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Father And Son Arrested For Carjacking, Sexual Assault

September 26, 2011 at 11:13 am by  

Tampa, FL — A father and son are back in jail after a couple were carjacked and the woman was sexually assaulted.

Police say the couple were approached by Vincent Harrison, 46, and his 30-year-old son, Rakeith Brooks. Brooks pointed a pistol at their heads and demanded all of their money. When the male victim informed them that he didn’t have any money to give them, Brooks struck him in the head with the gun.

He then grabbed the woman by the throat and forced her to the ground where he proceeded to sexually assault her. Once done, the father and son duo stole the couple’s 2010 BMW which contained their cell phones and an iPad.

An hour later police received a 911 call from someone reporting they were almost struck by a bullet that had passed through their apartment wall.

Police were able to determine the bullet had come from the neighboring apartment. The woman there said that Brooks, a friend of hers, had accidentally discharged a firearm. When police searched the apartment, they found the couple’s stolen items, including their cell phones and the keys to their BMW that was still sitting in the parking lot.

Both Harrison and Brooks were taken into custody, but denied having anything to do with the robbery. Harrison has been charged with armed carjacking and dealing in stolen property while his son has been charged with carjacking, armed kidnapping, and armed sexual battery. Both are being held without bail.

I’m sure a lot of you will not be surprised to learn that these two are no strangers to the justice system. Harrison has been in and out of prison several times and Brooks just got out of prison in June after serving 10 years for armed robbery.

There really should be a review board that decides if an individual has proven that they’re incapable of being rehabilitated. If they are found unable to function as a law-abiding citizen and a danger to society in general, a coin is flipped.

Heads, they’re sent to a facility where corporations will use them to test various pesticides, medications, and food additives before they are deemed safe for public use. Tails, they’re sent to a facility where pharmaceutical companies can test out drugs to cure the various diseases they’ll be given, as well as genetic modification and Xenotransplantation.

In either scenario, they are finally contributing to society in a positive manner and animal lovers will have one less thing to bitch about. It’s a win-win.

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