornography CAN imagine a similar scenario, because the fact that they lived through one themselves is precisely why they look at it at all – repeating the cycle of abuse.  You must be so proud of yourselves, both those of you who view it and those of you who joke about it as if it’s lighthearted humor.

  • Yeah, they are pedophiles. They are sexually attracted to children. Your hypothesis is like saying since you you do not find men attractive then gay men are guys who can’t get a chick.

  • Right, but then what do you think happens to them when they outgrow their usefulness as the object of someone’s sick attraction?  Do you think their kidnappers just release them out on the street with no job skills to become productive members of society?  They either kill them, or they end up in adult prostitution and become junkies because they need to numb themselves from the memories.  ENDUSERS ARE A HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM.  This isn’t as simple as chalking it up to supply and demand, I am sorry.  If you even voluntarily look at it for a second you are SO part of the problem.  That whole ridiculous logic that someone just looking at it isn’t actually abusing anyone doesn’t float.  Imagine this analogy.  Your mom or sister was the victim of a serial killer who made snuff films out of her for all the other sociopaths in the world to share in – for eternity.  Are you going to then argue that the harm is done, so there is no additional offense in having your innocent family member being murdered as entertainment?

  • From what I have read, a lot of the sites require that people post a quota of their own material in order to stay current – as a way of weeding out law enforcement.  Which means, big shocker, pedophiles are often filming abuse of their own families and neighbors.  Your kids, for example.  Doesn’t matter if anyone is making money off it or not.  Not the point.

  • Morbid, it is totally unclear who or what comment exactly your last post relates to.  Please clarify if you expect it to make any sense to anyone else.  Whose hypothesis, what hypothesis?  Restate what you interpret the hypothesis to be, if there was one.

  • How about you simply look at who I replied to you fucking moron. There’s a link right above my comment.

  • Aww, are you all sore that I called you out on helping pedophiles find material more safely? 

  • Anonymous

    Why dont you climb off that high horse for a minute and have a proper look around this site.

    We hate baby rapers here and agree that ANYONE involved in the child porn chain should be punished.

  • No. New, stupid commenters aggravate me. It’s a known fact.

  • Yeah, unless you’re Morbid, in which case you merely seem to play lip service to the idea of prosecution for people who see child rape as entertainment, and sort of play both sides of the fence where you imply it is an issue of free speech or some other such asinine point of view.

  • Of course, so does being called out on aiding and abetting pedophiles kinda aggravate you, obviously.

  • Don’t bother. He also thinks I feel that child porn is covered by free speech and that by mentioning Limewire, the service mentioned in the news articles, is my way of saying I use better ways of obtaining my own child porn. In other words, he’s about one of the dumber ones we have had show up in a while.

  • Yeah. You got me. oO 

  • I would ask you to show me where I ever said child porn was an issue of free speech, but I know you would never find it as it is right beside your reading comprehension.

  • Anonymous

    No, its because you are a fucking moron

  • malq

    I never said that someone just looking at it is not abusing the kids. You have to admit it is a few tiers down from fucking the kids and filming them. Not to mention distributing it to the whole world. So yeah, endusers are removed from the most heinous part of the overall crime. But who are we targeting?  The jerkoff in his livingroom who has less than a chance in hell of ever feelin’ the skin of these babies.

    My argument was simply a supply and demand one. Not that the enduser was blameless.

  • malq

    I see,
    Well let me put it this way. pedophiles are attracted to children and babies because their is no contest intellectually.  Like a lamp.
    You seem to be condoning this as a logical, natural  condition.  That is, being attracted to children and acting on it..
    if that is so, we must put them in the same category as gay lesbian queer transgender and all other.
    Those are not a crime, involving children is.

  • Pedophilia is a mental condition. It has nothing to do with the children being no contest intellectually. They are attracted to children in the same way you are attracted to females. When they see a naked 5-year-old, they get hard (or wet). Not all pedophiles act on their desires. Some do.

  • LOL

  • LOL.

  • LOL.

  • Art you misunderstand  the comment Morbid made.I understand how you arrived at your conclusion concerning Morbid,but it’s a conclusion based on incorrect facts regarding his statement.

  • That’s pretty cool how you did that link.

  • What ? LOL.

  • Actually, I had heard that Limewire was dead;so reading that he had used that actually surprised me.Limewire is grossly outdated technology.

  • ”  You must be so proud of yourselves, both those of you who view it and
    those of you who joke about it as if it’s lighthearted humor.”

    Hmm … what exactly has happened to you – in your early years to make you so sour inside Art ? You can tell us – we are overly sympathetic to people who have been victims of abuse on this site – sexually, or otherwise.I’m guessing someone sexually abused you,or someone close to you.That’s the way you are coming across,but you’re on here openly attacking people who are actually on your side.

