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Sante Fe, NM — Derrick Manuel, the bloody guy to the left, was brutally beaten by three men earlier this week after he accidentally hit a 5-year-old girl that darted in front of his vehicle in a grocery store parking lot.

As is apparent in the attached surveillance video, the car in which the child was riding stops in the middle of the parking lot. The girl jumps out, runs behind the vehicle and straight into the path of Manuel’s truck. When Manuel attempted to climb out of his truck to check on the child, three of the kiddos relatives jumped him.

“At one point, I was going to pass out,” said 49-year-old Manuel. “They were hitting my face, they were hitting me, hitting me.”

Both Manuel and the child were taken to the hospital for treatment and later released. No word on the girl’s injuries, but authorities said they were minor. Manuel suffered cuts, swelling and contusions to his face during the rumble, which police say had to be broken up by witnesses.

Manuel wasn’t cited in the incident, as it was clearly an accident.

“He was doing the right thing. He stopped. He didn’t flee. There’s no indication from our witness statements and surveillance video that he was trying to flee,” Santa Fe police Lt. Louis Carlos said. There was also no indication that Manuel was speeding.

The three men accused of beating the snot out of him weren’t arrested either.

“Because we didn’t witness the fight or the punching, it falls in the realm of a misdemeanor,” said Lt. Louis Carlos.

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The case was turned over to the Santa Fe County District Attorney’s Office and the D.A. will decide if the men will face misdemeanor battery charges, said Carlos.

The kid’s mother, however, thinks Manuel is getting off too easy.

“He was in the wrong by running the stop sign and speeding when there’s families, there’s kids, there are newborns,” said Patrece Visarraga.

Damn those sneaky newborns, darting in and out of traffic….

Manuel is a little peeved that his attackers weren’t arrested.

“There’s no way they can keep beating someone like that,” said Manuel. “I’m upset at the parents for not controlling their child.”

Amen, Manuel.

Girl hit by car, driver beaten by family:

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  • Jemimabean

    Who in the name of all unholy Fuck allows a five- year old to run around in a parking area? I always assumed (silly me) that the best way to prevent this kind of thing is to keep your kid’s hand in some sort of vice- grip until you have her safely deposited in the vehicle. Also- where was the stop sign he ran through? I didn’t see any demarcations in the video. I’m sure that when your kid (whom are you NOT taking adequate care of in the first place) is hit by a car it’s scary and stressful, but FFS why beat the man? It was hardly his fault. Five year olds are notoriously short, too. Anyone who has been around one for more than ten minutes would know to take extra care with one in a place full of huge, moving cars.

  • Anonymous

    Id be trying to go too if 3 men were beating the shit out of me, an elbow didnt do that to his face, she looks and sounds just like what she is, an irresponsible parent who isnt watching her kid with out of control family members that act before they stop to think ot look into a situation, most people would be more worried about checking on their kid who just got hit by a car…

  • Anonymous

    Ugh!! These type of “parents” who act concerned AFTER something happens to their kid piss me off! The nerve to pull the guy out of the the truck and beat him for their own damn stupidity?
    If the cops can decide that Manuel didn’t do anything wrong from the video tape, then why can’t they also see him getting his ass kicked?

    Figures, her name is Nevaeh. (snark)

  • CT

    Maybe an elbow might have hit him?  God lord, this kids mother is an idiot. 

  • It looks like this guy was driving kind of fast for a busy parking lot. Because I do have a child, I make sure I go super slow because kids do dart out and that is a fear of mine. If someone was driving carelessly and ran over my kid I would beat the shit out of them also. Sorry if someone has a problem with this…oh wait…no I am not 😛

  • Ok the mom has a neck tat…and WHY THE HELL did they drop them off in the middle of the isle? Yeah there may be a perfect storm of stupid going on here.

  • Yeah Here is a guy doing the right thing, and he gets his ass beat for it…NOW some dumb ass shmuck down the road is gonna say that is why he/she didn’t stop when they ran over someone….Way to go parents….I am glad this was on tape so the man had some back up to his claims of it being an accident.

  • She mentions him running a stop sign, but I don’t see where there is one for him to run right there, anyways. I see the one at the end of the lane, but that’s not where they were. Kids have hands which are meant to be held. They were wrong to assault this man after he accidentally hit their kid. I hate that she got hit, but they could have prevented it by being parents.

  • Imagine parents actually CONTROLLING their kids…novel idea there!

  • Anonymous

    I was so busy checking out the neck tat that I *almost* overlooked her wannabe-Winehouse eyeliner.  That, and listening to her lie about Manuel running the stop sign, since there isn’t one anywhere near the accident, just further drops her witness cred IMO.

  • Anonymous

    This is so typical, I see this all the time in busy parking lots, children either running way ahead of the parents or far behind them.These parents are total idiots. Its clear the the child ran into the truck, because of parent neglect.

  • Jemimabean

    Call me archaic, but I put harnesses on my boys when they started the “leave me alone, I can walk myself” bullshit. Firstly, because I don’t want them getting hit by a car and secondly, because I don;t want them being snatched by a sicko. I’ve never used one with my daughter since she always holds hands without arguing, but my sons argued plenty. I had a LOT of flack from people accusing me of restraining my kids like animals, but YOU try the single mom with two toddler boys a year apart in a busy street with an armload of groceries and satchels and get back to me.

  • LeaveMeBe

    “Because we didn’t witness the fight or the punching, it falls in the realm of a misdemeanor,” said Lt. Louis Carlos.

    WTF does that mean? Glad the guy wasn’t killed by these nuckin futs because, according to this guy’s guidelines, they still could only be charged with a misdemeanor. Nevermind the WITNESSES and the freakin’ VIDEO.

    On a different note, if four damn adults can’t keep a 5 year old from bailing out of a car and running amok, then maybe they shouldn’t take her out in public. Morons.

  • Jemimabean

    I don’t mean YOU specifically, Janet, btw. In case it was taken out of context! 🙂

  • No,she is a liar who thinks that everyone else is an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Jemi, you’re being a concerned parent, so naysayers can go “F” themselves. You’re never going to be in a video like the one above. I hate when parents blame anyone, but themselves, at 5 years old my nephew new better then to run out in traffic. There is no whiney bullshit at Aunt Snark’s house. My word is law and that’s that. Funny thing, my nephew absolutely loves coming over my house and hanging out with us. He wants his parents to move into my neighborhood so he can come over all the time. I love him and we have fun, but I am not his “friend” and he knows that.

  • Anonymous

    Did you miss the part where there is NO evidence that this guy was speeding at all? I saw the video too and I have no idea what you’re talking about, any more than the police do. And who is going to beat the girl’s family for being idiots and liars who also clearly didn’t have the little girl secured in a car seat?

  • His speed looks fine to me. Granted if the driver had been going a tad bit slower I am reasonably sure that he would not have hit the girl; but there is apparently no law in Sante Fe, NM. stating that the driver had to operate his vehicle slower than whats shown on the video. Also there was a car to his left which blocked his view of the little girl till she had run in front of his vehicle. This accident didn’t appear to be the fault of the driver at all to me, more like the fault of irresponsible parenting.Since you mentioned your kid I would hope that you have taught your kid the correct way to WALK not run across a parking lot,and that if YOUR kid is young (like 5 years old)that you are responsible as a parent and hold the child’s hand while they are crossing a parking lot.

  • dixiegirl3179

    This case is making me so mad. Who the hell lets their 5 year old out of the vehicle in the middle of parking lot traffic? My son is almost 5 and he can’t get out of the vehicle on his own, I have to go around to his door and let him out. Know why? Because he’s secured in a car seat like he should be..something these dumb asses probably haven’t even heard of. I can’t tell in the video, is the vehicle the little girl got out of a small pickup? If so how the hell did they have 4 adults and a child in it? Then to blame it on the guy who obviously did nothing wrong ugh. Personal responsibility people…learn it.