    Good people may joke about things like child abuse at times,because laughter is one of the few tools we have  to keep us from going completely stark raving mad.Laughter can help ease internal pain,until there comes a time when you can actually do something about whats really hurting you.

  • You think pedophiles are attracted to children because a child can be easily dominated;due to an adults Superior  intellect.Morbid, however is correct – Pedophilia is a mental condition,and there are various things going on inside these fuckers heads which are making them want babies,and kids for sex purposes.It is a sickness,and while I can’t say for a fact that part of some of these fuckers turn on does not come from dominating a smaller,much weaker human – I can say that I don’t believe that to be the total reason for their desire.They are attracted to children in the same way a straight male is attracted to a woman – this rings of truth to me.

  • You may have a point.I have always thought the users were greatly out numbered by the non – users … but I have never seen numbers on this issue.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  Besides, there are plenty of easily dominated men and women out there to be had if that were all these sick freaks wanted.

  • I stand by my original point. People have to ability to stop what ever people as a whole want to stop.Going after the suppliers is fucking ass backwards;It’s like chopping off a Hydra head,new ones will always spring up.You are correct in what you say about the drug trade,however what we see happening there is the being directly caused be users,not suppliers. Kill the need for a product,by killing the demand – and before you know it the suppliers will not exist either.It’s as simply as A,B,C.

  • “There is no money in child porn” I disagree. I suspect lots of money is being exchanged in the child porn market.”It is random assholes running websites for free.” For every free website I would argue that there are at least the same – if not a greater legit number of pay sites; most of these are based in countries where child porn is not illegal, and there are ways to camouflage the money trail.No gas- no drive … Hmm – how many cars would be being made if everyone chose to walk ?

  • You are aware that child porn is not illegal everywhere right ?  ” The governments have fried pretty much every actual company that peddles the stuff.” Our government does not make the rules in other countries;which is where most of the for cash internet sites are based.

    “It’s mostly traded around, content for content instead of content for cash.”  I know there is a lot of trading going on which is content for content,however I still say that there is also a lot of content being traded for cash;both on the net, and on the black market.

    “Any remaining organizations taking actual money are either sting operations or are living on borrowed time.”Sting operations are out there – this is common knowledge.Your living on borrowed time comment is a guess at best.

  • Well finally you said something I can get behind.Although you did take malq out of context.

  • malq

    They are normal? like heterosexuals and homosexuals? Other than the age difference it appears you are really blurring the category of pedophilia into acceptance. Why are we so hard on pedos and wish them ill? It’s just a mental condition?
    If it truly is a mental condition, it should be treated with acceptance and love and counseling only,
    without harassment or punishment.  It should be treated the same way as heron addiction or any crimes that get a pass due to a mental state.

    I am pretty  sure that pedophilia has a lot to do with opportunity and intellectual mating. A high percentage just get off on being deviant.The rest cannot function in a normal relationship. Maybe they can and hide it, that’s they psychopathic pedo.

  • How can showing you that pedophilia is a mental condition just like necrophilia, zoophilia, Salirophilia or any other “lia” be construed as me leaning towards acceptance? I accept people are born with mental illnesses that vary wildly and even include those of a sexual nature, I never said I accepted their immoral or illegal behavior. For someone who says they have studied these guys for years, you sure haven’t done a lot of actual research.

  • All pedos bother me but the ones who have children of their own bother me the most.

  • Anonymous

    My first thought was “who the hell still uses Limewire?” Of course who would give this perv an invite to Demonoid?

  • Hol-leeeeeee shit. I remember hating him on Top Chef because he was such a homophobic dick. I guess he was even worse than that! And all those sweets he made–perfect for luring little kids, huh? 

  • malq

    I see your point and you are probably right, but I just have a problem with the term mental condition. I read that as a slipperyslope towards acceptance.
    A mental condition to me, infers it is something that should be dealt with compassion and sympathy. I believe that even if they are attracted to children, like I am to women and you are to giraffes,  the inability to resist breaking the law and the unconscionable deed of ruining a childhood, says otherwise. I see them as psychopaths. How can they not see the harm they are doing? Those that can why can they not control it?  I don’t jerk off in public, I wait untill I get a midget video in the comfort of my trailer.
    I suppose you could anyone who breaks the law and wreaks havoc in any form has a mental condition.

    I never said I went to Harvard to study pedophiles, it’s my own theory after watching these guys.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I remember seeing him on the show but I didn’t watch the whole show. I do remember him referencing his son and all his friends and how they loved to come over and he would bake for them. Of course, parents say these things, but in hindsight it’s super creepy.