  • Anonymous

    Those guys need to be arrested!!!

  • Anonymous

    Its like those people who take their kids to the grocery store and allow them to run wild up and down the aisles.  Then the parent gives you a dirty ass look when you swerve to miss their kid!  This mother is an idiot I tell you what.

  • Anonymous

    There are very few actual parents in the world today. Just breeders.

  • “taken out of context” ? On this web site ??? Does that actually ever happen ? Say it ain’t so     🙂

  • Jemimabean

    I’m just making sure that no- body thinks I was offending anyone else directly, is all. 😀

  • Hekate

    it amazes me the lengths people will go to to justify their own stupidity… he wasnt speeding, there was no stop sign, it was an accident.. and this woman is gonna lie thru her teeth and then mention newborns to make what her kin did ok. ridiculous…   I especially love the part where she says this man was hit on accident when one of these meatheads went to grab his keys to keep him from leaving and that he was provoking the fight… this poor man stopped his truck.. he was doing the right thing..if he had wanted to bail all he needed to do was floor it.
    as for misdemeanor charges? misdemeanor because no cop witnessed it first hand? bullshit. its on tape for the love of the gods… my head hurts

  •  🙂  My work PC is crap … it has all this restricting garbage on it … I’m having a hard time “liking” comments … I will try to “like” some of these great comments later when I get home.
    Oh … I am fairly certain most people on here already know you tend not to attack people – less they really,really ask for it.

  • Coyote

    Doesn’t anyone remember their parents teaching them to look both ways before crossing?  Does any parent still teach their children this lesson?  This stupid bitch obviously doesn’t. 

  • Coyote

    Oh yea, because beating an innocent man is so much better than properly supervising your child. 

  •  I know right ?

  • Anonymous

    The mother on that video is ridiculous. Not only does she just traumatize the man by letting her kid run out into traffic so he now has to know what it’s like to run over a child, but then allows him to be beaten and then just lies about. These people should be in jail. BTW, all of my children were trained from the time they could walk to wait for me whenever we were walking where cars might drive. Now my daughter’s eleven, big enough to wear most of my clothes and still she waits for me when we’re in a busy parking lot like that. And my six year-old six has to be unbuckled from his carseat before he can get out of the car (he’s a little guy) and he knows, if he’s not in the cart, some part of him has to be touching some part of me ‘Hold onto Mommy’s pursestrap.’ (For when my arms are loaded down) It’a whole big production but my babies are always safe.

  • Valerie

    I have used a harness on my daughter before, so don’t worry. I had a newborn, she was 18 months old, and I had a three year old. Little Miss Independent Red Head didn’t want to hold my hand, so I used the harness to keep her near while I also carried a carseat and held my 3yo daughter’s hand. I also got the snarky comments and looks, but I didn’t care. I was keeping my daughter safe. The worst part though was when she decided to try to act like a puppy.

  • I’m sorry I’m confused, You were on mom’s side UNTIL you saw she has a tattoo on her neck?

  • If you look at the tape, you can CLEARLY see that they rushed in and hugged him a bunch, there was a little tickling too, which caused him to slip, hit is face on an elbow, and the rest gets put on this website all blown out of proportion.  

  • Athena

    No, there are mostly actual parents.  The breeders just stand out.  

  • Lisa Aka Mommyof2

    It’s been a while since I found myself yelling at my computer screen but that mom set me off. Stupid bitch should have had control over her daughter and this would have never happened. The fact that the mother has a neck tattoo makes me dislike her more.. Fucking moron!

  • Athena

    Having hit a pedestrian once, myself, I can imagine the horror this man experienced.  And it is horror.  For many drivers, hitting a pedestrian – specifically a child – is a nightmare scenario.  To do the right thing, to stop and jump out… only to be met by a mob of attackers?  Terrifying.  

    This is precisely the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished kind of bullshit that could make others hesitant to stop when they’ve hit someone.  Disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to kick the mom right in her hairy Chihuahua.

    The three thugs are good candidates for a little quality time with my puppy “Cuddles.”

  • “Because we didn’t witness the fight or the punching, it falls in the realm of a misdemeanor,” said Lt. Louis Carlos. The law is the law – if it’s a misdemeanor, it’s a misdemeanor … I’m trying to understand why the good Lt. is acting as if a misdemeanor is not worthy of his time. I am also trying to understand how an idiot has some how managed to be promoted to Lt. in “anyone’s” police Dept. It would seem to me that clear video footage of an assault would be just as good – if not better, for a court case than an on view offense. I think that Santa Fe police Lt. Louis Carlos is either lazy … or he’s related to the dumb ass parent Patrece Visarraga, or one of the attacking men; at any rate it seems apparent that he has no actual interest in doing any actual police work in this case. On a side note – Why is the actual assault clipped out of the video?

  • Anonymous

    I remember this lesson, and only had to ignore it once to be reminded the hard way. Luckily she wasn’t speeding and just knocked me down. Sadly many parents do not. It is an everyday occurance in my neighborhood where some kid darts out on foot or on a bike and drivers have to slam on the brakes, swerve, lay on the horn ect… And it gets better if the parent sees this, which is rare that they are ven supervising them to begin with. Do they reprimand the kid? Oh no. They give you the dirty looks and yell at you.

  • Kinda seems like she was …

  • OK …I agree that they are hood chicks … but after checkin out the face book pics I have to say they are hot looking hood chicks.

  • After viewing her face book page I would prefer to take her home and err … punish her myself.And I think the friend in her face book pics needs to be punished as well.

  • Anonymous

    Cedric…DirtyDawgy II

  • LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao@ daughter acting like a puppy. 🙂

  • LeaveMeBe

    Oh, I see it now! Sometimes it takes someone else to put things in perspective. 😛

  • Anonymous

    I was going to say the same thing.
    Are these guys cops or blind men?!
    You can clearly see them pull the driver out of the fucking car, on to the ground, and I can see at least one person kicking him.  Unless these jackasses live next to a chemical plant and have cartoonish deformities, you won’t find elbows on someone’s leg.
    What, are we supposed to believe the old wifebeater standby of “he fell into a doorknob”?

    Also note that only one person runs to check on the kid.  Everyone else goes straight for the driver.  Great parenting, assholes!

  • Parenting…(pssst….you’re doing it wrong…)

  • Anonymous

    Well hurry hurry kitten, cause with parenting like that they’re going to need a new baby daddy soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    My brother had one of those cause he was hyperactive & used to get lost ALL the time.

    He would take it off, tie my mom to a clothesrack & get lost.

  • Anonymous

    Children love & respect the adult who acts like one. They love rules (even though they whine about it) because they know where they stand & what’s going to happen to them & everything is clear cut to them.

  • Anonymous

    I have no fence in front of my house & my 2yr old gets out while I’m trying to deadbolt. She dashes straight for the street & runs faster because I’m chasing her. I grab her just in time before she gets to the sidewalk & tell her that she CAN NOT DO THAT. That mommy told her to grab on to her. And then I whip out the Barney:

    “See a friend on the other side of the street.
    You can wave & shout hello!
    Don’t ever cross the street yourself.
    First get help FROM A GROWN UP YOU KNOW!

    Look both ways when you cross the street. (3x)
    Don’t move your feet, ’till you look both ways when YOU CROSS THE STREET”.

    I might seem like an idiot to whoever passes by & listens to me sing & dance the damned song, but I’m trying my hardest to teach my kid NOT TO BOLT OUT ONTO THE STREET & TO HOLD A GROWN UP’S HAND.

    BTW, I would totally agree beating the asshole that ran your kid over if they were drunk, BUT HE WASN’T IT WAS A FUCKING ACCIDENT. He should sue their asses.

  • Anonymous

    Oh any of you feel disgusted by the fact that the kid was waiting FOR HOURS AT THE ER after being RUN OVER???

  • Valerie

    It was awful. She would try to crawl around and bark while we were at the store. I was like “Hope!!! Get up, you are not a puppy.” It made the dirty looks worse.

  • They must not! I still tell my daughter to look all the time. She’s nine and she still holds my hand in parking lots and when walking on the sidewalk. I do it still because then drivers will see she most likely can’t dart out in front of them because she’s holding my hand.

    Twice this week, I have almost ran over some dumb shit in my daughter’s class, because he walks out into the street without looking, and not at a crosswalk. I have a bad feeling I’m going to wind up hitting that little idiot.

  • What a clusterfuck. I just want to know…. where is this stop sign he supposedly ran? I mean, my vision is not the greatest… maybe momma has xray eyes! She should use it to xray her damn head. Don’t think she’s got a working brain in there!

  • Anonymous

    Mmm, hoodrat 14/15-year-old teen mom skank all in one!  *Awesome*.

  • Anonymous

    You really have low standards, don’t you?  Come on Cedric, you can do better.

  • Anonymous

    There was no stop sign that this guy “ran”, and that fugly skankariffic whore is a lying sack of bitch.

    Though I have to wonder if the cops are just being assholes in this case.  This attack was caught on video.  Those fuckers need to be charged.  But some cops are d-bags, not wanting to bother to arrest people even after they’ve beaten the shit out of each other because they’re fucking lazy.  That whole mentality of “Oh well, they’re not really worth my time…” kind of mentality.  This was a decent hispanic guy trying to do the right thing getting his ass UNJUSTLY kicked by a bunch of lowlife hispanics…I bet the cops were all “Ho hum…eh, let’s go get some donuts.”

  • The only thing that come’s to my mind is “Really!?!” and “What a great parent that mom is! And an she’s a horrible liar.”

    This world is just too great!

  • Alicia

    So, I suppose when the police in that town respond to a domestic violence call and show up to a bruised and bloody woman, they don’t arrest her husband/boyfriend because they werent there to witness the beating? Those guys not being arrested is the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard! Sounds more like they figured it was “tit for tat”, man hits girl with car, family of girl beats up man, they’re even. Ugh.

    And as far as the mother saying the guy got off too easy, seems to me she’s trying to deflect blame from herself onto him. She wasn’t paying attention to her kid. I’m glad the little girl is ok, but hopefully she learned that it’s a bad thing to run around where cars drive and hopefully her mother learned to keep a better eye on her.

    I had it drilled into my head at a very, very young age that you do NOT run around in a parking lot or roads, etc.

  • wyrosjr

    New Mexico was such a phophetic name for the state.

  • Anonymous

    With respect, I disagree.

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    What fucking stop sign? I can’t believe this shit…the child jumps out of a car and runs across a busy parking lot…and the mom blames someone else? That kid should not have been out of that car without an adult holding her hand and walking with her…all that happened is Mom’s fault for not controlling her fucking kid…Un-fucking-believable…Since the world’s gone sue happy, maybe truck dude can sue mom and the guy’s that beat his ass…he deserves a little compensation for that bullshit…

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    Lieutenant up there doesn’t even seem to know what to say about why they weren’t arrested…it’s like he’s grasping for an excuse and even as he’s saying it, he knows it sounds lame as fuck…

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    My dad made my mom leash me because she lost me too many times at department stores…I hated it…but I lived…

  • Jemimabean

    *lol* visions of Little Timmy cunningly disguised as a rack of mark- down T- shirts *They’ll never spot me here, ho ho!*

  • Anonymous

    Apparently some parents don’t approve of child-proof locks.  I dont’ give a shit if your friends find it irritating that they have to be let out of the car by someone else, if your child is a little bit impulsive, which MANY are (I’m saying that cause some people have little ones that literally bounce like Tigger on speed most of the time), then the locks need to be on if you want your baby to see another birthday. 

    I’ve never understood why people have a problem with those harnesses.  My mom used one on me when we went to the lake.  She’d tie one end to the dock so I could only go out into the water as far as was allowed.  That way she could sit in the sun and watch me play and look for shit without having to hover.  Now if you add a muzzle, that MIGHT be going a bit far.

  • My little brother had to be leashed for a few years. He was a hellion! I had to be leashed once and I was like… “fuck this.”

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    And here is mother dearest’s mugshot…

  • Anonymous

    The ER’s are usually filled to capacity. Every case is triaged by severity. If she was cleared with the ABCD’s then she would be moved down the list. According to The Pocket Book of Hospital Care for Children published by the World Health Organization, the ABCD triage method is an excellent assessment method to be used for children entering the emergency room. ABCD stands for airway, breathing, circulation/coma/convulsion and dehydration. Each letter refers to an emergency sign, or a set of signs, that signifies the need for immediate medical attention and treatment.

    Read more: What Is Triage? |

  • Anonymous

    I have no problem with harnesses. On this line of thought, I’m pretty sure each of us can think of a parent who often straps their toddler into a stroller for the entire duration of an outing.  It’s a means of keeping the child close and making the outing faster and easier for the parent.  I’m not judging them because it’s very practical.  But I sure don’t want to see stroller-“strappers” wag their fingers at parents who instead opt to use a harness on their toddlers, as if strollers are acceptable and harnesses aren’t.  They are more similar than those waggers care to admit as both can be used to restrict and restrain children.  At least harnesses allow toddlers to get some exercise.

  • Anonymous

    Valerie? you and daughter will have a great laugh about this later on, I promise

  • Anonymous

    Properly supervising your child takes a lot of work, beating up an innocent man every once in a while is much more efficient. I may try that tactic when I have kids…

  • Anonymous

    I generally think well of parents who harness their kids. Your reasoning is none of my business, the fact that you are keeping your kids out from under my feet/shopping cart/vehicle is good enough for me.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    I don’t feel sorry for her for getting run over… I feel sorry for her being raised by people who are too irresponsible to care for a child and too idiotic to realize when something’s their fault. 

    Seriously, I don’t see her having much chance to grow up as a reasonable human being, she will just learn to lie and make excuses and blame others for her mistakes. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ll say it: if you name your child Nevaeh, you don’t deserve to go to heaven.

  • Anonymous

    Agree…it isn’t like the good parents are all over the news or stand out, because obviously they’re the ones who won’t be noticed. It’s the crazy parents who stick out and end up with 15 minutes of fame…and they’re the ones you remember when you have a bad public experience. No one notices the polite toddler eating quietly in a restaurant, and the mom taking out an upset toddler isn’t noticed for more than a moment. It’s the screaming, running wild kids with the parents who are on their phone or who act like they don’t hear anything that you remember.

  • Anonymous

    No kidding, that’s friggin ridiculous. What about all the other witnesses running about, they can’t testify to what happened? Their reasoning blows my mind.

  • Anonymous

    Oops, that was supposed to be below, about not being able to charge without having witnessed the attack.

  • When there is a DV call in NM, they take both of you. It doesn’t matter if only one person of the two has injuries, they’ll take both of you. Also, NM police are complete retards, I’ve mentioned it many times on this site. They are completely incompetent, and I avoid calling them at all costs, because chances are, you won’t get the help you need, you’ll just get fucked. I fucking hate NM, and their stupid fucking police department. You’ll see nothing but parents like this here. Aside from AKA Jas, of course. 🙂

  • BrittneyEast

    I see a stop sign but I do not see one coming from the direction he was apparently coming from

  • captaingrumpy

    This guy deserves a medal and the POS that call themselves the girls parents should be jailed.